KMST V306 ~ Multi Pet system & Parallel Coupon

Another system was added in a patch that was released today. And a way to create instantly a Lv. 10 1st job character.

But first I want to show a video of Korean employees of MapleStory sending their greetings and congratulatory messages for the upcoming 7th anniversary of MapleStory.

Alternative link

You know… I noticed something very weird. Someone else (Racie/AndyIsSoKool) has uploaded the same video. He got it from the MapleStory website and the same for me.
Here comes the weird part. You can see something very new in the video of Racie.

Check Racie’s video at 00:20.

If you look at the video that I uploaded, you can see that the screencaps above are not in the video that I uploaded.
It looks like I uploaded an updated version of the same video.
Maybe it’s just me and my eyes…
The developers doesn’t want us to see this kind of stuff? ~_~

What do you think it is? The attack reminds me of the Owl Dead skill of Dual Blade and this thing in grey, is it a monster?
Is it Birdo?

In March I reported about the photos that were released by MapleSEA from the Nexon office in Korea. In one of the photos there was a monitor visible who was designing a new map.

A multipet system was added in the test server client.
You can have up to three pets.

Other versions already have this system, but their system comes with a bonus if you have three pets out. You get a cool effect image, it depends on which three pets you have.

Though, this just came in the test server, maybe they will add the effects in the future.
I think this system is useless. One pet is good enough, multipet system should only be good if there is an advantage which there is currently not.

Then there is a way to create a Lv. 10 instantly. Global MapleStory was the first version to create a cash item like this. But the Korean version is different.

1. An item called Parallel Coupon was added in Cash Shop.

The coupon and description says Lv. 10. This might indicate that a higher leveled coupon could be released in the future.
2. Once you bought the coupon, you will get a confirmation message.

When you click OK, you will get a message that says that you bought a character.

3. Relogin and you will notice that there is a new character slot.

When you double click on the ”ghost character”, you will get sent to the character creation window where you have to pick a name.
After that you have to choose a job.

You can only create an Adventurer. So you can choose between Warrior, Archer, Magician, Rogue or Pirate.
Once you picked a job, you can start changing your haircut and skin tone etc. The basic stuff.

Yeah! A Lv. 10 Magician created in less than two minutes.

Don’t think your Lv. 10 character will have to hunt for equipment or meso because when you created your character, you will get:

  • 100 Red & Blue Potions
  • One 2x EXP card (30 minutes of 2x EXP)

  • Lv. 10 full equipment

  • Lv. 20 & Lv. 30 equipment package

  • A whopping 10 million meso!

By double-clicking the Lv. 20 and Lv. 30 Parallel package you get these items as follows:

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53 Responses to KMST V306 ~ Multi Pet system & Parallel Coupon

  1. JustSomeone says:

    I hope they won’t bring out any higher lv coupons for making characters, that would be fail… >.<

    And the two images of that warrior or something using a new skill..
    Is he using a Maple Doom singer? xD

    • Jordan Dang says:

      Umm, in GMS, they made lvl 30 coupons, but it was soon removed cuz nobody would want to spend money on a lvl 30 character if they could just train a character in like a day to lvl 30 instead.
      GMS called it: Get a Maple Life! Where you could instantly get a lvl 30 adventurer (This was b4 cygnus and aran/evan came out)

  2. Lionheart365 says:

    Hmmm… GMS has a level 30 version.

    I’d like to see an exp transfer item.
    Say 1 charactor has 10,000,000 total, you pay some NX and get a % of that exp transfered to a new charactor. Prolly about 50%.

    • Takebacker says:

      That would be nice if the amount of exp it takes for me to level wasn’t equal to the total amount of exp from 1-105ish.

    • Alilatias says:

      This is potentially extremely abusable. Can you say hello to hackers trying to break into high level accounts with NX? Unless this is only for characters within the same account, but still…

      Hm… That screencap… It either looks like that thing he’s “riding” on is part of the attack animation, and/or we are seeing mounted combat.

      The current general consensus over at SouthPerry is that this is most likely a skill for a new Warrior job. The next class update is most likely going to involve 5 new jobs in a new faction, one for each base job, like what happened with the Knights of Cygnus.

      It’s not too farfetched – after all, we already have evidence from last month that they were working on a new Mage, Archer, and Pirate job. There’s nothing stopping them from adding in a Warrior and Thief before they release all of the jobs into the test server.

    • FailedName says:

      People would be able to hit 4th job very easily with that, and it would ruin the game because there would be no point in ‘actually’ playing a new character.

      It’s kinda hard to tell, but the two pieces of what appears to be rock rising from the left of the character look like the animations for monsters hit. Also, it looks like he’s summoned a type of mount attacking thing or is using rock armor.

      I must say that these recent patches have been really boring… (still, thank you Spadow for the updates) I wish they would hurry up with new content in GMS, it’s begining to get really boring with the lack of information of content.

  3. Distortion says:

    It looks like the pic has a character slamming a rock hammer into the ground. Maybe the next legendary is rock themed? But I don’t see how a hammer is related to guns.

  4. TheOne says:

    Kinda looks like the character is kicking the ground and his leg has turned into some kinda giant rock pillar. Maybe a pirate that uses kicking attacks? That could have some potential.

  5. Millus says:

    new skill?

    the pirate gets a rock and smash it in monster?

  6. Devin Delgado says:

    The GMS version of this for lvl 30 do u get the same items such as (10mil,2x card,pots,and the equips)because ive been thinkn bout getting it

  7. Emilio says:

    When buying that level 10 thing, does it give you 10 mill automatically? If it does, I’d but that thing 20 times :D

  8. tnextg says:

    Why is everyone saying yhat it is a pirate job?

    • Secun says:

      Because the names of the most recent skill string extractions all seem to point towards a Pirate-based class.

      • Takebacker says:

        No, the strings are random. Even though there’s 3 new job folders, the only reason people go pirate is because pirate is one of the new job folders, and because of the hawkeye set.

  9. Ghost says:

    The Parallel Coupon is a nice move by nexon. But not a lot of people will buy it.

    1. If it is equivalent to GMS $15, it would be too expensive.
    2. Lvl 10? You could get that in half an hour!
    3. Only appiles for adventurers, while every veteran mapler goes after the newer jobs…

    Although the items, armors, 2xExp, and Mesos could change a few minds.

    The multi-pet system seems useless for now, but if the Equip Enhancement Scroll works on pet accessories (i.e. the one you showed last blog), then it will prove quite useful. Even if not when the Raccoon(?) pet from JMS arrives to KMS, you will use multipet (the Pet gives +30 of all stats)

    • Ghost says:

      About the new job, the character looks like he is holding a 2H BW and those statues are most likely part of the skill. The Statues can’t be a monster because there’s no reason for them to combine a new skill on a new monster when testing? Also I have no clue how you see a Birdo in the pic.

  10. Andy says:

    I think you should clarify that you can only make adventurers with that coupon

    • Spadow says:

      It already has been said.

      • DestinyThief says:

        Spadow :
        It already has been said.

        Spadow maybe this is a new skill from the 5job, because you said a time ago that you saw new job/skills in the skill.wz maybe tis is a 5thjob skill he is working on ;D

        maybe i am completely wrong or its a stupid idea, but that was the fisrt thing i thought about

        Cya and nice work gogogo~

  11. cool you guys got multi pet and exta life makers too….cool,
    That video was freaky…NICE POST

  12. Alilatias says:

    So someone blew up the picture.

    That thing that he’s riding on looks like a machine. Interesting.

    • Ormykka says:

      Just wanted to see if it looked like what i thought from distance :) Yes it definitely looks a machine. i can try to see what else i can do with the picture, maybe get it more clear. Can’t promise but i can try.

      • Ormykka says:

        ok, did a bit more. Can’t do much about it because it’s a screenshot from video so no resolution :/ Sorry, can’t help more with it D:

        • Spadow says:

          Thanks for your help. I forgot about PhotoShop haha.

          • Ormykka says:

            Haha no problem :) Hope it will be something really nice when it’s released. Seems original class this time, not just heavily upgraded old skills. I’ll be checking all the time if more comes :) somehow it’s nice to try guess and find out what will be next ^^

    • Spadow says:

      That is indeed interesting.

  13. Takebacker says:

    Yeah, that blow up/machine mention pretty much confirms one of the next classes is a mechanic. Also, 90%+ chance that this mechanic is a pirate.

  14. BuddyAran says:

    Sorry if this is off-topic. But thx for posting the Dragon Nest JP PV.

    Its really damn epic!! I was waiting for that to arrive in SEA.

  15. NEXON says:


  16. KanesWrath says:

    Spadow Whats Your Favorite Class?

  17. omg 10 mill that is awesome i hope gms get that very soon i can get a mount nno probolem that is soooooo sick

  18. addictedtoms says:

    it looks like a big hammer attached to a robot body(to me)

  19. MitsuRaina says:

    spadow is that 30 min x2 card free? and transferable to other explorers? if so im ganna abuse the hell out of it ><

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  21. Alessandro says:

    i told u guys this would happen!!!

  22. mutatie says:

    It looks like hes using a big BW weapon like the maple lvl 43 BW.
    Those monsters look like those pandas in Mu Lung but then upside down
    This could be a effect of the skill hes using that throws monsters trough the air orso.

  23. hahaha says:

    Uhm, about the Lv10 Parallel Coupon. When you use the boxes that have the items, how do they know which item to give you. For instance if you want a spearman how do they know to give a spear/polearm instead of a sword, etc?

  24. Flamewire says:

    Well, in the picture, it shows that the magician only had three weapons by the end of it. However, there are two magician weapons – wands and staves. I’m guessing it gives a set one. For Warriors, it would probably give a 1H Sword, since that’s what most use in the first job.

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  26. Dracthief says:

    Hey spadow you play super smash bros???

  27. Awesome! says:

    Pirate are awesome!
    But a mechanic…

  28. ??? says:

    the picture looks more like the wild hunter to me >.>
    but mounted combat is ftw anyway, no matter what class it is

  29. Kecin says:

    wow 10mil,what if they bought alot of nx,and did that since theres 10mil each,transfer to their main and profit .

  30. ??? says:

    If you get 10 mil for making lvl 10. Wouldnt you just keep making accounts, it takes like 30 minutes MAX to get to lvl 10. Probably like 10 minutes is enough. Make accounts, get money, transfer money, delete account, make another account.

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