KMST V305 ~ The 7th anniversary of MapleStory

I’m sure a lot of you are excited for the big patch, huh? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it isn’t this patch.
I think it will never come.

On April 29th, MapleStory will celebrate its 7th anniversary. The usual Maple anniversary stuff was added, but there is more.
The item rating & reinforcement system is disabled in this patch. You can still buy the scrolls, but you can’t scroll any item.

They better tweak the system because you can get some crazy items.


I guess the maximum stars you can get is not ten. The first image is crazy. That is a godly pet accessory.

Two new pets with pet accessories were added in today’s patch.
Pet accessories could be the reason that the item rating & reinforcement system is disabled at the moment. I mean… Just look at the two images above.
The item description of both scrolls were updated.


On the left image you can see the equipment enhancement scroll.
I’m sure you can figure out the meaning of it. Eight stars and up = 10% success rate.

The right image is the scroll for potential. Before, the success rate was unknown, but you can see it right now that it’s 70%.

Check it out to see what this patch has in store~
New set of Maple weapons

New Lv. 77 Maple weapons (Pyrope set) were released in this patch. You can obtain the weapons through monster drops, the Peanut Machine or you can buy them in Inky’s shop.
You can only pay with the 7th anniversary silver coins (). Cassandra gives them to you in exchange for Maple Leaves.

– (Lv.77) 한손검 : 메이플 파이롭 소드

Weapon Attack: +87
Accuracy: +40
STR: +2
Attack speed: Fast (4)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 한손도끼 : 메이플 파이롭 엑스

Weapon Attack: +87
Accuracy: +40
STR: +2
Attack speed: Fast (5)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 한손둔기 : 메이플 파이롭 해머

Weapon Attack: +87
Accuracy: +40
STR: +2
Attack speed: Fast (5)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 단검 : 메이플 파이롭 대거

Weapon Attack: +83
Avoidability: +25
Attack speed: Faster (3)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 블레이드 : 메이플 파이롭 블레이드

Weapon Attack: +46
HP: +300
Attack speed: Faster (3)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 완드 : 메이플 파이롭 완드

Weapon Attack: +56
Magic Attack: +91
HP: +150
MP: +150
INT: +2
Attack speed: Fast (5)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 스태프 : 메이플 파이롭 스태프

Weapon Attack: +61
Magic Attack: +93
HP: +200
MP: +80
INT: +2
Attack speed: Normal (6)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 두손검 : 메이플 파이롭 로헨

Weapon Attack: +89
Accuracy: +40
STR: +5
Attack speed: Normal (6)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 두손도끼 : 메이플 파이롭 배틀엑스

Weapon Attack: +91
Accuracy: +40
STR: +5
Attack speed: Normal (6)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 두손둔기 : 메이플 파이롭 모울

Weapon Attack: +91
Accuracy: +40
STR: +7
Attack speed: Slow (7)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 창 : 메이플 파이롭 스피어

Weapon Attack: +91
Accuracy: +40
STR: +3
Attack speed: Normal (6)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 폴암 : 메이플 파이롭 폴암

Weapon Attack: +91
Accuracy: +40
STR: +4
Attack speed: Normal (6)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 활 : 메이플 파이롭 보우

Weapon Attack: +84
Speed: +13
HP: +150
Attack speed: Fast (5)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 석궁 : 메이플 파이롭 크로우

Weapon Attack: +87
Speed: +13
HP: +150
Attack speed: Fast (5)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 아대 : 메이플 파이롭 스칸다

Weapon Attack: +37
LUK: +4
Avoidability: +30
Attack speed: Faster (3)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 너클 : 메이플 파이롭 너클

Weapon Attack: +65
Accuracy: +40
STR: +8
HP: +150
Attack speed: Fast (5)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.77) 총 : 메이플 파이롭 슈터

Weapon Attack: +65
Avoidability: +30
DEX: +6
HP: +150
Attack speed: Fast (5)
Slots: 7

The Lv. 35/43/64 versions of the Maple Blade were added as well.

– (Lv.35) 블레이드 : 메이플 블레이드

Weapon Attack: +29
HP: +188
Attack speed: Faster (3)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.43) 블레이드 : 메이플 듀크

Weapon Attack: +32
HP: +210
Attack speed: Faster (3)
Slots: 7

– (Lv.64) 블레이드 : 메이플 크릿트

Weapon Attack: +42
HP: +265
Attack speed: Faster (3)
Slots: 7

A new feature was added in this patch: item set

▲ Sulbing’s Hero Set (Hero set?… ‘ㅈ’)

Obtainable through the Peanut Machine.

You ONLY gain stats if you wear 2 sets, 4 sets or the full six items.
If I equip all six items (hat, overall, shoes, gloves, cape, polearm) then I get the following bonus effect:

HP: +75
Weapon Attack: +10
Physical Defense: +15
Magic Defense: +3
Speed: +10


▲ An effect behind your character when you wear all six items.

There is a male and female version of the equipment, but for now they are the only items that can be used to get a bonus effect from the item set feature.

So while you were reading all the information, I’m sure you came across ”Peanut Machine”. It’s a new thing similar to Pigmy.
Pigmy does the same what Gachapon does. You buy something in Cash Shop and you get an item from it.

I bought 40 Peanut Machines, which is the maximum you can get right now due NX.
To use the Peanut Machine you need to consume a peanut. How to get it? Monsters drop it.

What is so different about the Peanut Machine? I tell you.
You get one item from Gachapon/Pigmy. From the Peanut Machine you get two for the prize of one!

I have a lot more images of this, but I think two will be good enough haha.
The Peanut Machine can give you scrolls, equipment, consumable items, chairs and mounts.

And yes, I got a Golden Hammer (Vicious’ Hammer in other versions) from it. The Golden Hammer itself is not a cash item.
I assume most of you people knows what the Golden Hammer does.

It adds another scroll slot up to a maximum of 2 per item in other versions. In Tespia you can only use the Golden Hammer once per item.


Oh boy, I got a lot of chairs from the Peanut Machine. I also found a bug because of the new chairs. ~_~

LOT of new mounts. The mounts expires in ten days.

I like the horse and the robot~

Two new pets were added: Scuba Duck & Skunk.
I’m totally diggin’ the skunk!

When there is a new event and you log on, you see a light bulb above your head. You click on it and see the Maple Admin, right?
From now on you will always see the Maple Mailbox.

The last thing I want to show you:

Currently unavailable.

▲ You can create a Dual Blade character from February 25 till May 9, 2010.
This ”disabled” image was added.

So if you are playing KMS and you do not have a Dual Blade character yet, create it as soon as possible~

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119 Responses to KMST V305 ~ The 7th anniversary of MapleStory

  1. Andrew Liu says:

    But isn’t Dual Blade creatable until May 9th?

    Last time I check, it isn’t past May 9th =P

  2. Anubis says:

    Seems a nice patch…

  3. Secun says:

    The new maple weps look nice except for the swords. They look cartoony even for MS, ‘>>

  4. Nova says:

    Omg are you srs lv77 dexless claw? O-M-G now dexless sins are going to be back and ravaging through ms for that claw. The lv77 maple staff looks quite nice but the maple wand is fast attack speed??!!!! O-M-G luckless evans would want that sexy thing + their booster bringing the speed to fast (2) from fast (5). Basically all luckless mages would want that cept i doubt it would rival ele wands.

    And i agree the new maple swords arent very sophisticated or stylish they are more on the cartoony side

    • BBD says:

      But Dexless sins (or stats-less in general) never left…

      But that is cool that they have lv77 Maple Items :)
      Now everyone will be getting there gear at level 1/10/35/43/64/77

    • Alilatias says:

      Erm… Last time I checked, wand/staff weapon attack speed has nothing to do with their spellcasting speed. I’m very sure all of their own spells have their own individual casting speeds, which can only be sped up through the use of Spell Booster.

      Besides, I would think luckless Archmages/Evans would be using ele wands instead. Bishops would definitely want this, though.

      That Crossbow is so pretty, and it’s possibly the biggest yet. I would bet that with the way it’s designed, it won’t cover up your entire face. (It’d probably cover up your hair and forehead instead.)

      The spear, bow, and staff are awesome too. DO WANT.

      • Secun says:

        Do want polearm as well.

      • BBD says:



        19 LUK = 6.05% loss

        Read your statement and did some Math…
        (Bored Much)
        I guess it is offical!
        Bishops will love this!

        Striped Lv.120 LUKless
        INT=Base+(gain from levels)+3rdjob+4thjob

        Lv 64 item 80m.atk (+1INT)

        Lv 77 item 93m.atk (+2INT)

        For the DDS users
        (They need Zhelm, HTP, BlackBelt and Base…46LUK)
        Still need 34base.

        DDS 118m.atk

        • Secun says:

          Lol wut?

          • BBD says:

            ignore the first part…
            anything before the video
            i copy pasted in notepad and those things came with it by mistake

            i was showing that now DDS Bishop users are going to be facepalming themself when they see lv 77 maple items

          • Secun says:

            Rofl oh. Makes sense now.

          • AzureStar says:

            I can wear a DDS with 10 base luk easily.
            Your calcs are stupid, DDS>This still.
            And no i wont use luk gear instead of int, i will not sacrifice any int. but getting to 10 luk base DDS is easy.

    • chrisloup says:

      won’t luckless bishops want to use flairgrave wands instead. they are after all int 2 hp+250 and ma 115.

  5. ChibiChild says:

    As if statless characters needed another boost o-o”

  6. Secun says:

    I’m liking the Sulbing Hero set, though. Aran-theme gear set? Yes please.

  7. Emenia says:

    I want that cat chair so bad D: *hopes it comes to GMS*

    I really dislike that mailbox :B

    • Alilatias says:

      At least the mailbox is better than the creepy telepathic Maple Administrator. >_>

      • thechazz says:

        nooooh i LOVE the mailbox :)
        reminds me of a mailbox frmo a cartoon for little kids that can talk AND delivers mail , and has a mustache :)

        • Akebo says:

          Here’s the mail it never fails
          It makes me want to wag my tail
          When it comes I wanna wail

  8. Secun says:

    Time to get myself a Skunk and name him ScubaSkunk :3

  9. Moomoocows says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the set looks familiar to the Aran set at MSEA.
    Well, at least the effect does.

  10. WOWIE!!!!! I cant wait till we get to that point on GMS WOW!!!


    Thank you for posting
    I miss that balloon mount cover and blue robo.. woa on the dark horse one

  11. Warwolf says:

    Alilatias :
    At least the mailbox is better than the creepy telepathic Maple Administrator. >_>


  12. Lionheart365 says:

    Is that a dexless blade?
    Looks like it.

  13. TRA says:

    *shakes his head in denial at the missing Big March Patch* WHY?!
    on the other hand, the new maple weapons looks nice :D though higher-level would be better, like… 82? o.o

    • Alilatias says:

      77 is good enough, and fits with the ‘7th anniversary’ theme. Any higher and there would be absolutely no reason to use regular stat builds, unless Nexon wisens up and creates Level 130+ weapons to offset the statless advantage.

      • TRA says:

        oh o_o
        excellent point :D

      • JunCurious says:

        They should make “base” stat items.

        Example: level120 Dagger/Claw that needs 80 Base Dex. It’d be stronger then regular level120 weapons by 2~3 stats. XP

        That would give a real smack against dexless people. :3

  14. Bomber123 says:

    Yey more maple weapons!~~~~

  15. SwordStaker says:

    It’s like the same old same old. =\ New items more cash items. It’s becoming boring, no new areas to explore, no new monsters to fight. =\

    • thechazz says:

      agree .. okay my higest char is a lvl 90 aran but still .. its getting boring .. now if they made a new event for a long time that let u fight some monsters that are same lvl as u char is , and let em fight u in a fun way .. like in waves then it would be fun

    • Ghost says:

      I think MapleStory has reached its end of Area Progression. Ever since the CK came out they’ve been only been working on mini-dungeons and new jobs. The last new area I remember in KMS was the Time Temple and in GMS it was Malyasia (one of the few rare times GMS has gotten content from another version. Masteria has most likely been discontinued, the World Tour has been nerfed so bad that there’s no use of putting in it GMS and Victoria Island’s Past has been long dead. I’m afraid that Nexon will be on this path for quite a while.

  16. SuperPooTang says:

    Are the things from this patch going to GMS? Like this anniversary?

    • Alilatias says:

      Unlikely that GMS will see them this anniversary. You can tell from the NPCs that they went all out with the ‘7’ theme. They would be completely out of place when GMS is barely on its 5th year.

      I’d say at the very most, the weapons might drop from monsters in this upcoming GMS anniversary, although I really wouldn’t count on it happening AT ALL. Remember, this is the Korean test server, meaning everything here hasn’t been released into the official servers yet.

      GMS’ anniversary is next month, and we’re only two weeks away from the next (predicted, as in I’m sure the Evan events end at around that time) patch on the 5th of May…

      • Akebo says:

        I highly doubt the Evan events will end a little over a month after the patch. Really? A month to get to 100 for the glasses? Not going to happen.

  17. SuperPooTang says:

    And, Are Maple leaves easy to get?

    • Ghost says:

      Does it matter? Even if they are a 100% drop rate. you will have to collect 25000 maple leafs! That’s at least a good 24hrs of grinding. And then it will probably not be 100%, so you would be better off getting a Maple Weapon from a monster than buying one, even though there’s no grantee that they will be lvl 77…
      Although, an option of buying lvl 77 isn’t bad either, by the end of the event every deicated grinder could buy their at least one lvl 77 weapon.

      Spadow, is there by any chance are there any lvl 77 shields/gloves? And also can the maple equips be upgraded from lvl 64 to 77?

  18. WindyNiss says:

    THE NEW MAPLE KNUCKLE AND ONE HANED SWORD LOOK SO INCREDIBLE. This deffinatly means there will be a lot more new dex/str/luk/less people.

  19. SlayerGhost says:

    The lvl 77 Gun and Knuckler both look tight.

    Do want…

  20. Daikokuro says:

    wow nexon is overpowering the already overpowered classes :P

    Btw Spadow whats the ratio of maple leaves to silver coins?

  21. Jimmy says:

    seriously i dont even know this game anymore.
    When Nexon took over maple, maple got fucked up.
    All this new shit is retarted. i spent like 400 dollars trying to go low dex on my NL and look at this shyt. lv 77 maple claws. All the money i spend on all my crap goes to waste because after 5 months or so, all this new crap comes out that makes my gear WORTHLESS. I’ve relized that maple is never going to be what is was so im done with maple. Maple was a way better game before and now its all about the money.

    • thechazz says:

      first of all …… its your own choice to spend money on a game.
      second , Why would lv 77 wep make u look like crap ? its only good for u ,then u be stronger to !
      third , How do you see that a lvl 77 claw is all about money ?
      fourth , its good that they keep adding new stuff else it would be boring … do you wanna go back to the maplestory that only has 4 ( wel no 5) jobs ?
      it wil be boring soon but if you want then go play europe maplestory … but dont bother the people that like a change

    • TableCAKE says:

      Maple was always from Nexon/Wizet idiot.

  22. Anon says:

    Can Dual Blades share the CS with other adventurers on the account?

    • Alilatias says:

      Very sure that the answer is no. I recall there being a different storage window for them.

      • Ghost says:

        Perhaps they might in the future, with there being no more Dual Blades, Cash Shop spending for them will heavily decrease and will have to intergate will another jobs Cash Shop Inv. in order to continue payment for them.

  23. JunCurious says:


    Statless level77 items, now the pride of regular-stat players will go down the drain.
    What good are Reverse items if Wizet and Nexon are going to cough up items like this? :(

    • SlayerGhost says:

      Reverse weapons are level 120 and gain stats as you use them. These lvl 77 weapons are on par with lvl 80 weapons. You’re saying you’d rather use a lvl 77 Maple Weapon over a Reverse? What the fuck kinda logic is that?

      • dennyvuquach says:

        No need to be THAT rude. Not everybody wants to use Reverse Weapons or Maple Weapons.

        • SlayerGhost says:

          Okay then; what about the lvl 90, 100, and dragon series weapons? It’s not like Reverse is the only weapon type out there.

          • Ghost says:

            Don’t forget the rarity of these weapons. Inky’s shop would only be available long enough to only get one lvl weapon. The chances of you to get it from a monster is less than 1%. And using the peanut machine is will probably be a lot more expensive than pigmy (since it’s pigmy and cash shop suprise into one). While lvl 80 weapons can easily created by drops/trade/Maker, plus just by using basic/intermediate gems (can’t be done by Maple Weapons), the lvl 80 weapons would beat the Maple Weapons.

          • dennyvuquach says:

            Yeah, but not by much. Plus, people prefer faster weapon speed than the weapons that are slightly stronger. If those level 77 weapons are rare however, I’m still happy with my Maple Karstan for my Aran.

    • dennyvuquach says:

      I totally agree that regular-stat classes are going down the wire, while low-stat and statless classes are on the top.

      • MMan222 says:

        Honestly, I don’t care. My Paladin’s always been high-stat and poorly equipped and I’ve never noticed a difference in damage. It can’t hurt to flesh out that missing potential a bit, but in the end, it’s really not that bit of a hit I’m taking. Decent funding and low dex would get me maybe 20 more attack, and that’s probably being very generous. When it comes down to it, the difference isn’t that huge.

        Then again, I’m talking about a class that needs no secondary stat to equip ANY weapon (stonetooth aside). But this applies to other classes as well, especially mages, who really only depend on damage to consistently 1- or 2-hit kill monsters with their Ultimates.

  24. sookiemonsta says:

    heyhey awesome but just one question :DD

    • thechazz says:

      in 2 years o_0 … 7th aniversary – 5th = 2 :)

      • Ghost says:

        Actually i would guess that this anniversity content would come out in next year’s annversity patch (We would still get the Aran set and the scrolls at regular intervals. We’ll also get the Peanut Machine at regular intervals if we will actually get it at all.)
        I don’t see KMS making GMS 2 years behind in anniversity content just because it is 2 years older. GMS content is just a few months behind KMS’s content, all Nexon America needs to do is translate and install the content and leaving the creation of the content for Nexon SK. But, even just for translation and installation it would take more than two weeks. Thus too late for this anniversity.
        Plus we might get the maple blades (35-64) in the coming anniversity since the Dual Blades won’t be far from GMS.

        • artofbladez says:

          wow well first off the level 77 weapons came out for the 7th anniversary and 2 years is alot i play KMS myself and i say GMS will launch their 77 weapons on 7th anniversary since maple weapons 35,43,64 isnt even OUT yet

          • thechazz says:

            Im sorry but …. GMS already has 35 . 43 and 64 so when you say that those arent even out yet and we have to wait for 7th aniversary , i think your wrong , we wil get it at 6th,or maybe you are right and then we get it at 7 ( wich makes more sense )

  25. Wisdom says:

    The Maple Staff looks amazing. I want it. o:

  26. SuperNexonHater says:

    anyways if nexon ain’t shuving peanuts up their ass they make ppl open them for chairs? thats wierd shit lol

    • thechazz says:

      wel from reading your name i dont know WHY ur being so bad to nexon ….. i dont know WHY u hate nexon so much ????? its not like its in ur name or annything :P
      but yeah i think that some ppl at nexon were eating peanuts on a chair behind the computer and tought .. ah what the hell lets just make a incubator like system with peanuts , and let the chairs flow out of it ( lol a chair out of a LITTLE peanut o_0)

  27. opo says:

    do want that first pole arm’s speed with everything else of the second pole arm (not the axe, the one thats under the spear)

  28. Anonymouse says:

    Why is the 1 star pet item 10x better than the 20 star item? 0_o

  29. Anonymouse says:

    Erm I mean the wing things.

  30. Racie says:

    multipet system – added in this patch.

  31. KH says:

    You can only pay with the 7th anniversary silver coins (). Cassandra gives them to you in exchange for Maple Leaves.

    Spadow how many Maple Leaves do you need to trade for one 7th anniversary silver coin?

    • thechazz says:

      du u even bother to read the text thats like 10 persons above u .. its right there 1000 leaves = 1 coin

      • KH says:

        thanks spadow, sorry I read quickly through the comments. And it’s kinda a lot although its less annoying then going through 33 pages or more on forums. Don’t know if you feel like reading all the pages to find out your answer though. But thanks again.

  32. Alilatias says:

    Akebo :I highly doubt the Evan events will end a little over a month after the patch. Really? A month to get to 100 for the glasses? Not going to happen.

    In GMS, it does. Here’s a list of what GMS changed with Evan:

    – GMS Evans now require Cash Shop skill books in order to raise Magic Guard, Critical Magic, and Magic Booster past Level 5. They didn’t do any of this in KMS. (There was some data found for non-CS skillbooks, but it seems they convienently forgot to implement them.)

    – GMS Evan glasses are now account sharable instead of requiring Platinum SoK, but now the glasses scrolls only have 60%/30% chance of working rather than KMS’ 100%. The scrolls also (rarely) drop from Gachapon, but with the higher 80%/50% chance of working to boot.

    – The Evan level-up event for the glasses only lasts one month, as opposed to KMS’ half year. In GMS, it ends on May 4th, in which it’s a bit obvious that GMS’ anniversary patch is going to happen immediately afterwards.

    • Secun says:

      Meh, we got half a year in GMS for Lilin’s Ring, which more than makes up for it.

      • Takebacker says:

        Not really since adventurer rings instantly replace them.

        • Secun says:

          Well, you can equip both at once, can’t you?
          -Hasn’t checked in a while-

          • SlayerGhost says:


            Really makes me feel kinda icky and dumb for getting my Aran to lvl 70. <_<

          • Ghost says:

            Is the adventurer rings an event? Because getting a certain amount of levels on an adverture in a month seems more difficult than getting an Aran 70 in 6 months.

          • SlayerGhost says:

            All you need to do is get an Adventurer to lvl 30, and if you don’t get your desired ring, go to lvl 50… And considering how much easier an Adventurer is to train than an Aran, lvl 30/50 for an Adventurer in any amount of time is easier than getting an Aran to 70.

  33. alwzn4vr says:

    everybody but especially STR shadows and HP washers would love that 200+ total stats pet accessory with no level requirement. How did they manage to get that with only 1 star?

    • Alilatias says:

      My guess is that it’s the result of a possible major glitch. There’s the other possibility that the one star isn’t really one star, as in the equip reached the maximum number of stars to display and reverted back to displaying one star again.

      The latter is ridiculous though, because who is that lucky to land that many scrolls with what is essentially 10% chance of passing (thus not breaking) on the later scrolls? Unless these scrolls can’t break pet equips…

      I don’t think these scrolls were even intended to be used on pet equips in the first place. If they were, holy mother of god.

  34. Nichoarlas says:

    Wow, those new Maple weps look sick.
    And Maple blades now too, I wonder how a dexless Blader would fair.

  35. 路人甲 says:



  36. Ghost says:

    This big Patch must bee really big for KMS to having it stalled for 3 months.

  37. aranjosse says:


  38. Pingback: Top Posts —

  39. Ghost says:

    SlayerGhost :
    All you need to do is get an Adventurer to lvl 30, and if you don’t get your desired ring, go to lvl 50… And considering how much easier an Adventurer is to train than an Aran, lvl 30/50 for an Adventurer in any amount of time is easier than getting an Aran to 70.

    Is in a limited amount of time?

    • Alilatias says:

      I’m not exactly sure, but I think the event only lasted a month in KMS. However, I vaugely recall something about the event lasting half a year, but a quick glance into the ElinForest forum about two months ago yielded questions about the rings (or something else related to them), of which the questions were answered with “The event is over.”

      Also, Slayer is wrong about the Level 30 part. While it is true that you are guaranteed to get an Adventurer’s Cruel Ring by leveling up 30 times throughout the event, it only applies to levels past 50.

      In order to be able to choose between the Cruel, Critical, and Magical rings, you need to make a new Adventurer character and level the character to 50.

      • SlayerGhost says:

        According to what I’ve read on SouthPerry you get one for hitting level 30…

        Care to clear things up Spadow?

        • Spadow says:

          Hm.. I can’t remember, personally I have not participated in the Adventurer event so I wouldn’t know.
          They might have changed it when they released it in official server.

  40. dennyvuquach says:

    dennyvuquach :Yeah, but not by much. Plus, people prefer faster weapon speed than the weapons that are slightly stronger. If those level 77 weapons are rare however, I’m still happy with my Maple Karstan for my Aran.

    The only level 80 weapon that is faster than a maple weapon counterpart is The Morningstar, which is a two-handed blunt weapon, and it’s faster than the level 77 2h BW.

  41. itouchD says:

    Spadow, can you confirm that these weapons dont have a secondary stat prerequisite (with the exception of warriors). I find it hard to believe that nexon would further buff statless classes.

    • Alilatias says:

      They’re Maple Weapons. What further confirmation do you need?

      If they had stat requirements, I’m pretty sure Spadow would have immediately mentioned them, as that would likely be a bigger deal than anything else regarding these weapons.

  42. Devin says:

    Yeah, lovely nexon uses the same image for the new axe. How unfair to axe crusaders who want their new weapon to look as cool as the ones above.

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  44. Derek says:

    What other items can you get beside the lvl 77 maple weapons???

  45. Char says:

    The full set equips are a total ripoff from Dragonica. Way to go, Nexon. Another idea that wasn’t yours. Yet you still claim that you’re a “pioneer” in MMORPGs with your real-money system.

    • Devin says:

      Really? Guess what. The first ingame idea of full set equips was DIABLO 2 and nexon never claimed to pioneer that. Last time I checked DIABLO 2 came out in 2000 LONG BEFORE DRAGONICA. GG though.

  46. Jordan Dang says:

    <3 the New Maple Weapons, but the swords look a little plain, and the Dagger (Since I'm a bandit) Is a bit disappointing, so puny looking, and it's once again, one of them is a half-circle dagger.

  47. Lemmmonz says:

    BBD :
    But Dexless sins (or stats-less in general) never left…
    But that is cool that they have lv77 Maple Items :)
    Now everyone will be getting there gear at level 1/10/35/43/64/77

    Hey Dude In Global Dexless Assassins Already Have A Lvl 90 Dexless Claw ( Night Raven’s Claw ). This One Just Seems More Passable To Obtain… As A Night Raven’s Claw Cost Alot To Make But Has A Base Attk Of 40 Instead Of 37 As The Lvl 77 Claw Has.

  48. nichrome says:

    And ow GMS will wait for those flashy Level 77 maple weapons…

  49. MrSheep says:

    I was wondering where the Lv.77 Maple Dagger is. Because at Lv.64, there was an Asura(STR) and Dark Mate(LUK) so shouldnt there be 2 daggers now? Please email me soon at

  50. ??? says:

    2nd wing image:
    what’s the count of stars on those wings?
    ITS OVER 9000!!
    *slaps* no it’s not, but there sure are a hell-alot of stars on it

  51. Devilshand says:

    i love that wings <3

  52. Anh-Minh says:

    R the chair tradable?

  53. xdmarawr says:

    the lvl 77 weapons are not much stronger than the lvl 64 weapons. the lvl 77 polearm only has a 6 att difference for 13 lvls. they do look better though.

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