Midnight ban imposed on online games

In South Korea you can find a lot of gamers. Many of them have an addiction where they play for days without getting the normal amount of water, food and sleep.

I think many of you heard this on the news recently, the case of parents who let their actual infant starve while they took care of a virtual baby in an MMO.
Quite shocking.

To prevent this, the South Korean government is going to implement a sort of shutdown system/curfew in a few selected online games.

This includes popular games such as MapleStory, Dragon Nest and many more.
Atleast Dragon Nest has a fatigue system.
But games like LineAge, World of Warcraft and Starcraft will probably not be affected by this new policy.

This policy applies to underaged players. In Korea, you are considered an adult when you are nineteen years old.

Read more about this new policy~

A pair of policies were announced yesterday that will attempt to block underaged access to online computer games after midnight in light of the rising problem of video game addiction among youth.

In what’s being touted as the “nighttime shutdown,” the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism hopes the new measures they have implemented will help eradicate video game addiction among teenagers.

According to the ministry, underaged users will be forced out of gaming sessions when online access automatically shuts down as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

The policy also includes a “slowdown” system in which internet connection speeds will be stifled dramatically if underaged users are logged on for a lengthy period of time.

These policies will be applicable to popular online games like “Barameui Nara” “Maple Story,” and “Mabinogi,” in the second half of this year — games which require users to spend long hours invested in a virtual world.

Gamers will be given three options for the six hour black-out period –midnight-6 a.m.,1-7 a.m., and 2-8 a.m.

The “slowdown” scheme is currently being tested out on a total of four role playing games, including the hugely popular “Dungeon & Fighter,” and “Dragon Nest,” and will be extended to 19 role playing games.

The 19 RPG titles represent approximately 79 percent of the domestic online game market.

While the policy is the first of its kind drummed up to combat online game addiction critics feel underaged gamers will simply find ways to get around to the enforcement.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism intends to establish a countermeasure for youths using their parents’ resident registration number to set-up online accounts sometime in the first half of this year.

Some online game developers feel the wrong types of games are being targeted.

Games which fall under the MMORPG (massively multiple online role-playing game) are the ones which require gamers to heavily invest both money and time.

However, popular titles of the genre such as “Lineage,” are not being included under the new policy.

Calls for drastic measures have been made since a slew of headline-making incidents riveted the nation.

Cases which ranged from gamers dying after having spent days and even weeks at PC rooms without a break and the death of a newborn through starvation from a couple’s neglect and addiction to online gaming rocked the nation.

[Source] EN The Korea Herald
[Source] KR GameMeca

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133 Responses to Midnight ban imposed on online games

  1. zane says:

    USA! USA! USA!

  2. ember says:

    Eh… It’s for their own good.

  3. SwordStaker says:

    What the hell?

  4. Alilatias says:

    It sounds good on paper, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that they can’t honestly expect to sucessfully enforce this.

    • Daniel Kim says:

      Actually I think they do… seriously, a mother abondons his own SON for a bunch of pixels. And honestly, Korean parents are f***ing strict about education.

      • Daniel Kim says:

        Oh look! somebody with the same name as me o.o Fancy that.
        But this guy is right. Although he may be understating how strict Korean parents really are…

        • Brian says:

          I can’t see any way for them to enforce this when there’s an obsession going on in someone’s head. Ways will be sought to bypass this restriction.

          Why did they pick midnight anyways? Why six hours instead of eight or nine? Or at least 10 so that when they wake up from sleeping, they can’t go on and have to deal with a growling stomach. xD

  5. Frozen_Memories says:

    Disappointed at myself for laughing at the Mothers tkaing care of their own digital child instead of their own.

    But, I’m really happy that they did such a thing.
    Serves them right for not caring for their own health…
    Oh…… Doesn’t that screw up merchanting overnight while leaving the computer on?
    So….. Mushroom Store sale!

  6. SlayerGhost says:

    I found this article funny as hell.

    Except the baby dying because of neglect part. That was just wrong.

  7. Ghost says:

    A Proxy from the U.S. + a GMS account = 6 hour Bypass
    However the slowdown system would still be an issue…

    • qqtan36 says:

      You don’t need proxy to play KMS. instead, you need national ID

      • Alilatias says:

        Ghost was referring to playing in GMS instead, although I can’t imagine why any KMSer would want to do that, given our broken economy, ridiculous exclusive equips, expiring CS items, the 3-6 month wait for content just introduced into KMS…

        …And all of that is JUST the game-related issues. Don’t get me started on the cultural differences.

        My point being, it’s totally not worth playing in GMS just to evade a 6-hour gaming ban in Korea.

        • Lionheart365 says:

          And now the Evan CS mastery books.

          But 3-6 months after KMS is actully pretty good, GMS cane out of beta 2 years after KMS.

  8. Neox says:

    Wow. I read about the parents letting their baby die. That’s just cruel.

  9. Alessandro says:

    that…. was…… so messed up

  10. AlexO says:

    It’s only 6 hours a day and they even get to pick a time.

  11. SlayerGhost says:

    SlayerGhost :Yeah… I usualy sleep from 2-9, and that’s already an hour past my limitations… lol.

    Hypothetically speaking, of course. There’s no way this would happen in the States…

    • Abdul says:

      Why would this not happen in the states?

      • Takebacker says:

        People would argue for too long over what the cut off age should be.

      • Alilatias says:

        Plus, timezone issues. Also, many would say that the majority would be punished for the minority’s inability to control themselves.

        Then there’s the tendency that enforcing something like this on a national scale tends to be a logistical nightmare in the States. This might be a POS comparison, but the US tried to ban alcohol once. Guess what happened.

        From what I’ve seen, American people generally live to compete and argue about everything.

        • FailedName says:

          We’ll find some Al Capone of the internet, hooray for bypasses! This system will fail in Korea, calling it now even if it takes years to happen.

  12. dfghjgfdsfghg says:

    its called democracy……

    Abdul :
    Why would this not happen in the states?

    • Abdul says:

      S. Korea is a democracy as well. Don’t be ignorant.

      Yes, the States is all high and mighty about freedom but the government really can sway the people to whatever they want. Remember a war without a good reason? Anyways, in my point of view, I think this is where the states will progress. Not so much as having a ban, but getting into the same dilemma with video game addiciton.

    • Anonymoose the Anonymous Moose says:

      I wouldn’t say that. This country does have a constitution that under the 1st and 10th Amendment specifically states that the federal government has no power to restrict internet access. However, our government has been ignoring our constitution for a long time now.

      Universal Healthcare, while legal on the state level, is illegal on the federal. The Patriot Act is clearly illegal, but no one talks about it anymore. The government has been torturing prisoners that are off the record. And I’ll bet you didn’t know that this country is in a police state, and to the point where people are put under unconstitutional raids in their houses, and children are being abducted for petty reasons. The list simply just goes on…

      You wonder why the news barely covers such details. It is because they have no intention of informing you. They flood the news with opinions, celebrity gossip, and in many cases have lied to us (WMDs anyone?).

      If you want a news source, try news sources like InfoWars for a while. Unlike the standard media, websites like that have proof for everything stated, and cite their sources.

      And I will gladly point out specific events in our history (past and recent) and proof of those events that prove that anything can happen in spite of every predetermined notation we have that makes us beleive it wont happen.

  13. joey says:

    well it seems like gms already has it,with it disconnecting so often

    • Alilatias says:

      I loled.

      Seriously, the ‘wait one hour for the box to open’ events tick me off, especially since the game has a tendency to DC me from out of nowhere when there’s only 10 minutes remaining. :/

      • thechazz says:

        hahaha lol … yeah ive had that problem to since evan patch ( only the DC .. not 10 min before compeltion) but still … 1hr for box to come…. wait 1 more hr for quest to arive and then wait 1 more hr ….. WTFK !

  14. Angel says:

    Wow :/

  15. thechazz says:

    nooo ppl really died ??? i cant play more than 13 hrs a day xD
    after 6 – 8 hrs my mom wil be yelling at me : GET OFF THAT FREAKING THING ALREADY !!
    i ignore her .. play some more and then go to be :P
    but serious … DIEING ?!

  16. itouchD says:

    this will be halarious if nexon america adopted this too. itll never happen tho, theyre too focused on making money.

    • SwordStaker says:

      More like this would only happen if Obama decided to pass this law. If he did there would be a protest like no other, not to mention the Republicans going against this law, or even his own staff.

  17. macpro says:

    Lucky.. no kids playing those games… so no problem at all :P

  18. kghj says:

    I have a feeling… That the teens are most likely to turn to underaged sex and drugs, assuming that this policy is 100% successful. What else can provide the same level of gratification?

    Don’t get me wrong though. I love sex as hell. However, in SG we rarely hear of people dying due to gaming… But gaming AND sex coming together as a package is quite prevalent. So I guess if you ban one in Korea (gaming) the equilibrium will be heavily tipped over to the other end of the pleasure/indulgence scale. Not that I have any issues on people having sex like rabbits, speaking of…

    • seralyn says:

      you litiraly made me rofl. its cuase its so danm true, first people yell cry and complain about there kids doing drugs, then you got these rich assholes, crying about there kids staying up to late playing video games. ok listen if yur kid stays up past 3 kick him the fk off dont just LET him deprive him self of bodely fluids.

      and its so fking true, they btch and moan about them being game addicts. well at least playing video games or spending a ton of time on a computar COULD lead you to a career, unlike doing drugs and haveing undraged sex. this worlds going to sht anyway. if yur kids a commp junckie be fking proud hes not doing LSD.

      this is in all relations. the PARANTS fualt her “unborne” child died.
      in which case. i will use this term, which is used loosly.


      • Brian says:

        Instead of spiting those who complain, let us try to examine the reason behind that doing.

        Why do we complain in the first place? We’re upset about something, but why follow through to complaining instead of looking for alternatives or handling the matter on our own?

        Could it be that those who complain have an inability to take the problem into their own hands to change or is it that they won’t accept the change at all?

  19. IastAran says:

    i think that ppl should just have some sortta self control i mean really how can u fkin ignore a baby they should make it so ppl over 40 cant play mmo’s XD but seriously it shouldent matter so much every game gets boaring sooner or later

  20. Stranger That comes to this blog every single day says:

    Wow the mother fed the digital baby instead of the real infant pro pro!
    i feel like smacking the mother man what a bitch she is i wonder what will her husband say to her .

    • Abdul says:

      This is a reply to the last two people:

      An addiction is an addiction. Unless you have suffered from one: Alcohol, food, drugs. You are in no position to judge.

      • DonAvVin says:

        My own father was heavily addicted to alcohol yet still was able to take care of his children. Games don’t impair your judgement like alcohol does, so ignoring the child like that is irresponsible and unreasonable.

        • seralyn says:

          if u play games to the point that u cant get off your ass for 15 minuts to make something to eat. then you have Serious problums. idfc what addictions you have

  21. NiNjAStRiKeG says:

    let me tell the world wut i think of of the parents. fucking retards, honestly thats god dayum sad for that infant, over a video game. thats beyond bullshit, fuck them. the midnight ban, cant parents control their kids? for god’s sake discipline ur kids then agen korean parents are prolli playin maple story 2.

  22. xmanaphyx says:

    Wah just dont implement in SEA or Korean Or i rly (Rise middle finger)

  23. Singaporean that loves ur BLOG says:

    erm, i would like to ask if u mean below 19 in korea cannot play MAPLESTORY???

    • opo says:

      you can, but if its past midnight and you are under aged (age of 18 or younger, for korea) then you get d/ced out of MS.
      in the rest of the day you can continue playing.
      this will also eliminate some bots!

  24. Readed Eragon books many times says:

    Reality is better game, yeah… seriously… real baby is better than virtual one.
    (gotta admit, those who froget eat at pc, are even way more addicted than me! and I started lost interest in this stuff)

  25. SuperNexonHater says:

    thats very nice… so limit ppl doing what they want because others abuse it…
    sounds so fomiliar like drinking.. ye they should limit drinking instad of this pile of crap. ppl get killed from drunken drivers and such while in online games its less.. by far…

  26. Kris says:

    This won’t last, lol.

  27. Tarri says:

    Yeah I heard about the baby dying a while back, I also heard about a couple that played some MMO for like 2-3 days straight and ended up dying too, baby frozen to death due to an MMO, some guy ate noodles for his diet playing mmos, died within a month or so.

    MMOs make people do funny things, somehow I don’t know how people can play games for longer than 4-5 hours at a time, after that I normally go for a run cuz it sucks staying still for that long :P

  28. Sybil says:

    This is a good idea. Besides, this will probably end most of those creepy gamer horror stories in Korea. I sort of doubt this will last, though.

    The part about parents letting their baby starve for a virtual one is sad…I also remember reading a few articles about addicted gamers who died after not taking a break for who knows how damn long…

  29. lui the 14 says:

    do s.korea becaming n.korea and plz giv as dual blade skills (plz)

  30. rauleli says:

    i only play max 4 hours a day anyway

  31. sgtgrif says:

    I’m proud to be an American?

  32. Robo says:

    OMFG that sux slowdown your internet o.o wtf i pay for fast so i want it fast >:O

  33. qqtan36 says:

    Great, now the Koreans can be as smart as chinese.

    And what is there to be proud to be an American? other countries call you fat, dumb, snobs, rude, and selfish.

  34. CzImGreen says:

    i think the time they ban isnt worth it o.o
    its just the same.
    Alright, those adicted teenagers will sleep well (hmmm… cz of the addiction wouldnt they be thinking all night about the game? Dx) but they still have the all day for playing. i dont think they will go for a walk or do some sports at 2am, will they? ppl will eat, watch tv or sleep.
    Im not saying that it should be more time, i mean its worthless.

    In Chile, the notice about the korean parents that left their kid, was there long time ago… they showed images about the game….. it looked so boring D:

    • CzImGreen says:

      oh. forgot to say.
      i dont know how many ppl die in korea cz of not eating….. so if 2 or even 1+ ppl die a month …. i didnt mean what i said xP, it will be useful

  35. Cozziekuns says:

    And this system, my friends, will be cracked by hackers in around 1 – 2 weeks.

    • Anonymous :O says:

      Well, you need a SSN to log in most Korean games and websites. It probably most likely will not be cracked.
      On the other hand, using my cousin’s KMS account in America is not a good idea now…

  36. Darth Noob says:

    This is freaking awesome. I wish this was in the US.

  37. Baykko says:

    If it’s something that filters users based on the servers time instead of the clients, I find it harder to be cracked or bypassed. I think the night shutdown is a good idea, but the slow the internet down isn’t. I could use my comp for 3 hours and then give it up to my sister, i’d be dumb if she had slow internet because i was using it first or viceversa. I guess we gotta see how that one works first.

  38. hakkido says:

    If most of Maplestory users are the age of 13-16 than they shouldn’t be up past midnight to begin with. If its the weekend I would say be more lenient, but overall people need self control.

    The ban does not seem like it would help to much, it only seems it would cause more problems and as some other people say I am sure they will figure out a way around it.

    Also I can see the Maplestory company and other gaming companies not to happy with this. That’s a big loss of money for them.

  39. Ghost says:

    Imposing this in the states would be unconstitutional. This would be like when people tried to removed fast food in suburban areas. These two acts would put a limit on how much time they can be online/ how accessible fast food is. But the courts already decided that in these situations people must be held responsible for their lack of self-control. This was decided for fast food and will also be decided for MMO games if this was ever brought up.

    However, if the any State government or the federal government made some sort of deal with Nexon America to ban midnight hours…

  40. Inferno says:

    Ok, this is when the government goes overboard. Why do they punish everyone for what a couple people did. There are tons of millions of people who do the SAME thing to themselves or babies or whatever, WITHOUT video game stimulation. This just proves how retarded people are toward video games. If you want to take care of an online baby more than your actual, live, breathing child, you shouldn’t have had the baby in the first place. Like ghost said, the people are the ones responsible for those incidents not the game companies.

  41. kghj says:

    Nexon Korea not being happy with profit losses due to midnight ban, hmmm…..

    But even if the profits are at stake, I doubt that Nexon will make a hullabaloo out of the midnight ban if the Korean government is determined enough to enforce the crackdown and will be backing the initiative/ cover estimated financial losses of Nexon. After all, cash is king isn’t it? So long as the plan is being backed financially (think further monetary incentives) I have a feeling that Nexon may voluntarily up the ante with an in-game ban too…

    That said, just take a look at the haxor profits that Nexon is making per financial quarter. I do not know if it is a listed company in Korea’s stock exchange, but banning one/a few games in Korea may not necessarily dent the profits in the least. Heavy advertisement revenues and diversified subsidiaries like other games and media attractions tell me that this gaming giant won’t be toppling for a long time. Its economies of scale from all the media and gaming elements summed up are haxor, its revenue from hardcore dedicated players in Korea of various age groups are haxor, and its overseas profits from Nexon America and Asiasoft are also haxor.

    With all these financial hax in place, it is safe to conclude that any statement made by Nexon which says that its profits are going to be hurt badly by this ban is effectively rubbish…

  42. HahaYeahRight says:

    Nexon inc. america will never pass this >.>.. so for all u GMS’ers. don’t give a flying FUCK,
    BUT IN OTHER NEWS. the baby dying was harsh on the mother’s part :/. I feel really bad about that.
    R.I.P. Little dude/dudett.

  43. Leon says:

    Dude, if a couple of ADULTS let their kid die, then they should ban ADULTS from playing games too much, not childless, under aged people. Stupid ass policy >_>

    • Anonymoose the Anonymous Moose says:

      Leon :Dude, if a couple of ADULTS let their kid die, then they should ban ADULTS from playing games too much, not childless, under aged people. Stupid ass policy >_>

      I must say, that is the most intelligent post in this thread. It is pathetic that they punish only children when one of the main cases that they use is where the parents where addicted.

  44. GlassHouse says:

    Anonymoose the Anonymous Moose :

    Leon :Dude, if a couple of ADULTS let their kid die, then they should ban ADULTS from playing games too much, not childless, under aged people. Stupid ass policy >_>

    I must say, that is the most intelligent post in this thread. It is pathetic that they punish only children when one of the main cases that they use is where the parents where addicted.

    Where in that column did it say the parents in question were adults? It said a couple, not adults. Unless I live in some sort of alternate universe, teens become parents everyday. There has to be an obvious reason that this ban was forced after this incident…think about it. But back on topic, I don’t see this ban as a bad thing but I do believe it should be enforced by the parent and not the government. I don’t believe every kid in Korea playing maple, starves themselves just to lvl up

    • CzImGreen says:

      is it seriously the most intelligent?
      nobody said they were preventing people from letting their kids die.
      they are preventing the addiction to MMO’s, n u cant change that when u r already an adult, u gotta change it when u r a child-teenager. Grown up minds are hard to change

    • Leon says:

      Use google before you assume stupid things, k? http://bossip.com/233586/end-of-days-korean-couple-lets-baby-starve-while-they-play-with-video-game-baby/
      “The 40-year-old man and his common-law wife pleaded guilty Friday to negligent homicide in the malnutrition death of their 3-month-old premature daughter, according to the Korean news agency Yonhap News.”
      It was a grown ass couple.

    • Anonymoose the Anonymous Moose says:

      I was well aware of this specific case before posting (and thankfully another poster posted a link to this case). That and we see an opposite trend in most Asian countries that is different from Western Nations in terms of when women get pregnant. Women are actually waiting longer and longer in Asian countries, because their culture wieghs very heavily on having successful careers for both men and women. Having children compromises a career.

      Aside from that, I agree that this should be the parent’s responsibility and not the government’s. Parents these days are just lazy and outsource their responsibilities to Television, videogames, other forms of media, and of course schools and daycare.

  45. FailedName says:

    Wait a second… If it was two perfectly abled adults who let their child die, then why are they putting a curfew on for kids? This doesn’t make sense, and they shouldn’t punish MMORPG players(kids and adults), they need to punish the adults stupid enough to starve their child. It seems almost as if someone was waiting for this to happen so they could do exactly this. Now I don’t know anything about the Korean government, but this should be taken care of by punishing the parents, not the millions who play in Korea. This arguement is ridiculous

  46. Alilatias says:

    On a side note, isn’t that MapleStory DS game being released today? Are you going to get it, Spadow?

  47. Ryan says:

    Honestly I think this would be awesome if it was all around the world. I`ve noticed alot of people even here think that staying up till 3-4am playing a video game is normal, but then after that, thats when you turn into a no-life! Yea.. no. Honestly if you play Maplestory this much your also not going to turn to Sex because your probably so butt friken ugly from sitten your ass in a chair for 23hours a day. Now maybe if you payed for it.. but your probably too poor to afford that since you bought 300k NX every month!

    Seriously this is just Korea saying, get a life you losers.

    • Secun says:

      And like people said earlier, it’d be a logistics nightmare.
      You try to take down every MMO like this in accordance with timezones.
      Hell, it’d be easier to shut the games down permanently, because midnight in one area could be noon-time in another, therefore every MMO under this ban would have to be down practically every day, all the time.

      You’d effectively be killing off every MMO listed under this ban.
      Is it so awesome now?

      Of course I think this ban isn’t the best idea in the world. But putting children under a gaming curfew because of the idiocy of stupid adults is still such an ass-backwards way of doing things that it’s making me shake my head just looking at it.

      And before you all spout off saying I don’t know why they’re imposing the ban, I do.
      “Break the old habits of adults out of children and this could stop” I do understand and I agree that it’d work. I just don’t think it’s the best way of going about doing things.

  48. Secun says:

    Secun :And like people said earlier, it’d be a logistics nightmare.You try to take down every MMO like this in accordance with timezones.Hell, it’d be easier to shut the games down permanently, because midnight in one area could be noon-time in another, therefore every MMO under this ban would have to be down practically every day, all the time.
    You’d effectively be killing off every MMO listed under this ban.Is it so awesome now?
    Of course I think this ban isn’t the best idea in the world. But putting children under a gaming curfew because of the idiocy of stupid adults is still such an ass-backwards way of doing things that it’s making me shake my head just looking at it.
    And before you all spout off saying I don’t know why they’re imposing the ban, I do.“Break the old habits of adults out of children and this could stop” I do understand and I agree that it’d work. I just don’t think it’s the best way of going about doing things.

    Thought I’d like to add this before you spout off nonsense like “What if it was localized shutdowns?”
    My response: People DO play games whose servers are located in other countries/timezones. Look at KMS and you have a prime example, after all.

  49. Alilatias says:

    Hm… I wonder if there’s any way for Spadow to track different IPs commenting on his blog, because it seems quite obvious that the two “Secun” above me really aren’t Secun.

  50. Akebo says:

    They can’t honestly expect to enforce this. Of course there are people that take things way too seriously. That happens in anything. They’re just using stories like that to fuel the slow ban of video games, which I feel may become global if bans like this continue. Every time you log on, it’s a personal choice. And neglect like the one mentioned was the parents’ own choice rather than the influence of an online game.

  51. GlassHouse says:

    Leon :Use google before you assume stupid things, k? http://bossip.com/233586/end-of-days-korean-couple-lets-baby-starve-while-they-play-with-video-game-baby/“The 40-year-old man and his common-law wife pleaded guilty Friday to negligent homicide in the malnutrition death of their 3-month-old premature daughter, according to the Korean news agency Yonhap News.”It was a grown ass couple.

    ROFL@Google, learn to read before attempting to insult…I said WHERE IN THIS ARTICLE…the article made no mention of ages, so it was idiotic to assume anything. Futhermore, no need to take out your pubescent rage out of me…I’m not the Korean government “k”?

  52. Ryan says:

    Well honestly I think you guys are just over-reacting.. honestly if they shut down a game for 6hours who really cares? Go do something else.. like really. Stop acting like this idea is bad just because you can`t admit that hey, you play 24/7 and just can`t face the fact of not playing as much.. like srsly guys I don`t care about all your good points because the major point is..

    WHO CARES? Its a game. Stop taking it so .. maturely and acting so butthurt about a short shutdown. ;\

    • SlayerGhost says:

      It’s not about the fact that the game is being shut down; most of us aren’t even affected; it’s about the fact that Korea is more or less shitting on the teens over there over something some careless adults did.

      Kids Next Door… Battle Stations…!

  53. Takebacker says:

    For reference: In-game items are considered on the same level as real life ones. Games are srs business in korea.

    • Secun says:


      Super srs business.

      • Anonymoose the Anonymous Moose says:

        Actually, anything involving a monetary transaction is serious business. Whether it is for your dinner, mortgage payment, taxes, or form of entertainment (like a video game) you paid for it and you deserve to receive the good or service you paid for.

        • SrGreen says:

          i think Takebacker means that people in Korea dont rather buying real life stuff instead of virtual. So you can get more money selling virtual cloth than real cloth Dx

          • Takebacker says:

            What? No. I said that as a pseudo response to ryan.

            I meant that if someone steals anything from you in a game in korea, it’s a real crime.

          • thechazz says:

            so lemme get this straight , if you get scammed in KMS (for example) and you got prove that lets say XXiSCAMXX scammed you and you know where he lives trough IP check thing .. that you can take it to court ?
            because you sayd IF you steal in a game in korea it is considerd as a real crime o_0

  54. KillForJoy says:

    Good time to be in America

  55. Spadow says:

    It’s a pity that the government has to force this, but where there’s a will there’s a way.

    Underaged players will be able to bypass this by using the ID of their parents or adult siblings.

    • Bomber123 says:

      Exactly. The parents should care more for their kids than the government. I can’t even bear the thought of being that baby being fucked over by my god damn parents so they can have just a little more time. It’s like cookies. You eat one. Then you take another, and another, and another, and keep eating until you go to the hospital, and my parents sit there and do nothing about it. You take a little more, and then you start going to far. It sickens me.
      Glad I’m not in Korea.

  56. Dic3Headed says:

    Damn it Singapore is at least a good 60% gonna get this bloody thing… i saw it from NEWSPAPERs they said that Should the Government Follow South Korean in Curbing the time thingy thingy thing.. th person said no , it’s the parents responsibility to stop the etc etc

  57. SlayerGhost says:

    thechazz :so lemme get this straight , if you get scammed in KMS (for example) and you got prove that lets say XXiSCAMXX scammed you and you know where he lives trough IP check thing .. that you can take it to court ?because you sayd IF you steal in a game in korea it is considerd as a real crime o_0

    Not the same thing. If you get scammed in game you’re just a dumbass (Personal opinion), he means if people log onto your account and do things with it without your consent and/or knowledge they’re breaking the law.

  58. Matt says:

    Dear spadow,
    i LOVE ur archieves! KEEP IT UP <3

    but… are u still going to do archieves? even though the new rule in korea is in?


    • Alilatias says:

      Archieves? Wut? o_O

      But seriously, I recall blog posts in which Spadow claimed that he had a job, so I think it’d be safe to say that he’s over 18. Besides, I highly doubt Spadow is obsessive enough about MapleStory to play during the proposed overnight ban hours anyways.

  59. Unohano says:


  60. Uballe says:


  61. maniac says:

    if you need a curfew to stop you from starving your child, then the only thing that can help you is a beheading. The real issue the issue is you humanity. FUCK YOU!

  62. maniac says:

    koreans do not f*** around when it comes to their video games thats for d*** sure

  63. popodepok says:

    Playing game is suppose to be fun but what happen if a growing numbers of stories in the press speak about gamers who play for extended periods of time and suffer for it, some even dying apparently as a result of too much video gaming. Is online gaming hazardous, even addictive as some claim? Many of us have stayed up late more than once playing our favorite computer or online games. And some of us have even heard complaints from our families and significant others about the amount of time we spend playing online games rather than with them. Psychologists and scientific researchers are beginning to recognize online gaming addiction as a growing phenomenon. News stories are bringing creating a growing awareness of the problem, and some gaming companies are even facing lawsuits from bereaved parents. It is no wonder, with about 30 percent of the population registered in online games.

  64. ravensep says:

    let this be a lesson for us…..

  65. Phine says:

    Kudos! Their decision was fair enough. At least those teenagers can manage their time and they could normally function on their daily lives. Playing an online game is not that bad as long as you are aware of what you’re doing and you know what are the consequences if you get too hooked on it. One should not take any game seriously, it’s just a game!

  66. A MapleSEA Player says:

    I play computer for long time, but i dont like to like be training in maple crazyily, i woud rest and do other thingys like watching tv sometimes i was slacking talking with friends… hehe

  67. Speaking on behalf of the maplers! says:

    There nothing smart about this ban, and there should be protests against it, it’s really sad when they wanna take the freedom from people… nothing in the world is 100% safe not even breathing, you gonna ban that as well?

    This will not last if you ask me, if lived in korea i would protest against this with everything i’ve got in me. It’s not helping ANYTHING, if you wanna stop game addiction then make better help clinics or try to delete all games in the world…

    This will never stop game addiction in any single way, it onyl hurt those who can control their gaming tiem just fine who wanna play when ever they want to, like a gamer party during the weekends or vacations or something:i

    I’m not addicted myself, but i love the game i just hate that grown up people actually can be this stupid and try to take fun away from the players, btw i’m 21 myself, and exellent points from all those against this ban. Anyonw who thinks this is a good idea is just mentally ill or plain stupid:)

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