KMST V304 ~ Item rating system and more

Test server patch of April 7, 2010.

With the contents of this patch, these kind of equipment can be made.

This item adds 19 STR and 6 DEX.
Weapon Attack: +141
Physical Defense: +2
Accuracy: +45
(This item can be scrolled multiple times, even if the amount of upgrades is 0!)

This dagger item is classified as ”Rare Item”. It adds 2 STR, 6 DEX and 5 LUK.
+117 Weapon Attack
20 Accuracy and 20 Avoidability.

What is so weird about this? There is an extra line!
This is an item that gives potential abilities.

+8 DEX
+16 Accuracy and +40 HP.

Dual Bladers are gonna be even more powerful. Damn~
I broke a lot of items yesterday. ~_~ My damage range on my Dual Blader decreased by a LOT.

Read more for the patch note.

메이플스토리 테스트 클라이언트 Ver.1.2.304가 릴리즈 되었습니다.
MapleStory test client Ver.1.2.304 has been released.

이번 패치에서는 다음과 같은 사항이 수정, 추가되었습니다.
In this patch, the following matters were added.

<게임 관련>
<Game related>

1. 아이템 등급 시스템이 추가되었습니다.
1. Item rating system was added.

– 이제 모든 장비 아이템에 일반/레어/에픽/유니크의 4가지 등급이 적용됩니다.
– All equipment items can now be rated in four ratings, Regular / Rare / Epic / Unique.
– 높은 등급의 아이템에는 보다 좋은 보너스 옵션이 적용됩니다.
–  An item with a high rating will have a better bonus option.
– 레어 등급 이상의 아이템은 최초 획득 시 미확인 아이템으로 분류되며,
감정 돋보기를 사용하면 실제 등급을 확인할 수 있습니다.
– You can use the magnifying glass to find the actual rating on an item with a rating higher than Rare.

2. 새로운 아이템 옵션인 <잠재능력>이 추가되었습니다.
2. A new item option <Potential> was added.

– 잠재능력은 레어 등급 이상의 아이템에만 적용되는 고유옵션입니다.
– Potential only applies to items rated Rare or above.

▶ Potential scrolls

▼ Scroll for Potential

▼Advanced Scroll for Potential

The scroll for Potential works like this:

If you have a Potential scroll, you can use it on any equipment item.
This scroll has a certain success rate, but if it fails, it will break your item!

If you scroll it successfully then you will see a red outline in the item window.
This means that the equipment item is an unidentified item. It doesn’t know what kind of rating this item has. (Rare / Epic / Unique)

When you bought a magnifying glass from a potion shop, double-click it in your inventory and your cursor will change into a magnifying glass. Use it on the unidentified item to find out the item’s hidden potential.
After one second your item will have an item rating with a few extra random stats (potential abilities).

There is a lot of available stats you can get from it, scroll down for more info about it.
If you still don’t understand it, here are two examples.

↑ Unique Item. Potential abilities: +6% DEX and chance of ignoring damage.

Here’s a more specific example.

↑ Rare Item. Potential abilities: +4 attack and +2 DEX.

(Click on the image above to enlarge)

– 하나의 아이템에 최대 3개의 잠재능력이 설정될 수 있습니다.
– You can have up to three potentialities per item.
– 잠재능력으로만 설정되는 특별한 아이템 옵션이 다수 추가되었습니다.
– A lot of potential options were added to items.

With this new system, new attributes were added.


r means that the attribute adds % instead of +.
You can guess what most of them do.

3. 장비 강화 시스템이 추가되었습니다.
3. Equipment enhancement system was added.

– 이제 업그레이드가 완료된 장비 아이템의 옵션을 더욱 강화시킬 수 있습니다.
– Equipment items can be further enhanced when the number of upgrades is complete.

– 장비를 강화하기 위해서는 새롭게 추가된 <장비강화 주문서>가 필요합니다.
– To enhance an equipment item, a scroll for equipment enhancement is required.

You can only use the Equip Enhancement scroll when your item has 0 upgrades left. You can use this scroll as many times you want.
Since this is a powerful scroll, there is a disadvantage. If this scroll fails, it will 100% break your item.

– 강화 차수가 올라갈수록 보다 좋은 옵션이 적용됩니다.
–  The more you enhance, the better your options will be.
– 강화 아이템의 툴팁에는 별 모양의 고유 심볼이 성공횟수만큼 출력됩니다.
–  A star shaped symbol in the item window will appear everytime you successfully enhance an item.

I don’t know if there is a maximum of stars, but you can get more than 10 stars.
Star scrolling is dangerous. As the success of the upgrade increases, the probability of more success decreases.

4. 아이템 관련 툴팁과 UI가 일부 수정되었습니다.
4. A part of the tooltip and UI related to item was changed.

– 장비 툴팁의 옵션 표기가 좌측정렬 방식으로 조정되었습니다.
– Text in the item window has been aligned to the left.
– 아이템 등급에 따라 아이템 툴팁의 외곽선 테두리 색상이 변경됩니다.
– The color of the outline in the item window will change depending on the item rating.
– 아이템 등급에 따라 장비 아이콘의 외곽선 테두리 색상이 변경됩니다.
– The outline of the icon corresponds to the item rating.

<아이템 관련>
<Item related>

1. 새로운 소비 아이템 <감정 돋보기>가 추가되었습니다. 잡화상인이 판매합니다.
1. New consumable item <Magnifying Glass>  was added. Merchant shops are selling.

– 감정 돋보기(하급) : 30레벨 이하 장비 아이템을 감정할 수 있습니다.
– Magnifying Glass (Low Grade) : Can be used for items Lv. 30 or lower.
– 감정 돋보기(중급) : 70레벨 이하 장비 아이템을 감정할 수 있습니다.
– Magnifying Glass (Medium Grade) : Can be used for items Lv. 70 or lower.
– 감정 돋보기(상급) : 120레벨 이하 장비 아이템을 감정할 수 있습니다.
– Magnifying Glass (High Grade) : Can be used for items Lv. 120 or lower.
– 감정 돋보기(최상급) : 모든 장비 아이템을 감정할 수 있습니다.
– Magnifying Glass (Super High Grade) : Can be used on every item.

2. 새로운 주문서 <장비 강화 주문서>와 <잠재능력 부여 주문서>가 추가 되었습니다.
2. New scroll <Scroll for Equipment Enhancement> and <Scroll for Potential>  was added.

– 장비강화 주문서 : 업그레이드 가능횟수가 0인 아이템을 강화시킬 수 있습니다. 모든 장비 아이템에 사용할 수 있습니다.
– Equipment Enhancement scroll: can only be used on items with an upgrade of 0. This can be used on every equipment item.
– 잠재능력 부여 주문서 : 일반등급 아이템에 잠재능력을 부여하여 등급을 상향시킵니다.
– Scroll for Potential : gives regular rated items potential abilities.
– 테스트 지원을 위해 몽롱할배가 판매합니다.
– For testing purposes, Mr. Goldstein sells.

Mr. Goldstein sells the Potential scroll for one million meso and the Equipment Enhancement scroll for10,000 meso for testing purposes.

Miracle Cube

This Cash item can change or reset the potential abilities of an equipment item.

<NPC 관련>
<NPC related>

1. 이제 몽롱할배를 오르비스에서도 만나실 수 있습니다.
1. You can now also meet Mr. Goldstein in Orbis.

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79 Responses to KMST V304 ~ Item rating system and more

  1. rauleli says:

    i am not good at understand the info that the equpment gives so i got to ask
    Is this good???

  2. sgtgrif says:

    My head hurts just looking at this. o_o

  3. Alessandro says:


  4. qqtan36 says:

    lets hope this NEVER comes to GMS, or ms at all. This will make players more overpowered an widen the gap between the really rich and the poor

    • Alilatias says:

      Like the gap isn’t wide enough already? I believe this will actually SHORTEN the gap. Why do I believe this?

      The vast majority of the godly items that currently exist have mostly been assisted by CS items (such as Vicious Hammer) and scrolls that are Gachapon-exclusive (such as most Dark Scrolls and White Scrolls).

      Here, we finally have non-CS alternatives that allow the average mapler to scroll some very good items of their own. Now there’s no need to pray that slapping a few 30% Dark Scrolls onto something results in a fair amount of successes/won’t break the weapon, as many can now just use 60% scrolls on their equipment and then use the new scrolls (because the Equipment Enhancement scroll can only be used on items with no slots remaining) to achieve a similar effect.

      Of course, the very rich people you mention might end up with even more godly items under this system, but this new thing is likely to be far more accessible to the average mapler compared to the current CS-related dominated situation – which can only be a good thing.

      And really, you want to deny new beneficial effects (like +Max HP%) to common equipment JUST because you have issues against those that are wealthy? You know the only other alternative (that doesn’t result in your damage suffering) is the very costly CS-related HP Washing, right?

      I just hope that if this is implemented, scroll drop rates are increased so that people can actually take advantage of this.

      • Lionheart365 says:

        But this has WAY better effects than CS items.
        And people without MX can still get white scrolls and dark scrolls very easily. (I have plenty of NX and always buy these items in the FM).
        Gatch is really only used for selling th rewards to get money.
        I think it would b perfect I they lowered the effect of these scrolls and made it so it can’t stack with the CS hammer. But I mean weaken the effect a lot. These are very cheap scrolls and should only be giving 5 w.att max (and only with a low chance)

      • IcyHaze says:

        This will not reduce the gap unless the scrolls have drop rate that only exist in private server.

        In other words, only the rich will be able to afford this kind of premium scrolls because you and I know that these scrolls will have a drop rate that is even worse off then chaos.

        Yes, +hp% is good, but can you afford one such eq? :)

        • FatexZero says:

          Yeah but honestly do you guys expect Nexon America to sell these ingame with mesos? That would lead them to losing money when this new enhancing system is highly better over CS scrolls. It also says that for testing purposes they’re gonna sell them using mesos. I expect eventually that it wil be a cash shop item.

  5. Landon says:

    qqtan36 :
    lets hope this NEVER comes to GMS, or ms at all. This will make players more overpowered an widen the gap between the really rich and the poor

    not realy, its only 1 m and 10k for the new scroll things, any one can do it

    • seralyn says:

      you fail to see where shes getting at, she says this cuase its inevitibal that the stronger players will get EVEN stronger, ive seen 156 atk daggers. with these new scrolls thats like begging for a 200+ atk………

      then agian these scrolls would allow lower lvls and less funded charc to get “decent” gear and by decent i mean “now” decent not “decent” AFTER the scrolls come out……..oh the joy of a mmorpg, ruleing are lives as if we were cattle

  6. Shroum says:

    Broken? or more fun lol

  7. qaovxtazypdl says:

    Landon :

    qqtan36 :
    lets hope this NEVER comes to GMS, or ms at all. This will make players more overpowered an widen the gap between the really rich and the poor

    not realy, its only 1 m and 10k for the new scroll things, any one can do it

    Since it’s only Tespia, and the economy isn’t exactly booming, Nexon can’t just go out and make them 100m each. Nobody would be able to test it then.

    In the real MS, expect prices to be jacked up. Like hell.

    • Alilatias says:

      Tespia’s drop rates are higher than usual. 100 million is probably easy for the Tespians. That’s not the point of having an NPC sell them in Tespia though…

      Tespia’s the test server for a reason, and having an NPC sell them in Tespia in the first place is also obviously for a reason. After all, the patch notes do say “For -testing purposes-, Mr. Goldstein sells [the scrolls].”

      Chances are very high that once this gets out of Tespia, there won’t be any NPCs selling the new scrolls (as in, the scrolls are just likely to be drops from bosses, monsters, and future PQ rewards).

      • seralyn says:

        or “in GM’s case” be a cash shop item. oh and did i mention? limited time only! vegas scrolls anyone?

  8. Bownissley says:

    wow everyone will be so much more powerful now.

    • ak says:

      Or peopel will cry a lot from losing a lot of nice equips on 90% potential scrolls and 100% enhancement scrolls. Many stories of losing 10B worth of items are common now for people chasing better equipments.

  9. FailedName says:

    How many times can you use the potential and Enhancement scrolls? Also, do they stack, or does attaching one get rid of the other? It seems pretty confusing to me, but definately good. Thanks for the post

    • ak says:

      You can and only want to use a potential scroll ONCE.

      Potential and enhancement are SEPARATE systems. Don’t confuse them or think they will not work toegther. Define ‘Stack’? They work independently. You can have potential and enhancement if you want, or enhancement only or potential only. If you read the guide carefully, I think you will understand.

    • ak says:

      You can use the enhancement scrolls up to 9 times I believe. However, with each success, the chance of your next success goes down. i believe beyond 3-5 stars, you are risking too much, because if your enhancement fails, your item will blow up. Unless you are really rich, you will not see a unique, godly equip with more than a few stars or 5 stars at most.

      For example, if you use 100% enhancement, 1*0.9*0.8*0.7 ~ 0.5 = 50% chance of losing your equipment. And this is only 4 stars with the 100% enhancement scroll.

      If you use the 80% scroll, you have 0.8*0.7*0.6*0.5 ~0.168 = 16.8% success rate and 83.2% chance your item will blow up.

      So any godly item with 3 or more stars means, there was a good chance the item might have been lost.
      7,8, 9 stars is ridiculous. It means the owner is a crazy gambler and very lucky, or he has over 10B to lose to make 1 item. I have lost countless several hundred million meso items just trying to get 2 stars or 3 stars. You can lose 1B-10B easy if you’re going for 3 star AND potentialled items. If you’re going for 5-9 star items WITH potential, you can expect to throw away maybe 10B-1T mesos before you get exactly what you want. For example, using a 80% enhancement scroll, you can expect a 0.04% success rate, meaning if you have 2500 godly equips to blow up, you will blow them all up on average except 1 that will give you the 8 stars you are looking for.

  10. Alilatias says:

    Hm… Spadow, does the Equipment Enhancement scroll also result in equipment breaking if it fails? Or does that only apply to the Potential scroll?

    • Spadow says:

      Both can fail and break the item, yes.
      The equip enhancement scroll is more dangerous than the potential scroll.
      At least the Potential scroll has a 90% success rate.

  11. Lionheart365 says:

    I really like this idea a lot, but the effects are too good. If they were lowered a bit (and not sold from NPCs but had low drop rate) I would want this on GMS.

  12. SlayerGhost says:

    The pictures helped me little to none on this one. Ima just hafta take your word on it…

  13. Orange says:

    So….I’m guessing the potential scroll/equipment enhancement scrolls will be CS-only? Gach? Rare ingame item? @_@
    Also, is there a chance of failure with the enhancement scrolls? I didn’t see anything listed.

    • ak says:

      10 miracle cubes give you an advanced potential scroll. 5 give you a potential scroll. The miracle cubes are CS only. HOwever, both potential and enhancement scrolls drop (rare). No CS is needed, unless you want to reset potential with miracle cubes.

  14. LastAran says:

    its not that complicated if u read and dont skip lines also i believe this will be a very cool “experiment” to try out also it gives a edge that ppl would need while facing bosses such as the pink bean

  15. Robin says:

    This probably is the preparation for the next big boss. Seeing that maplers can’t handle pink bean properly and nexon wants to release the next big boss soon, they needed to prepare maplers for it with gear upgrades, to upgrade their existing godly gear even further.

    Black Mage, Here we come! :))))

    I think in a while, we could also get higher max hp/mp, about 50k would be perfect :)

  16. Kobe says:

    Where can i get dualblader test server?

    • Jen says:

      You can’t. This is in KMST, the korean test server. There is no english test server as far as I’ve ever heard.

  17. opo says:

    to cut the costs, is it possible to do the legandery spirit quest, where you get that skill which you can scroll stuff you cant wear on a low lvl, get the undefinded item there and buy the lvl 30 or less magnifing glass?

    • ak says:

      If you’re trying to save money on magnifying glass, legendary spirit will do nothing. Magnifying glass price depends on level of the equipment– it doesn’t matter if you do legendary spirit or not.

  18. KanesWrath says:

    why make those scrolls? whats the point… they are not making any stronger mobs so no point so be stronger… the aquips we got now are fine enought… (dont you say ow they gona help in pink bean because thats bs… )

  19. Chuey says:

    KanesWrath :
    why make those scrolls? whats the point… they are not making any stronger mobs so no point so be stronger… the aquips we got now are fine enought… (dont you say ow they gona help in pink bean because thats bs… )

    I’m a bit confused here. Several GMS servers have gotten to the Bean, especially Bera/Broa (I ALWAYS forget which one it is, I just remember it’s a ‘B’ server), where they took down a healthy chunk of HP before running out of time. Imagine these superpower-scrolls in GMS. There’s no doubt the Beanie will get down, including in that B Server. Saying the Beanie won’t fall after this update is a joke, and I’d expect it to help KMS defeat the boss too as they’re the ones who understand it best, or I’d most likely assume.

  20. DAggers says:

    Hey Spadow, you did mentioned that Potential Scroll has a 90% success rate, but it can still fail and break your item .

    But did Enhancement Scroll did the same or they have a 100% success rate to enhance?
    Since there is ‘Enhance’ment scroll? Did they will Lower the stats of eqs instead of Enhance?

    • ak says:

      Potential scroll has 2 types: 90% and 70%. Enhacement scrolls come in 100% or 80% types.

      For enhancement, you can only have stat up. And you MUST have 0 scroll slots left Unhammered or hammered, doesn’t matter.

      E-scrolls will decrease in working chance 10% for every start you get.

      If any of these scrolls fail, potential or enhancement, your item will blow up.

  21. Voltaire says:

    헐. this is a strange turn

  22. BuddyAran says:

    I still don’t get it. How is it possible to make an item scrolled multiple times, even if the amount of upgrades is 0?

  23. KKaze says:

    “For testing purposes, Mr. Goldstein sells.

    Mr. Goldstein sells the Potential scroll for 1 million meso and the Equipment Enhancement scroll for10,000 meso.”

    The scrolls being sold from Mr. Goldstein are only temporary for testing. The scrolls will likely not be sold from an NPC and may even be cash shop only items.

    • Spadow says:

      I don’t think they’re going to be Cash Shop items. If they were meant to be that way then they would’ve been in the Cash Shop.

    • Takebacker says:

      CS items are free in KMST apparently, so if they were meant to be CS related they would have just been in the CS.

      Obviously, they don’t know how easily they should make these things available. Though i do think they should keep the magnifying glasses in pot shops.

  24. JunCurious says:

    Woo, can’t wait to use these on my Reverse items and everything else :D

  25. SwordStaker says:


  26. JustSomeone says:

    This is weird if you ask me, well it is actually a good idea but it would still be better if they would make special lv 150 or even Unique Lv 200 equips!
    Or something in between. Because these scrolls are so godly that if you would use one (I heard that one scroll costs 1m? <— Thats really cheap if you ask me) on a lv 30 equip and give it stats as if its a lv 120 equip??? thats just crazy… People will scroll some low leveld items, give them to other accounts. And mass train with them and leaving behind all the poor, and new players behind.

    Although all of this, there is still only one thing i'm waiting for…
    When is Dual Blade coming to GMS! CUZ I'M GOING CRAZY FOR THIS NEW BRANCH!!!
    Its the first job, that has no downside if you ask me.

    So is there ANY chance to find out when its coming to GMS, or like a guess..?

    • Lionheart365 says:

      Ya I agree.
      Don’t put lame scrolls to screw the damage balance, put in cool weapons for 150, 200.

      And dual blade should be comming in 2-4months.

  27. Chuey says:

    Chill, Dual Blade’s been out a few days over a MONTH. It took us 6 months for Aran and 4 for Evan. Sure, maybe it will take lesser but a single freaking month, COME ON! And go take out your goofy excitement elsewhere; this is way more interesting than Dual Blade, this upgrade system, and this post doesn’t need to get plagued by Basil Noobs talking about a class that won’t be changing the universe very much.

  28. Ellahir says:

    for those who doesn’t understand Enhancement and Potential

    As Spadow explained, what potential scroll does is that it gives “Normal” item “Potential” abilities (those sperate extra stats below the line)

    These Potential Scrolls have 90% chance Success rate and 10% Chance of Destroying item.

    The Enhancement Scroll can be applied to Items with “0 Available Slots”
    If Enhancement Scroll works, your item gets a Star above its name each time.
    Your item can have up to 9 stars (as far as I can tell).
    Each time Enhancement Scroll works, its Success Rate goes down by 10%.
    For example,
    0 -> 1 star = 90% success rate
    1 -> 2 star = 80% success rate and so on
    if the enhancement scroll fails, your item is destroyed.

    I don’t know how easily these scrolls will be obtainable in actual game, but it seems like there is a scrolling frenzy going on in KMST, I have seen SS of 250+ magic staff, 120 stat helmet, 141 atk lvl 50 weapons and so on….

    Wish I had access to KMST……. It looks so fun to play at the moment, everyone is making all these godly item just so they can blow it up

  29. KoottaHigure says:

    I wonder if this can be used to gather some health for Archers and Thieves to be able to take some hits from bosses without the need of HB; or at least makes it possible with HB. . .

  30. Zero says:

    this scrolls will kill most jobs… including clerics, bowmens and even NL….. if Nexon is smart they should now use the diamonds in ALL equips….

  31. Her says:


  32. CzImGreen says:

    i dont think it will destroy the game…. but itll definitly change the game. just power up ‘everyone’ so they kill monsters easier, and then nexon is able to create even stronger monsters o.o

  33. DAggers says:

    Both Scroll got terrible disadvantage.

    Potential scroll has 90% success rate. If failed ,broke the item.
    Enhancement scroll has 100% success rate ,but will go down each time u scroll.
    only can put around 2-4 enhancement scroll to eq [60%-100%]
    under 70% better dun try again. Later ,u lost alot..

  34. JustSomeone says:

    Chuey :
    Chill, Dual Blade’s been out a few days over a MONTH. It took us 6 months for Aran and 4 for Evan. Sure, maybe it will take lesser but a single freaking month, COME ON! And go take out your goofy excitement elsewhere; this is way more interesting than Dual Blade, this upgrade system, and this post doesn’t need to get plagued by Basil Noobs talking about a class that won’t be changing the universe very much.

    Lol i’m just exited is that a crime or something? I’m just wondering when it could get out in GMS, because its the first job that really seems appealing to me.
    And thanks lionheart36. :)

  35. 路人甲 says:


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  37. Ghost says:

    So now equips have a possibly to gain unlimited power?

    Also does my pic work now?

  38. Screudexaran says:

    Yes it does

  39. man the items and cashshops are getting more complex

  40. lightzere says:

    SO WITH ONE Enhancement scroll u can scroll as much as u want ?

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  42. bob says:

    Spadow, can u explain what is required for the potential abilities to be used? I understand that i get x and y as potential abilities, but when do x and y actually get added to the weapon?

    • Jen says:

      From my understanding, it’s an effect that is added to the item (not unlike the durability equips) that offers a %chance of event x to happen. For example, 20% chance to ignore monster defense on the attack, or 5% chance to recover 5% of your max HP on every attack dealt. I hit a slime, I recover 5% of my health on a 20% chance.

  43. jujubee says:

    gee guys… if you are confused just w8 till they come to gms so it is better explained in english..

  44. sayssteve says:

    can only items droppped by MONSTERS have a ranking? Because i have a ton of equips in my inventory from maker and stuff. i also have a clean sparta and it has no border so im guessing its normal. some1 please respond thx

    • ak says:

      You can use a thing called a potential scroll. potential scrolls come in 2 flavors I believe: 70% and 90%. If these scrolls work, you have a hidden potential item. Use the appropriate magnifying glass and you will uncover the potential. If you don’t like what you uncover, you can spend NX, to restore it back to hidden potential, and you will NOT have to use another potential scroll.

      If the potential scroll fails, it will blow up your item 100% of the time. I blew up a 2B meso godly e-staff doing this. Be warned.

  45. Ninjakool says:

    can i use the mircle cube to make my wg unindenfied… or something~

    • ak says:

      If it is regular with no potential, there is only 1 way to add potential: Through a potential scroll. 70%, or 90%. If it fails, it blows up your WG.

      Also level 10 WG have much lower potentials available for stat% up. Higher level equipments mean higher % up being possible. So this new feature makes lower level equipments below 121, and even more, below 71 much less desirable. This will affect prices eventually.

  46. facr says:

    They’re making this so that they can make more powerful enemies.
    Isn’t anyone here bored of skelies and oblivion 4?
    Also in some of his newer posts nexon reveals they’re lowering the exp needed to level up.
    They want to create more levels without having the number of exp required insanely high.

  47. ak says:

    What are the specifics of this in code:

    “- 높은 등급의 아이템에는 보다 좋은 보너스 옵션이 적용됩니다.
    – An item with a high rating will have a better bonus option.”

    I am asking because I see people with a rare item that has good % up like 9% STR up on a level 80 weapon. And sometimes I see people with unique items with poor stat up like 3% STR up on a level 80 weapon.

    What does “better bonus option” mean? Does it mean better chance at getting good potentials? And/Or does it mean some potentials can only be obtained through unique item, and not epic or rare. Please post proof or code. Everyone is confused about this since the guides are lacking or incorrect.

  48. ak says:


    How do these work? Any example?

  49. Max says:

    So any hints on what i should start buying or selling now before rating system hits Msea?

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