MapleStory DS commercials + introduction movies

It’s almost April 15, which is the date that Nintendo Korea will launch the Nintendo DSi and MapleStory DS in South Korea.

A new page for MapleStory DS has been created on the Korean Nintendo website.
On the page you can find information about MapleStory DS and other material such as TV Commercials and gameplay videos.

I downloaded all the TV commercials and introduction movies and merged them in one video file.

Alternative link

This handheld version will feature the four original jobs: Warrior, Thief, Archer and Magician.
Each character will have their own storyline.
Sorry Pirates. :(

MapleStory DS is not an online game, but it sort of connects with it, by including codes for exclusive virtual items.

The price for MapleStory DS is 39,000 won ($35)
A special edition bundle with a Nintendo DSi  & MapleStory DS will be available for  237,000 won ($205)

As for KMST; a new patch was released yesterday with some weird content. A new system was added, the item ranking system.
I downloaded a new client and re-installed KMST due Windows Vista/Windows 7 compatibility. (notice on test server website)

Right now I and mostly everyone cannot log on Tespia and Scania due a system error. It’s almost 9 AM KST and this issue is still unresolved.

I will post more information regarding this new patch later. I’m really busy today and tomorrow.

What I can tell you is that this is some weird shit.

The Reverse staff is a rare item. (레어 아이템)
There are four kind of rates: normal, rare, epic and unique. (Dragon Nest has this feature too)
The staff adds 202 magic attack and the sword 192 attack. ‘o’…

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70 Responses to MapleStory DS commercials + introduction movies

    WOW COOL!!!

    I love your blog site!!!!
    MAPLE DS WOOOT!!!!!!!

    I’m soooooooo excited

  2. Voltaire says:

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 도도 하고 바우 나을 껀지아라써!
    아주 제미께생겻따! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    비디오 보니까 혼태일 을 싸을떼, 그게 진짜 게임 에서 도 혼태일 싸어도 델꺼가테요?

  3. Voltaire says:

    ㅎㅎ im gonna buy it when it comes out! only 삼만구천 원

  4. ssssssss says:


  5. SlayerGhost says:

    Codes for exclusive items in the online game? Looks like now Ima hafta get this when/if it comes to NAMS…

  6. Alilatias says:

    Okay, it sounds like you’re about as confused as everyone at SouthPerry.

    Sheesh, these are some crazy weapons. Looking forward to tinkering with… Whatever the hell this is supposed to be.

  7. Takebacker says:

    Did they seriously make a new client for win 7? :D

  8. Takebacker says:

    Also, the staff seems to give +202 m.att. At the very bottom it says again +7 m.att. (the characters look exactly the same, anyway)

  9. Bownissley says:

    WTF how can that sword even get that good.

  10. Ghost says:

    Does the rarity increase the stats?

  11. CzImGreen says:

    mmm that ranking thing, i think it could be replacing the glow(?) …. if ‘x’ att in a weapon is normal, ‘x+20’ att in the same weapon is epic… or unique(?). That plus the rare the item is…. sry if im saying meaningless things… i cant write what im thinking in eng >,<

  12. rauleli says:

    I think ranking is for ppl that dont know how the (+…) next to the item name works
    so they just put it in stars so is like the more stars it has the better the item is

    PS: also checking if my picture from the lick that Alilatias gave works
    PS(2): i dont know if i put it in a way that made sense

  13. Lionheart365 says:

    Way to fail (again) nexon. Way Over powered weapons. I wouldn’t mind if they had a level req of 170 but this is fail.

    • Alilatias says:

      Exactly how is this overpowered if whatever is happening is going to affect all equipment (from the looks of it thus far)?

      If anything, all this is likely to do is increase the average damage standard.

      I think I now understand what Nexon Korea was trying to do last week regarding the Accuracy/Avoid % thing. It seems they’re trying to figure out how to revamp the equipment stat system, in a way that ensures that equipment that already exists can recieve the full benefits of this revamp and potentially solve problems that certain classes have (low HP for ranged classes, for instance).

      There’s an image taken from Insoya within the SouthPerry thread on this, in which a Level 85 cape (currently commonly regarded as useless by much of the community) suddenly becomes potentially useful under this new system.

      • Lionheart365 says:

        So of there doing this to every item…
        Hmm. Still fails. Puts funded players at an even bigger advantage, which they don’t really need.

        • Alilatias says:

          Er… If they’re funded, they should have some sort of advantage. Isn’t that the point? More money = more advantages?

          At least this isn’t something CS related, like crap such as Vicious Hammer and White Scrolls (the latter may not be a CS item itself, but it’s only available from Gachapon).

          It seems this time around, everyone can tinker with this.

          • SlayerGhost says:

            I’m more upset about those weaker self version skills for everyone. As a Shadower main, I don’t wanna see Drks moving as fast as me… and as I’m training a Ranger right now I’d hate if it Sins could cast Sharp Eyes whenever they want…

            What is Nexon thinking? <_<

  14. Kris says:

    Wow, Anyone else notice how Dragonica has this and they also had the combo system first as well? I mean it’s basically the same, lol.

  15. DestinyThief says:

    Spadow i have a question i hope you will answer >.<

    Is it posible to cut your hair on MapleDS
    And is it posible to get Nexon Cash stuff in MapleStoryDS?

    Thanks for the new posts Spadow ;D

  16. CommentsonStaffSword says:

    wut the fuck? 195 MA? 192 WA? craziest shit i ever seen

  17. Alilatias says:

    Here are some more pictures of some equips under this new system. That staff above? There’s one in this thread that’s even stronger.

    Apparently all of this is from some sort of special scrolls, and that these can only be used when all of the regular scroll slots are already used (probably won’t account for unused Vicious Hammer slots though).

  18. DestinyThief says:

    Spadow i have a question i hope you will answer >.<

    Is it posible to cut your hair on MapleDS
    And is it posible to get Nexon Cash stuff in MapleStoryDS?

    because in the first MapleVideo from along time ago, we saw when you talkedd to a girl, you got NX and other hair style colors

    Thanks for the new posts Spadow ;D

  19. KanesWrath says:


  20. KanesWrath says:

    maple version for nintedo ds not nintedo* the anger made me confused lol

  21. Majutsukai says:

    What’s the name of the song in the first two trailers?

  22. SwordStaker says:

    KanesWrath :

    Chill the crap out

  23. mystery says:

    wut is the name of de song

  24. chibichild says:

    Can’t wait to find out what the special items from the game are going to be

  25. Zero says:

    blackbull in the images of the DS version= dhalsim…..

    and it will better if Maple Story will be released on PSP and an online version

  26. Alessandro says:

    the only good part about the DS version seems to be that all the jobs have there own story line (which means they have their own quests too) but besides that it probably sucks since the whole point of maplestory is to be able to have fun training and doing quests with your friends…..

    • SlayerGhost says:

      Questing is terrible exp, and my friends never train with me, just boss.

    • Majutsukai says:

      Yeah, that IS the point of Maple Story, but this is a different thing altogether. It’s basically just a console-style RPG with Maple-like game mechanics and assets. So, if you want to do all that stuff, the main game is still there for that. This is for if you want something a bit different.

  27. SixStrike says:

    Dude OMG thats hawt! I saw 3 bosses total:Zakum, Palaptus, and horntail! Dude I honestly can’t wait! Still don’t get why they’re mixing elements though.I guess to get the whole ‘maple-world’ feel on such limited memory lol.

  28. SomeRandomGuy says:

    It looks like they all have new skills and the thief dual wields daggers, awesome.

  29. SONGGGGG says:


  30. ReallyGasp says:

    When will this game arrive to America?

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  32. NitenIchiryu says:

    So can you customize your characters in this game? Because it seems like you have to start out with the main characters.

  33. Mateus says:

    Do you have a link Maple Story DS?

  34. MapleLuv says:

    Hey who have the rom for play on R4???
    Upload THE ROM!!!

  35. ChipMaple says:

    they said the game will release in 04/15 but i cant find it today :( .
    They delayed it ??????

  36. bleh says:

    any1 noticed at 3:39 then bandit using 2 kandine? lol

  37. R4 USER says:

    someone upload the rom or email the link to it for me at

  38. Arnie says:

    Hey if anyone finds it could they post it on here and spadow do u got the game yet and if u get it could u show us some gameplays?

  39. coocoo says:

    someone juumppp

  40. Pingback: Maplestory DS finally did came out

  41. DrMarcel says:

    It’s wonderfuuulll!!!!11

    The thief IS a Dual Blade ‘O’ (but don’t have skills of Dual Blade)
    I need some help with the korean language, but my warrior is lvl22 and my thief is lvl21. ^^
    I don’t know how to use the archer and magician…

  42. ??? says:

    the pig in the end of the vid looked:

    A. retarded
    B. on drugs
    C. etc.

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