KMST V303 ~ New jobs? Accuracy & Avoidability back to +

New background added to login. This reminds me of the current season: Spring!

Yesterday accuracy and avoidability stats were changed to +%. But now they’re changed back to +.
KMS will be patching to version 1.2.95 today and will most likely release the new goodies from KMST.

Do you remember that a few skill names were added recently?
In the quest data new job IDs were added.

  1. 3000
  2. 3211
  3. 3212
  4. 3311
  5. 3312
  6. 3511
  7. 3512


000 = Adventurers
1000 = Knights of Cygnus
2000 =  Heroes
3000 = ???

100 = Warrior
200 = Magician
300 = Archer
400 = Thief
500 = Pirate

So right now only third and fourth job of Magician, Archer and Pirate were added!
This means there will be a new classification.

You know… Nexon did reveal something about two new jobs being prepared.
One would be a Hero and the other related to the Black Magician.
Could these jobs be associated with the Black Magician or do they play a huge part in the storyline?

The job IDs were added to the new Shammos quests.

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115 Responses to KMST V303 ~ New jobs? Accuracy & Avoidability back to +

  1. Batonelli says:

    Wow, interesting. I guess it has something to do with the Black Magician job.

  2. Rhee says:

    That’s so cool. Where did you find this kind of data for the new jobs? And how do you find details in the .wz files?

  3. SwordStaker says:

    Great…big update huh, yeah my Snow White ass.

  4. TurneDnuorA says:

    Whoah… ‘Dark Side’ jobs? Awesome… And too bad that they changed the acc back to + instead of +% -.-

  5. tnextg says:

    IDEA(light bulb over my head)
    Dark jobs vs Legends

  6. Foiled. says:

    TurneDnuorA :
    PvP just doesn’t work in MapleStory. I’m sure PvP will NOT come in MS.

    There IS PvP in Maple, just not in kMS.

  7. Josh says:

    Oh wow, I really hope they do that, like, make a job along the line of preventing the saviors of the maple world, a job like “villan” or something. One that ISN’T over powered like the others. o:

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  9. MM says:

    Not meaning to cross-blog, but I can’t believe that nobody has inferred this yet. The new classes are pretty easy to extrapolate from the job IDs. If you want a full explanation you can read my article that I posted:
    But this is really something awesome. I can’t wait :P

    • Frozen_Memories says:

      I think that from this, it sort of became clear to me…

      Warrior – Aran
      Mage – Evan
      Archer – In the new data
      Thief – In the new data
      Pirate – In the new data

      It lines up perfectly if they were legends however the beginning number shows that they’re not.
      So, 3000 = Good
      4000 = Bad

      That’s my thought…. Aran and Evan were good however Bow, Thief and Arg started off good but ended up turning to the dark side.

      Most probably not true though because they might as well have just put all those jobs in the 3000 code but one can imagine. COPYRIGHT hahaha.

      • Frozen_Memories says:

        Okay now after actually fully reading what was in that link, They are the jobs trying to resurrect the black magician.

        • MM says:

          Well that’s just speculation. It could be that, especially due to the parallel set-up with the Knights of Cygnus, but I wouldn’t place my bets on it. For all we know it could just be another random class group.

  10. Ghost says:

    lol bowmen hasn’t gotten jack**** since the CK

  11. DestinyThief says:

    Euhmn Spadow magician you said if the magician is related that means evan and the magician are both legendarys f3 xD

    • MM says:

      If you read the article I posted, you’ll see that they’re not legends, they’re just (MOST LIKELY) a parallel to Cygnus Knights.

      And spadow, way to edit your article after I made my post about speculation >.< lol

      • Spadow says:

        What are you talking about? I did not edit my post.
        Your explanation is not 100% correct.

        • MM says:

          Oh really? I must have just missed it on my first read then. Sorry.

        • MM says:

          – Out of curiosity, what was wrong with my explanation?

          • TableCAKE says:

            Idiot its still not sure, its Tespia Not normal Maple there can still things be added to Tespia…

          • MM says:

            First off, don’t go calling people you don’t know idiots. It’s really a douche thing to do.

            Second of all, I never said anything about being sure. It’s just speculation. I was asking Spadow if something was wrong with my description of Job IDs, or with the post overall.

          • MM says:

            By the way, in addition to your complete lack of respect for anyone, that comment made no sense in context. Of course they can still add things to Tespia, and that’s what they’ve been doing for years and will likely continue doing for years to come. How did that at all help your point?

          • Spadow says:

            1. ”Each job ID is four characters long.”
            ┗ This is incorrect. The job ID of Adventurers and GM have three characters. KoC and Hero have four.

            2. ”The second digit denotes what “type” of class it is, i.e. 0 is Beginner, 1 is Warrior, 2 is Mage, 3 is Archer, 4 is Rogue, and 5 is Pirate.”
            ┗ Info is partially correct. For Adventurers, it is the first digit denotes what type of job it is.


            100 = Warrior
            200 = Magician
            300 = Archer
            400 = Thief
            500 = Pirate

            Knights of Cygnus

            1100 = Cygnus warrior
            1200 = Cygnus magician
            1300 = Cygnus archer
            1400 = Cygnus thief
            1500 = Cygnus pirate


            2100 = Aran (Hero warrior)
            2200 = Evan (Hero magician)

            Do you see the pattern?

          • MM says:

            I thought I specified to add a leading zero for adventurers… sorry for the misunderstanding then, but if you add a leading zero it all makes sense.

          • MM says:

            Wait, yeah. “Each job ID is four characters long (for adventurers, you just add a leading zero)” so for adventurers to follow my pattern it’d be 0100 = warrior, 0200 = magician, etc. Though I should have specified that in the actual .wz files there is no leading zero, and that you just need to add the zero to work with my explanation. Whatever, I don’t like editing posts.

  12. Giraflare says:

    Spadow, How long does Nexon usually wait until they release the testing of Jobs after the skill strings are put into the .wz files? If it’s usually uneven how long do you think it will take until testing can begin on these new jobs?

  13. KanesWrath says:


    • Bownissley says:

      I actually would really like new “Dark” Jobs.

    • thechazz says:

      LOL everone wants new jobs .. exept you and a couple more .. new jobs = new expirience , new high lvl areas = playing on same char only lvling faster …
      new jobs FTW in my opinion

      • Alessandro says:

        i want new jobs because there is always something new at the begging. a new story, new quests, and new places to train in with a whole new look! i want new jobs!

    • nobody wants a high lvl area SO SHUT UP we need low lvl areas high lvls have enogh stuff and we need new jobs because not every 1 likes the same things so keep your self centerd coments to urself because nobody needs emm

  14. Cookies says:

    Is happy about this amazing change :D
    Yay i can contunie my dk happily ^=^
    thanks a bunch spadow <3 :D

  15. SlayerGhost says:


    I want new jobs. While high leveled content would be pretty cool, new jobs are just as cool in my opinion. I’d like another ranged class, as Sins are far too expensive and Sairs seem far too weak, making Bowman my only real option…

  16. dennyvuquach says:

    Thank god that accuracy is back to + instead of %, so accuracy equipments are still useful. Otherwise, my DEXless White Knight would have been worthless.

  17. Jon says:

    I’m guessing this would be Black Mage
    Spadow can you send me a chart of the Job IDs that KMS has up to now? That includes this unreleased Race

  18. AznJDragon says:

    I think its odd how its just fourth and third job o.o

  19. nizmir says:

    It’s 5th job!!! XD
    I wish.

  20. Chuey says:

    Wow, that background is amazing. My favorite part of the new patch. And about classes… I think they’re cool and fun to try, but I still am more interested in new areas to explore. Even if it’s not high-level content. But new places to SEE and new quests to do. (is a quest freak) If they don’t level-cap this PQ then I think it will be too easy, but hey, new stuff to do is fine by me. :)

  21. TheMagdiel says:

    =O I love the new log in!! <3

  22. Woa boy….This is going to be a fun yet messy thrill I can’t wait to see the new class and legends also Cool log in intro

    I just got word on so much stuff coming in the next patch with the evans for GMS…
    G2g got some posting to do

    Keep up the good work Spadow!

    • thechazz says:

      hey , thanks to you i went to the MS site and checked the new stuff :)
      now im a bit more informed for tomorrow when i make my evan ( time dif with america = 9 hrs xD)
      but this is gonna be so freaking awsome !!!!

      • MM says:

        They’ve extended the patch by 6 hours so far. It was scheduled to complete at 6 AM PST, but it’s been extended to noon PST (3 PM EST) now. Thank you nexon. >.<

  23. Ghost says:

    The background looks so much better

    But then again all these new class are quite organized, with their being only 2 heroes, the Dual Blade and now another classification? Nexon’s getting unorganized…

  24. SlayerGhost says:

    Bownissley :Sairs weak? Sairs are probably the best ranger attacker except for sins with sharp eyes/thorns.

    I’m sorry, I should have said sliners. As someone who has only acieved 4th job once (Shadower), getting to 4th job is a long, long journey for me and I don’t want to be bothered with such garbage dmg till 4th job.

    And I don’t know about Sairs being the best ranged attaker… Sure, they have battleship, but that has limits… while a BM has Sharp Eyes at will+hurricane…

    • Neko says:

      Sairs without SE can still outdamage a BM at non magic casting bosses assuming both at the same level after 150 and with roughly the same equipments. A good player should be able to sustain longer before the battleship breaks anyway. But if you’re talking abt an all rounder .. BM it is :)

      • SlayerGhost says:

        The prolem is the only non magic casting high leveled bosses are BigFoot and (Depending on your perspective) Anego…

  25. JunCurious says:

    So much for the % Avoid.

  26. idiotpost says:

    that whole +% was just bs its fine the way it is and so many people would quite there warriors id be sad cause of all the nx that went into it i have to spend double to get it back. the whole idea was dumb

  27. idiotpost says:

    all these new skills are just evan and the new mobs there adding to neo city durr

  28. Gabi0976 says:

    Maybe it can be like in WoW.
    i hate this game (WoW) but the idea with the dark side and good side awesome if in maple there is people who with the black mage and against black mage so there is more danger place (cities?) and then the good side have less people because everyone will become in the dark.
    that way i can be the only one aran who left in maplestory :D

  29. xmanaphyx says:

    GAH KMS new login screen so beautiful T_T
    (See MSEA 1 ) Yuckss so ugly

  30. KH says:

    Maybe it’s a Cyborg, the new class that matches with the Neo Tokyo world. I don’t know lol.

  31. thechazz says:

    hi there :)
    hasnt annyone tought of this yet :
    in the end of the trailer of evan .. were you see evan and a dragon and the female evan .. in the background on the left side you see Gentlemen , Baroq , and the puppeteer … now what if the new jobs have them as job instructors …
    Gentelemen could be the pirate instructor for the DARK SIDE
    Baroq … hmmmm… i think the archer
    and puppeteer the mage …. then it seems to fit right ?

    • MM says:

      That does seem pretty nice, and it fits with my explanation. But again, all of this is speculation and cannot be proven true until Nexon releases the new classes. Come on Nexon!!

      • thechazz says:

        i know :) cant wait for new jobs. .im always so HYPER ACTIVE when it comes to jobs :)

        • MM says:

          Yeah but the only problem is that whenever there’s a new job I forsake my main character and just try out the new job. That’s why I’m still only 46 on my I/L mage >.<
          Tried every CK, and both heroes* so far. Out of the CKs and Legends, Aran is the only one that I'll actually bother leveling past second job.
          * I'm aware Evan is actually the successor; don't yell at me for that.

  32. Lucas says:

    I absolutely adore the new login screen.
    Do want~ ^o^

  33. addictedtoms says:

    K sorry this isnt on topic but spadow how du u feel about the ******* up evan in Gms
    60% and 30% scrolls and then just with m.att and no w.att
    And they made the normal scrolls GACHAPON
    Nexon is really gonna lose alot players if they do this more

    • JunCurious says:

      The hell are you talking about?

      60% IS a normal scroll.
      And, W.Att is useless to Evans. -_- (I think, last I checked they’re magically based right?)

    • Alilatias says:

      Nexon only [censored] up the patch notes. This is confirmed by the SouthPerry extraction of this patch.

      – The 60%/30% scrolls for glasses only come from Gachapon.
      – The ones you get from leveling up are still 100%.
      – The scrolls still give W.ATT, not W.DEF.

  34. Alilatias says:

    Ah… Evan released in GMS, but so many matinence extensions… At least I managed to patch before the servers crashed.

    I feel sorry for those living on the US East Coast. It’s supposed to be complete by 12 PM PST – which means 3 PM EST.

    • MM says:

      I managed to patch before they crashed too. I logged in, and was immediately booted out. :P
      It was hell though, especially considering I only had until 5 to play anyways.

  35. Alilatias says:

    On a side note, Spadow, if there’s one thing that us GMSers are worried about (and something that you might not have heard about yet), it’s that it appears that there are mastery books for -MAGIC GUARD- in the Cash Shop. What the heck?

    Spadow, in KMS, did you need to do anything (like a quest) before you were allowed to raise Magic Guard past Level 5? Or are us GMSers totally screwed?

    • Spadow says:

      If you want to know anything about the Evan quests, click here.
      I’m surprised that GMS released Cash Shop mastery books for Evan. In KMS you cannot buy Evan Cash Shop mastery books because they don’t exist.
      The only Cash Shop mastery books that KMS has are for Dual Blade.

      • Alilatias says:

        Blah, my brother’s firewall was set to block forums two weeks ago.

        Your blog and SouthPerry (since the initial SouthPerry URL when accessed through Google does not include the word ‘forum’) are really the only links I have to the MS community now.

        I miss the crazy MSEAers of the Predict Highlight threads at AsiaSoft Forums…

        So I would guess that us GMSers are probably screwed in this regard.

        Nexon America has become very predatory in terms of CS items lately. The SouthPerry extraction of this GMS patch is also showing that there are going to be +3 and +5 to all stat Aura Rings. Ridiculous.

        On another note, the extraction also found some new Level 55 ‘Lita’s Hero Gloves’ and ‘Lita’s Ocean Gloves’ for Warriors and Pirates. They look like purple grass woven together. Were these ever in KMS?

        (Some speculation that these gloves are from Lita Lawless of NLC, which may hint to an eventual Masteria expansion. But I vaugely remember seeing them in a KMST extraction, but I don’t remember exactly which one…)

  36. Alilatias says:

    Okay, scratch the ‘purple grass’ part, they look nothing like that, hahaha.

    Here’s an image of them:

    Lita’s Hero Gloves
    Glove – Warriors only
    Required Level: 55
    Required STR: 195
    STR: +1
    DEX: +1
    WDEF: +20
    7 Slots


    …I’ll shut up now. >_>

  37. CzImGreen says:

    Mastery Books
    Magic Guard, Magic Booster, and Critical Magic are all important skills for an Evan. Now you can raise the maximum skill levels of these skills by purchasing them in the Cash Shop!
    You can boost up Magic Guard’s max level from 5 to 20, and give extra oomph to Magic Booster and Critical Magic by raisings the max levels from 5 to 15.
    GMS’ evans are now nx jobs. great! -.-‘

  38. aweryn says:

    Wooow.. ^^; Nice updates :3 But I really hope if we ever get Dual Blade in GMS it won’t be just a limited or “CS” class.. it could be nerfed but NOT LIMITED!!!

  39. Babymario26 says:

    Maybe i srsly hope that the pirate is a legend… not just a new clan type thing

  40. Flamewire says:

    What’s the job ID for Dual Blade?

  41. ed says:

    lol iwanna dark jobs iwanna be in the powers of the dark side muhahahahaha
    and thats will be so cool
    and if nexon gonig be lazy and say there no dark job thief and the Dual blade is
    so its more them awesome…..

  42. Biskov says:

    You all assume siding with the Black magician implies the related job will be “Dark” in a way. Look at the way Evan was manipulated into helping the Puppeteer throughout his quests. The new job, while sure siding to join the Dark Mage, he could be doing it for many reasons, and even if he knows that it’s Evil, that doesn’t imply that his powers will be evil too. It could be any class with any element who CHOOSES to side with the “bad” guys. Really they’re just wanting to open up new looks at quest lines so you fully understand what’s going on on both sides of the “war”.

    • MM says:

      If you choose to side with the “evil” guys, then you’re with the evil guys, therefore you’re one of the “evil” classes. It’s not like you can be good and seriously, willingly choose to side with the Black Mage.

    • MM says:

      Btw, not he, they. There are 3 new classes.

  43. wishuponawishingstar says:

    Hmm, not new areas…
    Fill up Ossyria, there are too little maps for such a big continent!

  44. Kouki says:

    I think these would be good names for dark jobs

    Paladin-Death Knight
    Dark Knight-Reaper

    Arch Mages- Warlock


    Night Lord:


  45. Yoga says:

    MM :
    If you read the article I posted, you’ll see that they’re not legends, they’re just (MOST LIKELY) a parallel to Cygnus Knights.
    And spadow, way to edit your article after I made my post about speculation >.< lol

    ummm, hater, he doen’t have to speculate, he’s gonna noe before u anyway, ur at his blog, not the other way around

  46. Yoga says:

    Spadow Come On!!!!! Update I check everyday for info on that new class in development(so i think)

  47. Yoga says:

    well thats nice, im glad u read the comments, lol, thanks, yea u do a good job of keeping us up to date

  48. ILuvSNSDnMS says:

    I think it is those 2nd generation adventurer job

  49. Luigi says:

    Actually, the 2 new jobs are rumored to be:
    -Wild Hunter
    -Battle Mage

    Like dual blade, they’re supposed to be classified as ‘resistance.’
    has nexon forgot about heroes =(

  50. Luigi says:

    lol… just realized that you posted that on ur home =P
    ah well.

  51. zzzzz says:

    Why can’t they have 1 job something like the puppeteer that can control monsters? I know i would be cheating but it would be nice right?

  52. Exumaii says:

    :D Resistance ideas!

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