MapleSEA’s ”Win A Trip To Korea” contest

MapleSEA held a “Win a Trip to Korea” contest with the launch of the Aran class last November.
The contest was about winning a trip to South Korea to explore everything what Korea has to offer~
Not only Korea, but also the Nexon office.

Four winners were chosen.

Occasionally I check the Facebook of GMS and MapleSEA because sometimes there are new photos and information on their profiles.
I already saw the ”Won Our Trip to Korea!!! >w<” album a couple days ago, but recently new photos of the Nexon office were uploaded.

I took a peek and saw interesting photos.  I’m actually envious of these four winners. I really am.
Does anyone know them in real life? I’m really curious about what they heard. And did they get the chance to ask questions about future content? I wish I could talk to them. >.<!

Also does anyone know when these pictures were taken? Because on one of the photos I saw a monitor with a picture of Lex, the newest boss monster that was released in Tespia version 1.2.300. (!)

I’m not going to post the whole album haha, but only a few shots from the Nexon office.
Source: MapleSEA’s Facebook (check it out!)

Do you want to see the photos that I found interesting?

Alright, let’s start with the Animation team.

What do we see here?
We see a girl on the left working on a Knights of Cygnus background. Coincidentally in KMST V300 the login look was changed, but also the backgrounds (Adventurer, Knights of Cygnus and Aran) of the character creation.

What you see on the monitor is probably this:

You don’t see the change? … It’s small. They added a couple of trees in the background and in the bottom left corner they added some bushes.

We also see a girl on the right side, but I can’t clearly see what the thing on her monitor is. Since this is the animation team, it looks like the girl is creating a cut scene. It reminds me of Aran VS Black Magician cut scene. What about you?

Let’s move on to the Map Designer:


A new map?! It has to be a new map. You can see that this person uses a book for new ideas.
Oh my god! I’m curious what this is!
I hope one of the winners could explain what this is.

Now let’s check out some weird photos, haha.

It’s Mr. Lim in real life!?

Gaga in real life. I believe this person is Chief Director, he always shows up on press conferences and Q&A sessions.
I forgot his name. I always believed that this person resembled Gaga.

Hehe… Wonka..

Mr. Inkstone, the musician.

I said that I found a photo with Lex in it. Here it is:

What do we see here?
This is the Graphics Design department.

The monitor on the right shows a cartoonish-Lex. I am 100% sure this is Lex.

If you look VERY closely, you can see the back of the hyena and a part of the skull.
This is really interesting.

And on the left side, what’s that?  I’m clueless!

Thank you MapleSEA for the very interesting photos and an insight of the Nexon office.

Congratulations winners!~

Adam & Thomas

Summer & Ting

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

38 Responses to MapleSEA’s ”Win A Trip To Korea” contest

  1. sgtgrif says:

    Very interesting… hopefully some high leveled content is in the making! ^_^

  2. SwordStaker says:

    That building is probably part of the rest of the Tespia patch.Those four panel pictures, if I’m right is El Nath Gorge right? Maybe I’m wrong. but in the weird building picture if you zoom into the bottom left theres a robot in the shape of a monkey.

  3. UngKyou says:

    This is old!!!!!!!! lol :D

  4. Chuey says:

    Woah, that’s pretty awesome @ the pictures. KMS better not spit out crap for the rest of the BIG patch. :/

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  6. Alilatias says:

    I’m pretty sure all four of the winners frequent AsiaSoft forums. I doubt they would be allowed to say anything about future content though.

    These pictures are pretty intriguing, especially the one we can see clearly, with the castle-like building. I’m more inclined to believe that it’s another Themed Dungeon-type area though. I’d be glad to be proven wrong though.

  7. Alilatias says:

    Okay, so I tried zooming in on the two mysterious pictures.

    First one actually does look like a cutscene, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be the background for a new area instead. I can barely make out a face in that one, but there’s crap quality when zooming in, so the ‘face’ might actually be something else.

    The second one with the four images… The bottom green row is definitely a recolor of the bottom blue row, and perhaps they’ll merge both rows together eventually. The second image in each row appears to show some sort of tower, and that might be merged into the first image once everything is done.


  8. sgtgrif says:

    On the second picture you posted, the right monitor appears to be a Chief Guardian in Time Temple. Maybe I’m wrong but eh, looks familiar.

  9. Takebacker says:

    New high level mobs in the last mysterious picture.

  10. tnextg says:

    Hi Adam, Thomas, Summer and Ting XD

  11. Moomoocows says:

    On the picture with the animation team, the other screen looks like a picture of Horntail’s horn or something.

  12. Chuey says:

    sgtgrif :
    On the second picture you posted, the right monitor appears to be a Chief Guardian in Time Temple. Maybe I’m wrong but eh, looks familiar.

    Well, someone on SP said the quests in .300 had something to do with the Time Temple (though I couldn’t make a connection besides event quests after Google Translating a few), so it’s heavily possible. I myself am seeing the Chief Memory Guardian now.

  13. Billy says:

    i wonder whether they design and execute the drawing pixel by pixel merely by hand?
    that’s fasinating <3

    • tnextg says:

      No wonder it takes so long to pass from one version to the other and it should take a long time to tranlate word for word

  14. Alessandro says:

    if u look on the right wall with the picture of lex there appears to be a person playing the simbles. (sry idk how 2 spell) but thats kinda weird…

  15. Alessandro says:

    in fact, it seems to be a band cause it looks like theres a tuba as well

  16. Sanotan says:

    About the map designer photo,
    is it just me, or do the buildings in it seem to give an european building impression? Will be intresting to find out what this map actually is.

  17. Evanb says:

    Does anyone else feel that the new map gives off a slightly futuristic (or at least modern) feel to it? Maybe it has something to do with the new job since it has a laser skill.

  18. Wentao says:

    wow it looks so fun i wanna go too T.T

  19. P.G. Wodehouse says:

    Aha! European Space-Pirates! this job is getting more and more interesting…

  20. Tess says:

    WOW, thanks for the update. you are really very meticulous in checking out the details of the photos. ^^

  21. xManaohyx says:

    gah i saw wonky i am going strangle him to ask him for the goddess bracelet which has been bugged for centuries
    if i was one of them i will surely ask Nexon about all those problems till they puke blood LOL
    And keep take photos keep see and keep ask wad is this wad is that
    until they kick me out LOL ^_^
    i am curious marh

  22. From the comments above I see this is kind of old news but THIS IS NEW TO ME AND I LOVE IT!!!

    WOW!!! That new map looks cool and the people holding the photos are a trip!

  23. TurneDnuorA says:

    Spadow, take a look at this, it’s a Design-your-chair-event in MapleEU, the winning chair gets released ingame in May (3rd anniversary) =O

  24. Ghost says:

    “Does anyone know them in real life?”
    So you can stalk them lol

    I believe this new map looks like it belongs in Masteria, the Dome page he has looks similar to the White House and all the buildings looks like old-fashioned Philadelphia (notice NLC has objects similar to New York)

    Perhaps the girl working on the cutscene is working on the pirate legend/3rd branch?

  25. (: says:

    -wants to work at nexon-

  26. OMFG I WANT says:

    In the lex monitor screenshot, I saw something. In the low-left corner, we can see a poster… of what? We can see a part of a trumpet or something like that… A class that not out yet? We will never know…

    • Alilatias says:

      I can see cymbals and other instruments in that poster too. I wouldn’t think too hard about it, as it looks like some sort of anniversary poster to me. The KMS anniversary is next month, right?

  27. Marks says:

    On the second picture you posted, the right monitor appears to be anubis.

  28. tori says:

    2nd pic from the top the one with the “???” looks like it’s the panther from “The Resistance” class “Wild Ranger” im not sure if im right or not but thats what i think it is.

  29. chen says:

    WOW! Maplestore is very good game! I love it!

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