KMST V300 ~ New login look & another job in development?

After two weeks a new Tespia patch has been released.
It’s a big patch, but the content itself is not big.

Though, new bugs were found in this patch and most likely this will not be the ”very big patch”.
The 7th anniversary of MapleStory is coming up soon in April and that has to be celebrated.
Let’s hope this anniversary will be much bigger than last year.

Let’s move on to what Nexon released in today’s patch.
I’ll reveal the surprising part first.

New information has been added to the .wz files which reveals new skill names which means there is a new job in development!!

  1. Triple Blow
  2. Revive
  3. Dark Chain
  4. Super Body
  5. Finish Attack
  6. Quad Blow
  7. Death Blow
  8. Finish Blow
  9. Dark Spear
  10. Cyclone
  11. Lasergun
  12. Siege

Very interesting, but I’m also dumbfounded why they’re releasing new jobs at a fast pace instead of developing useful content.
This patch brings a new refreshing look to login. I love it, but I miss the old UI though…

Login window

World selection window

Click here for a video about the UI change

It looks so modern now. Really neat stuff.
The content they have developed for his patch isn’t useful for high leveled players, since this area is for Lv. 75 and higher.

A new area dedicated to Shammos has been released in El Nath Mts.

Ice Gorge can be found in the Ice Valley 2 map.

This area comes with new monsters:

LV.: 75
HP:  32,000
MP: 150
EXP: 800

LV.: 76
HP: 33,000
MP: 200
EXP: 850

LV.: 77
HP: 34,000
MP: 200
EXP: 900

LV.: 78
HP: 35,000
MP: 250
EXP: 950

LV.: 79
HP: 36,000
MP: 300
EXP: 1,000

LV.: 80
HP: 800,000
MP: 10,000
EXP: 590,000

The thing about this area is that.. you cannot really train on these monsters. Ice Gorge isn’t a training area, it’s a party quest.

Not a single monster spawn in the maps of Ice Gorge, you have to enter the other maps to complete your quests from Shammos.

To be able to fight the boss, you have to talk to Shammos in Chief’s Residence in El Nath.
You need a party of at least three people and then the party leader has to talk to Shammos.

When your party leader talked to Shammos, he will break free and disappear.

After he disappeared you have to go to Ice Gorge and the leader has to talk to Shammos again. Then your party will warp to a different map in Ice Gorge where you have to protect Shammos from the monsters. (listed above)

You will only find the monsters in a special map. I went in with a party and the spawn of the monsters is really slow.
It’s really cool to see Shammos moving on his own.

After like four maps of protecting Shammos from monsters, your party will be able to enter a thousand year-old ice cave where you meet the boss, Lex.

My party killed this boss in less than 10 seconds.
Are the drops good? Hm.. Soso..

After beating it several times, I have seen it drop:

  • Mirror Imaging mastery book
  • Tornado Spin mastery book
  • Scrolls
  • Quest item
  • Earrings

It drops something completely new, which are the new earrings.

(Lex’s Green Earrings)
REQ LV.: 75
Magic Defense: +30
LUK: +3
INT: +3
5 Slots

(Lex’s Red Earrings)
REQ LV.: 75
Magic Defense: +30
STR: +3
DEX: +3
5 Slots

(Lex’s Blue Earrings)
REQ LV.: 75
Magic Defense: +30
LUK: +3
DEX: +3
5 Slots

Unfortunately I’m not going to get some footage of this since it’ll take a while for Shammos to get to the last map and defeating the boss is really easy.

The Cash Shop was updated with new weapons, you might have seen them before.

Knights of Cygnus weapons!

When you attack they will attack with you!

The anniversary patch should be here soon~! ^*^

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77 Responses to KMST V300 ~ New login look & another job in development?

  1. MRMAGICAL says:

    Another New Class? Hope its a Legend this time unlike Dual Blade. Its very interesting i always felt there was somethin missing for Shammos but they could have atleast made the area more training friendly in my opinion

  2. SlayerGhost says:

    Wow… I sure hope by “Huge” they didn’t “Huge dissapointmen”…

  3. Vincent says:

    The skill names look cheesy.

  4. Brandon says:

    This sounds like a bowman class for sure or a gunslinger one but i think its bowman

  5. Alilatias says:

    Is there anything in the story of this Ice Gorge that could hint as to what the new job’s role within the Maple world is? Or anything on the Black Magician?

    Hm… Those skill names sound Gunslinger-like. Again, I’m going to rage if Archers get skipped over again. Having a Thief jump ahead is understandable, but a Pirate? The Archer Legend’s story and skills better be freaking epic if this is the case.

  6. Frozen_Memories says:

    @ Job – Sounds like a harpoon user or something lol.
    @ New User Interface – Good job! =] It looks cool~
    @ New PQ – Ugh… Useless to me but I like the look of the earings!
    I’m guessing you can be an adventurer to use the KoC CS items or did Nexon somehow limit it so only CK’s can use them?

    That item is pretty epic though. :)

  7. Frozen_Memories says:

    Another New Class? Hope its a Legend this time unlike Dual Blade. Its very interesting i always felt there was somethin missing for Shammos but they could have atleast made the area more training friendly in my opinion

    I agree with the Legend part and Shammos part.
    Shammos seemed too intelligent and I sort of wanted to know more about his life.
    All I know is that he got owned. o-o”

    What I find as suspicious is that that the boss, Lex is “trapped in ice”.
    Either that or Nexon is being a bit repetitive with the trapped in ice thing.

  8. [Hex] says:

    This looks really interesting. I’m looking forward to it.

  9. Alessandro says:

    it sounds like some sort of dark bowpirate…… whatever that is >_>

  10. Alessandro says:

    do u guys think the BLOW means like a volley of arrows or a physical move?

    • SlayerGhost says:

      A physical move.

      • Alilatias says:

        Well… Archers have Arrow Blow in 1st job, and then there’s Mortal Blow in 3rd job.

        But it’s the ‘lasergun’, ‘seige’, and ‘Dark Spear’ ones that makes me think that this is more of a Pirate. Then again, these skill names probably won’t be the final names.

  11. Leader says:

    Lol, lasergun,
    of course its gunslingers :P

  12. Takebacker says:

    Gonna call it right now. This class uses spears.

    • FailedName says:

      Yup, that’s what my friend and I are guessing. Assuming that the three of us are correct, it’s a new job based off the same “dark” type branch as Dual Bladers; and since Dual Bladers main focus isn’t to destroy the Black Magician (I don’t think, but I dunno) There’s probably some other epidemic going on.

      Triple Blow- sounds like crusher
      Revive- sounds like resurrection
      Dark Chain- Probably some chain of attacks(Main move in 2nd/3rd job?)
      Super Body- …Hyper Body… *cough*
      Finish Attack- …Final Attack… *cough* *cough*
      Quad Blow- Advanced crusher?
      Death Blow- Probably a strong cool-down attack
      Finish Blow- I’m guessing it’s like Owl Dead, if a monster is killed with this skill, your next couple attacks will be stronger than normal.
      Dark Spear- Increases attack by using a summoned Dark Spear? (Who knows -_-)
      Cyclone- Knock back?
      Laser Gun- …Different job potentially?…
      Siege- ?
      Siege2- 2?

    • SomeMage says:

      Mages have thunderspear yet they use wands & staves. Maybe this legend gunslinger could have a harpoon or something which is kindof a spear?

  13. Alilatias says:

    Random crackpot theory: Thinking about what Takebacker said about this job possibly using spears, I’m beginning to think that this job is likely to be Viking/Norse-themed (likely considered a Pirate in terms of equips). The only thing that could possibly throw this off is the ‘lasergun’ part, but again, I doubt the skill names are finalized.

    However, if it really does use Spears, that would mean that it’s technically a 6th Warrior job, unless Spears are changed so that they can be equipped by the class that this job is aligned with, as no other classes can equip Spears.

  14. FLEIA says:

    New Legend Class = Pirate # 11 lasergun ??? big give away

  15. P.G. Wodehouse says:

    i just cant get the image out of my head of space-pirates going around owning people with their super-fast laserguns and then summoning massive amounts of robots to seige bosses.

  16. SwordStaker says:

    Well El Nath was a place who needed a PQ in my opinion. Spadow is it good exp? If so levels? If it works better than most PQs we have then this could actually be OK. I would expect more though..

    • Ghost says:

      They already had ENpq, but at least they’re making a new mini-dungeon instead of ripping off one from the WT

      IMO, lasergun should be named laceration(sp?)

  17. olu says:

    Not a gun legend!!!
    It’s hard to find a decent gun already

  18. Snow says:

    … Personally, I prefer the old UI. The new login screen looks too empty and the world selection is kinda bland. Keep in mind that I haven’t seen the video yet, just the two pics in the post.

  19. Ghost says:

    Triple Blow + Dark Chain + Dark Spear + Laser Gun = A gun and punch combination that includes a combo system close to the Arans

  20. joey says:

    the new class is definatly a legend i mean just look at the login screen its an ice cave and ice is where the legends were trapped i just wonder which class it is?

  21. TheMagdiel says:

    My guess is bowman hero. Or a new pirate class =o which would be awesome.

  22. zzz says:

    The koc cash shop weapons arrived at MSEA ealier than KMS (so suprised)

  23. AppleD says:

    The new job look maybe like combo type class.
    According the skill name, it is possible the combo will like
    Triple Blow > Quad Blow > Death Blow > Finish Blow

  24. KH says:

    I think the new job might be a pirate (melee attacker) using combination of melee and ranged attacking skills. Just like Buccanneer and Thunder Breakers having melee and skills with some range. Dark Spear, could be just like Corkscrew Blow. Lasergun could be a skill when you punch it shoots lasers. But just looking at the skills, it looks like a combination of melee and range, and I doubt it’s bowman.

    I don’t mind which job (legend or other new class) will be released. I am looking forward to the new legends and the other new classes that are going to be released, since Arans, Dual Bladers are super awesome I am expecting that Bowman, Pirate, and Thief Legends classes will be great.

    By the time, we will see what it is going to be. =]

  25. Pee says:

    I don’t think the new legends are melee.
    Look: Aran are pole arm warrior, which are VERY rare.
    and KoC already have a “striker” so i guess the new pirate / bow legend would be a
    gun / xbow legends.

    • KH says:

      Don’t know why you would say that about the melee part and about that Polearm warriors rare. Nexon is the one who is going to develop it. They could easily develop a new overpowered warrior ‘adventure class’ that uses the ‘not prefered’ weapons such as Blunt weapons. (which they already done with Polearms).

      So it doesn’t matter if the pirate is going to be gun or knuckle, it’s Nexon who decides it.

      But just like many stated if you look at the skills, you can obviously see there are melee and ranged skill names.

      I think it’s a pirate. If some people thinks it is a bowman, maybe an Elf? xD That could uses swords and bows.

  26. Alessandro says:

    maybe they’ll come out with another new type of weapon. that would be so awesome

  27. Alessandro says:

    look at the symbol on the top of the left cave. does that have anything to do with this new quest? or is it about the new hero???

  28. Wow……ummmm?…..Cool…
    New PQ and random stuff….Nice

    The Cash Shop dolls look cool and that skill Lasergun makes me await with a grin on my face

  29. darkan says:

    nice earrings..

  30. iLikeCUNT says:

    awesome new information looks awesome.

  31. SwordStaker says:

    This isn’t even the “Big” update

  32. joey says:


  33. RigoxP says:

    The next job is gonna be named RoboCop.
    Look at the names LOL

  34. Ghost says:

    Spadow is it possible that this new class could be a 3rd adventurer branch similar to the Dual Blade?

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  36. TableCAKE says:

    It sounds strange but i think it will be a Corsair/Bucc :P
    If u look good at skills
    Perfect body=Bucc

    But idk rlly know yet xD

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  38. ITS_A_PIRATE says:

    either its the pirate legend or its gonna be the bowman legend

  39. Secun says:

    joey :the new class is definatly a legend i mean just look at the login screen its an ice cave and ice is where the legends were trapped i just wonder which class it is?

    It’s ice because of the new area, -facepalm-

  40. dennyvuquach says:

    If another class gets overpowered like Dual Blade, it better be another limited edition class. If not, then hopefully it will be a legend.

  41. agasga says:

    If you guys ever played ragnarok you would know these skills are from the Monk class. So I’m going to guess this is a monk class.

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  43. Babymario26 says:

    SuperBody sounds something like a the Marauder skill “transform” and lasergun is a big giveaway

    So its a legendary pirate?

  44. Secun says:

    agasga :If you guys ever played ragnarok you would know these skills are from the Monk class. So I’m going to guess this is a monk class.

    Well considering the Buccaneer is basically the Monk of MapleStory..

  45. Jacob says:

    Hey Spadow, please reply. is it true that Dual Bladers are only gonna be a “limited” time thing in GMS? and i feel like that i a lie… some crazy crackuh made up while he was drunk and was like oh -logs on pc- “rumorrr timee :)”.. Well i just wanna know bad >.< please replyy :D

  46. sam says:

    new job’s prolly gonna be a crossbowman or a gunslinger type job

  47. Wait a sec…Revive!?!
    and wow that new class blows lol Im talking about those blow attacks,
    That class sounds like mixture of a dark knight and crossbow man…

    I want an Oz doll or chibi item cover thats cute

  48. Someone128 says:

    Babymario26 :
    SuperBody sounds something like a the Marauder skill “transform” and lasergun is a big giveaway
    So its a legendary pirate?

    Lasergun can also be your hand point at a mob in a gun sign and shoots out energy laser. Blows doesn’t really suit on guns…

  49. Secun says:

    princessninjato :Wait a sec…Revive!?!and wow that new class blows lol Im talking about those blow attacks,That class sounds like mixture of a dark knight and crossbow man…
    I want an Oz doll or chibi item cover thats cute

    I’m really thinking it’s a pirate by this time. I doubt Revive would be an active skill, though.
    Think like an automatic ressurection with a really long cooldown, WarCraft 3 style.

  50. zetzo says:

    Juat a speculation, so bear with me. Aran has things of all three warriors, hp, strength, buffs, ect…, Evan has the attributes of the three mages (all elements, and a mp healer). To me this class loos like it could be a mix of brawler and slinger. Maybe they made it so you could equip both a gun and knuckles?

  51. bryce` says:

    ok to me it seems the skills would belong to the pirate legend class most the skills sound like brawler moves ans lazer and seige sound like gunslinger skills so maybe legend mpirate is a hybrid

  52. Tony says:

    im guessing the pirate hero is comming cause it sounds like punching and transforming
    or the archer hero because it says laser gun……

  53. TwistQ says:

    Sorry if I’m a noob
    asking this question
    are all cash shop item free
    or is he ..
    I dunno why does it appear as 0 nx or somehing

  54. Masa says:

    Pirate job perhapss? (hopes) Or maybe a cool bowman…

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  56. ZERO says:

    I’m guesting if it’s a pirate hybrid class that uses gun and knuckle it would be like this

  57. Ohmy says:

    Sounds like a archer …

  58. dromanxvi says:

    has anyone ever heard of a such thing as a gunsword

  59. dromanxvi says:

    sorry for double comment gunslash is the correct term

  60. ace5008 says:

    i think there a more then 1 class coming out at once mabe the last legeneds or mabe there adding a 3rd class to all like dual blade,mabe bowman,and pirate are geting a 3rd class ,like future pirate ,and dark bowman,i real dont think there legends,but some sound like spearman,dragon kight and dark knight skills,mabe 3 classes at once ,i hope they change there minds and make dual blade remakeible,and that theif there the new 3rd jobs,that you can make them forvery unlike dual blade,mabe there will be new weapons like a lasergun ,and a new bow thingy that shoots arrow that are large there for dark spear.well thats my ideas

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