KMS version 1.2.94 ~ Dual Blade set

Today there was a patch scheduled, it patched everything from the last patch of KMST.
There was a bug with Mirror Imaging.

It was an image bug, it just shows up like that but you actually ‘Miss’. It’s not the real damage.

The new Dual Blade set were added to Cash Shop.

The most expensive Dual Blade set package costs 15,900 won.
It contains all the Dual Blade clothes and as bonus you get a blade and dagger for attack 60% scroll, Owl Chain, Tiger Mount one pair of cosmetic lenses.

Dual Blade hairstyles were released, the female haircut in the latest patch of KMST was familiar, but now I see they have changed it.

The new dagger and blade were changed as well. You can find out the new stats by comparing the new and old.


REQ LV: 20
Weapon Attack: +45
Speed: Fast (4)
Slots: 7

REQ LV: 50
Weapon Attack: +75
Speed: Fast (4)
Slots: 7


REQ LV: 20
Weapon Attack: +25
HP: +175
Speed: Faster (3)
Slots: 7

REQ LV: 50
Weapon Attack: +40
HP: +260
Speed: Faster (3)
Slots: 7

They’re not that ‘broken’ anymore with the current change.

When will the big update arrive in KMST?

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46 Responses to KMS version 1.2.94 ~ Dual Blade set

  1. Ghost says:

    1st post :D

    Anyways I bet you’ll get the big patch next week.

  2. Ghost says:

    Also are the scrolls for the blades give the same attack power as the others? Because if so, then the Dual must be over powered. High attack speed + High attack weapons = Best DPM in the game.

  3. Jacky says:

    I love the new female hair.

  4. Bownissley says:

    the second dagger and blade are still kind of broken -_-

  5. Takebacker says:

    At a mere level 50 you too can get more w.att out of your clean dagger+blade than my +8 equinox!

  6. wow that looked like some godly damage….You are having some fun in kms…Im a GMS player and I just enjoy this stuff and that female hair is cool

  7. p0uytrew says:

    hi was wondering what is the mon dmg 4 sudden raid 4 u

    is it spammable at places like harps, gallopera.

  8. SlayerGhost says:

    Takebacker :At a mere level 50 you too can get more w.att out of your clean dagger+blade than my +8 equinox!

    There’s a chance NAMS will nerf the equips…

    • The New Guy says:

      That’s always a chance. And by the looks of it, definitely will.

      • Snow says:

        GMS hasn’t nerfed anything from KMS, as far as I can remember? They’re pretty much the same company. What we have nerfed are from other versions, aren’t they?

        • Alilatias says:

          Showa. I still remember the epic ragestorm over that. Especially from the Snipers/Marksmen/Ice Archmages.

  9. opo says:

    spadow, can you please show us animations of each skill and explenation of how it works and what it does like you did with the evan?

  10. EvanRock says:

    Hey Spadow!
    I have 2 questions:

    About Dual Blade
    1. What the different about Dagger and Blade? U can use both in the same time?

    About Evan
    2. Evan Can Use Wand And Staff? Or Just Wand? Or Just Staff?

    Ty Very Much Spadow (:

    • Bownissley says:

      About Dual Blade:
      a dagger is held in one hand and then the blade is kind of like a thief shield in the other.

      About Evan:
      Yes they can use both.

  11. Zero says:

    omg about the glitch of dual blade 2 147 483 590 XD…. ITS OVER 9000!!!

  12. Alessandro says:

    Hey EvanRock. for the fricken millionth time, u can only use and dagger and blade at a time not two of each. take the time to read the other posts!

  13. Brandon says:

    @Spadow or anyone that can help

    I was wondering is there a equip that is a “Shoulder Pad” (That’s just what I’ve heard.) If there is a equip like that does it give stats? What is the Level Requirement?

    & What are the Medals you receive at certain Level. What stats and level requirement is it?

    Ty ;D

  14. Shoulder pad….I think so I heardsomething about that too….hmm

  15. iJay3G says:

    Notice the number~ It’s the exact same number as max meso. The max meso is a formula, actually. The most 1 person can have. My friend Ivan explained that to me, its like “The recursion of 3” or something. Maybe they just input that into the damage image.

    • Snow says:

      Nope, it’s the max integer their data type can hold. It’s porgramming limitations.

      Though I’m not sure why they don’t just use a long… Probably too time consuming.

    • lionheart365 says:

      That number is 2 to the 32st power.
      Important number in computers, but idk why it’s max meso or the dmg in this glitch.

  16. Robin says:

    Ehhm, Shoulderpad is an additional equip slot. There have been 2 different, but they are temporary if i remember right and related to the tiger year event.

    edit: Here you go:

    호랑이 발톱 (Tiger Claw)
    Shoulderpad – All classes
    Required Level: 20
    Weapon Attack: +2
    Magic Attack: +3
    STR: +2
    DEX: +2
    INT: +2
    LUK: +2
    MDEF: +16
    WDEF: +20
    Time Limited

    검은 호랑이 발톱 (Black Tiger Claw)
    Shoulderpad – All classes
    Required Level: 20
    Weapon Attack: +2
    Magic Attack: +3
    STR: +2
    DEX: +2
    INT: +2
    LUK: +2
    MDEF: +16
    WDEF: +20

  17. opo says:

    Takebacker :Why would he do that when you could see that elsewhere?

    can you give me a link to where i can see the skills?
    and i like spadow’s writing style.

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  19. 지연홀릭 says:

    그 단검/블레이드는 어떡해 받나요

  20. PancakeSyrup says:

    I’m just wondering. Is Dual Blade still in Tespia or is it out in the actual server in Korea?. Also, Evan is coming to GMS!

  21. SlayerGhost says:

    Takebacker :

    That made me lmao.

  22. p0uytrew says:

    Anyway, how is the damage of sudden attack?
    Is it spammable?
    What if I am using a 25 dex guy with a wa 110 fan.
    Would sudden raid be able to hit a min damage of 43k when maxed?
    I still have a fan somewhere

  23. opo says:

    Stray :[1.2.291] Dual Blade Skill Tables

    thank you.

  24. STFU says:

    지연홀릭 :
    그 단검/블레이드는 어떡해 받나요

    Delay Holic…No need to show off your Korean here?I know you can understand English…

  25. P.G. Wodehouse says:

    2^32 is important because most computer have 32-bit operating systems. It’s like the maximum value they can have. WoW has the same limitation.

  26. P.G. Wodehouse says:

    well actually if they unsigned the integers they could get 2x that amount, but it has become a standard

  27. ninjacool says:

    is there like a dex req. on those CS blades?

    • Chibi says:

      the cash shop blades require no stats, if they did they serve no purpose other than looks and might as well be weapon covers

  28. matthewwww says:


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