KMST V298 ~ Dual Blade set

Unfortunately not a new area, but there are new Cash Shop items!

What do you get when you combine these items?

+ + + + +

A complete Dual Blade set!

For the male there is this haircut.

And for the female there is this haircut.

The female haircut looks familiar to me…

In this patch a few new coupons coupons were added.

With the Dual Blade patch, KMS introduced these special coupons. (Scroll and Chain)
They can only be obtained through packages in Cash Shop.

Right now KMS has 6 set packages.
This is set 1.

This set contains:

  • Slash Storm 20 for 2900 won
  • Tornado Spin 20 for 3900 won
  • Lv. 13 Tiger mount (expires in 7 days) – Bonus
  • Blade for Attack scroll 60% coupon – Bonus
  • Blade for Attack scroll 60% coupon – Bonus

A total of 6800 won. That is almost $7. Also, the mastery books give one extra SP.


REQ LV: 25
Weapon Attack: +69
Speed: Fast (4)
Slots: 7

REQ LV: 25
Weapon Attack: +72
Speed: Fast (4)
Slots: 7


REQ LV: 25
Weapon Attack: +37
HP: +235
Speed: Faster (3)
Slots: 7

REQ LV: 25
Weapon Attack: +40
HP: +260
Speed: Faster (3)
Slots: 7

When you bought the blade or dagger coupon, you double-click it and you will obtain one of these daggers or blades.
The daggers and blades are NOT Cash Shop items!

Lv. 25 and 72 attack? … orz

Not long ago, a new tab was created in Cash Shop called ‘Special’.

Here you can buy all the mastery books and package sets for Dual Blade.
It’s very likely that the new coupons will be added to ‘Special’.

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37 Responses to KMST V298 ~ Dual Blade set

  1. SleepyForest says:

    nice dagger and blade, too bad for the female hair though… so stupid reusing it for a new class while the male part get’s to enjoy a new haircut >,>

  2. Shamantimk says:

    nice hair, the male one

  3. MitsuRaina says:

    so dose those daggers cover up the dagger you have or are they special for a limited time in CS from say a cash shop surprise. didn’t quite understand what you meant spadow. sorry =\

  4. SlayerGhost says:

    Lol. Now CS users will have an even bigger advantage. Those weapons are ridiculously godly for lvl 25…

  5. SwordStaker says:

    Wow..there better be some light soon on Korea’s “BIG Update” or there will be a mob at the headquarters.


  6. Takebacker says:

    At least if they plan on releasing it at the end of the month (i’d be extremely surprised if they released it earlier than that) it’ll be in KMST by the end of this week/early next week.

  7. Voltaire says:

    hmmm…, i need to buy some nexonc ash soon.

  8. Alessandro says:

    when is dual blade even comming out because its kinda stupid that we’ve been heraring about this fr so long and evan hasn’t even come out yet (not that im excited for evan any way) but seriously!

    • Alilatias says:

      It usually takes about 5-6 months for KMS content to reach MSEA/GMS. Evan was released in the official servers in mid December. Dual Blade was just released in the official servers two weeks ago.

  9. Alessandro says:

    even tho the hp is awesome i would still want the second dagger for sure. especially if blades are usually stronger then daggers any way…

  10. DARKAN says:

    that was the BIG pacht? another dissapointment after the dual blade.. this is just for comercial purpuse.. same as limited creation of this class.. good one nexon

    • Alilatias says:

      Not the end of the month yet. They probably decided to get the cash shop stuff out of the way before revealing the new content.


    • Chronos says:

      I heard that creation of dual bladers are gonna be open forever.

  11. I cant find the words to say for this…
    But I do like that flying owl thingy

  12. Brandon says:

    Now who cant even get to lvl 43 in like 1-2 days dont bother with these daggers You will speed through these lvls.

  13. Brandon says:


    I was wondering is there a equip that is a “Shoulder Pad” (That’s just what I’ve heard.) If there is a equip like that does it give stats? What is the Level Requirement?

    & What are the Medals you receive at certain Level. What stats and level requirement is it?

    Ty ;D

  14. andy says:

    스패도우님 요새 한국메이플은 않하시는지요?ㅎㅎ 에반이랑 아란이랑 해적이랑 소식이 통 없어요 ㅎㅎ
    아 그리구 스패도님은 듀얼블레이드 키우실껀지요 ?

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  16. aweryn says:

    Oh my god.. the stupidest thing ever is to start selling OP weapons in cash shop… I WANTED MAPLE STORY TO STAY A GOOD GAME : (

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  18. Danny says:

    male hair=middle aged man getting his first gray hairs o.O lovely

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  20. iggy says:

    is this set permanent or does it expire?

  21. iggy says:

    wow thats awesome.

  22. ninjacool says:

    is there like a dex req. on those CS blades?

  23. JustSomeone says:

    What the hell??!! Cash shop clothes don’t expire in KMS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Omg seriously GMS sucks pretty bad… I never knew this seriously.

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  25. chigganese says:

    So how do you obtain those godly lv 25 daggers and blades?

  26. Kichura says:

    Are the NX Dagger/Blades Permanent after bought.? And also, are they tradeable.?
    By the way, how much do they each cost.?
    And what’s the difference between the two Daggers.? One has higher attack, and the other has lower attack. Does that mean the lower attack is cheaper or something.?

    • Tristan says:

      they come with the pack and they have cupons in the packs for the wepons i think but i hope the pack is permanet if its not gms can go fuck themselves XP

  27. Mycoachyells says:

    Does the Blade and the Dagger expire because of the high damage?

  28. zerofire says:

    the female hair for gms isnt that hair, wierd

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