Patch, patch, patch!

This month a lot of different versions of MapleStory released new, huge content.
March should have been the jackpot for MS, but instead of delivering huge content, they released a party quest for Lv. 75 ~ 200.


Let’s have an overview of what kind of content other versions got for their March update.

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KMST V303 ~ New jobs? Accuracy & Avoidability back to +

New background added to login. This reminds me of the current season: Spring!

Yesterday accuracy and avoidability stats were changed to +%. But now they’re changed back to +.
KMS will be patching to version 1.2.95 today and will most likely release the new goodies from KMST.

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Accuracy and avoidability percent change!

Update: The stats were changed back to + in version V303.

Just now I’ve been surfing on insoya and I see topics about a change in accuracy and avoidability.
I logged on Tespia and hovered the cursor on my equipment.

Guess what?
Accuracy and avoidability of every single equipment changed to %.

First HP on the earrings from Lex and now accuracy and avoidability. Do you think they will change defense as well?

KMST V302 ~ Hawkeye set

What do you get when you combine these items?

+ + + +

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KMST V301 ~ Small changes

The new area that was introduced to Tespia yesterday is a party quest (Resurrection of the Hob King) for Lv. 75 and higher.
Today a bugfix patch was released and there were some small changes.

Alternative link

Lex drops three earrings, you probably saw the stats in the KMST V300 blog entry. In this patch something new was added to these earrings. I think this new thing will make these earrings a very wanted item.

Durability was added and +% HP! The latter is something new. When I logged on Tespia I noticed my HP was higher than before.
My HP without this earring is 4345.

4345 HP x 10% = 435,5

4779,5 HP → 4779 HP +_+ That’s nice.

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MapleSEA’s ”Win A Trip To Korea” contest

MapleSEA held a “Win a Trip to Korea” contest with the launch of the Aran class last November.
The contest was about winning a trip to South Korea to explore everything what Korea has to offer~
Not only Korea, but also the Nexon office.

Four winners were chosen.

Occasionally I check the Facebook of GMS and MapleSEA because sometimes there are new photos and information on their profiles.
I already saw the ”Won Our Trip to Korea!!! >w<” album a couple days ago, but recently new photos of the Nexon office were uploaded.

I took a peek and saw interesting photos.  I’m actually envious of these four winners. I really am.
Does anyone know them in real life? I’m really curious about what they heard. And did they get the chance to ask questions about future content? I wish I could talk to them. >.<!

Also does anyone know when these pictures were taken? Because on one of the photos I saw a monitor with a picture of Lex, the newest boss monster that was released in Tespia version 1.2.300. (!)

I’m not going to post the whole album haha, but only a few shots from the Nexon office.
Source: MapleSEA’s Facebook (check it out!)

Do you want to see the photos that I found interesting?

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KMST V300 ~ New login look & another job in development?

After two weeks a new Tespia patch has been released.
It’s a big patch, but the content itself is not big.

Though, new bugs were found in this patch and most likely this will not be the ”very big patch”.
The 7th anniversary of MapleStory is coming up soon in April and that has to be celebrated.
Let’s hope this anniversary will be much bigger than last year.

Let’s move on to what Nexon released in today’s patch.
I’ll reveal the surprising part first.

New information has been added to the .wz files which reveals new skill names which means there is a new job in development!!

  1. Triple Blow
  2. Revive
  3. Dark Chain
  4. Super Body
  5. Finish Attack
  6. Quad Blow
  7. Death Blow
  8. Finish Blow
  9. Dark Spear
  10. Cyclone
  11. Lasergun
  12. Siege

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