Two more videos of Dual Blade and this job is limited?

Yesterday Dual Blade was released on the official server. On patch day, Dual Blade was tweaked again.

– Damage of Mirror Imaging  (Shadow Partner) increased from 50% to 60% damage.
– MP consumption of Sudden Raid increased from 470 MP to 980 MP.
– Increased delay of Slash Storm and Bloody Storm.

Before the increased delay of Slash and Bloody Storm, you were practically invisible all the time. But now when you attack with Slash or Bloody Storm, you will get hit by a monster.

When KMS releases a patch, they will post a patch note and a preview.
I looked at the preview of version 1.2.92(Dual Blade) and noticed this image.

The image says the following:

듀얼 블레이드 캐릭터 생성 기간 한정 오픈

듀얼 블레이드 생성 가능 기간 | 2010년 2월 25일 ~ 5월 9일

듀얼 블레이드는 한정된 기간에만 생성할 수 있는 캐릭터로,
한정 기간이 종료되며 캐릭터 생성 시 듀얼 블레이드를 선택할 수 없습니다.

You can create a Dual Blade character during the limited period, but after the limited period you cannot.

You can only create a Dual Blade character fromFebruary 25 till May 9, 2010.
When Aran and Evan were released, we were given free character slots, but with the release of Dual Blade, there was no extra character slot.

A few days ago I posted two videos of Dual Blade and right now I have two more!

KMST 1.2.292 ~ Lv. 69 Dual Master hunting in Magatia

KMST 1.2.295 ~ Lv. 106 Slasher hunting in Battlefield of Fire and Darkness

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113 Responses to Two more videos of Dual Blade and this job is limited?

  1. qqtan36 says:

    first =)
    lol, a limited class =P. now they’re right in balance with adventurers

    • Voltage says:

      The news is out. Dual Blade is coming to Global MapleStory. To give you a quick introduction, we will be answering some questions inquisitive Maplers have been wondering. So look no further and see if you find your answers here.

      Q: What is Dual Blade?
      A: Dual Blade is a sub-class of the Thief job but very much separated as well. Dual Blade can wield two weapons! Check out for events and previews!

      Q: When will Dual Blade be released?
      A: Dual Blade willing coming on July 14, 2010!

      Q: Is the Dual Blade class only available for a limited time?
      A: No, Maplers will be able to make Dual Blade characters forever!

      Q: Will skill books be needed for Dual Blade?
      A: Certain Dual Blade Mastery Books will be available in the Cash Shop but it is not required make or level up a Dual Blade character. If you are interested in purchasing the Mastery Books, you can check out our earn Free NX offers to pay for the books.

      Q: Will players be given an extra character slot to make a Dual Blade?
      A: The maximum number of character slots will not be increased so Maplers that have not maxed out their character slots will receive an new character slot.

  2. SuperChe says:

    what?? only for a limited time? but my character slots are full

  3. Bownissley says:

    will the Dual Blade be deleted when the time period is over? or will people be able to keep them?

  4. Derioan says:

    So Dual Blade is probably going to be one of those rare classes in about a year.

    People will be selling Dual Blade accounts after May then…Lol.
    I don’t like the way Nexon Korea is going with this job…

  5. Secun says:

    I lol’d when I saw this.
    Now every “ZOMG DUAL BLADE SPAM” whiner has a reason to shut up.

  6. Jon says:

    That’s really lame. =/ Why waste all this time on a class that hardly anyone is going to be able to play?

  7. ThatWasMyKil says:

    Psh they look awesome but again seems stupid to have a limited class, i can see it now *buy the dual blader add on in cashshop!

    • Rigoxp says:

      Or maybe… Well yeah, They, for sure, will add them to become from a Normal Rogue to dual blader, Or a teleport thing to go where you become a Dual Blader. Just a maybe, But knowing Nexon is the most possible.

  8. darkan says:

    omfg.. this really but really sucks..

  9. SlayerGhost says:

    This is awesome. didn’t plan on making one right away, but now Ima make one and let it sit for a few months…

  10. CzImGreen says:

    ThatWasMyKil :
    Psh they look awesome but again seems stupid to have a limited class, i can see it now *buy the dual blader add on in cashshop!

    ahahaha i thought the same xDDD Dual Blader ticket: 30000NX xD

  11. Secun says:

    In the second video, what’s the equip slot to the right of his earring slot?

  12. andy says:

    spadow…,just wondering… can you still advance after may? and also heard that they sell mastery books only on cash shop(not sure about it tho………) is this tru?

  13. xManaphyx says:

    ass la nexon why limit the job ..
    == i hate it , i prefer nexon concentrade on that legendary series
    than Adventurer V2 series
    tis is lame

  14. Billy says:

    Nexon tends to earn a big deal with Dual Blade..
    what a tragedy

  15. Alilatias says:

    Okay, who here slipped in some alcohol overdose into NexonKR’s punch?

    I mean, seriously, what the hell do they think they trying to do now?!

  16. hahahaha says:

    *clap* *clap* *clap*
    yet another jackass move from Nexon

  17. Retrohh says:

    Secun :
    So you can gloat when you have it and someone else doesn’t?

    Exactly ^

  18. AlexO says:

    Make mass accounts with Dual Blade characters on them and sell em later on. GG Nexon.

  19. TableCAKE says:

    NexonKR Is so fcked up now….
    Does that mean when the event is over that the city will be gone to and no more qeusts for the dual blader O_O so you cant Job Advance.

    And what are they gonna do with the other servers like JMS,MSEA And GMS o_O
    Omg Nexon is some wierd shit…

  20. TableCAKE says:

    Kyo do you know If this job will come out IN GMS,MSEA And JMS to? o_O

  21. ed says:

    Mother Fuckers fuck u nexon u did it again dick fucking heads

  22. Razmos says:

    I am wondering what this is:
    the equip slot above the Shield/Blade slot and to the right of the Earring slot. It looks like an expiring item

  23. 路人甲 says:


  24. Anubis says:

    Finally a decent move of Nexon. After the (un)balancing patches, they come with the limited character event… It’s not that bad, and could be a good move to get old players to new characters. We will have to wait and see. =D
    (BTW: I prefer Nexon doing Legendaries too)
    (BTW²: NexonKR is really changing the way MS used to have: first the modification of world tour, then the balancing patches, and now this…)

  25. Screudexaran says:

    路人甲 :


  26. Kris says:

    I bet when it comes to GMS it won’t be like this. Or they will make an NX item that cost 10-20k so you must buy the NX item to be able to make the character…lol

  27. DestinyThief says:

    Omg that sucks no free chr slot and the time limit on it :S

  28. ChibiChild says:

    THANK YOU!!! :D

    Now my dit wont be worthless after all

  29. aweryn says:

    This is the worst mistake nexon has done so far.. lets hope it’s not really “limited” in the end.. AND Lets hope it won’t be CashShop class either.. GOSH!!

  30. addictedtoms says:

    now i see why dual blade have the owl
    nexon gone coocoo

  31. Ren says:

    Any proof you are really from nexon?

  32. dennyvuquach says:

    I’m very pleased that this overpowered class is limited, unless Nexon is going to delete your Dual Blader. I’m going to create my Dual Blader for a permanent shoulderpad.

  33. Zero says:

    mmm-… or is fake or maybe is a huge spoiler…. but the date times of the releases of the last 2 jobs???…. now there are 3 legends left…

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  35. Ren says:

    Seems spadow erased a post made by a guy claiming he was from nexon

  36. vergilblack says:

    you can tell me which is the music of the video (KMST 1.2.295 ~ Lv. 106 Slasher hunting in Battlefield of Fire and Darkness)

    it is that I like the music a lot


  37. Anonymouse says:

    The “limited” time might just be a marketing gimmick to get more people to play so they break the 250k simultaneous users record, and make some money.

    I cant see how releasing a whole new class and then limiting how long people can make one is going to make them profit on the time spent developing the Dual Blade class.

    I’d think Nexon would make less money than they did on Pirates, and we all know they said they lost money on that project.

  38. TwilightMoon says:

    Im sure on special occasions as in an event, you’ll be able to make a dual blader once again. Maybe a few times a year or so… or whatever.

  39. lol ^^ says:

    I think it’s very good idea. Like TwilightMoo said they will make events to recruit new members, twice a year maybe?

  40. Raiden says:

    Well, if this occurs in MapleSEA (not enough character slots), you can buy a character slot expansion. (Wow it`s expensive!!! 15000@cash = 15S$ = 36RMD(MYR)!!!)

    I think Nexon is going to earn money from the Character Slot Expansion.

  41. Paprikastaude says:

    It’s pretty obvious, that it’s going to be a NX Cash only class afterwards.

  42. Alessandro says:

    its weird that you have to have a dagger and a blade because on the poster he has two blades…..
    i know its random dont judge me!

  43. JunCurious says:

    So… we need to BUY a character slot to make a Dual Blade? D:

    I’ma just make another account if I can… Or delete a mule.

  44. EvanRock says:

    Hello Spadow!!
    I Have A Question That Not About Dual Blade, It’s About Evan.
    Plzz Answer Me:
    What Date Will Evan Class Come To MapleSEA? (XX/XX/XXXX)

    Ty Very Much :D
    Plzz Answer Me Fast!!!!!!

    • CzImGreen says:

      dont spam please.
      tell me, how would you even think of how would Spadow know about the release date in MSEA when he plays KMS and KMST? And knowing that KMS has nothing to do with MSEA?

      • EvanRock says:

        Srry i didin’t Know.
        I Just So Wait For Evan!2!$@$@#%
        And I Can’t Play KMS Cus Chinese And All That Kind Of Language Look’s Like A Pieace Of a Bad Draw (Srry If I Heart SomeOne)
        So Nvm Ty Bro…

    • Spadow says:

      I’m sorry but I cannot give an answer to that question.

    • Alilatias says:

      There was some sort of interview posted on AsiaSoft forums about a month back claiming that the director/president of AsiaSoft was aiming on having Evan released in MSEA sometime during April or May. Could be earlier, could be later, but that’s the current estimated time period.

  45. Denis says:

    Oh my God! GREAT SONG CHOICE. I never liked Asian(I can’t tell what she is, as in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc…O_O) music, but the song in the level 106 video is AMAZING!!!!

  46. Brandon says:

    @Spadow or @ Any1 That can help. I play in GMS and these equips and my question is could i play as a dexless dualblade

    (15/16/15/16 ZHelm), (3 Luk Purple Dana)
    (1/1/1/1 6 Acc Broken Glasses)
    (5/5/5/5 Dep Star Pendant), (22/23/22/23 Horntail Pendant)
    (8 Dex Agent C Earring)
    (7 Dex Red Belt)
    (20 Dex Sauna)
    (10 Dex 3 ATK Pac)
    (11 Dex Black Snow Shoes)

    15 ATK Hammered WGS
    114 ATK Blood Dagger
    91 ATK Dark Mate
    75 ATK Wagner
    65 ATK K-Fan
    34 ATK Maple Tree (Dagger)

    • Lan says:

      o.o why would you want to go Dexless? With dex they can already hit reasonably high, and they have very low hp and dex, why would you want to handicap yourself even more?

      • Secun says:

        Uh. They have the same Dex as any other Thief. Also, their Mirror Image skill can switch to a defensive mode, taking up to 15500 dmg before dissapating.

        Dexless Dual Blades aren’t handicapped anymore than a dexless Night Lord.


        End Result as Dexless would be 121 Dex. Unless you scroll your ZHelm, you’d only be able to use up to a lvl 80 Blade/Dagger combo.
        All in all, about the same as most Dexless Shadowers.
        Dex scrolling your ZHelm with 60% Helm Dex scrolls for 10 slots would give you an additional 32 dex. Total would be 146 Dex then, enough for a lvl 100 Blade/Dagger.
        I’m not sure of the extent of your funding, so I’m not including Maple Warrior in my main calcs.

      • Brandon says:

        Uhm i think im fine enough w/o scrolling my Zhelm be cause I dont want to be pure dexless i was lookin more like around 45 which is 20 dex above the base 25 so if I add 45 Base 16 Zhelm 8 Dex earring 7 Dex Belt 5 Dex Dep star 20 Dex Overall 11 Dex BSS 10 Dex Pac its 122 Dex Im looking to use my Blood Dagger which is 140 Dex and using the Lvl 100 Blade to be my main weapon so if i wann use my blood dagger I have to subtract my deostart which is now 117 Dex total and then i add the 23 dex HTP its exactly 140 Dex which is what I need

    • lionheart365 says:

      No. There (so far) are no dexless blades.

  47. TableCAKE says:

    I think i know why nexon takes this step cause dual blader is a verry high hitter and if uhave a nice scroleld blade+Dagger your att of wep is above 200+
    And +The skills hit really high and fast.

    • Secun says:

      Although they hit high damage, Blade and Dagger attacks aren’t combined.
      They each have a different damage range, so each alternate hit will have entirely different damage.

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      All Dual Blade attack skills alternate between Dagger hits and Blade hits…and I think each Blade hit tends to deal damage between 25~50% of each Dagger hit soo…the damage isn’t really all that high.

    • Brandon says:

      Yea and the beginner’s good use there Maroon Mop which is 212 ATK Clean and thats why there are limited(Sarcasm)

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  49. Ren says:

    spadow, what happened to the guy who posted very big info about the upcoming classes

  50. ms4lovers says:

    lol i bet one of the reasons their gunna make this class limited is cuz guys with regular class bandits might get offended by this class and try to sue nexon -,-
    im juat saying if u look at these skills bandit skills are a complete downgrade in
    damage and most likly popularity… also you guys dont get your hopes up about this class coming out agen after they take it away… just look at pink bean pet in GMS.. even though they made another cs suprise it didnt have pink bean.. LOL
    just think of the MILLIONS nexon would be making if they did the whole cash shop suprise thing and the only way you could make this calss was if you got a special copon or somthing -,-.. in that case its EVAN for mee!

  51. ms4lovers says:

    seriosly.. nexon getting sued from reg bandits cuz of this class? just think about it….

  52. EvanRock says:

    Alilatias :
    There was some sort of interview posted on AsiaSoft forums about a month back claiming that the director/president of AsiaSoft was aiming on having Evan released in MSEA sometime during April or May. Could be earlier, could be later, but that’s the current estimated time period.

    April Or May?!
    Not A Long Time (:
    Ty For The Help Guys

  53. Accel says:

    It would be nice if bandits could wear the blades too like a shield.

  54. tnextg says:

    I dont know if anyone said this already cuz i stopped reading after the fist 20
    but Nexon is just saying that so ppl create dual blades and buy NX for that character
    and after may they will make an announcement like this
    DUAL BLADE STAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so i think its just a way to make money

  55. Bob says:

    After the time period: 25k NX for a dual blader.

  56. Bob2 says:


  57. austin says:

    wats the song in the lvl 108 training video?

  58. austin says:

    i mean lvl 106

  59. Guy Fawkes Mask says:

    i bet it will be something like
    9600 NX for a special item to switch a bandit to dual blade
    must be (Ridiculously high level) shadower to “rebirth” into dual blader

    about the second one….
    they do the same thing on combat arms you can buy with NX or you can get a slightly weaker version if your insanely high rank that only a few hundred people legitly make it there.

    • Guy Fawkes Mask says:

      hate to post twice but
      it says limited to make AS A CHARACTER so maybe it might be a scheme to increase popularity in bandits by making it an advancement from them

  60. Danny says:

    on combat arms isnt that sorta like prestige in cod

  61. Arans Frost says:

    Bownissley :I dont know because dual blades are very strong and attack faster, making them better than most of the other classes.

    still tho it would be kinda harsh to jus delete a char i dont think they would do that just trying to limit them before summer comes when everyone will be ksed

  62. HY says:

    their dmg jus keps on running! wat’s tht 80k rock thing slaming skills?
    look freaking cool.

  63. MapleSea says:

    WTF! Cool DMGS! But i like Evan more :D

  64. Duaal Blades says:

    Nexon Korea is bull shit now. Three reasons I can name. 1. They’re spamming jobs like theres no tomorrow. 2. Now they LIMIT the time you can make a job? Crap. 3. I think they’re planing this all out.
    Player Plays and becomes pro at Maple, buys NX.
    Player gets hacked, Player loses everything.
    Nexon spams these jobs, player comes back
    Player remakes a character buys NX again.

  65. Someone128 says:

    Nexon might make you pay to play this class after the time limit… -_-”

  66. Frasma says:

    I think what they mean about that limited time thing, is that you can only created a dual blade for a limited time period, and after a few months you cannot create a dual blade but still keep your old.

  67. azimuth457 says:

    So it’s a limited time.
    Is it limited in KMST or is it released in KMS yet?

  68. ILuvSNSDnMS says:

    Now my favourite job is
    1st: Dual Blade(Going To Be Cool)
    2nd: Night Lord
    3rd: Bowmaster
    4th: Viper
    5th: Evan/Aran
    I wonder if blade could be get it by quest or make it

  69. Brandon says:

    I guarantee i will have so many made i can bathe in them.

  70. fo fo says:

    soo w8 let me check so when the event is over and u have a db it would be shit because when the event is over i cant job advance for e.g if i was at lvl 69 and 1 more lvl to go then the nxt day the event is over so i cant job advance and the whole city will disapear right?

    • ??? says:


      this only inhibits you from creating more dual blades, it does not stop the other content related to the class such as areas and quests

  71. DragonXXDie says:

    so dual blader will come out later

  72. ??? says:

    i have a hunch that dual blade is coming out in 7 days….

    correct me if i’m wrong

    i heardd somewhere that GM Mavrick said it would come out today, but i doubt that

  73. qwasdem says:

    Ok, first. Why is kms exp so high? I mean at lvl 69 you shouldn’t get 50%+ in 3 mins. secondly i dought in GMS it will be limited and if it is, it will be avalible in cs for like 5k nx-15knx (stupid and outradges gonna destroy the market if happens). last, I heard that DB comes out june 18th in GMS but someone also said June 12th.

    • qwasd says:

      it will come out the next patch, some people don’t believe this becuase we didnt get balence patch yet, but it comes out in patch with dual blade.

  74. iiPlayPole says:

    Hey, i was wonder how much each skill book costs from slash storm all the way to mirror image. thx

  75. Freeze says:

    Spadow please answer this..
    err.. does the dual blade is the advance job of adventurer (thief)?
    then, will it have other advance job for the warrior, bowman, and magician?
    I thought that dual blader is a legendary job..
    So if it isn’t, there will still be 3 more legend job is it?

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