Two videos of Dual Blade

KMST 1.2.291 ~ Lv. 21 Semi Dualer fighting against Shadow Dualers

KMST 1.2.292 ~ Lv. 43 Dualer hunting in Ariant

Two new videos. I don’t plan on making the videos long like I did with the Aran videos, because the size is too big. After all, the quality is splendid.
In the latest test server update, Nexon screwed up with the Slash Storm skill. If you use it too much, you will disconnect and this is a mobbing skill!!



Attack: 458 ~ 779

This is currently the damage range of my Lv. 47 Dualer.

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77 Responses to Two videos of Dual Blade

  1. NameLess says:

    Spadow how do you cast criticals?

  2. NameLess says:

    NameLess :
    Spadow how do you cast criticals?

    oh sorry didnt read’d the description on youtube

  3. Biotype says:

    Is that character HP washed or wearing HP equips at all? A lot of people are concerned that this class will be too fragile, but 1.9k at level 43 is pretty nice.

    Thanks for the videos by the way :]

  4. NameLess says:

    its not nice its awsome sins got that hp at 61+

  5. NameLess says:

    Spadow :
    I have HP bonus from equipment.

    how much dose the equiops gives?

  6. SlayerGhost says:

    Spadow :Unwashed.
    I have HP bonus from equipment.

    So in essence, they’re a fast attacking class with the hp of a bucc?


  7. CzImGreen says:

    so, whats the dual bladers mount? o.o

  8. Naftl says:

    You must have maxed atking skills right? How does 125% of 458-779 with def come down to 200 min dmg :-?

    Nice video :D

  9. Hanabira.Kage says:

    Omg…the damage in the 2nd video is absolutely insane. =.=

    Spadow, I’m planning on making a skill build for Dual Blades but I need a little more information in order to make it accurate:

    – Do you get extra SP at every mastery change (I, II, II+, III, III+, IV), or only at job tier changes (I, II, III, IV)?
    – How much extra SP is given?
    – Do quests give SP like for Evan?

    Oh, and it would be nice if you can provide the pre-requisites for all the skills. :p

  10. Will says:

    Nice beat and sexy mount.

    Spadow what’s the name the song and band? Thanks.

  11. Naftl says:

    Hi Spadow :D
    What’s 8hit skill casting time with booster?

  12. Kim says:

    What’s their stat build? Is it the same as normal bandits? And if yes, could you make str dual bladers? I prefer str daggers over luk :P

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Since they’re thieves, the stat build should be the same. However, there is absolutely no point in making STR Dual Bladers because they have no STR equipment at all.

  13. Denis says:

    Omg, what’s the sexy song for the level 43 video? :o

  14. Abdul says:

    the song is titled “Orchestras. Spotlights. Turntables” by Epik High

  15. Snow says:

    Just imagine that damage on a funded character :].

    Nexon’s probably gonna weaken the class.

  16. sam says:

    dang wat lvl do u get the mount?

  17. Aristos says:

    in the trailer at 0:17 you can claerly see she is using a dragon kreda last time i checked that was a dagger o.O i thought there skills would ONLY activate through BLADES?

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Dual Bladers equip a Dagger and a Blade. Most of their skills will activate only when equipped with a Dagger and a Blade…or maybe just with the Blade (not sure at this point).

  18. Weom says:

    i think it can activate as long as you are holding two weapons, and what do you think of this class Spadow?

  19. Xephic says:

    spadow, why is your dualer holding maple wagner? and the other hand is holding a blade.

  20. Kathy says:

    By this time you should be 50+ right :D have u done job adv yet? How is tornado spin :D im really curious ’bout this skill, since im a fan of wind archer :D

  21. Anonymus says:

    Is the tiger the dual blade mount?

  22. 路人甲 says:


  23. dozokten says:

    What’s your new job nick name on test server?

  24. KooT says:

    I don’t understand this class equipement.

    They use both daggers and blades BUT, when you look at the picture of a blade on your inventory, you see two in ones, while you obviously only use one cause of the dagger.

    So what’s the point ?

    • JunCurious says:

      Where do you see him open up his inventory? -.-

      I would assume the class uses Blades in a similar fashion that Shadowers use Khanjars.
      They just get special mastery and skills directly related to it.

      • KooT says:

        I didn’t see him opening up inventory, but in the latest post, the images were shown as pairs with two different images so I assume the full icon is composed of the two ones.
        Well, only Spadow can answer it for the moment.

        • Secun says:

          Actually, I can answer that.
          Those two diff pics of the Blades were of the inv pic and then how it looks when equipped.

  25. JunCurious says:

    Any idea what the real mount is?

  26. NameLess says:

    ahh its in adventurer right? so its that hogie i gess
    and you guys sure that Dual-Blade got a skill that gives crit?

    • KooT says:

      No they didn’t, or at least not yet at level 4x.
      Spadow is simply wearing the adventurer ring which grants 15% chances to do critical hits.

      • Secun says:

        As far as I can tell from Fiel’s extractions, the only skill that could possibly add crit is Thorns, and that’s a 4th job skill.

        • Snow says:

          Pretty impressivecrit though – 35% chance for 250% damage, and it’s a buff. That’s the highest critical damage of any class.

  27. Ghost says:

    I saw a level 69 dual blader video out a few hours ago…

  28. Weom says:

    Hey Spadow, how many hours do you sleep per day ?

  29. Brandon says:

    Can U please reply to this, Uhm iw as wondering i saw on some dual blade vids that they have a korean fan and i know its a dagger bt was wondering if you really use daggers and dual blades and can u post the items the Dual blade job can wear like put they can wear theif equips cuz im really interested because it looks like u cud wear all thief equips but can u please reply and post a thread and show them plz and ty

  30. joeloveslego says:

    Spadow, are you Korean?
    If you’re not, how can I play KMS? or test server KMS?

    • KooT says:

      You should read all posts with more attention. Basically, they are normal thiefs adventurer so they can equip all of the thiefs equips. Plus there’s the Blade, which is a new kind of weapong that we can guess, Sins, and Dits can equip too.
      And please I beg you, use comas and dots please.

  31. Weom says:

    Good answer Spadow, bu the way do you think nexon will nerf the class?

  32. Voltaire says:

    스파도님, 인소야 에서어카운트이쓰여?

  33. ImmaBe says:

    Hey, Spadow, Can I upload your Dual-Blade videos and post it on my Youtube Channel? (I’ll credit you)

  34. sgtgrif says:

    Dual Blades have nice damage/skills :D

  35. Riggz says:

    I’m seeing a level 17 thief dagger and a wagner. Also in another one of your videos, a reverse luk dagger. Can you equip normal daggers and have a blade in your shield slot as a mandatory? If so, then I would like to know if the secondary blade is unequipable or scrollable.

    Seeing the damage output on the level 123 video makes me realize how well of a trainer this class would be compared to shadowers. :/ Hopefully shadowers have a better damage output on single targets than this class.

  36. Hanabira.Kage says:

    Spadow, do Dual Blades have any differences from Rogues in first job in terms of skills(excluding Lucky Seven and Keen Eyes since Dual Blades have no reason to have them)? For example, do they have a lower SP cap for Double Stab or Dark Sight or something?

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  38. woobin kim says:

    what stats do ui have to put the most?

  39. austin says:

    this i think probably has nothing with the video but i didnt watch it,but wat is that move that lets u attack 4 times i think from semi dualers job

  40. austin says:

    i mean three times

  41. austin says:

    umm.. even though i think its a little too bit for this but could u post a beginning dual blade video showing from lvl 1~10

  42. leycouryet says:

    cuales son tus puntos de star
    str ?
    dex ?
    int 4
    luk ?
    wait is you point star
    poe eso mas ps men soy hispano
    cuando salen ese job en GMS
    y los evans tanbien cuando salen eh

  43. RaccoonRocket says:

    whats the name of the song ?

  44. 5SlashStud says:

    Hey does Exlorers use the same CS inventory as Db’s?

  45. zerofire says:

    FINALLY dual blades are comin to gms! the pre-event quests are there

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