KMST V291 & V292 ~ Dual Blade

Update: version 1.2.292 was released. Mostly bugfixes. They have added HP to the new blades.
Update 2: Updated as of version 1.2.293
Finally. The wait is over. Dual Blade has arrived.

A couple of changes, the required job level for Dual Master has changed from 55 to 50.
Well.. The patch note says so, but it could be a typo.

The skills are complete obviously, but I will post them later. I’m anxious to play Dual Blade!

In Cash Shop a few scroll items appeared. They are for the new job Dual Blade.

These items act like Mastery Books.
They have a 100% chance of working.

You can pay for for this item if you want your desired skill so much or you can just hunt for the regular Mastery Books.

I thought Nexon developed this job not because of the revenue, but for the interest of other people so they can have fun with it.

Nexon, bon appétit.

Read more for the patch note.

메이플스토리 클라이언트 Ver. 1.2.291 릴리즈 되었습니다.
MapleStory client Ver. 1.2.291 has been released.

이번 패치에서는 다음과 같은 사항이 수정, 추가되었습니다.
In this patch the following matters were incorporated.

<아이템 관련>
<Item related>

1.     듀얼블레이드 아이템이 추가되었습니다.
1.     Dual Blade items have been added.

Weapon Defense: +5
Magic Defense: +5
Slots: 7

  • (Lv. 2) 모자 : 흰색 머리띠
  • (Lv. 2) Hat : White Headband

Weapon Defense: +4
Magic Defense: +4
HP: +20
MP: +20
Slots: 5

  • (Lv.20) 얼굴장식 : 허름한 복면
  • (Lv.20) Face Accessory : Shabby Mask

Weapon Defense: +6
Magic Defense: +6
HP: +30
MP: +30
Accuracy: +1
Avoidability: +1
Slots: 5

  • (Lv.30) 얼굴장식 : 초록색 복면
  • (Lv.30) Face Accessory : Green Mask

Weapon Defense: +11
Magic Defense: +11
STR: +1
DEX: +1
INT: +1
LUK: +1
HP: +55
MP: +55
Slots: 5

  • (Lv.55) 얼굴장식 : 파란색 복면
  • (Lv.55) Face Accessory : Blue Mask

Weapon Defense: +14
Magic Defense: +14
STR: +2
DEX: +2
INT: +2
LUK: +2
HP: +70
MP: +70
Slots: 5

  • (Lv.70) 얼굴장식 : 보라색 복면
  • (Lv.70) Face Accessory : Purple Mask

Weapon Attack: +2
Weapon Defense: +14
Magic Attack: +2
Magic Defense: +14
STR: +3
DEX: +3
INT: +3
LUK: +3
HP: +100
MP: +100
Slots: 5

  • (Lv.100) 얼굴장식 : 듀얼블레이드 복면
  • (Lv.100) Face Accessory : Dual Blade Mask

  • (Lv.10) 귀고리 : 아울 귀고리
  • (Lv.10) Earrings : Owl Earrings

Magic Defense: +2
Slots: 5

  • (Lv.30) 한벌옷 : 무명의

  • (Lv.55) 벨트 : 부엉이 벨트
  • (Lv.55) Belt : Owl Belt

Weapon Defense: +37
Magic Defense: +37
Accuracy: +20
Avoidability: +20
Slots: 3

2.     새로운 장비 아이템이 추가 되었습니다.
2.     New equipment items have been added.

  • (Lv.20) 블레이드 : 무명도

Weapon Attack: +18
HP: +150
Faster (3)
Slots: 7

  • (Lv.30) 블레이드 : 이랑도

Weapon Attack: +23
REQ LUK: 100
HP: +175
Faster (3)
Slots: 7

  • (Lv.40) 블레이드 : 의천도

Weapon Attack: +28
REQ LUK: 110
HP: +200
Faster (3)
Slots: 7

  • (Lv.50) 블레이드 : 패왕도

Weapon Attack: +31
REQ LUK: 150
HP: +225
Faster (3)
Slots: 7

  • (Lv.60) 블레이드 : 아슈켈론

Weapon Attack: +36
REQ DEX: 100
REQ LUK: 170
HP: +250
Faster (3)
Slots: 7

  • (Lv.70) 블레이드 : 천무도

Weapon Attack: +39
REQ DEX: 110
REQ LUK: 190
HP: +280
Faster (3)
Slots: 7

  • (Lv.80) 블레이드 : 용화도

Weapon Attack: +43
REQ DEX: 120
REQ LUK: 210
HP: +310
Faster (3)
Slots: 8

  • (Lv.90) 블레이드 : 만혈도

Weapon Attack: +44
REQ DEX: 130
REQ LUK: 230
HP: +340
Faster (3)
Slots: 8

  • (Lv.100) 블레이드 : 유성도

Weapon Attack: +47
REQ DEX: 140
REQ LUK: 250
HP: +370
Faster (3)
Slots: 7

  • (Lv.105) 블레이드 : 용연도

Weapon Attack: +48
Durability: 25000
REQ DEX: 145
REQ LUK: 260
Faster (3)
Slots: 7

Mob Category: Devil Type (6)
Mob Category Damage: 20%

Special skill: Darkness
Required Hands: 433

Critical Damage: 20%; 5% probability
Required Job for Critical Damage: Slasher

  • (Lv.110) 블레이드 : 청월도

Weapon Attack: +49
REQ DEX: 150
REQ LUK: 270
HP: +400
Faster (3)
Slots: 7

  • (Lv.120) 블레이드 : 타임리스 코션

Weapon Attack: +53
REQ DEX: 160
REQ LUK: 290
Faster (3)
Slots: 7

Can level up 5 times.

LV1: 80 EXP
Weapon Attack: +0~2
LUK: +1~2
DEX: +0~1
LV2: 90 EXP
Weapon Attack: +0~2
LUK: +1~2
DEX: +0~1
LV3: 100 EXP
Weapon Attack: +0~2
LUK: +1~2
DEX: +0~1
LV4: 110 EXP
Weapon Attack: +0~2
LUK: +1~2
DEX: +0~1
LV5: 120 EXP
Weapon Attack: +0~2
LUK: +1~2
DEX: +0~1

Possible skill: +1 Sudden Raid

  • (Lv.120) 블레이드 : 리버스 코션

Weapon Attack: +52
REQ DEX: 160
REQ LUK: 290
Faster (3)
Slots: 7

Can level up 3 times.

LV1: 70 EXP
Weapon Attack: +0~2
LUK: +1~2
DEX: +0~1

LV2: 75 EXP
Weapon Attack: +0~2
LUK: +1~2
DEX: +0~1

LV3: 80 EXP
Weapon Attack: +0~2
LUK: +1~2
DEX: +0~1

Possible skill: +1 Sudden Raid

3.     새로운 소비 아이템이 추가 되었습니다.
3.     New consume items have been added.

  • [스킬북] 파이널 컷
  • [Skillbook] Final Cut
  • [스킬북] 사슬지옥
  • [Skillbook] Chain Hell
  • [마스터리북]슬래시스톰 20
  • [Mastery Book] Slash Storm 20
  • [마스터리북]토네이도 스핀 20
  • Mastery Book] Tornado Spin 20
  • [마스터리북]미러 이미징 30
  • [Mastery Book] Mirror Imaging 30
  • [마스터리북]플라잉 어썰터 20
  • [Mastery Book] Flying Assaulter 20
  • [마스터리북]베놈 30
  • [Mastery Book] Venom 30
  • [마스터리북]몬스터 봄 30
  • [Mastery Book] Monster Bomb 30
  • [마스터리북]써든 레이드 30
  • [Mastery Book] Sudden Raid 30
  • [마스터리북]더미 이펙트 30
  • [Mastery Book] Dummy Effect 30
  • [마스터리북]쏜즈 이펙트 30
  • [Mastery Book] Thorns Effect 30

<게임 관련>
<Game related>

1.     모험가 이도류 직업 듀얼블레이드가 추가되었습니다.
1.     A new Adventurer job ‘Dual Blade’ has been added.

2.     듀얼블레이드로 플레이 하려면 아래의 절차를 따르십시오.
2.     Follow these steps if you want to play ‘Dual Blade’.

  • 로그인 후 ‘캐릭터 생성’을 선택한다.
  • After login, click ‘Create Character’.
  • 직업군에서 ‘모험가 – 듀얼블레이드’를 선택한다.
  • Select ‘Adventurer – Dual Blade’ in the job group.

  • 필수 퀘스트들을 통해 도적 1차 직업인 ‘로그’로 전직한다.
  • You have to complete a quest in order to advance to 1st job ‘Rogue’.
  • 레벨 20이 되면 2차 전직을 통해 ‘세미 듀어러’로 전직 할 수 있습니다.
  • When you are level 20, you can advance to 2nd job ‘Semi Dualer’.

3.     듀얼블레이드의 전직 레벨 및 각 직업 명칭은 다음과 같습니다.
3.     The level and each job name are as follows.

  • Lv. 10  로그
  • Lv. 10 Rogue
  • Lv. 20  세미 듀어러
  • Lv. 20 Semi Dualer
  • Lv. 30  듀어러
  • Lv. 30 Dualer
  • Lv. 50  듀얼마스터
  • Lv. 50 Dual Master
  • Lv. 70  슬래셔
  • Lv. 70 Slasher
  • Lv. 120 듀얼블레이더
  • Lv. 120 Dual Blader

<퀘스트 관련>
<Quest related>

1.     듀얼블레이드 관련 퀘스트가 추가되었습니다.
1.      Quests related to ‘Dual Blade’ have been added.

<A lot of quests>

<Monster related>

1.     비화원 수련장에 새로운 몬스터가 추가되었습니다
1.     New monsters have been added to Secret Flower Garden (Bi Hwa Won).

  • Lv.20 쉐도우 듀어러
  • Lv.20 Shadow Dualer
    HP: 300
    MP:  30
    EXP: 32

  • Lv.25 자이언트 쉐도우
  • Lv.25 Giant Shadow
    HP: 550
    MP:  50
    EXP: 42

  • Lv.30 쉐도우 슬래셔
  • Lv.30 Shadow Blade
    HP: 870
    MP:  50
    EXP: 60

  • Lv.60 자이언트 블레이드
  • Lv.60 Giant Blade
    HP: 7000
    MP:  120
    EXP: 220

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138 Responses to KMST V291 & V292 ~ Dual Blade

  1. John says:

    Still can’t believe its an adventurer… but looks really cool! Can’t wait for this to come to GMS

  2. Ryan says:

    I wanna play try them out so bad.. i`d even join KMST but I don`t even know how.. I mean i`ve learnt to cope with Korean games before too but I think you need some kind of ‘special’ key to get into it right? :S

  3. NameLess says:

    there will be a maple blades?

  4. Nova says:

    Man evans havent even come out for gms, not even the damn balance patch, dual blades aint coming out for a long long time.
    I reckon nexon needs to bring out balance patch for gms before anymore new content

    • Nova says:

      Oh and another thing i noticed is the lv 105 blades with the crit rate has durability???!!! Any more info on that Spadow? thats very interesting seems like the lv 105 blade can break.

    • Lan says:

      Not really owo we’re not that far behind, like 6-8 months behind KR or so.

    • xxCactuar says:

      Frankly, we’re actually extremely far ahead considering GMS came out, what, 2 YEARS after KMS? And we’re only like 6-8 months behind them.

    • lionheart365 says:

      We get even this month, only 3 months behind KMS.
      And KMS got dual blade 2 months after Evan.
      So this month we get even.
      Next month we (I’m guessing) get rebalance, neo city expansion (mentioned by -Hime-) or ulu city.
      The month after that we get another one if those 3.
      And then the next month we (hopefuly get dual blade)

  5. BobFParaguay says:

    Cash shop mastery books? That’s just taking it too far..

    • Obelith says:

      Not entirely. Considering people buy L10 Mastery Books almost all the time. Maybe Nexon is just cutting out the middle man and allowing players to bypass the SoK Cost + Profit Margins for players that just want to hit 120 and keep playing. It’d make the most sense for them as a company to do so; especially if they do it at a cost below that of what people charge for SoK. This way you can’t have people charging extortion-based prices just because they can’t lead a Zak/HT Run.

  6. Tony says:

    Can you try to post a video as soon as you can.
    thanks spadow keep up your good work!!!

  7. 路人甲 says:


  8. SlayerGhost says:

    Eagerly awaiting a video…

  9. Racie says:

    lol.. Ban Appetit

  10. vince says:

    NameLess :
    there will be a maple blades?

    that would be AWESOME

  11. lewloy says:

    路人甲 :

    erm…to this…actually,no. It seems that both daggers are the same for every set.In other words,it is the same as equipping 1 set of blades,taking up 2 spaces at a time,not 1 blade taking up 1 space at a time.

  12. wobbufet says:

    Weapon Attack: +53
    REQ DEX: 25
    REQ LUK: 290

    Timeless (?) dual blade is dexless? Or is that a typo…?

  13. Behemoth says:

    So cool cant wait to they come out in GMS screw the Evans i rather the Dual Blades come out be4 them

  14. Bownissley says:

    there damage should be the best in the game with their mask, dagger, and blade giving them a lot of extra attack. And they should have plenty of Hp/Mp because of the masks and medals. I think nexon went to far making a new adventurer. Dual Bladers look way to over powering.

    • Bownissley says:

      I just found all there skills at southperry and they get flash jump and shadow partner(only copies 50% damage of attacks instead of 80%). At level 20 they get a skill that hits 200% damage 3 times at max level.

    • lionheart365 says:

      I hope you know blade att doesn’t add to the dagger’s.

      They switch of. One hit is with the blade (very low dmg) the next with the dagger (normal) next with the blade and so on.

  15. Neox says:

    Ok. Now, where’s the video. :P

  16. CzImGreen says:

    the scrolls from nx cash have a ‘0’…. so they r free? or its cz of kmst? o.o.
    or the 0 means another thing? xD

  17. Dan says:

    CzImGreen :
    the scrolls from nx cash have a ‘0′…. so they r free? or its cz of kmst? o.o.
    or the 0 means another thing? xD

    Its Kms test server so i think the cash items are free because when the test are done every character are reset and/or deleted no?

  18. ChrisNguyen says:

    Spadow! Is there a dual-blade scroll for the dual-blades or just normal ones to scroll? Such as dagger scrolls, or will it not be those to scroll them? Thanks!

  19. Weom says:

    Ummm.. is that the real weapon attack? or is it X2 because there are two blades? if it’s not… the weapon attack is pretty weak…

    • Jon says:

      They use a regular Dagger in conjunction with the Blade.

    • Secun says:

      Was wondering that myself. It’d make sense if it was 2x because of two blades, but yeah, that does seem weak. Then again, the skill damage does seem to make up for the low w.atk, though.

    • lionheart365 says:

      They use a dagger and a blade. In tripple stab the first hit is with the dagger (good dmg) the Second hit Is with the blade (low dmg) and the third hit is with the dagger again.

      Same goes for (almost) all their attacks, the hits alternate between blade and dagger,

  20. Secun says:

    Jon :They use a regular Dagger in conjunction with the Blade.

    Ah, that makes sense.

  21. Weom says:

    i checked out the skills and was like “wow, they’re bloody amazing, a 1500% damage skill for mob” i think shadowers are gonna pack their bags now…. and the skill speed are quite fast… gonna make one of these when it comes out.

  22. Snow says:

    The blade is equipped as a secondary weapon to a dagger – like the khanjar, but these are actual weapons.

    I expect the damage multiplier to be less than a dit’s; otherwise, they would be too powerful.

    There’s already a lv 30 gameplay video on youtube, the damage is amazing (300’s max per hit with triple attack), but seems to be extremely unstable.

    Guess gms will get it sometime around august?

    Spadow, think you can upload a few gameplay videos sometime soon?

    • Snow says:

      I meant to say damage calculator.

    • Obelith says:

      Chances are if they’re [GMS] keeping “in-time” to the publish of KMS; along with the Timer for Lirin’s ring; along with the “Peak Capacity” times of Nexon America. GMS will most likely see the Evan Class being released sometime either during 2nd Quarter to the beginning of 3rd Quarter. Essentially, June-ish. Which will correlate perfectly with GMS Maple Anniversary.

      I doubt GMS will see the Dual-Blader until at least August or September if those timelines follow through.

  23. Viper says:

    Wow cool Spadow thnx!!!But i don’t understand one thing-why dual blade is an adventurer?I heard that its gonna be be 5 Legenary Classes and they are:
    Ochan is a thief legend so i think he is the Dual Blade,maybe its just nexon mistake or something like bag?

  24. Edwin says:

    Soo wots with the owl with all this? is it gonna be the mount? cuz some skills of this job has owls in it, and even some of the monsters from there got owls on them so i just wondering like wots the owl for, like for mount etc..

  25. Snow says:

    I saw a video of dual blade gameplay in which the person was able to deal criticals. Do you know if it was from an equip such as the ring or was it passive/a buff?

  26. Russel says:

    I wonder if there will be a dexless dual blade that can wear the lvl120 dual blade like HeroTex of GMS. A dexless sin that can wear a reverse lampion. lulz

    • Zi says:

      Its actually not that hard to get a dexless lampion user… u need less than 5 bil to do it. And also… a sin wears the same equips as a dual blader, except dual blader gets more, so obviously at the very least HeroTex can use his equips to make a dexless reverse blade user.

  27. NameLess says:

    Well spadow i saw in some where at youtube that Dual Blade’s go Critical is it true?

  28. NameLess says:

    i Hope its a passive/buff

  29. DAggers says:

    I’m still confusing The weapon used by Dual Bladers.

    1) Is it use 2 daggers to cast skill or attk?
    2) Is it use 2 blades to cast skill and attk?
    3) Is it use 1 dagger and 1 blade to attk? .

    If the answer is 3 , then WoW.
    Coz let think , if some1 use 100lvl dagger and 100 lvl blade..hmm…can say like
    the attk of dagger is 100 , and the attk of blade is 47 [as stated as above]
    then the total weapon attk is 147…Wow..
    is dual blader weapon attk count like this? If yes ,WoW
    tis job attk is higher than any other jobs

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Dual Bladers equip a Dagger in their weapon slot and a Blade in their shield slot…that’s what I gather from reading through Spadow’s posts and replies. The Blade probably does contribute to the damage, but Dual Bladers would definitely employ a different damage formula compared to Bandits otherwise Dual Bladers will be overpowered.

    • lionheart365 says:

      No. It does NOT add!
      The hits alternate between useing the blade and dagger.
      First hit is dagger (good dmg) second hit is with a blade (low dmg) third with a dagger again and so on.

  30. Robin says:

    I’m better informed than you guys. Thanks to southperry.
    first off all. Yes a Dual Blader equips 1 Dual Blades + 1 normal Dagger
    BUT The wep atk wont be added together.
    Dual Bladers have 2(!) Damage ranges. And the skills are a combination of both.

    Triple stab:
    1/3 hits using the dagger damage range for calculation of hit strengt
    2/3 hits using the dual blades damage range

    thats the reason why you see hits like 4xx/2xx/5xx instead of 4xx/5xx/4xx

    Also for the 6th job skill that gives 35% crit chance at max.
    We don’t know if it stakcks with SE, but we do know that theres something that lowers its potential. People at southperry translated the skill description and found out that the effect for the party leader is halfed, so only the other party members will gain full 35% crit chance and 50% add crit attack.
    However if it stacks with SE, NL will do almost 100% crit dmg (especially with crit ring) which means there DPM will be unbeatable.

    The big problem about this class is formed in one sentence:
    If your dual blader is not hp washed, he get’s 1hko’d by skele and all bosses and therefor sucks ass.

    • Snow says:

      Spadow’s lv 20 dual blade already had 600 hp, if i’m not mistaken. Their hp is decent – I would estimate maybe brawler level? Nexon would not put in a melée character that could not take any hits.

      And yes, I know about that dummy skill.

      • Secun says:

        Also, we can’t forget that you get an hp/mp bonus at Job adv.
        Having 6 job advancements would counter the “low hp” complaints, due to getting 6 hp/mp boosts.

    • TableSUN says:

      Its not true the Attack of the blad and the dagger Wil be added together.
      Cause it gots a low defense like your alrdy told i look southperry to and nobody said that both blade + dagger wont add together so dont give false information.

      • Snow says:

        Actually, the attacks are not added. If you look at the videos, the minimum damage and max are too far apart for full mastery (which I would assume everyone has).

        Based on that, I would guess that some hits are more dagger based and others are more blade-based.

        After all, you can’t expect to hit the monster with both hands every time. That would be too inefficient in RL.

    • Leviathan says:

      Thank you you answered all mu questions. Finally a knowledgable person here. >< I realllu hope thorns can stack with se if not :X bm=bossing mule. Mm=existance dissapeared. =___= GG.

    • lionheart365 says:

      Actully, tripple stab has 2 dagger hits, 1 blade. The first hit is always dagger, then it alternates.

      • Chronos says:

        Actually, I believe it is 2blade attacks and 1dagger attack in the middle for triple stab. If it were 2dagger attacks then a normal thief would attack twice.

  31. Dude says:

    Just watched your youtube video, I got to say:

    Is the god damn Henesys music just a place-holder? It better be!
    Is it me or the Blade + Dagger combination make characters look weird?
    Looks like this is one lazy work Nexon did to fork in some quick cash.

    @ post above;
    It is unlikely that buffs will stack.

    • Robin says:

      I so hope that it won’t stack. NL’s already have the best ranged dpm with SE if you don’t count corsairs in.
      The Problem is that the only thing that nexon can use for balancing is adding either critical % or weapon attack to anything and if they add more critical for everyone they will give NL’s more advantages than other classes (already happened with crit rings). Poor Warriors and Shadowers, they used to be very strong attackers, but now they get outdamaged easily by critical range attacks from sairs, NL’s & Bows. >_<

  32. NameLess says:

    Guys the Blades Crit skill will kill the population of bowman’s at maplestory
    its 35% and gives +250% Dmg and SE(its just 15% and +40% Dmg).
    and and btw Dual-Blader got a shadow partner >.<
    how the f*** its got just 2 Potential its need's to be atlest 4+

    • Robin says:

      like I said. If not hp washed, I see not that much potential, you cannot train without a hb-mule, cept spamming ultimates lol.

      • Secun says:

        Giving HP to blades combined with the HP/MP bonuses of 6 job advancements, the hp won’t be that low.
        Also, can’t forget the hp/mp from the masks.
        I agree with an earlier statement, the hp seems to be about Brawler-like.

  33. NameLess says:

    yea the hp will be a problem

  34. joey says:

    does anybody know if the masks are for dual blade or can any class wear them?

  35. Ofir says:

    so cool!
    surly at least 1 year until it comes to GMS

    • Random says:

      No, we’re 5 months distance from KMS, we’ll get it like….July-August, so really, idk why you people are saying so late….
      Like saying we’ll get evans in august…ppst, BS, we’re getting em april-may, maybe for the anniversary patch

      • CzImGreen says:

        but it isnt about time, its about content. these times kms has made new content very fast, but gms wont release it exactly [some time] later. gms isnt as fast as kms releasing(even if they should).
        anyways, im not denying ur release dates xP

        • Snow says:

          We just got some evan data ^^

          Same as the initial Evan data that KMS got, so I would expect that we’d get Dual Blade within 5 months.

  36. 路人甲 says:


  37. demon says:

    OMG ^^ Face Accessory : Masks!!!!

  38. Alex says:

    how many slots will the new blades have?
    and do their scrolls add +5 w att like evry other weapon or +3 w att like glove and shield scrolls?
    i think if they have 7 slots like a regular weapon + 5 w att scrolls this class will be overpowered cuz of high w. att, fast attacking speed, and skill%… even a low damage multiplier cant really balance them

    • TurneDnuorA says:

      BUT You don’t know their dmg formulas. The formulas are different too for 1h swords and 2h swords. I’m almost 100% sure that their dmg will be less then dits with the same equips.

  39. Stephan says:

    According to this, a tiger is its mount.

    At around 0:47 – 0:49 or so
    It’s awhmazeing

    • Alilatias says:

      Sorry, that’s an NX mount.

      I’m willing to bet that since Dual Blader is classified as an Adventurer, they’ll get the same mounts that they get. Unless they come up with some owl-related mount in the next few KMST patches.

  40. Why says:

    As I predicted, NX Skill books. More pathetic for each patch. Pity…

  41. Hanabira.Kage says:

    Seems like Dual Bladers won’t be as fragile as previously thought. According to Serendipity from, the Fourth Job skill “Dummy Effect” (Fiel translated this as “Stack Effect”) turns the “Mirror Image” into a guard-like skill. The “Mirror Image” will take damage in place of the character like a Puppet. It probably does have a certain amount of HP though…

  42. Ryan says:

    This class is starting to look more and more overpowered every time I look into it even more.. it has it’s own version of Flash Jump and Shadow Partner.. deals godly damage.. and is one of the fastest attacking melee classes, if not, the fastest.. I can`t wait to make one.. the only thing is i`m scared 99% of the population will be one to :( They look like they are gonna out pwn nightlords.

  43. Justin says:

    They should be a Legend Lol

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  45. CoNg says:

    the top and bottom for dual blade same as thief or they hav their own armour?

  46. Pingback: 3rd job advancement of Dual Blade « Spadow's Blog

  47. lewloy says:

    Oops..Sorry about the blunder the previous post…Sorry about that…

  48. Isaac says:

    Awesome! This is another adventurer, which means there’ll be another Cygnus and another Legend as well! Wow, I really love KMS… 3 more days!

  49. David says:

    Why dont you have a list of skills?

  50. Pingback: KMST V293-V294 ~ A stronger Dual Blade « Spadow's Blog

  51. psyched says:

    sorry but im still confused . So theres another set of weapons called blades? And dual bladers can equip daggers like dragon tail and blades at the same time? Pls reply thanks

  52. gfdshgs says:

    I still don’t get it. The picture of the dual blader has two of the same blades. The dual blade monster guys have two blades. So why do Dual Bladers use one blade and one dagger? Think next time, Nexon! THINK!

  53. Noobms says:

    wow, this job looks badass…too bad gMS wont get it until 2011 -.-

  54. Pingback: Aran ranking’s; Dual Bladers; Evan. « Wesley's;Blog

  55. Danny says:

    wait…why is there the boy, the gurl, and some random guy in a black ninja suit is ther like 2 job choices? that black ninja makes me so confused

  56. DAggers says:

    Izzit need to pay Cash for Mastery books from 2nd job or 3rd job onwards?

  57. ermmm says:

    ehhhh how eu play test server reply pls? :)

  58. supernova69 says:

    will shadowers be able to equip the blades?

  59. KobeKun says:

    appearantly, they nx mastery book thing isnt that new for gms. evan had major skill mastery books such as magic gaurd for nx only

  60. Chad says:

    I wish Nexon would release the dates for this job. Cuz i want it

  61. iiPlayPole says:

    Hey, i was wonder how much each skill book costs from slash storm all the way to mirror image. thx

  62. Frozenmetro6 says:

    I heard that dual blades are coming on July 12-31.
    Slash Storm: 2,900
    Tornado Spin: 3,900
    Mirror Image: 5,900
    Flying Assaulter: 5,900
    Sudden Raid: 8,900
    Thorns Effect: 8,900
    These are the KMS prices, and their CS items generally cost a little bit less than ours. GMS will be these prices or higher…

  63. Virgin says:

    Dual Blades are coming on 14th July.
    Everyone are gettin impatient XD

  64. some1 says:

    well actully nexon delayed DB releas cuz the hackers(Dual Blade releas is 21st july 2010)

  65. Dylan says:

    ill go post this in the Big bang section too just in case Thanks again Spadow

  66. PWNAGE says:

    cant wait till the DB’s come out…
    the patch is gonna take forever =/ 13.5 hrs… prob longer
    Thanks for the info spadow =)

  67. aloon says:

    now have db !!!! yas!!! proooooooossss 120 luk in!!!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 wtf!@@#@#@#

  68. now that dual blades are in its time for major pain!!

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