New images of Dual Blade?

I found these images from a Chinese website. They look real and the character you see in the images, looks the same in the screenshots that I posted a few days ago.
They look real, but I don’t know how they got this because I never saw these images before.

On a few images you can see a little bit of the haircut of Dual Blade and the head of Dark Lord.
I don’t know…

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33 Responses to New images of Dual Blade?

  1. Shamantimk says:

    Nice ^^

  2. Shamantimk says:

    When is the patch with this class coming to kmst?

  3. SwordStaker says:

    It’s 2/18 in Korea right now isn’t it?

  4. DarkRecon says:

    What’s the site, maybe I can translate what’s on there.

  5. dozokten says:

    There are very interesting screenshots..
    I can’t wait dualblade!

  6. Snow says:

    Spadow, did you get into the test server?

  7. Wisdom says:

    Possibly Related Posts: Toyota Blade Images


  8. SlayerGhost says:

    We’ll find out tomorrow, now won’t we?

  9. Anonymus says:

    Hey spadow, are you going to be on the test server?

  10. Nessa says:

    Probably the Trailer for Dual Blade.

    [Remember in the Aran, Evan, KoC Trailers it shows the main characters?]

  11. Babymario26 says:

    How many more hours until it gets to KMST?

  12. TheMagdiel says:

    Looks like parts from a preview video of some kind. (which would explain why a piece of the dual blader’s image shows up on one of the screenshots)

  13. Takebacker says:

    They seem REALLY unstable…

  14. dozokten says:

    This screenshots are part of teaser movie,,
    DualBlade teaser site is open!

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  16. Landon says:

    OMG, doea nay one elts notice the character is waring a normal dagger,+ blade ?!?!?!

    Maybe u can mix and match ?

    PS: looks fun as hell just from that

  17. Vicky says:

    Wow amzing !!
    I will try that

  18. mapleboom says:

    Are you gonna make a video of Dual Blade once the patch finishes?

  19. RandomMapler says:

    Is the patch already done?
    We want some vids of EVERYTHING D:
    I mean from when u create it, to nice lvs and show ALL the skills :D

  20. x3PrinceAran says:

    I m a Maplesea User when is Dual Blade Coming To maplesea???
    Can u give Maplesea DUAL BLADE As Soon As Possible???PLS
    Spadow PLS!!!I want to Play It!The People that create this job
    is really GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. staterbros says:

    whats his name is it just dual blade for a name?

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  23. bobby says:

    when is it coming out in gms?

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