Sneak peek of Dual Blade

Ah! While the new job is under development, there is already a sneak peek of the new upcoming job in MapleStory: Dual Blade.
A lot articles were published today about the presentation of Dual Blade by Nexon.

Last week I visited a few MapleStory forums about this new job. Not too long ago, I posted an entry about the job ID of Dual Blade.
People were assuming that Nexon/Wizet made a mistake and that the job ID was a placeholder. I really doubt they would make a mistake like that.

The data proves by its job ID that its an Adventurer and the character selection screen says its an Adventurer.

I managed to find a much better image of the character selection window. Courtesy of

On the image above, you can read Adventurers and Dual Blade,  but you can tell that they’re both Adventurers because of the same color background and it says Adventurers in big letters.  (모험가)
Aran and Evan are both considered Heroes. (영웅)

This job does have an own Cash Shop storage and a different way of growing.

Go under the cut for very interesting information and skills.

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