KMST V288 ~ More info on the new job

The new job is still not released yet, but one thing I know is that this job will have a separate Cash Shop storage.
No big surprise since this was done with Cygnus, Aran and Evan.

Based on the image above, I think the name of the job will be Dual Blade.
In this patch, (incomplete) skill strings were added and the job ID of the new job, which is 430.

The job IDs of the current heroes (Aran & Evan) are 21XX and 22XX. The job ID of Dual Blade is 430, so it does not fall under the ‘Hero’ category.
430 means that it is a thief (4) and that Dual Blade is the third job that belongs with the Adventurer’s thief group (3).

Basically this new job is an Adventurer. Strangely, it does not have four job advancements like the other Adventurers.
This job has six job advancements.

I am ready to scroll some blades. ^^~

Today I wanted to obtain a Ravana Helmet. I went in the dungeon map with my friend but unfortunately he died after a couple of seconds.
I had to kill Ravana on my own which was a difficult task because of the short time limit and low damage, but I managed to kill it!

As a reward for killing Ravana, you obtain a Chaos Scroll for your Ravana Helmet.

It worked!! Good stats for a Chief Bandit.

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88 Responses to KMST V288 ~ More info on the new job

  1. Samy says:

    So the dual blade user is an adventurer o.o! Cool

  2. zane says:

    Make my day again spadow ;) At least now people can’t say this “hero” is going to put adventurers to shame because it IS an adventurer! Keep up the good work bro thanks :)

  3. Anoy says:

    Well theres always a chance that this is a hero, but they just put the id wrong? It has it’s own CS inven along with 6 advancements.

  4. Grif says:

    An… adventurer? Nexon America is keep giving us surprises!

  5. RedTape says:

    If the job ID is 43x then you may need to become a thief to become one. Mathematically, it would make no sense for them to do this unless it is a third section of thief because of the extra work required to make it a legend.

  6. Derioan says:

    So, basically you make a Rogue, turn to level 30, then become the “Dual Blade” class?

    Since it belongs the Thief class.

  7. SwordStaker says:

    Dumbest idea ever -_-

  8. Marc says:

    Here’s my theory: Unlike Aran who is the legend and Evan who is the descendant of the legend, The thief legend will be the disciple of the Legend. So you start of as a rouge and then you run into some strange twist of fate and meet the already awakened thief legend who takes you in as hie/her disciple sine she can’t fight for whatever reason. Just a hunch :P

    • TwilightMoon says:

      exactly! just as I thought. each hero/legend will bring new gameplay and a background of it’s own with him, so… it DOES make sense =D

  9. zxlcesinxz says:

    omg seriously? wtf 6 job advancements? so like level 30 level 60 level 90 level 120 level 150? holy crap

  10. TableSUN says:

    Im still Holding the hope that it will be a hero Because why should a Adventure haves 6Job Advancments+ Another NX Slot so i dont know…

  11. Mclena45 says:

    This guys are only in test servers now, right? If so, it may only be a temporary thing. Here’s a point from someone at Basil:
    ” I suppose because GMS Pirates use the GM skill sounds, Pirates are actually GMs? It must be true, the data’s written that way.

    There’s no proof. Just because it’s not next to Aran and Evan in the data files doesn’t mean it’s not a hero class.”

  12. TableSUN says:

    I agree With Mclena45

  13. DarkRecon says:

    Wait, so it’s an adventurer, but it has 6 job adv. and it falls under the theif category? I’m confused.

  14. Voltaire says:

    오아아아아….. 나도 라바나 투구을 원하는돼…
    듀얼 브레이드 가 모험가 야? 헐…..6차 까지…

  15. Exist says:

    i thought Evan wasnt a legend?

  16. zane says:

    물론 업데이 트를 spadow오고있어! 사랑은 나중에!

  17. Lumancer says:

    If what we’re assuming from the data is correct and the dual-blade class is in fact a third thief adventurer branch, I wonder if that means they’ll be adding a third branch for archers and pirates as well….

  18. Chzchan says:

    6 JOB ADVANCES??? Seariously?

  19. Fan says:

    Warrior and mage had three classes so now Nexon is adding 1 more path to Thief, Bowman and Pirate? That’s awesome.

  20. Random says:

    ummm if its an adventurer then it wouldnt have its own cs would it?

  21. Zienth says:

    The job placement under 430 might be just for testing purposes to avoid making the storyline to come with the job in the test server. The storyline may follow later in the testing. They may have did this to rush the job through development after all, Evan was a pretty fast on its relevance to releasing compared to Aran. As for dual blades, there isn’t much and the only dual blade they released isn’t even a dual (They’ll probably fix this later on I hope >.>). The six job advancements makes this an odd job so it doesn’t make sense to fall under adventurer.

    • Takebacker says:

      Evan was practically finalized before it was put in the test server anyway. It wasn’t rushed at all.

      Pro tip: If it doesn’t make sense, don’t kill yourself over it. This is nexon for fucks sake.

    • Alilatias says:

      Pretty much what Takebacker says. We don’t know what to expect with Nexon Korea anymore.

      What you said about the job placement might hold up if it weren’t for the fact that when Aran suddenly showed up in the KMST data, it was already put into the 21XX category, not lumped with the Adventurer Warriors. This I remember clearly. (And then there was a ton of speculation as to whether or not the Aran was some sort of extension of Knight of Cygnus despite the data placement, but that’s besides the point.)

      I’m pretty sure the Aran skills were all being tested about a full month or two before Rien and the story was put into KMST as well.

      The earliest video of Aran training in the test server was towards the end of April of last year.

      The earliest video of the beginning tutorial sequence was posted at the end of June.

  22. Bownissley says:

    I hope it isn’t a third thief adventurer because it would have amazing looking skills compared to the skills of bandits and assassins.

  23. Carrot says:

    I’m going to go on a hunch and say that this is a screw up on Nexon’s part.

    But that’s just me in denial.

  24. SomeAran says:

    I think that this is going to mess up the balance of Maple once again,
    I hope they’re not too over-powered. Do they have a high damage in the lower
    level’s just like CKs’ or Arans, or do they have to work up to a higher level
    like Gunslingers?

  25. Imthatbrick says:

    Wait..So we can make a thief ahead of time at like level 30 and wait?

  26. UnNamedPlayer says:

    Spadow Can you show some skills of this Job?

  27. dutchman says:

    Marc :
    Here’s my theory: Unlike Aran who is the legend and Evan who is the descendant of the legend, The thief legend will be the disciple of the Legend. So you start of as a rouge and then you run into some strange twist of fate and meet the already awakened thief legend who takes you in as hie/her disciple sine she can’t fight for whatever reason. Just a hunch :P

    I’m with this guy, start out as a adventurer but then meets the actual Legend thief and become his disciple. I don’t see a point why else that class has 6 advancements.

  28. Andrew says:

    If it was an adventurer it wouldn’t have a separate cs. If you job advanced from a rogue, how would nexon prevent you from transferring nx before advancing?
    I’m assuming there was an error in the data, considering they haven’t released it in tespia yet even.

    • Takebacker says:

      I guarantee that if they thought of it at the time, they would have made a separate CS for pirates too. Having a separate CS doesn’t prove anything, even if we already know this is a legend anyway.

  29. SlayerGhost says:

    dutchman :

    Marc :Here’s my theory: Unlike Aran who is the legend and Evan who is the descendant of the legend, The thief legend will be the disciple of the Legend. So you start of as a rouge and then you run into some strange twist of fate and meet the already awakened thief legend who takes you in as hie/her disciple sine she can’t fight for whatever reason. Just a hunch :P

    I’m with this guy, start out as a adventurer but then meets the actual Legend thief and become his disciple. I don’t see a point why else that class has 6 advancements.

    That sounds logical to me. The only real explanation that could make any sense, although if it is the case I’m going to end up transfering my clothes over prior to getting that dual blade job advancement…

  30. HeliosKnight says:

    I think its a hero since its as a new way of playing cuz the adventurer as4 advancement but this one has 6 advancement and using a new weapons so i think its would come out as a thief legend

  31. Nhan says:

    Hopefully, it will be changed to a legend class.
    Seeing this is a test server, i’m saying there’s a 45% chance of change.
    Anyways, there should be balance between dual blades and bandits.
    I mean sin dual blade is going to take over sindits? :(
    But seriously, they should make dual blades have higher attacks per minutes
    while having lower damage per minutes than bandits.

  32. DestinyThief says:

    Spadow when is this class in tespia?
    i would like to see a movie of the class
    this is a realy big mystery, everyone speaks about it: is it a hero or not XD
    this class is at so many point very intresting

  33. TableSUN says:

    I think THey Just coded it for that because its a new wep And they are thinking trying to let it being use for adventure bandit to…?

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  35. Tay says:

    You barely have enough scrolls to make a worth while blade in kMST.
    Sheesh Spadow, faulty advertising.

  36. GameMX says:

    The JobID seems to be a placeholder, I wouldn’t be surprised, that or a mistake. It doesn’t mechanically make sense how they would make it an adventurer with a separate cash shop. You’ll have to go through the rogue class, which means you can share Cash Shop items…

    Too incomplete, but I think the ID will be relocated later.

  37. joeloveslego says:

    how do you look at the files?

  38. Snow says:

    *stares at boss drops

  39. Voltaire says:

    Spadow :
    나도잘몰라 ㅋㅋ;

    스파도님, 듀얼 브래이드 가 모험가 년 카싼드라 와 모험가 의도전을해 도대여?

  40. theunknown says:

    i dont get the id stuff O.O

  41. JunCurious says:

    6 Job Advancements will make it interesting.
    It’ll probably be like 10~30~70~100~130~180. Or something like that.

    They probably really liked how the Evan skill-set up turned out.

  42. Tetrin says:

    Hey Spadow, a quick question if you have the time.

    Steal changed recently in KMS, allowing it to mob enemies and deal 130% damage. But does Steal still work with ANY weapon like it used to?

    Thanks in advance.

  43. TurneDnuorA says:

    Does this mean the first job of the thief also gets another skill? Claws have Lucky Seven, Daggers have Double Stab… Dual Blades have…?

    Or will Nexon just change that to with Dual Blades you can also use Double Stab (This would seem pretty logical to me)

    • Secun says:

      I’d imagine they’ll modify Double Stab, but this is also on the assumption that you make Dual Blades as an Adventurer char, and not seperately like Aran/Evan/Cygnus chars.

  44. Exist says:


  45. Boob says:

    So its not a hero job? Thats bad and good. Bad because Hero jobs are always more interesting and Adventurer is the most boring job in the world. Good because if its not a hero class , that means it wont take room between the 5 heroes class. 1 Word: AwYay

  46. Maybe says:

    Also, why in that photo they released the background is Kerning City? Hint for being an adventurer?

  47. forum says:

    Nexon America is keep giving us surprises!

  48. DestinyThief says:

    WOA!! i was thinking very deep, and i came by maple blades in my had :D
    i am wondering how they gonna look

    SORY for my bad englisch :S

  49. Arthur says:

    So about how long you think GMS will get it? Keep up the good work Spadow :D

  50. BITCH says:

    lol your critical dmg 419 your normal dmg 500+ =_=

  51. TableSUN says:

    Im sure it isnt a Adventerur Because if it is That will means All Shadowers/NightLords and lower thief jobs Get a Seprate CashShop

    And whats the point of that..?

  52. Ghost says:

    Maybe this was just a mistake?

  53. Exist says:

    i got a feeling this dual blade ‘rogue’ was an adventurer at first, but since it was more powerful than the shadowers and night lords, it became a legend, and fought with the black magician with the other 4 legends, but failed and got frozen…

  54. ZOMG THIS IS BIG!!!!
    Hello I love viewing your blog/vids/info Spadow…

    6 Job Advancements….
    and…wow…Just wow….

    Keep up the good work I love this stuff,
    I gotta tell ppl about this one

  55. Daikukuro says:

    A question for you spadow,
    The new thief gear called Shoulder Pads,where will it be worn?
    As all of us know that you cannot equip a shield while [shoulder pads in this case] using a 2h weapons [Dual Blades].
    So, will they be adding another slots in the Equipment window on where they are to be placed or something else?

  56. TableSUN says:


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  59. lionheart365 says:

    So it’s a theif? Like instread of just bandit or sin they now have dual blade at lvl 30?

  60. [RANDM] says:

    From all of the photos given thus far, it shows the “DUAL-Blade” with 1 weapon and a basic shield.[dual= 2 XP] -fail- But, since it has a sheild it resembles one of the 5 Legends in the picture from the Aran cutscene showing all the “Legends.” If this was yet another Adventurer class it would differ from all the others having more classes and at the same time it would be far to similar to the “Bandit” class as they both use the same weapon. Unlike mages and warriors where there is more of a diversity of things to be created such as: different elements, different types of weapons, skills, etc., the Dual-Blade is just far too similar to an already exsisting class(Bandit). And if MapleStory REALLY wanted money, they could charge the millions of mindless addicted players large sums of money for even playing. [Just think, did the Pirates would have their own CS when they were created?] MapleStory is known for its various mistakes and all of you being eager for new classes picked up a seemingly harmless “mistake” and came up with a different answer than what was originally intended. Even if this was a new class and there was other new adventurers to be made, it would be hard to make more w/o cloning another class(like a “sling-shot” using class i.e. Archer lol jk XP) or bullshitting ideas(like pirates punching things… like wtf? o.o). The fact is… “Dual-Cast” is most likely yet another “Hero” class and they probably won’t merge all the heros together until they are all complete or never at all(which is why Evans are seperate from Arans).

  61. omg says:

    well i think its a separate class from neither an adventurer, cygnus, or hero, but a separate class!! >=(

  62. BlinkBlader says:

    uhhhh the job advancing does not go up to 150 o.O
    its 20-30-55-70-120

  63. Ivan says:

    Dude its call double blade bandit okay -_-

  64. N/A says:

    Dual Blades are actually Heroes, as in Chaos for Maplestory, they say the Heroes have a big role and Dual Blade is one of them, it was the Dual Blade, Evans, and Arans, although Dual Blades are also Explorers, like mages, warrios, and archers, along with pirates, and thieves.

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