KMST V288 ~ More info on the new job

The new job is still not released yet, but one thing I know is that this job will have a separate Cash Shop storage.
No big surprise since this was done with Cygnus, Aran and Evan.

Based on the image above, I think the name of the job will be Dual Blade.
In this patch, (incomplete) skill strings were added and the job ID of the new job, which is 430.

The job IDs of the current heroes (Aran & Evan) are 21XX and 22XX. The job ID of Dual Blade is 430, so it does not fall under the ‘Hero’ category.
430 means that it is a thief (4) and that Dual Blade is the third job that belongs with the Adventurer’s thief group (3).

Basically this new job is an Adventurer. Strangely, it does not have four job advancements like the other Adventurers.
This job has six job advancements.

I am ready to scroll some blades. ^^~

Today I wanted to obtain a Ravana Helmet. I went in the dungeon map with my friend but unfortunately he died after a couple of seconds.
I had to kill Ravana on my own which was a difficult task because of the short time limit and low damage, but I managed to kill it!

As a reward for killing Ravana, you obtain a Chaos Scroll for your Ravana Helmet.

It worked!! Good stats for a Chief Bandit.