Will the thief hero be called Ryan?

A lot of us are probably curious about the name of the next hero. I’ve saw a few such as Ivan, Odan and Ian. But nobody knows until a patch will unveil the new job.

In the ver. 1.2.286 test server patch several new hairstyles were released.
One of the new haircuts was the female Aran hair.

There is also a male Aran hair (they’re available in different colors)

This hairstyle was released with the ver. 1.2.286 along with the female Aran hair:

The name for this hairstyle is 라이언 헤어, which means Ryan Hair.
Since the release of Aran and Evan, maybe they continue following the ”an” trend.

What do you think?

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49 Responses to Will the thief hero be called Ryan?

  1. UnNamedPlayer says:

    Anyone knows when is the patch ?

  2. Lumancer says:

    Now that I’ve actually SEEN the hairstyles, I’m tempted to agree. It seem very likely that the new class will be “Ryan”

  3. HFRevolver says:

    That hair is HAWT! MUST GET RYAN – Screw the aran :P unless i dont like ryan gameplay

  4. TwilightMoon says:

    those aran haircuts rock!

  5. Tay says:

    That hair looks so bad on a guy,

  6. icestrikers2 says:


  7. Nessa says:

    i doubt it. Look at the Aran characters hair, it’s the same as the Aran hairs (sorry, if that was confusing) And if you look at the thief legends hair in the promotional picture it looks nothing like the Hair ‘Ryan’

    • mrduoiuoi says:

      actually if u look at the picture of the middle(dark) guy in the promoting page, the edge of the hair of the 2 fits pretty well so……possibly

  8. Oz says:

    spadow, could you post the rest of the new hair styles ( you know, all thecolors XD )

  9. Secun says:

    As far as I’ve heard from lurking around, the Thief Legend is called “Orion”.

  10. Bownissley says:

    Spadow what is that really awesome medal u are wearing?

  11. Imitazion says:

    Yay, more spam incoming. “OMG DOUBLEDAGGER RYAN THIEF PWNAGE” on every Maplestory forum known to man.

  12. Hello says:

    Well the Ryan hair kinda looks lik the one in the twin blade thief guy

  13. MsWolverine says:

    I think 라이언 헤어 means lion hair not ryan

  14. RAWR NZ says:

    I think it’d be weird having a legend called Ryan….
    “I’m going to make a Ryan!”

    Aran and Evan sounds good though xD

    Even though the job name is the name of the legend character, it still doesn’t sound right. o-o”

  15. aar says:

    Keep in mind that the Korean pronunciations for “Ryan” and “Lion” are the same.

    Also, “Aran” and “Evan” have used the Korean “ahn” endings, while the “Ryan” used and “ohn” ending. So I don’t think it’s going to be Ryan.

    • aar says:

      *or at least, can be the same. “Ra ee ahn,” “Ra ee ohn,” whatever.

    • mrduoiuoi says:

      Evan is originally pronounced ee-vohn, but for the evan job in maple, they pronounced it e-vahn, so same can apply for ryan, ree-ahn

      • aar says:

        Yes, but in the quoted Korean text “Ryan” has “언”, instead of “ahn.” I’m not talking about the American/English pronunciation.

  16. Alilatias says:

    Female Aran hair. DO WANT.

    Anyways, now I’m wondering if this legend is going to end up with a tiger mount of sorts. It kinda fits thieves. Fast, cunning, lethal.

    …And watch them stealth erase the bird from the Aran artwork and give it to the Archer legend. >_>

  17. ITSMATTER says:

    They either use “-AN” trend , or use ” A E I O U ” trend…

    But some1 at basilmarket predicted next legend is thief ,she say the legend name is ORION (LONG TIME AGO)
    But all ppl unbelieave , they think next legend is archer..
    But now website come out , proved tat is THIEF LEGEND
    Now U ALL WANT “ORION” or “Ryan” ?

  18. sam says:

    isnt is supposed to be LION hair???????
    라이언 should pronouce lion @.@

  19. Bob says:

    Aren’t they Ian, Ochan, and Utan?

  20. SlayerGhost says:

    Bob :Aren’t they Ian, Ochan, and Utan?

    Spadow already posted saying that was fake. T_T

  21. Akebo says:

    I think Ryan would be a bit stupid, too be honest. But for some reason Nexon likes to make the legendaries have common names.

  22. Voltaire says:

    i pronounce evan- eban like the korean way

  23. Forte says:

    :D my name.

  24. Spadow says:

    It was just pure speculation.
    A new patch has been released and I found the Cash Shop UI. It says Dual Blade. Maybe the name will be just Dual Blade.

  25. Maybe says:

    Maybe Nave :O

  26. DestinyThief says:

    why is the Cash Shop topic/pots thingy removed??

  27. Bownissley says:

    I posted this question in an older post but no one read it, so i was wondering if i have a lvl 120 shadower is there still any way i could get the adventurers cruel ring?

  28. Alilatias says:

    Erm… Wow, what a mess.

    SouthPerry has an extraction on the latest KMST patch, and the data appears to indicate that the new class is considered to be a third Thief Adventurer branch, but that the story might treat this as a Legend. Think “a nobody that advances towards a greater destiny”. (After all, there appear to be SIX job advancements, something that none of the other Adventurers have.)

    Nexon Korea sure loves to confuse the hell out of everyone.

  29. DestinyThief says:

    So if i understand the Dual Blade isnt for sure a legendary class?

  30. LegendaryAbsesion says:

    I think the theif will be called Ian.
    My theory :
    It seems to be Following 2 trends
    A E I O U Trend
    and the “an” trend,
    so if this is the third one and its
    following both of those two trends than it makes
    sense to call it Ian. Also i recall seeing a video
    by mazefind about the names of the classes recently released by nexon
    they were something along the lines of
    Ian, Oudan and Utchan, Or something along those lines and if
    my trend theory is correct then it would make sense

  31. SlayerGhost says:

    LegendaryAbsesion :I think the theif will be called Ian.My theory :It seems to be Following 2 trendsA E I O U Trendand the “an” trend,so if this is the third one and itsfollowing both of those two trends than it makessense to call it Ian. Also i recall seeing a videoby mazefind about the names of the classes recently released by nexonthey were something along the lines ofIan, Oudan and Utchan, Or something along those lines and ifmy trend theory is correct then it would make sense

    Unless, of course, the A E I O U “trend” is really pure coincedence (Which is very lkely… A and E are commonly used letters). Ryan is a highly eligible name for it.

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  33. Maxy says:

    It’s definitely not Ivan. Ivan is the ITCG/Promotional Thief.

  34. Stephan says:

    Aran, Evan, Ian, Ochan, Utan.

    Those are all the names.
    I believe they’re all in order
    since Aran came already, as well as Evan in KMS, so it leaves Ian next
    and you were right, they do all end with “an”
    so It’s probaly Ian.

    Here’s the vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgypaSzX80w

    ~Awesome Blog!

  35. Troll#168 says:

    Sorry for necro and stuff, but it’s lion hair, nor Ryan hair, isn’t it..? -.-;

  36. Exumaii says:

    Time travel! Next Legend is Mercedes XD!

  37. Brian says:

    LOL, its called Phantom

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