Two blades that divide the darkness!

new job is scheduled to be released soon in the test server.
This time the thief hero can shine.

Anyone who visits the Korean MapleStory website will see a new page. A background with three silhouetted characters.
It says it’s coming soon. Well I guess after all they will not be disappoint people with the very big patch planned in March.

A few days ago I published a poll about the new update and the three most voted at the moment are:

  • New maps for high-leveled players 23% (220 votes)
  • A new job 22% (211 votes)
  • A lot of disappointment 22% (209 votes)

Around 950 people participated in this poll and 22% thinks there will be a new job. Well, you are right.
There is not a lot of information yet about this new job, but what I can tell you is that this job will use a new type of weapon: dual blades.

This is a new scroll, it can only be used on blades.