1st term for test server starts today till May 2010

The first term of 2010 starts today.

I wanted to register the name Spadow in the Tespia server, but it was taken already.
I’m so pissed. This person should create his or her own unique name.

I hate imposters. ~_~

If you see new videos or screenshots with a character called Spadow, then it will not be me this time.

In the 1st term, I will refer myself as Spadow사랑.

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

34 Responses to 1st term for test server starts today till May 2010

  1. hahahaha says:

    tsk tsk, faker b@stards!!

  2. AzureStar says:

    Haha, i know the guy who took the name. Casper ftw!

  3. sgtgrif says:

    What does, “사랑” translate to in English? Also I’m sorry that your name was taken, whoever took it is probably just a child that has been neglected and feels that he/she will only gain fame by impersonating others. If it isn’t, then whoever did just fails at life. o_o

  4. RoflMaple says:

    사랑 means love right?

  5. Bownissley says:

    What job will you be playing as in the new term?

  6. Muffy says:

    HAHAHAHA…. but really that sux i tool the name smiley

  7. shibii says:

    what’s that “1st term”thing. Whats special about it? anyone can explain to me?

    • Alilatias says:

      The test server is split up into ‘terms’ depending on the content that people are testing and when the content is being tested. From the looks of it, there are brief periods of time, in between terms, in which the test server is closed off to everyone because there’s nothing left to test.

      All character data for the test server is wiped out in between terms. Hence Spadow wanting to register with his own name for this term but having to settle for something else due to an impostor.

      Spadow, if the first term starts today, do you have any idea of what kind of content there is yet? Or is everyone just registering but not able to test anything new at the moment?

  8. RoflMaple says:

    spadow what do you have to comment on this pic http://i49.tinypic.com/fv9w6e.jpg

  9. Shroum says:

    Spadow :
    Thief job.

    LOL to warm up your bandit skills? :P

  10. sgtgrif says:

    Solarboy :They probably want to release the black magician as soon as posible

    That would be absurd! Pink Bean hasn’t even been killed yet O_O

  11. NubKiller says:

    lol nice name :P (Its Spadow-Love(사랑)
    Does anyone know the name of the new class?

  12. xManaphyx says:

    i gonna curse the ppl who use ur name
    if is a him
    that part cannot be used , useless liao
    if is a her
    children no tat part 1

    or go out let car crashed become plant ppl (LOL)
    who so boring and wants to use your name
    i was pissed off when i found my wordpress id Manaphy is used
    by a F_cker who named himself Manaphy and make a club penguin cheat lame blog
    which doesnt contains anything

    • Mysteriously says:

      …Manaphy is a pokemon name. It’s obviously going to be taken, its not an internet alias that you made up by yourself.

  13. Imitazion says:

    I am currently patching KMS Tespias newest content.
    Will bring news.

  14. SlayerGhost says:

    Alilatias :It’s real. Going to the Korean MS website results in this picture showing up.
    …They skipped archers. *is shot*
    Anyways, dual-wielding dagger thief legend? But wow, this is too early…

    By “Soon” they probably mean this summer… around the time we get Evan. I’m actually happy they skipped the bowman and went straight for the good stuff… gonna go zak every day now in hopes of being able to fund it a several dozen bil…

    • Bownissley says:

      wow i bet u the bowman legend will be much better then the theif job… -_-

    • Alilatias says:

      There has to be a reason why they skipped the ranged class though. Archers were the next logical step. They’re probably delaying releasing the ranged legends as long as possible, because each new ranged class released unbalances the game even more in some ways (no, Evan doesn’t count due to the crappy M.ATK formula).

      Look at Gunslingers, for example. The new skill changes pretty much made them the most unbalanced ranged class in the entire game. They’re up there with Night Lords, if not above when using Battleship.

  15. Karma says:

    How do you know if you were chosen to the term?

  16. joeloveslego says:

    Ochan is coming!

  17. ed says:

    dang i missid da register :( crap

  18. marcelkti says:

    … Where i can register at KMST? >_> …

  19. SlayerGhost says:

    Bownissley :wow i bet u the bowman legend will be much better then the theif job… -_-


  20. chappy says:

    im new to this site,how can i get to play kmst,I got the nexon acc.so how ??

  21. Xcuxlt9769 says:

    Hi Spadow could u plz send me some of ur main characters and all the other ones just to see some of ur characters apperance and the looks but obviously i m not an imposter just taking a bit of a research sketch

  22. Xcuxlt9769 says:

    Hey Spadow, if u are a korean or live in korea are u playin KMS.I really want to play KMS if i m not in Korea.
    I hope this works

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