KMST V282 ~ Golden Temple

A new premium dungeon has arrived. Golden Temple.

Neo City = Neo Tokyo (Japan)
Kerning Square = Taipei 101 (Taiwan)
Golden Temple = Siam (Thailand)

What’s next?
The Golden Temple is only available for one month. In this case, after February 28th you cannot enter Golden Temple.

This cash item is an invitation to Golden Temple. If you double-click the item, you obtain a Premium Golden Ticket (). With this ticket you can enter the mini-dungeons in Golden Temple.

The ”invitation to Golden Temple” cash item is not available in the Cash Shop because right now.
I don’t know how much this cash item is gonna cost. I think the people will not like this move by Nexon…

A new pet came along with this patch:

This cute little fella does not have a name yet.
Read more for the Golden Temple update~

메이플스토리 클라이언트 Ver. 1.2.282 릴리즈 되었습니다.
MapleStory client Ver. 1.2.282 has been released.

이번 패치에서는 다음과 같은 사항이 수정, 추가되었습니다.
In this patch the following matters were added.

<아이템 관련>
<Item related>

1. 새로운 장비 아이템이 추가되었습니다.
1. A new equipment item was added.

  • (Lv.70) 라바나의 투구
  • (Lv. 70) Ravana Helmet

REQ LV: 70
STR: +18
DEX: +18
INT: +18
LUK: +18
HP: +60
MP: +60
Weapon Defense: +100
Magic Defense: +100
Accuracy: +10
Avoidability: +10
Speed: +5
Jump: +2
Slots: 7
Untradeable (You can use a Platinum Karma Scissor to make it tradeable)
Epic Item

<맵 관련>
<Map related>

1. 황금사원이 추가되었습니다.
1. Golden Temple has been added.

  • 각 마을에 있는 차원의 거울을 통해 황금사원으로 이동할 수 있습니다.
  • Use the Mirror of Dimension (located in every town) to enter Golden Temple.
  • 황금사원에서 여러 종류의 미니던전과 라바나 보스 던전으로 입장할 수 있습니다.
  • In Golden Temple there are various mini dungeons and the Ravana boss dungeon.

2. 황금사원 내에 미니던전이 추가되었습니다.
2. Mini Dungeons were added in Golden Temple.

  • 원숭이 사원1
  • Monkey Temple 1

  • 원숭이 사원2
  • Monkey Temple 2

  • 원숭이 사원3
  • Monkey Temple 3

  • 원숭이 사원4
  • Monkey Temple 4

  • 도깨비 동굴1
  • Goblin Cave 1

  • 도깨비 동굴2
  • Goblin Cave 2

  • 도깨비 동굴3
  • Goblin Cave 3

3. 황금사원 내에 라바나 던전이 추가되었습니다.
3. Ravana Dungeon has been added in Golden Temple.

  • 악령의 신전
  • Temple of the Evil Spirit

<몹 관련>
<Mob related>

1. 황금사원에 새로운 몬스터가 추가되었습니다.
1. New monsters were added to Golden Temple

  • Lv.15 사나운 원숭이
  • Lv.15 Fierce Monkey

HP: 250
MP: 20
EXP: 47

  • Lv.21 어미 원숭이
  • Lv.21 Mother Monkey

HP: 350
MP: 20
EXP: 61

  • Lv.27 흰털 아기 원숭이
  • Lv.27 White Haired Baby Monkey

HP: 650
MP: 20
EXP: 89

  • Lv.34 흰털 어미 원숭이
  • Lv.34 White Haired Mother Monkey

HP: 1040
MP: 20
EXP: 126

  • Lv.43 파란 도깨비
  • Lv.43 Blue Goblin

HP: 2200
MP: 20
EXP: 218

  • Lv.54 빨간 도깨비
  • Lv.54 Red Goblin

HP: 4150
MP: 20
EXP: 301

  • Lv.66 힘센 돌도깨비
  • Lv.66 Strong Rock Goblin

HP: 9300
MP: 20
EXP: 463

  • Lv.60 라바나
  • Lv.60 Ravana

HP: 2,343,500
MP: 50,000
EXP: 98550
Knockback: 50000

  • Lv.90 라바나
  • Lv.90 Ravana

HP: 3,762,400
MP: 50,000
EXP: 142370
Knockback: 50000

  • Lv.90 라바나
  • Lv.120 Ravana

HP: 5,879,850
MP: 50,000
EXP: 186430
Knockback: 50000

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41 Responses to KMST V282 ~ Golden Temple

  1. Chuey says:

    Hopefully you’ll post information soon because the area looks incredibly more promising than this post makes it sound. o-o (has read the extraction and replies on SP)

  2. SwordStaker says:

    I want this area so bad in GMS, it’s been one of my favorite areas. Can’t wait for more info!

  3. Anubis says:

    Yeah, this area is so cool. Indeed, all world tour areas are charming is some way… Nexon turning it in low-lvl theme dungeon is destroying them! Why are they doing this? Haven’t the low lvls (50-) many areas yet? Create areas for lvls 140+!

  4. Chuey says:

    The area’s only around for a month, so don’t get your hopes up.

    Besides, it’s not March yet, so we shouldn’t even be expecting that much right now.

  5. DarkRecon says:

    Great, now Thailand has been nerfed like the other WT areas.

    This sucks.

  6. Takebacker says:

    Ironic. They say they nerfed neo tokyo to neo city because they didn’t like that you had to buy a CS item to get in…and yet they’re doing the exact same thing here.

    Fuck you nexon korea.

  7. Grif says:

    Yes, I agree, KMS really needs to stop nerfing it’s areas. There is an extremly large amount of low leveled content, nearly no one can even do it all on one character. KMS is lacking in high leveled content. I especially hope GMS does NOT get the nerfed versions of World Tour content, because I, along with a large portion of GMS, want the real thing. @Takebacker, I like what you said last :P

    • Takebacker says:

      First of all, there’s no proof that we will get any of the nerfed crap. If we get the real neo tokyo (which we will), that’s proof that we never will. Second of all, KMS needs low level content just as much as it needs high level content. You know what everyone trains on from 50-80 in KMS? C-2. One map for 30 levels. This place has mini dungeons and awesome mobs for that entire level range, and it’s an event map. That’s the biggest slap in the face for their players i have ever seen.

      • sgtgrif says:

        Mhm, I can see your point there. I guess I was a little bit in a rage over how KMS ruined Neo Tokyo (City) and made it a low leveled area, so maybe it didn’t appear that I am for low leveled content. What I really find pathetic though is that areas designed for higher levels are being nerfed this bad. Why not just add regular training areas created specifically for lower levels, instead of making the higher levels angry? Not only that, but by making the area readily accessible and FREE to play in, instead of being forced to purchase Nexon if you wish to enter.

        • Takebacker says:

          What? Golden temple sucked for ANYONE in the first place, much less for high levels.

          Adding mini dungeons and changing the drops/exp:HP ratios in such a way is a buff to the area.

  8. Veronica Kayz says:

    Is there a release date for this patch for KMS or GMS?

  9. inika41 says:

    So the boss is called Ravana.

    Ya’know in Hindu myth, Ravana had 10 heads and 10 arms…. but I guess 6 arms work too.

    I mean the ar style does seem like a mixture of Indian and Chinese. What was it called, the Thai culture, if I’m not mistaken?

  10. rgfdh234 says:

    Are you sure the cash shop item is used to enter the area after event?
    I read insoya and didn’t find anything that says that.

  11. OrangeGuy says:

    And we all know this is completely permanent because it’s only in test server right?

  12. joeloveslego1 says:

    yay!!! TaiwanMS got it before korea!!!

  13. kevintai1 says:

    Comon KMS, screw this crap and unlock the last 2 doors at Time Temple already!

  14. MRMAGICAL says:

    kevintai1 :Comon KMS, screw this crap and unlock the last 2 doors at Time Temple already!

    Yea they should focus on that more. Just leaving 1door open and the other 2 closed leaves alot of speculation on wut could happen in MS. Could one door hold the black mage? could another hold the black mage of the Past? So many questions that need answering :D

  15. Takebacker says:

    More TT doors opening is a retarded rumor.

    • sgtgrif says:

      Actually no, hover over the doors with your cursor, it says a different name over each. What purpose would that serve unless there would be more additions?

    • randompeep says:

      Hey look, there’s the 100+ area that coming in two months: A TT expansion!!1

      I’d rather see an expansion of Elin Forest to have decent mid to high level content, but if all the NPCs say nothing again I don’t want it. Give it an actual storyline dammit!

  16. Chuey says:

    *imagines taller and muscular memory monks with gotees (sp?)*

    The TT doors are still connected to the temple, so if a possible idea is present, future, and past, the enemies aren’t going to get further creative unless it gets taken over or something. And besides, another possibility is that the other doors just go to Regret and Oblivion but are sealed shut while one was broken into, hence you can walk straight into Memory Lane.

  17. Zero says:

    nexon will commit suicide if they put the golden temple as a cash place….

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  19. andy says:

    gee i wish they copy singappore next(MP3) but ibet they wont because of macro users…….

  20. EvilCowKing says:

    Paying for dungeons, eh?

    Why, here’s an even better idea – bring back Ch.20 and make it a premium only channel!

    Gotta love how they’re milking us for as much NX as possible.

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