The ”Ian, Ochan and Utan” Rumor

Okay, I originally didn’t plan to post about this because it was not interesting to me at all.
I visited some forums and saw threads with ”LEGEND NAMES CONFIRMED!!!!”, ”Ian, Ochan, Utan”.

Well, they are not confirmed. Just because you saw 아란, 에반, 이안, 오찬 and 우탄 on a screen does not mean it is officially confirmed.
First of all I want to say that currently there are only two Heroes in the game. Aran is the only Legend (and Hero). However, Evan is not a Legend. Evan is a successor of the past hero. The second hero in question is Freed.

▲ Shown at the MapleStory user conference. It shows that the heroes of the past who fought against the Black Magician were Aran, Freed, XXX, YYY and ZZZ.

So who is this Freed? The Dragon Master of the past was a hero named Freed who fought against the Black Magician. Freed was accompanied by his Onyx Dragon, Afrien.

The Onyx Dragon laid an egg and asked Freed to hide it. Freed promised he would fulfill the request of Afrien.
During the last battle with the Black Magician, Freed dies and Afrien takes the curse of being confined in ice I think.

As time goes by, Evan, an ordinary boy who lives nearby Henesys has a dream where he found a huge dragon while wandering through a dreamy forest. He wakes up and sees a mark on his hand.

After a while Evan finds a dragon egg in a forest and decides to keep it. (This is the egg from Afrien)

Once the egg hatches, you will discover a dragon hatched from the egg. The name of the dragon is Mir, a descendant of Afrien.

Later once Mir starts to grow, Evan and Mir want to find out what kind of dragon Mir is. After studying from the books, they discover Mir is an Onyx Dragon. The same race as Afrien. (Which is logical since Afrien is the parent of Mir)

During the journey, Evan joins a secret organization. Later the organization is known as Black Wings, a group following and praising the Black Magician.

Evan is doing things for Black Wings to help the Maple World. And this takes after Aran. But after Evan and Mir are told that the Black Wings is an evil organization trying to resurrect the Black Magician, they immediately leave the organization.

So all of this means that Evan is not a legend but the current Dragon Master. When you become Lv. 200, you will obtain a medal named Hero’s Successor which makes Evan the new Hero.

이안 (Ian)
오찬 (Ochan)
우탄 (Utan)

These were all guesses by a random person, because of the pattern.
So it’s NOT confirmed. The presenter said that one of the names ‘Ian’ came up in a company meeting. They might use the name Ian for the next Hero.
The name ‘Ian’ was suggested when they were creating Aran.
Just wait till the new Hero comes out

Though, it has been confirmed that because of this they visit fan sites such as Insoya and Playforum.

So about these new names.. it was all for jokes, folks. Sigh. You guys got pranked. haha.

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53 Responses to The ”Ian, Ochan and Utan” Rumor

  1. Michael says:

    I’m speechless. lol

  2. Tom says:

    Loved what you said in the end there Lol
    Spadow Ftw <3

  3. Zane says:

    Thank you im glad someone understands this :)

  4. BendyBread says:

    I really like the headband in the flashback. D:

  5. SkyCombat says:

    Thank you for letting me know this. I really was clueless when I uploaded the video, as I was told from some Korean guy that they were actually the official names. I guess that he lied.

    Sorry for my misleading video!

  6. SkyCombat says:

    Oh, and also thanks for clearing the Evan’s story up. But.. what happened to Afrien after he got sealed in the ice? Did he die? Why didn’t Aran die too, then?

    • Bownissley says:

      btw i love u vids :)

    • Takebacker says:

      Pretty sure there’s a map that was added with evans that had Afrien in it. It’s in rien.

    • Lol says:

      Read, the story, It says that Freed dies, and Afien gets trapped in ice.

    • G.Mo says:

      in ur series of quests at lvl 30, u learn about everything spadow tells u but to find out u have to find afrien trapped in ice basically u free him, then he gives u the memory so no he didnt die im not sure wut happened to him in the very end, though so the freezing curse doesnt kill i guess

  7. Bownissley says:

    I wish u could play as Freed instead because that name just sounds so much cooler :D

  8. bl@bl@ says:

    ‘Evan is doing things for Black Wings to help the Maple World. And this takes after Aran.’ explain more about the this takes after aran part ><

  9. Shibii says:

    Well said and thx for the little story i didnt read about it till now xD

  10. ShipOfTheSea says:

    Is the overall that guy is wearing something you can aquire in the game? It looks soo cool!

  11. Liu says:

    Now people its gonna say something like ” why i would make evan if hes not a legend” … lol (:

    • BendyBread says:

      lol. Well, he isn’t a legend like Aran, but I think he’s still classified as the magician class of the Legends.

      • MM says:

        Truth. Besides, people already knew he wasn’t a legend, since the storyline didn’t fit in… and that didn’t stop Evan from generating 240k users like CKs did.

  12. Mysteriously says:

    Lol @ you taking darkstylazz’ SS and cutting off his IGN.

  13. Anon says:

    Interesting how the current names are going in order of the vowels. A, E, I, O, U

  14. dkz says:

    Hahahah, yeah, I noticed that you used my screenshot, tho, its ok Spadow =]

  15. kevintai1 says:

    “Evan is doing things for Black Wings to help the Maple World.”
    …What? The context sounds like Evan is either helping the Black Wings or making the Maple World a better place.

    “And this takes after Aran.”
    What does this mean? That the Evan storyline takes place AFTER Aran? *Goes and kill every magician with a blue~black dragon and Henesys residents*

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      “This takes after Aran” means that Evan does whatever he/she is doing for the sake of the Maple World. Evan is similar to Aran in this respect.

  16. lol ^^ says:

    Well I think they will use something other now. I bet that it will be girl name now.
    like Ilia or Anastasia etc. These Utan or Ochan are lame plus Evan and Aran exist as names, like Ian.

    @ “And this takes after Aran.”

    These Legend jobs are as one storyline but there is no order in getting it. Of course to understand legends first should come Aran.

    But BrasilMS or EuropeMS could get em in order like Aran<Bowman<Pirate<Thief Mu Lung garden > Nihal Desert(?)>Leafre or something or first 4th job then KoC.

  17. lol ^^ says:

    aaa -.-‘ sorry for up
    there should be like:

    But BrasilMS or EuropeMS could get em in order like Aran<Bowman<Pirate<Thief Nihal Desert(?)>Leafre or something or first 4th job then KoC. I personaly think that for example first should come all ossyria places, then 4th job/KoC, then all legends, THEN Black Mage and his monsters cuz it fits well.

  18. G ~ says:

    This won`t take the credibility that those names have for being there. Maybe it won`t be there, but it can be! And actually, dunno if u guys noticed, but if u use the korean alphabet, u’ll see that:
    ㄹ = r*
    ㅁ = m
    ㅂ = b/p/v*
    ㅅ = s
    ㅇ = *
    ㅈ = j
    ㅊ = ch*
    ㅋ = k
    ㅌ = t*

    AEIOU and this. I can`t ignore the fact that Nexon is not creative and this is a possibility |:

  19. XxiaomuX says:

    Er… abit confusing though. So, Freed died, Afrien layed an egg(Mir) and got frozen. The egg got “sent” to hene by Freed and died, Evan found it, then they slowly became the descendents(however you spell it) of Afrien and Freed? PLEASE correct me if I am wrong~
    Off-topic: Do you think the next job will have another nameless female? I mean, the Aran has a boy and a girl, and the girl’s nameless :S

  20. XxiaomuX says:

    another thing. Shouldnt Nexon make an anime or whatever about the story to clear things up? I mean, this will tell everybody the background story and providing more image for us. Like, the power of Aran when he was born, the spear’s soul(I’m MapleSEA so its called Maha), how he got more and more powerful, and lastly fighting with the black magician(along with the other heroes, and at the same time let us have some suspense and how the remaining legends will look like, as in, since they let us see the 2D image of the 5 heroes fighting the Black mage tgether). Yeah I know they need millions of cash but they should be able to fix it. Any objections?

    • kevintai1 says:

      As much as I would like an anime, you can understand the story if you just lvl an Aran and read what the quests say. Also, I assume you know that a MapleStory anime was already made. Finally, Maha is also the pole arm’s name in GMS.

  21. SlayerGhost says:

    Y’know man, I think we’d all love to see the Evan mount…

  22. EvanIsComing says:

    When you think about it, it sounds like the story of “Eragon”. lol

    • NiNjA-DesTRuCtIOn says:


      Thank you somebody understands they stole the idea from Eragon. Infact, in the book Eragon, Eragon uses the name Evan as a fake name so ya stolen

  23. dngydngxu says:

    Ian is a char so u didnt prnk us and btw noone knows if those others are true or not.

  24. M4ytuc9k says:

    Is anything else going to happen in relation to freed?
    And (this is not based on fact) but since pirates weren’t around in the early years of maplestory, and also do not exist in the Altair place, wouldn’t that not make them one of the original (un-numbered) heroes? Which therefore would not have a legendary hero on their behalf? My brother is looking forward to finding the new high damaging bowman. Dual blade looks like a great success so far, a bit too strong, and I am hoping the adventurers will be revamped to be just as powerful. After, of course the legendary heroes are finished. Another level limit increase would also be appropriate in the near future

    • G.Mo says:

      True, pirates weren’t in the first days of maplestory, but there was a quest where you find a letter from Athena Pierce to Kyrin. That is when you find out that pirates were there before, then left, then came back. Therefore, there were pirates in the past.

  25. M4ytuc9k says:

    Sorry for the double post, but after reading other comments, the new characters could not be female, because then they would not be usable as males, and the first 2 aren’t male, it’s just a name. Black Mage as a boss, excellent idea, but what it’s missing now is the time it takes to level, which is way too short for levels 1-70. Mcpq2 would be a lot better if it was identical to mcpq except for the monsters fought within

  26. Rambo says:

    actually, freed did NOT die. i have gone through the evan storyline firsthand and i read the text. the black mage sealed the heroes in ice, but afrien took the hit instead of freed. freed ran away to hide the egg that afrien gave him. freed died peacefully then evan comes in the picture 100 years later, finding the egg freed hid

  27. If there is…Aeiou will be the most POWERFUL HERO?????A-Aran E-Evan I-Ian O-Ochan U-Utan… I HOPE THE REAL HERO IS AEIOU

  28. DAsdasd says:


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