KMS ver. 1.2.89 ~ The return of the Adventurers

Finally! The balance patch arrived.
Like I said, part three of the balance patch in the test server was the last one.

Everything from the test server is implemented in this patch. Including the Adventurer Rings.
I just noticed that the rings were nerfed. I edited my previous post about the Adventurer Rings.

Click here for the OLD stats.
These are the NEW stats:

Adventurer’s Cruel Ring
REQ LV: 30
Weapon Attack: +3
Magic Attack: +1
HP: +180
MP: +100
Has a 1% chance to instant kill 1 enemy
5% chance of dealing Critical Damage (20% Damage)

Adventurer’s Critical Ring
REQ LV: 30
Weapon Attack: +2
Magic Attack: +1
HP: +180
MP: +100
Has a 1% chance to instant kill 1 enemy
10% chance of dealing Critical Damage (10% Damage)

Adventurer’s Magical Ring
REQ LV: 30
Weapon Attack: +1
Magic Attack: +5
HP: +100
MP: +180
Has an 8% chance to stun an enemy for 6 seconds
5% chance of dealing Critical Damage (20% Damage)

And something new in this patch is that you can NOT wear Lilin’s Ring ()  and a Adventurer Ring (,,) at the same time. And you can only wear ONE Adventurer Ring.
This was applied and tested in the latest test server update and brought over to version 1.2.89.

It is probably for the best. People would be too overpowered if they could wear Lilin’s Ring along with these three Adventurer Rings.
I can’t imagine how many people are mad or happy at this moment.

For translated patch notes about the balance patch. ▼

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Yesterday there was a test server update that changed a few skills. Nothing major.

  • 파이어 에로우가 다수의 적을 공격할 수 있도록 변경 되었습니다.
  • The number of enemies Fire Arrow can attack has been increased.
    ┕ Can attack up to 3 enemies (Lv. 30)
    ┕ The Mob Count was 4.

  • 파이어 샷의 데미지가 상향 되었으며, 최대 6초간 화염 지속 데미지를 주도록 변경되었습니다.
  • Damage of Fire Shot has been increased, and it can now inflict 6 seconds of continuous fire damage.
    ┕ Damage increased from 150% → 160%.  Fire Damage lasts for 6 seconds. (Lv. 30)
    ┕ Fire Damage lasted for 7 seconds instead of 6.

And the Guardian Chief of Oblivion is now weak to Poison, Ice and Lightning.

└ Viper skill updates

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82 Responses to KMS ver. 1.2.89 ~ The return of the Adventurers

  1. Takebacker says:

    DO WANT @ new bucc updates.

    DO NOT WANT @ wearing 3 rings at the same time.

  2. Anonymouse says:

    So you can still wear all 3 Adventurer rings at the same time? That is still so broken.

    I hope they make some decent changes to Marksman, so far they have been given crap.

  3. Anonymouse says:

    Doh, didnt read properly, glad to see you can only wear one Adv ring.

  4. itouchD says:

    So, with this I am assuming there is no reason for me to level an aran to 70 for the time being?

    • itouchD says:

      “And you can only wear ONE Adventurer Ring.”

      thank goodness, I didn’t see that before. i suppose the aura rings are still useful then.

      • itouchD says:

        and now the rings are nerfed even more. i figured as such. the critical ring critical only hits 10% critical at +10% damage. that’s pathetic.

        3 att and 3/3/3/3 stats give a 3 att boost plus a 6 stat boost which is worth more than 4 att total (and if your a str shad thats a 9 stat boost which is 5 att). the lilins ring is superior to all of these rings unfortunately (now I have to get my aran to level 70…)

        ill run some calculations, but as it looks now, the lilins ring is definitely the best bet (and you can xfer it as much as you want)

  5. OMEGEE says:

    Is it still random to get critical or magical at lv 50?
    Or we can choose one of them? Cause critical is superb compared to the other 2

  6. Caitnip says:

    Are these rings only for adventurers? Or can a Cygnus Knight/Legend class equip them?

  7. Dave says:

    This is completely unfair they don’t even upgrade heroes XD.

  8. Snow says:

    Any idea what the critical damage % actually is?

  9. Des says:

    So we cant wear the ring together with ilin’s ring?

  10. Des says:

    Errr fire mage’s fire arrow now hit 3 mobs instead of 4? :(

  11. kubochan says:

    the critical applys only for contact dmg or does it affect magic dmg too?
    thanks spadow for all the info

  12. Gouryella says:

    Hey Spadow! What’s the title of the song in the video attached?

  13. Killerkirb says:

    I wish they would add more balance changes for Bow users and boost them. xD

  14. Nova says:

    Thats a pity becos now i have to choose between stats and instant kill and critical, what i really would like to know is if the critical stacks on top of the critical we gain from skills i.e. critical shot, critical throw… this will decide which ring i will be using if it cant then stuff the adventurer ring lilin ring ftw

    • Nova says:

      Oh Spadow could you also put up a vid of the burning effect of inferno? its causing chaos amongst rangers and bms, we would like to see how it works.

  15. Hypocrism says:

    Do we know how the Paladin dual charging works yet? :)

  16. Rai says:

    Spadow,would you mind showing us the skill changes and updates for Knights[MSEA Spelling] and Paladin if you were to be able to get a hold of any video showcasing the changed and updated skills?

    • Spadow says:

      I’ll try to upload.

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      There’s a video of a Paladin using Holy+Lightning and Threaten. Apparently, Lightning’s visual effect will never show up if it’s stacked with something else. What a shame. I was expecting a special combined visual effect. >.>

  17. smotanoTE says:

    Hey Spadow,

    Can you upload video of updated inferno, what’s burn effect damage?

  18. kevintai1 says:

    Hurry for Guardian Chief of Oblivion elemental weaknesses!

  19. Anonymouse says:

    This better not be the last of the balancing patches. Corsairs got upgraded so much it isnt funny while Marksman missed out horribly, they are now the worst Adventurer class.

  20. joey says:

    spadow where do you get those expressions like the one above the sentence “for translated patch…..”

  21. kenji says:

    wtf! where is the shadowers upgrade?!
    i heard they would upgrade the shadower too!
    well that sucks.. =.=

  22. kubochan says:

    hey somebody knows if the critical applys for anyone (mages)

  23. dennyvuquach says:

    Aww, so if you already have Lilin’s Ring, you can’t use any Adventurer’s ring at all? That’s so lame!

  24. Spadow says:

    Adventurer Rings were nerfed. Check the old and new stats.

  25. will says:

    so magical ring still gives +5 ma.atk?

  26. FlxFTW says:

    Ugh damn……. I wanted to wear all the rings for the hp boost T_T”

  27. maplefreak26 says:

    Lawl, GMS made that you can only wear 1 Lillin’s Ring….

  28. tcp520 says:

    Hi Spadow, is there anymore skill changes in future? or this is all?

  29. Lols says:

    Am i the only one disappointed of the ranger rebalance?>:(

    • tcp520 says:

      same here… bowman like nth change… especially bowmaster… =.=…

    • Nova says:

      Yes im quite dissapointed myself and btw i heard that the “critical damage” they are mentioning is not additional critical damage but they actually mean the OHKO someone correct me if im wrong there cos im confused on the whole critical damage thing

  30. MrBELL says:

    Wow the Ams barely get an increase compared to the evans…..

  31. MrBELL says:

    we ams still are weak

  32. BendyBread says:

    Stop whining you little girls. AM’s ULTIMATES, those 15-monster hit skills are being UPGRADED. You already train faste than everyone and you’re complaining you want me? Suck it up and keep it shut.

    You also get 1v1 upgrades, when mages clearly aren’t meant to BOSS. Magicians are a TRAINING class, you’d be an idiot to think otherwise, so don’t complain about that either.

    • LastOath says:

      If you do actually have a high-level mage, then you disappointed your clan by your overwhelming stup**ity. However if you do not have one, then you should consider ‘minding your own business’ instead of being a side-butt in the show.

      And by the way, the street-phrases that you keep using are only confirming how unintelligent you are… so i guess ‘naah’, you are just one of those nose-stickers, another bad-ass-wannabe, particularly.

      • BendyBread says:

        It’s not stupidity, it’s the truth. Mages have always been, and will remain to be, a training class. They weren’t designed to be bossers. Yes, they can boss, but they can’t do it efficiently (or to make people feel better, AS efficiently as other classes).

        How is that being a “side-butt”? Enlighten me please, because from what I see, 1 person made 2 posts about how AM’s are weak, therefore there isn’t anything to “butt” into.

        I don’t use “street-phrases” (no seriously, what street phrase did I use). How is this nose-sticking? This isn’t a private conversation where you’re expected to stay out. Once you post here, it’s open for discussion, because it’s open to the public.

        Way to assume, the only “bad-ass-wannabe” here is you, who is trying to act as if you’re prevailing justice.

      • Alilatias says:

        You know Bendy is right, LastOath. You -did- come in here from out of nowhere. You just insulted him, and said nothing about the actual argument at hand.

        • LastOath says:

          Even if he’s right. Couldn’t he just state his opinion politely without calling us (idiots) for wanting to boss a little? Is it too irritating for him to see us getting minor upgrades to the extent of trying to shutting our mouths? No, I refuse to “Suck it up and keep it shut” I want my mage to be as strong as ALL the other classes at bossing, since BOSSES are one of the major aspects in this game! Not to mention that recent quests have request boss-killing in order to finish them.

          I am mad because you all seem to be (all right) with your current jobs status, YET arguing about mages. It’s not fair, and yes I intended to insult him as I felt bad for his overrated opinion on something he has ‘nothing’ to do with.

          Sorry to the readers if anyhow it was annoying to read, and I apologize to Spadow for anything that shouldn’t be in my lines.

          • BendyBread says:

            I didn’t call anyone an idiot, learn to read. YOU were the one who said “disappointed your clan by your overwhelming stup**ity”. Don’t put words in my mouth.

            I am a mage myself, and it’s FAIR. You give up bossing capabilities to train a lot faster than every class. I’ll say it now – If you wanted a bossing class, MAKE A NEW CHARACTER. If you’re too butthurt to understand that mages aren’t made to boss, then that isn’t my fault. Mages are envied in 4th job because of their fast training ability to leech characters and to overall train overwhelmingly faster than everyone else. If they made mages as good as everyone else at bossing, nobody would make any other classes besides mages, which would break the versatility of having so many classes in the game.

            I haven’t mentioned any other classes as of yet, so way to assume (and falsely at that). Once again, how does this have “nothing” to do with me? I am a player of Maplestory and I’m entitled to my opinion on the game and it’s changes.

        • MrBELL says:

          sorry for the double post but…still arch mages should have a better damage for our 1 vs 1. arch mages are suppose to be the bossing mages, with our given skills

          • Alilatias says:

            I don’t know what you’re trying to get at here other than buffing up Archmages’ 1 VS 1 even more.

            They already are bossing/offensive mages. They already do have better 1 VS 1 compared to Bishops.

          • MrBELL says:

            well at first i thought the same thing but when u look at evans…they do the same exact thing as arch mages but still has a better 1vs 1 move with an ultimate.When evans are release it’ll put arch mages to death

          • BendyBread says:

            MrBell, I’m replying to your below comment.

            Evans have an ultimate with a 20 seconds cooldown. That means that Arch Mages already outstrip them in training.

            For bossing, Evans apparently beat AM’s (anyone have damage calculations?).
            This is why they’re boosted chain lightning and paralyze, because they’re trying to strengthen the classes so they’re not at risk of becoming obselete.

            If you think it’ll “put arch mages to death”, then quit now, you’re disgracing the class.

          • MrBELL says:

            maplestory is far from a perfect game and its because of complaints nexon even knows the problems. basically all their doing is putting a band aid over a wound , the increase is barely noticable…u must not b an Am

      • Bownissley says:

        what is stup**ity, side-butt, and nose-stickers? o.o ive never heard anyone use those words before?

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  34. MrYelnats says:

    Anyone know the exact damage calculations for paladins? I know it isn’t as high as everyone hypothesized.

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      kirayamato26 from BasilMarket ran some tests and these were her conclusions:

      – The charges stack multiplicatively
      – The charges are stacked at full power
      – The elemental advantage is reduced to 1.25 from 1.5
      – Only 1 elemental advantage would be applied

      In other words,
      – The damage multiplier of both charges are multiplied onto the base damage one after the other.
      – The charges do not suffer any reduction in their damage multipliers. However…
      – Elemental Advantage (with both charges at Lv30) will be cut whenever Dual Charging is used.
      – Even if both charges are advantageous against the enemy, the Elemental Advantage of 1.25 will only be applied once.

      In one of her later posts she speculates that having one charge advantageous and the other disadvantageous would result in roughly 0.9375 Elemental (Dis)Advantage.

  35. BendyBread says:

    MrBELL :maplestory is far from a perfect game and its because of complaints nexon even knows the problems. basically all their doing is putting a band aid over a wound , the increase is barely noticable…u must not b an Am

    I don’t HAVE to be an AM to understand it. Legends are legends, they’re meant to be better at things, and in general stronger. Notice how Arans sort of made DrK’s feel horrible about being replaced? Now it’s time for AM’s to feel it.

    It’s not a “band-aid” solution, it’s a way for AM’s and other classes to compete without being wiped out. They’re making it so you don’t just say “EVAN IS BEST, WOO HOO”. They want to make you have to make a choice.

    You’re just an ignorant AM who can’t deal with the fact that there will be a job just as, or more capable than you.

    • MrBELL says:

      @ bendy..dude loosen up ok its just a discussion name-calling isnt called for. arans are not that great compared to evans..and the evans overshadow almost all the mages like i said because of such a high m attk on almost all their move. thats basially only 1 m.attker that can boss efficiently.

      as for the upgrade we are far from competing with other classes but i wont expect u to understand being u dont have an am

      its so dumb that anything with m.attk(execept for evan) damage is crap, i must admit the ulimates are greAT but pointless because a level 200 am can still be replaced by a 150 nl.

      please people dont tell me create another class because i want a mage class that damage isnt laughable

      • BendyBread says:

        I called you ignorant. That isn’t name calling, that’s stating your behaviour and attitude.

        As I said, they’re legends, they’re intentionally stronger than their adventurer counterparts.

        I never said competing to stay on par, I meant competing so that they’re not wiped out. There is a difference between the two.

        Don’t tell me it’s not expecting that I don’t understand. That’s the most small-minded response you’ve said so far. A cheap way of rebutting me, it’s pathetic. I have a WIZARD, almost Mage, and I know that weapon attack classes will outpower me in bosses and overall damage. If I’ve realised it, why the hell can’t you?

        I’m going to say this one final time. Do not bring up the issue again, because I can’t possibly stress the point enough – Mages are NOT a bossing-orientated class. They have an ultimate that lets them excel at training. I say that’s a completely fair trade. If you want to be able to boss just as well, give up your ultimate and train like everyone else.

        Right, so hitting 100k on 15 different monsters is laughable, of course.
        I can tell you it because it’s true. If you want to boss, go make another damn class and leech it up there if you’re so eager.

        I know I can’t boss, and I wanted a class that had roughly equal bossing and training characteristics, so I made an x-bowman, which will become a sniper, and then a marksman.

        I made my magician because I like to train and I love their skills, but in the end, I know he is, and always will be hopeless at bossing. I like my x-bowman just as much, because he can train AND do decent damage.

        @thedudeman – No, balance patch 3 was the final patch. Don’t start complaining, bishops are perfectly good as they are.

  36. thedudeman says:

    when is the next adventurer balancing patch, they did say that there will be more to come if you did not see you class get upgraded, Im a bishop and so far Ive only seen AM getting better. So is there another patch to balance or will I end up with nothing at all???

    • vin says:

      you get nothing because bishops were already popular enough. the balancing refers to balancing between the same classes. Balancing a bishop would probably mean increasing its MP cost for its ultimate.

  37. moot says:

    how do we obtain the rings?

  38. unknowned says:

    er. If i’m not mistaken, the critical rings only benefit NL and Aran. BM should stick with Cruel Ring because the adventurer rings give a few hundred damage more than the critical does (using very vague equations. would be very helpful if someone can give me the a better one XD)

  39. Siver says:

    So only dark knight change to beholder? They should up berserk because not all dark knights have 30k hp…

  40. Looter says:

    If they want to make legends stronger than adventurer’s by default, that is their choice.
    But making the characters of people who have stuck with the game for a long time inferior just doesn’t a great way to satisfy your customer base.

    Sure “just make a new character if it’s so bad.” Well, I don’t live this game, I play this game, and it would take years for me to achieve the same level I did the first time around. I’d rather just move on to another game. (However, I’m speaking hypothetically right now, as my char is neither AM or Drk.)

    • Kev says:

      I totally agree with what you said about ‘making the characters of people who have stuck with the game for a long time inferior to new characters’.

  41. Bownissley says:

    just curious. If i have a lvl 120 BM is there anyway i could still get the adventurer cruel ring?

  42. Tobi says:

    How do you get these rings?

  43. MasterofROFL says:

    When I’ve read about DrK being replaced by Arans , and AM by Evans …. *Shivers .Looking at invicible pirate legends* . DUN REPLACE US CORSAIR!!! We’re already little in numbers … >.> . *Offers the invicible legends some kunckles* Buccaneer want ?

  44. aidan says:

    dear spadow
    if im alredy level 50 will i get a ring?

  45. Dan says:

    It Really Sucks that u have to get 50

  46. Dan says:

    @aidan Its most Likely to me u will get a Ring only if u dont level if u do u gotta restart to get it

    MY Opions

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