Adventurer Rings

Adventurer’s Cruel Ring
REQ LV: 30
Weapon Attack: +3
Magic Attack: +1
HP: +180
MP: +100
Has a chance to instant kill an enemy
5% chance of dealing Critical Damage (50% Damage)

Adventurer’s Critical Ring
REQ LV: 30
Weapon Attack: +2
Magic Attack: +1
HP: +180
MP: +100
Has a chance to instant kill an enemy
15% chance of dealing Critical Damage (50% Damage)

Adventurer’s Magical Ring
REQ LV: 30
Weapon Attack: +1
Magic Attack: +5
HP: +100
MP: +180
Has a chance to stun an enemy
10% chance of dealing Critical Damage (50% Damage)

All of these rings can be moved ONCE via storage.

So how do you obtain these rings? It’s simple. Cassandra gives you a challenge. Well.. Actually two challenges.

If you level up 30 times from your current level, you can get the Adventurer’s Cruel Ring. ()

If you level up from Lv. 1 ~ 50, you can get the Adventurer’s Cruel Ring (), Adventurer’s Critical Ring (), or the Adventurer’s Magical Ring. ()

You can get all three rings on one character. All you need to do is raise many characters to Lv. 50.
The Magical ring is excellent for my Evan.

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100 Responses to Adventurer Rings

  1. Potatohead6 says:

    wow, now I’m thinking adventurers are overpowered!

    • Michael says:

      They should be! That’s how Maple was meant to be!!
      And with that said, this doesn’t even overpower them; it does what the patch is meant for- to balance. (:

      • Liquitech says:

        I do really agree with this guy, advanturers has been one of the weakest classes so far, every other class has been waaaay overpowered, but it’s time to get back and take revenge :D

    • Jordan Dang says:

      They’re not overpowered at all.
      Actually, they’ve been labeled as the weakest class of them all.
      This should balance it out. :D

  2. Mysteriously says:

    Wouldn’t +5% crit be better than 4 more M. Att?

    • Jack says:

      that ring isn’t even good, i believe the second one is the best

      • Mysteriously says:

        I was referring to Spadow saying he wants the last ring, which has 10% crit. I think the second is the best, which has 5% more than the ring he wants.

  3. Alilatias says:

    Note to self: Make a bunch of new characters for the rings (if) when this gets to GMS. >_>

  4. Alilatias says:

    Wait. Horrible thoughts in terms of balance. Some questions:

    1) Are Adventurer characters that are already above Level 50 get the rings?

    2) You can get two of these rings with one character, right? Say, a new character gets to Level 30. He gets the Cruel ring then. Then that character gets to Level 50, and gets one of the three rings. Is that right?

    3) Is it possible to equip these rings together? (I’m assuming no for something like Critical+Critical, but I’m wondering about something like wearing Critical+Magical together.)

    • Spadow says:

      1) No. You will have to raise from Lv. 1 or if you want the 3 ATK ring, you will have to level up 30 times from your current level.
      2) You can get all three rings. But not more since they are one-of-a-kind.
      3) Yes it is possible. Every character has four ring slots.

      • Alilatias says:

        …Yeah, I see a nerfing happening to these rings somewhere down the road. Especially if you can equip Critical + Magical together.

        They might make it so that you can only wear Cruel+Critical/Magical, but not Critical+Magical, and definitely not all three at once.

        (In GMS, there were people that made multiple Arans, and tried to transfer all of the Lilin rings to the same character. Eventually, Nexon made it so that only one Lilin ring could be worn per character.)

      • Max says:

        k so i currently have a lvl 20 bowman on my main lvl 80 hermit account. so can i get it to lvl 50 and will i get the cruel ring?

        • Alilatias says:

          From the looks of it, any Adventurer (save for the super high level ones) can get a Cruel ring by leveling 30 times.

          However, only new characters have a chance at getting the Critical and Magical rings, since it specifically states that you must level from 1 – 50 for those rings.

  5. Hanabira.Kage says:

    Whoa. If the Critical Rates stack then…

    Default Critical – 10%
    Stacked Critical – 60%
    Ring Critical – 30%
    Total Critical Rate – 100% o.O

  6. Katana says:

    Does this mean you can put the rings in storage and transfer them to other characters?

    • Michael says:

      That’s the point, yes. However, after one trade, it’s sealed onto your character (imagine an equipped Reverse or Timeless item; same deal)

  7. andy says:

    hi spadow i had several questions(since i am on my psp lets get on topic)
    i am a kmst player and i was wondering if it has a time limit of getting it like lirin’s ring. And if it does when is it until?
    If you wear all three rings, does the %thingy get added up?
    whew….theres more questions but i will ask u when i am on computer

  8. Takebacker says:

    So what’s the % chance we’ll ohko monsters?

  9. shin says:

    1hko pink bean possible?

  10. Ray says:

    What the hell? This will unbalance the game :\

  11. Immortal says:

    Those rings that give 2dex/str and 2int/luk will be come obsolete when this comes to GMS? Lol

    • Nat says:

      not really a bad thing here, they are way~ overpriced for what they are
      but people will still want them i.e. low dex assassins etc

  12. gneiman says:

    what happens if you get a maple life?

    • Michael says:

      Will not work, because it says you have to actually level it from 1~50

      • Eric says:

        i dont believe so, even tho it says to level from 1-50 im pretty sure all the current lvl 50s and above would be able to obtain this ring since they have already train to and past lvl 50, i doubt nexon would make it so you specifically have to make a new character and level it from 1 to 50, cus like how would the npc know if you have or not. I think that if it was made so you had to level 1-50 youd have to talk to the npc for the quest at lvl 1 to engage/initiate the quest sequence so anyone who was lvl 2 or above wouldnt be able to start the quest which would make this incredibly complicated.

        • Gabalan says:

          The point of the three adventurer rings, is to give people incentive to try the new balanced adventurers. They want you to make a new character just for the rings because it generally means more NX spent for them.

  13. David says:

    sucks they made it that it’s tradeable only once.
    Maybe they will be karma-able, even after one trade?

  14. itouchD says:

    WTF. so your telling me that altogether you get +30% critical damage??

    There rings are simply not possible.

    • itouchD says:

      I’ll justify my reasoning. Critical damage is important because when stacked with SE, damage flies through the roof. It is common knowledge that classes with higher inherent crit rates get the biggest boost from SE. Currently the highest inherent critical hit rate in the game is from Night Lords which is 50% (or you can count Arans with 70% rate, but they need combos to keep it up, its besides the point for the time being). When Night Lords are buffed with SE their damage skyrockets (around apprx 53% total DPM increase), whereas a Corsair, who has 0% inherent critical damage rate gets the smallest boost from SE (around a 5% total DPM increase). The reason being is that the critical DAMAGE goes up when buffed with SE, if it were not for this, then the inherent critical rates really would not matter, since SE would provide an only linear increase in DPM. However, it is an exponential increase, meaning that, the higher your inherent critical damage rate, the more of a bonus you get when buffed with SE. This means Bow Masters and Night Lords (and Arans) will get a HUGE damage boost since they all have high inherent critical rates. Bow Masters, who have a 40% crit rate, will be cranked up to 85% (and they always have SE), Night Lords will have a 95% critical rate with SE, and Arans will have 100% (115% to be exact, but you cant go above 100%).

      It has been known for a long time that Night Lords had a lower DPM than Bow Masters and Corsairs even with SE, so perhaps these rings are a form of class balancing (in light of the recent balance patches). However, this does not change the fact that Bow Masters get an almost parallel boost, and Arans, who have a relatively unknown DPM, will be nonetheless, MUCH stronger than before. This leaves all the other classes with no inherent crit rates (sairs, heros, padalins, DrKs, shads, buccs, mages if you want to count them) all at an extreme disadvantage, much more than one may currently realize.

      IMO if these rings turn out to be real, it may very well be the most radical change to maple since…..Nexon.

      more DPM info here to back up my statements:

      • Tomas says:

        Well if we apply a little logic (which should not be done considering it’s Nexon we talking about…), these rings are called “Adventurer rings”, which if Nexon wasn’t so stupid, they would make it so only adventurers could use them, therefore Aran should not get this buff.

        But that’s just me… It will probably never happen…

        • luke says:

          In that case, Lirin’s ring should be only for Aran’s o.o…..

        • itouchD says:

          nonetheless, putting arans aside, BMs, MMs and NLs still get an extreme damage boost over all the other adventurer classes. If these rings are in fact real and do stack 30% crits, that’s reason enough for me to quit my sair now and make a BM.

      • LastOath says:

        Thank you very much for the information.

    • itouchD says:

      And one last question. It says:
      “If you level up 30 times from your current level, you can get the Adventurer’s Cruel Ring.

      If you level up from Lv. 1 ~ 50, you can get the Adventurer’s Cruel Ring, Adventurer’s Critical Ring, or the Adventurer’s Magical Ring.”

      Now if one can just make a char and level it from 1-30 to get the cruel ring, why would someone get it by going from 1-50. Does this mean that you get one of the 3 rings randomly from Cassandra upon hitting level 50?

      • luke says:

        Well the rings are one-of-a-kind, so when U reach 30 u get the cruel ring, leveling 20more times (to 50), would just give u either1 of the other 2 rings, would be a bit broken if you get another cruel-ring..

        And som1 thats is like lv 40, is better of getting to 50 then restart a new char O.0? Im not sure if it goes randomly.

        However, just keep this in mind, if someone can let say level up his bishop around 30 levels, it would get the ring, w/o losing the possibility to move the ring once, which you will when u use all new noob chars.

        Im more wondering if there is a time-period we will have to do this 1.

      • luke says:

        oww and I just read something below:
        ”Hm… Yeah, come to think of its… “Current”

        Yeah, you’re probably right. That ‘Level 30 times’ thing likely only applies to characters that already exist, and not any new ones that are made after the patch.”

        This could make sence, to prevent exploitation….o0

  15. Michael says:

    that would make killing BF so easy!

  16. Nova says:

    I dont think the crit will stack its just to haxs for characters that already have critical as a skill. The rings with 2dex/2str 2int/luck will not completely be obsolete i really wouldnt mind an extra 4 dex and 4str really but thats me being a low-str archer.

    And the ohko part will not work on bosses srsly as if!

  17. Reaction says:

    For the 1-50 rings, is it possible to have a level 50 char already?
    Are Arans able to do the quest?

  18. SoulfulGaia says:

    So this isnt an event but a quest exclusive to only adventurers?.

  19. michael says:

    sup spadow….guess who i am…lololololol.starts with captain
    anyways…wuts better.. 6 att or 20% crit….
    answer plz…..oh and are curse words blocked on this site?

  20. OMEGEE says:

    NL will jump to the top of dpm and outdamage ours by far then…
    I hope they make it say only 10% boost if some chars already have crit skills
    and the full 30% for normal char

  21. thedudeman says:

    ok i dont think u guys understand its a 30% chance to autokill the monster not an actual critical attack

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      The 30% we’re talking about is the 5% + 15% + 10% Critical Rates received from all three rings being equipped on a single character.

    • Michael says:

      From what I understand, it’s an actual critical attack.
      (And in other news, Strafe has a 3% chance to 1HKO a frozen monster. I’m assuming these stack with that, correct?)

  22. Michael says:

    shin :
    1hko pink bean possible?

    Just a total guess, but I highly doubt it’ll work on bosses.

  23. Alex says:

    I doubt this is real. Its never posted up on Nexon yet.

  24. Syao says:

    Alex :
    I doubt this is real. Its never posted up on Nexon yet.

    I don’t believe KMST is run by Nexon.
    I’m pretty sure it’s Asiasoft.

  25. Riyaqu says:

    so is there a time limit for retrieving the rings? like until a certain date, or no?

  26. Lolololol says:

    Wait so if I make 3 chars, get them to 50, transfer 3 rings of crit over to my main, i get 45% crit boost?

    • Alilatias says:

      You can’t transfer three rings of crit to the same character. All of the rings are flagged as ‘one-of-a-kind’ in the data. (This is why you see everyone talking about 30% crit boost instead – all three rings put together.)

  27. Aaron says:

    Can I transfer the rings to a different character?

    Say I make a new guy right?

    Can I get to level 50 and transfer all three rings to my lvl 55 fighter?

    • Alilatias says:

      My guess is yes. Each ring is transferable once (presumably through storage). So you had better make sure you transfer to the correct character.

  28. Des says:

    I would like to ask a question.
    If my char lvled from 1 to 50, do i get all 3 diff rings? or just 1 randomly?
    Do i need to make 2 more char from 1 to 50 to get other 2 rings?

    • Alilatias says:

      From the looks of it, when your new character levels from 1 to 30, you get the Cruel Ring. When that character then goes on to level 50, you have a random chance of obtaining Cruel, Critical, or Magical.

      Or, at least, that’s what it looks like so far.

  29. Des says:

    Alilatias :
    From the looks of it, when your new character levels from 1 to 30, you get the Cruel Ring. When that character then goes on to level 50, you have a random chance of obtaining Cruel, Critical, or Magical.
    Or, at least, that’s what it looks like so far.

    you will have to level up 30 times from your current level.
    So i dun think its from lvl 1

    • Alilatias says:

      Hm… Yeah, come to think of it… “Current”

      Yeah, you’re probably right. That ‘Level 30 times’ thing likely only applies to characters that already exist, and not any new ones that are made after the patch.

      • Des says:

        Yup that’s what i thought too.
        I m kinda confused about the lvl 1 to 50 part whether u get all 3 rings when u reach 50 or 1 per char like aran’s lirin ring

        • mo says:

          i think its actually if your using an existing character to get the ring, the character has to be lvl 50+ and then lvl 30 times from there. so its 50+ to 80+ for an existing character

  30. sam says:

    see wat will happen in KMS
    if “level 30 times” only applied to existing chars, im gonna make some mules
    this will give BM, NL and aran advantages (and make tempest completely useless, as a 100% crit peril is gonna kill every non-boss)
    anyways, we cant choose the ring when we get to 50?

  31. AzureStar says:

    Hey spadow, is it possible to create SEVERAL rings? Like create a new char, move rings to your main. Delete the ‘new char’ and make a new char again and move all 3 rings to your other char. And repeat till all your characters got 3 rings?

  32. dennyvuquach says:

    Those rings are very sweet! Now I don’t have to worry about getting Spiegelmann’s Rings anymore, since I also got Lilin’s Ring, and now these.

  33. Shrapnel says:

    so kyo, can you choose which ring you get after 50 levels or is it random? this seems like a good incentive to come back to kMS…

  34. IastXbow says:

    lol its gonna b fun getting the critical ring gonna do dexless sins to 50 cuz they r the strongest from 1-50 and sux ass l8er lol(Crit ring FTW)

  35. Des says:

    I wan to know if lvl 50 We get all 3 rings? or one randomly

  36. Caitnip says:

    Can a Lv 140+ Adventurer get these, or do I have to make a new adventurer for them?
    Also, they can only be moved ONCE or like GMS Lilin’s Ring, only within the account?

  37. hahahaha says:

    anyone know how many rings one can equip at one time?
    also is there a specific time that this “event(?)” ends? or is this a permanent quest?

  38. Snow says:

    Could these rings be adventurer-exclusive, and are they already out in kmst or something?

  39. 14236572 says:

    you don’t get the cruel ring for 1~30. You can only get the “level up 30 times” quest if your character is over level 50. Also, if you already did the 1~50 quest, you can’t do the 50~80 quest with the same char.

    PS:you can choose your ring for the lv 1~50 one

  40. BrooklynPylons says:

    So my level 74 DK wont get any rings? That’s not fair. It should be automatically made available to us. Why would we want to make a new char? Like if your really high level its unfair considering how long it takes you to level. So hows it going to roll?

  41. hahahaha says:

    why is it that i didnt get the challenge fron cassandra?? what are the pre-requirements???

  42. xdjenny says:

    It says you cant wear lilian ring + adventurer ring at the sametime, and you can only wear one ring. (Thats what i got from the front page.) So what is everyone freaking out about?

  43. Ghost says:

    Are these an event or do you get an unlimited amount of time to get them?

  44. azimuth457 says:

    So since you mentioned getting it for your Evan, I assume anything can wear these? seems like a good investment of time..

  45. So if i have a level 2 adventurer would and then i go accept the quest will i get the cruel ring at level 32?…

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  48. Jacky says:

    What if my character is lvl 43? Do I have to make a new one to get it or just lvl that one to 50?

  49. Jacky says:

    Oh yea. Nexon loves critical too much…

  50. A chinese says:

    Amazing、、、how scary it is

  51. NarutoMyth says:

    lawl all dis sounds bullshit 2 me wtf is with da critical i mean if ur character does’nt have crit juz say a cleric? and he/she used heal on any undead monsters it may do critical dmg? and y da hell would nexon or asiansoft make it so that u need 2 make a new fkin charcter and give up ur old one juz so u can get some fkin godly as rings? its fkin bull man ima sue maplestory for dis xD jk jk

    • FLEIA says:

      you should read his post again. Because a lot of your question would of been answered, but sense i feel like helping ill answered them for you the crit ring is part of the whole balancing the adventurer thing so yes all adventurer will have a chance to do crits. Plus, you do not need to give up your old character since the ring can be transferred through storage.

  52. NarutoMyth says:

    spado who da hell r u btw i dont think i kno u =P uu play gms or kms?

  53. NarutoMyth says:

    srry for teh language lawl

  54. skilled says:

    How long is the event?

  55. Edd says:

    So if i get these rings on a world like Bellocan, am I able to transfer them to other servers via storage??

  56. duckie112 says:

    Im totally making a char or 2 to get more crit on my hermit and a chance to kill a mob instantly and so far I know its 1% chance for 1hko. I so hope it can be weared like crit and cruel xD and magic if thats possible cause then my hermit will do alot of dmg with his new MoN 2% chance for 1hko 25% more crit and also a chance for stun =D im happy i made a adventurer hermit instead a KoC NW

  57. Nit says:

    ok so what im gathering from all this is that theres a quest available for characters lvl9 and under, and that that is the one for lvling1-50, and then you have to be 50+ for the cruel ring. now for the 1-50 quest for the crit and magic ring, are you able to choose which ring you get or is it random?

  58. KobeKun says:

    A: i think you get to choose
    B: nexin am. didi a smart nerf: all you have to do is reach lv 50, not level 50 times from the beginning of the evnt

  59. Mrsviper says:

    Can simultaneously wear Three Adventurer rings ?

  60. timmyla90 says:


    Is DB considered as an adventurer and can a DB wear these rings?

    Thanks I hope you answer this question.

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