Achieved Lv 30! EverPlanet

Lately I have been playing EverPlanet a lot. Today I achieved Lv. 30 and completed my 2nd Job Advancement.
I turned into a Thief. Finally I have a few mobbing skills~

This game is really fun, most people judge the game from videos, but if you play it, you’ll fall in love with this game.

New testers for the test server of MapleStory were chosen, a lot of people were chosen, probably because of the big update coming up.
The new term for the test server starts in  two days.

Are you curious about the big update? What do you think? Multiple choices are allowed. Please vote. Thank you.

KMS ver. 1.2.90 ~ Golden Temple

Wow! This time Nexon is fast at delivering a lame new update.
The Golden Temple content was released just two days ago in the test server.

Nothing has changed. The Golden Temple is open until February 28th.
What will happen after that? You cannot enter the area after the date.

After all… It’s a premium dungeon where you find monsters with a crazy spawn and HP:EXP ratio.

Go under the cut for more information.

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KMST V282 ~ Golden Temple

A new premium dungeon has arrived. Golden Temple.

Neo City = Neo Tokyo (Japan)
Kerning Square = Taipei 101 (Taiwan)
Golden Temple = Siam (Thailand)

What’s next?
The Golden Temple is only available for one month. In this case, after February 28th you cannot enter Golden Temple.

This cash item is an invitation to Golden Temple. If you double-click the item, you obtain a Premium Golden Ticket (). With this ticket you can enter the mini-dungeons in Golden Temple.

The ”invitation to Golden Temple” cash item is not available in the Cash Shop because right now.
I don’t know how much this cash item is gonna cost. I think the people will not like this move by Nexon…

A new pet came along with this patch:

This cute little fella does not have a name yet.
Read more for the Golden Temple update~

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EverPlanet: My Planet

This video shows you my character exploring my Planet. Everyone can have his/her own Planet and decorate it. You can invite friends to hang out.
My Planet is kind of.. empty at the moment.


Hi everyone. It’s been awhile since I updated this blog.
I’m sorry for not updating the blog frequently, there isn’t anything new I can tell you at the moment.

The last couple months was a busy period for me. I’m glad that’s over.
Right now I’m playing a new game, it went Open Beta just a few days ago.

The game is called EverPlanet, it is developed by NCLIPSE and published by Nexon. It’s a really cute game with a ”globe view” system.
There are four jobs: Warrior, Magician, Archer and Rogue. Right now there is only first and second job advancement.

I’m a Lv. 10 Rogue. I’m going to be an Assassin soon~!
I might make a movie soon about this game. Depends on my interest.

Two more weeks left and the current test server round of MapleStory will end. I can’t wait what Nexon has in store for Korea in February.
I am really curious about the very big patch in March.  But.. that’s too far away, it’ll come eventually. ^ㅁ^

The ”Ian, Ochan and Utan” Rumor

Okay, I originally didn’t plan to post about this because it was not interesting to me at all.
I visited some forums and saw threads with ”LEGEND NAMES CONFIRMED!!!!”, ”Ian, Ochan, Utan”.

Well, they are not confirmed. Just because you saw 아란, 에반, 이안, 오찬 and 우탄 on a screen does not mean it is officially confirmed.
First of all I want to say that currently there are only two Heroes in the game. Aran is the only Legend (and Hero). However, Evan is not a Legend. Evan is a successor of the past hero. The second hero in question is Freed.

▲ Shown at the MapleStory user conference. It shows that the heroes of the past who fought against the Black Magician were Aran, Freed, XXX, YYY and ZZZ.

So who is this Freed? The Dragon Master of the past was a hero named Freed who fought against the Black Magician. Freed was accompanied by his Onyx Dragon, Afrien.

The Onyx Dragon laid an egg and asked Freed to hide it. Freed promised he would fulfill the request of Afrien.
During the last battle with the Black Magician, Freed dies and Afrien takes the curse of being confined in ice I think.

As time goes by, Evan, an ordinary boy who lives nearby Henesys has a dream where he found a huge dragon while wandering through a dreamy forest. He wakes up and sees a mark on his hand.

After a while Evan finds a dragon egg in a forest and decides to keep it. (This is the egg from Afrien)

Once the egg hatches, you will discover a dragon hatched from the egg. The name of the dragon is Mir, a descendant of Afrien.

Later once Mir starts to grow, Evan and Mir want to find out what kind of dragon Mir is. After studying from the books, they discover Mir is an Onyx Dragon. The same race as Afrien. (Which is logical since Afrien is the parent of Mir)

During the journey, Evan joins a secret organization. Later the organization is known as Black Wings, a group following and praising the Black Magician.

Evan is doing things for Black Wings to help the Maple World. And this takes after Aran. But after Evan and Mir are told that the Black Wings is an evil organization trying to resurrect the Black Magician, they immediately leave the organization.

So all of this means that Evan is not a legend but the current Dragon Master. When you become Lv. 200, you will obtain a medal named Hero’s Successor which makes Evan the new Hero.

이안 (Ian)
오찬 (Ochan)
우탄 (Utan)

These were all guesses by a random person, because of the pattern.
So it’s NOT confirmed. The presenter said that one of the names ‘Ian’ came up in a company meeting. They might use the name Ian for the next Hero.
The name ‘Ian’ was suggested when they were creating Aran.
Just wait till the new Hero comes out

Though, it has been confirmed that because of this they visit fan sites such as Insoya and Playforum.

So about these new names.. it was all for jokes, folks. Sigh. You guys got pranked. haha.

9/1 – Current videos of the updated skills

Here are some videos after the balance patch and test server patch.
My previous post contains videos in the test server.

I will try my best to search for better videos.
Thank you for those who uploaded the original videos.

KMST 1.2.275 ~ Skill Updates: Backstep Shot (Haste + Wings)

KMS ver. 1.2.89 ~ Skill Updates: Fist, Energy Charge, Buster and Dragon Strike

KMST 1.2.278 ~ Skill Updates: Strafe

KMS ver. 1.2.89 ~ Skill Updates: Blast, Holy Charge, Rush, Thunder Charge and Charged Blow

KMS ver. 1.2.89 ~ Lv. 150 Paladin with updated skills hunting in Road of Regrets 5