KMST V276 ~ Balance Patch part two

Part One. Part Two contains skill changes to the Magician, Thief and Warrior job. I’m pretty sure that Arch Mages will be happy with the skill change in this patch. Paladin got buffed up too.

메이플스토리 클라이언트 Ver. 1.2.276가 릴리즈 되었습니다.
MapleStory client Ver. 1.2.276 has been released.

이번 패치에서는 다음과 같은 사항이 수정, 추가되었습니다.
In this patch the following issues were changed.

<게임 관련>
<Game related>

1.     위자드의 스킬이 변경되었습니다.
1.     The skills of Wizard has been changed.

  • 파이어 에로우의 스킬 이펙트가 캐릭터 레벨이 성장함에 따라 더욱 화려한 이펙트로 변화하게 됩니다.
  • The Fire Arrow skill effect will change as your character’s level progresses.

Level 40 :

Level 50 :

  • 선더 볼트의 공격 범위가 확장되었습니다.
  • The attack range of Thunderbolt has been improved.

2.     아크메이지의 스킬이 변경되었습니다.
2.     The skills of Arch Mage has been changed.

  • 메테오의 MP 소모량이 감소 되었습니다.
  • MP consumption of Meteo has been decreased.
    ┕ MP consumption decreased from 3500 → 2900 MP (Lv. 30)

  • 블리자드의 MP 소모량이 감소 되었습니다.
  • MP consumption of Blizzard has been decreased.
    ┕ MP consumption decreased from 3500 → 2900 MP (Lv. 30)

3.      도적 시프의 스킬이 변경되었습니다.
3.      The skills of Thief has been changed.

  • 스틸이 다수의 적을 공격할 수 있도록 변경 되었으며, 데미지가 상향 되었습니다. 부가적으로 최대 4초간의 스턴 효과를 동반하도록 수정되었습니다.
  • Steal can now attack multiple enemies and damage has increased. Stun for 4 seconds has been added.
    ┕ Damage increased from 100% → 130%. Can attack up to 4 enemies and stun for 4 seconds (Lv. 30)

  • 스틸의 이펙트 이미지 및 히트 이펙트가 수정되었습니다.
  • The effect and the hit image of Steal has been changed.

4.     페이지의 스킬이 변경되었습니다.
4.     The skills of Page has been changed.

  • 위협 스킬이 일정 확률로 다수의 적의 공격력과 방어력을 %만큼 감소시키는 것으로 변경되었습니다. 이와 함께 최대 8초간 명중률을 감소(블라인드) 시키는 부가 효과가 추가되었습니다.
  • Threaten can now decrease the monster’s weapon attack and weapon defense by %. At the same time it can reduce the accuracy of a monster (blind) for up to 8 seconds.
    ┕ MP consumption increased from 20 → 25 MP. Skill duration decreased from 120 → 80 seconds. Able to reduce the accuracy of a monster for up to 8 seconds with a 50% probability (Lv. 20)

5.     나이트의 스킬이 변경되었습니다.
5.     The skills of Knight has been changed.

  • 플레임 차지의 데미지가 상향되었습니다.
  • Damage of Flame Charge has been increased.
    ┕ Damage increased from 120% → 140% (Lv. 30)

  • 파이어 차지의 데미지가 상향되었습니다.
  • Damage of Fire Charge has been increased.
    ┕ Damage increased from 120% → 140% (Lv. 30)

  • 선더 차지, 라이트닝 차지의 속성이 변경되어 다른 속성(불, 얼음, 성)의 차지 스킬과 중복으로 사용할 수 있게 되었습니다.
  • You can now use Thunder Charge and Lightning Charge with other charges (Fire, Ice, Holy) at the same time.

  • 차지 블로우의 공격범위가 확대되었습니다. 그리고, 스턴 효과의 지속 시간이 증가하였습니다.
  • The attack range of Charged Blow has been increased, stun lasts longer.
    ┕ Attack range increased from 150 → 180. Stun duration increased from 4 seconds → 6 seconds (Lv. 30)

6.     팔라딘의 스킬이 변경되었습니다.
6.     The skills of Paladin has been changed.

  • 블래스트의 데미지가 상향되었습니다.
  • Damage of Blast has been increased.
    ┕ Damage increased from 550% → 580% (Lv. 30)

  • 홀리 차지의 데미지가 상향되었습니다.
  • Damage of Holy Charge has been increased.
    ┕ Damage increased from 140% → 150% (Lv. 20)

  • 디바인 차지의 데미지가 상향되었습니다.
  • Damage of Divine Charge has been increased.
    ┕ Damage increased from 140% → 150% (Lv. 20)

7.     다크 나이트의 스킬이 변경되었습니다.
7.     The skills of Dark Knight has been changed.

  • 비홀더스 버프의 속성이 변경되어 유저에게 먼저 적용되어 있는 버프 효과를 판단하여 더 좋은 버프 효과를 가지고 있을 경우 중복되는 속성의 버프를 강제로 캔슬하지 않도록 변경 되었습니다. 단, 기존에 유저가 가지고 있는 버프의 효과가 비홀더스 버프의 것보다 낮은 경우 비홀더스 버프를 우선으로 적용하게 됩니다.
  • Beholder’s Buff can now determine if other buffs are better than its own. If another player’s buff is better than its own currently applied buff, then the player’s buff will replace the Beholder’s Buff. However, if the Beholder’s Buff is better than the other buff effects, it will cancel the other buffs and change back to Beholder’s Buff.

8.     전사 4차 스킬이 변경되었습니다.
8.     4th Job skill of Warrior has been changed.

  • 돌진의 데미지와 공격 범위가 상향 되었습니다.
  • Damage and attack range of Rush has been increased.
    ┕ Damage increased from 130% → 140% . Attack range increased by 20 pixels horizontally (Lv. 30)

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83 Responses to KMST V276 ~ Balance Patch part two

  1. Rays says:

    Woah …. the MP Req for blizzard and meteo are quite close to genesis…or isit the same?

  2. Potatohead6 says:

    wow! steal might actually be used now, no1 ever used to use it but the stun might change that…

    and lightning + fire? godly much? pages are gonna be so much more popular now!

    • Ploops says:

      It is that it is just gonna Stun, it is now a Mob move thief didn’t have in 2nd job. 130% damage to 4 mobs (520% Total) + stun.

  3. Sam says:

    Great still no changes to night lords. It takes us the longest to level up in 4th job. They need to boost up avenger

    • Alilatias says:

      Really? I would think Bowmasters are even slower to train. At least you guys are capable of poisoning mobs at range with Avenger + Venom.

    • XanKage says:

      I would have to disagree and say that that is a very false statement. NLs are one of the strongest DPSers in the game and their damage formula and Lucky Seven’s built in mastery is overkill enough already. It’s because of the overpowering of classes like NLs that the game needs balancing.

    • AlwaysBowman says:

      I totally disagree, NLs got enough. Marksmen need a boost. 500k dmg cap pls.

      • Nat says:

        lol always good for optimistic thinking, but highly unlikey =(
        i’d love that too seeing as im making an X-Bow at the moment xD

  4. Jack says:

    Still gt more change about Arch Mage?

  5. Jack says:

    this is the last balanced patch of adventurers?
    gt balancing patch 3?

  6. Takebacker says:

    Most mages so far aren’t very “happy” with the ultimate change.

    Compared to what was expected/deserved, that is.

    • Spadow says:

      I was surprised the only change of Arch Mage was the ultimate change.
      Sad. ‘o’

      There’s still plenty of time for more patches.

      • Takebacker says:

        Spadow :
        I was surprised the only change of Arch Mage was the ultimate change.
        Sad. ‘o’
        There’s still plenty of time for more patches.

        I hope there’s more too, because a lot of people are really disappointed over something that inspired such hope.

    • Stephen says:

      What do you mean “deserved”?
      They have already gotten way more than they should have. Another 10% boost to their damage, and now a sever cut off the MP usage? Makes bishops less and less useful in training. And I don’t know about others, but I don’t like being a heal and resurrect mule. I like being useful somewhere else.

      • Takebacker says:

        That 10% boost means a 2-4k jump in their overall DPS on a single target. 10% is insignificant when their inherent damage is so abysmally low. Take that 10% and apply it to any other weapon class, and you have a huge boost.

        Take paladins for example. With these changes, their DPS is far stronger than a BOWMASTER on a single target that isn’t ice weak or neutral. It used to take a holy weak mob to become the strongest melee class in the game for them, but now they surpass ranged classes. On the other hand, the threaten buff essentially reduces damage done by any boss by 20%.

        As far as the changes that were promised (change in magic damage formula, nowhere to be seen so far) or expected (boost in single target DPS) for mages, neither were addressed.

        While i am not a mage, i too am disappointed with these changes. With nexon koreas current mind-set, it’s clear now that they aren’t really in any position to “balance” classes at this point. They don’t have any real perspective on what’s the real problem. If these changes are the last they’re going to make, then what happened? Paladins are now stronger than they ever should be, mages didn’t get nearly as much as any other class, and buccaneers are currently the WEAKEST WEAPON CLASS IN THE ENTIRE GAME.

      • Anton says:

        Well thats your fault for becoming a bishop without wanting to heal and resurrect, arch mages are meant to be for damage and bishops are meant to be support.

      • Ploops says:

        If you don’t like being a Heal and Resurrect mule, shouldn’t you have picked something other than the ONLY healing class?

  7. Shadoo says:


    This makes me want to make a Shadower now!


    • Shadoo says:

      Scratch that!!

      I’ll create an Arch Mage (F/P)!!

      • MM says:

        This is good. It’ll make us I/L wizards a little less common, since everyone will be insanely obsessed with F/P’s weak (useless) mobbing capabilities in second job.
        Question, is the Fire Arrow update for F/P only or does it work for BW as well?

        What I think we need is more buffs in third job. Amp at 150% still puts us at last place. Plus… seriously Nexon, we get booster as late as third job! Can’t you at least give us some reward for it, like making it give +3 speed instead of +2?
        Then I/L mage really needs buffs. Wow, look at Thunder Spear’s attack! Wait. It’s slower than a polearm. Compare that to misting, and what do you get? Not balance, that’s for sure. And I’m not sure if explosion is a mob or not, but it has an attack range so I’m assuming it is. Which further unbalances the whole situation.


  8. BendyBread says:

    Good, AM’s are getting something useful. Now they dont have to pay so much in MP just to be powerful. :D

    And how much further can thunderbolt go? -imagines ice strike range on thunderbolt-
    I wish they’d improved teleports range a bit. I mean, it used to be a fantastic skill, but now it’s being killed by soul rush, combat step and basically any other transport skill.

  9. Jacky says:

    Finally pages/WK/paladins gets an upgrade. Now with two charges, they can be stronger than they were before. Also, does fire and ice stack? Or do they just stack with lightning on their own?

  10. Alex says:

    ermmm… spadow i was wondering since ur a bucc is ur dmg rlly weakest for wepon classes?
    cuz i have a brawler and i realy enjoy playing it but im a dmg hoar so i cant live with being weak =.=

  11. Alex says:

    hey spadow uhhh i was wondering r buccs rlly the weakest wepon class in the game? cuz i have a brawler but im kinda a dmg hoar so i wont b able to stand that

    • Takebacker says:

      I’m a 15x buccaneer in GMS. I don’t say anything that i don’t know or think is true.

      At the moment, the current DPS chain (as far as i can see/remember) on SINGLE TARGETS (ADVENTURERS ONLY) is as follows:

      1) (Only applicable at anego i guess)Paladins
      2) Corsairs (technically #1 because there’s only 1 mob that’s weak to lightning and holy)
      3) NLs with SE
      4) Paladins on anything elementally weak
      5) Bowmasters
      6) Marksmen
      7) Heroes/Paladins on anything neutral/ice weak
      8) Shadowers
      9) Dark knights
      10) Buccaneers
      11) All mages

      The paladin rank could be screwed up because i don’t really remember ranged %PS compared to the new %PS for paladins, but it’s pretty much true. Dark knights having much much higher DPS than buccaneers. The old list had shadowers on par with buccaneers in damage and pros/cons. Now shadowers are between heroes and dark knights, while their training speed went up AGAIN despite having the fastest training rate in the game for non mages.

      • Alex says:

        sigh… if thats true i dont really get why palies need a “balancing”
        they should balance buccs more
        also do they still have worst DPS in transformation?

      • Stereo says:

        Not quite right.

        Paladins have #1 on
        – Lightning + Holy weak (Anego)
        – Lightning + Fire weak (Regret stuff)
        – Lightning weak (Headless Horseman, Tengu)
        – Fire weak (Bigfoot, Pianus)
        – Holy weak (no bosses, but lots of training stuff)

        Only when it falls back to Ice weak are Corsairs better.

        And to add to that, Paladins on neutral targets are slightly stronger than Bowmasters, putting them at #3 behind Corsair and NL+SE.

        • Stereo says:

          This is in contrast to the current state of GMS, where Paladins are around Heroes on elemental targets and worse otherwise.
          1-4) Corsair, NL, Bowmaster, Marksman
          5) Paladin on Holy/Lightning
          6) Paladin on Fire, Hero (equal)
          7) Paladin on Ice
          8-9) Shadowers, Dark Knights
          10) Paladin on Neutral
          11+) Buccaneers, Mages

          • Alex says:

            … u kinda proved my point dpm/dps wise palies are average the balancing puts them alot above avg and prblly even better than arans
            i would realy like to see bucc rebalancing cuz my brawler’s a really fun char to play

      • Brandon says:

        Uh, that’s if DrK aren’t using berserk…if the DrK is high enough level with high enough level berserk (or if they washed/used blood-build) they can berserk even at bosses…with berserk a DrK becomes almost equal to (and possibly better than) a hero

  12. Hanabira.Kage says:

    Hahaha…now I don’t regret maxing Steal instead of Endure any more! Multi-target stun? Yes please! XD

    I’m quite interested in how the charges stack. Perhaps it works like Element Composition?

  13. 766 says:

    Threaten decrease monster PAD&PDD20% how long?8s or 80s?

    “8s”just for “reduce the accuracy of a monster”?

  14. Anonymouse says:

    I want to see what they do for BM and MM. MM need heaps of improvements to make them worth playing.

    • MM says:

      IMO, the 1-hit KO on nonbosses makes it worth it. Though, (if I’m not mistaken) it’d be much simpler to just make an Aran and wait until you get the AoE skill, since you can also hit bosses for 6k% damage with it.

  15. Bownissley says:

    i want them to upgrade Bowmasters and Marksman because it looks like they are falling behind a little and they are my favorite class

    • MM says:

      Right. Back before pirates, Bowmasters were one of the elite classes that you really wanted if you expected to pull through to fourth job. Now, they’re just one of those classes. (From what I’ve heard, they’re behind both Corsairs and NLs, though this may not be true.)

  16. Xyrus says:

    Finally , I can get rid of regret of maxing steal x]
    I was hoping for less cool down on Smoke Screen , but I ill guess have to wait .

    Nonetheless I’m really happy with changes , Now all that is left is wait for those change to get GSM

  17. question~~! says:

    ho hum. im just a bit shocked to see paladin’s improvements. makes them a bit overpowered in that sense. again, we have to wait and see how the actual calculations will be for the stackable charges. make them deal around the same damage as heroes, and boost DKs a bit, to make these 3 melees on par. DKs have their HB, so its acceptable if there are a tad weaker; after all, they have their party slot confirmed with their HB buff. But heroes and paladins? They’ll be fighting out for the same slot in the party. Paladins have their threaten as party skill, so what’s in store for heroes? And dont tell me its rage coz thats just a pathetic buff in comparison to others.. Looking at how things are, if the calculations are messed up, nexon better get ready to do another rebalancing, this time for heroes.. so im just seriously hoping that the stackable lighting charge will have a reasonable formula behind it, not just gross multiplication with gross results… urgh.. cant they try to make everything equal instead of overpowering/degrading classes at every single turn =_+?

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Do take note that Paladins only have 3 multi-target attacks:

      Slash Blast – Hits multiple targets. A weak skill since it is a first job skill. If Final Attack activates, closer targets will receive more damage and vice versa.

      Charge Blow – Hits multiple targets and may stun them. Requires a charge to be active in order to be used. Will cancel the charge after being used unless Advanced Charge activates, in which case the second Charge Blow used since the current charge was activated will remove the charge. Let’s face it; having to reactivate the charges is annoying anyhow. You’ll probably end up spamming Slash Blast or just sticking with single target attacks (which ensures you’ll level up slower).

      Sanctuary – Reduces the HP of up to 15 regular monsters in range to 1. Requires Holy/Divine Charge to be activated in order to be used. Has a cooldown time of 20 seconds at max. This means you still have to walk to the monsters to kill them, which wastes precious time if you ask me.

      • Stereo says:

        I’d like to point out that the description on Sanctuary is inaccurate. It has no Charge requirement – you can cast it with any charge or none at all, and it always reduces HP to 1 (even on immune targets). It does freeze the monster if you use Ice.

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      I just realised my post seems a little strange because I forgot to end off.

      Okay. I feel that the new updates for the Page>Knight>Paladin class tree are quite alright. They don’t make the whole darn class overpowered in any sense. At boss runs, you see Paladins being left out all the time because they are considered to be weak. This update boosts their damage considerably, allowing them to get slots in boss runs as attackers. It also boosts up their ridiculously low training speed, albeit by only a little.

  18. loupgarou says:

    vipers need buffing too..

    vipers are only a match for heroes during super transform / demo. otherwise they are 50% as weak.

    For mages:
    boost ea to 200%.
    make icedemon/firedemon erase boss elemental weaknesses/strengths as well.
    make EA work on our ifrit/elqueenes
    make paralyse actually work on mobs where icedemon/firedemon erases their elemental immunities.
    change bigbang to be a neutral damage icestrike (ie: no need charge and release).
    change infinity to something like a party Protection Aura (vs dispel, zombie, confusion, stun) (need to recast everytime it protects you against that attack)
    change mana reflect to a party skill that also absorbs some of the damage. (maybe 10% at max. and stacks with evan’s skill)

    For DKS
    Change berserk to be both passive and active:
    passive berserk = as today.
    active berserk, your hp is immediately reduced to your berserk level (+hb) , eg: at lvl 30 berserk is 50%, if you had 30k with HB, your HP is automatically reduced to 15k. (if you had 30k without HB and cast berserk+hb, you would be 24k hp). This guarantees you problem free berserking with a bishop to heal non stop.

    When berserk is on, crusher/fury animation should be changed. possibly even making crusher 4 hits and fury 2 hits..

    beholder should be active, maybe inflicting status on mobs like (curse, stun, slow)

    increase shout range to full screen. damm useful to bring down flying mobs
    otherwise no change required.
    increase brandish radius.. cos you can’t hit anything directly below your feet.
    powerguard duration, increase it to match max stance.

    energy charge ~ increase its charge rate, so that as long as you continuously attack, charge should always be full.
    energy orb ~ increase the damage, so that its significantly better than dragonstrike. right now ~ next to no diff, only use is to clear mobs in zakum right now.
    snatch ~ increase the range.. and make it FULL screen.. (ie: the snatch pulls everything above and below the line as well..
    dragonstrike ~ speed abit faster would be nice, let it stun as well.
    supertransform ~ let it be 4mins +1 min cd
    transform ~ let demo work here, except 6 hits instead of 8. likewise snatch damage is 50%.
    stun mastery ~ let the crits happen regardless of stun. right now, vipers have no natural crit vs bosses, because bosses cannot be stunned. crits are practically useless on all normal mobs because 1 barrage kills nearly every mob. in otherwords, stun mastery should (give you a crit rate, and make all attacks you have a chance to stun.)
    csb ~ let it stun.
    barrage ~ increase both horizontal and vertical range..
    Let all viper skills work in the air, right now your feet must be on the ground for any skill to work, which makes you kind of useless in a floating map like auf haven.

    change the minimum MP/level so that washing is possible
    change the decrease of MP per ap reset so that washing is easier.
    right now pirates are the toughest to wash hp for, if you don’t have 160 int of equip at lvl 1, you are going to be screwed in the long run.

    shadowers ~ just give them god mode and spammable boomstep. make their about 80% of hero dps

    • Alex says:

      well thats all really good except for the shadowers having god mode =.= we might see horntail soloing with godmode

      • Alilatias says:

        That’s assuming that Shadowers are capable of inflicting enough DPS to solo Horntail before time runs out.

        I remember something from nearly two years ago. Something about a Hero in JMS or KMS that tried to solo Horntail, but failed due to the time restriction. Not sure if this story is actually true though. If it is, it might be that same Hero that soloed the Horntail head.

    • KYRIOS99 says:

      is dis above true???

  19. AnasF says:

    There HAS to be a 3rd patch.
    Preferably one that focuses on Marksmen, Bowmasters and Buccaneers.

    • Hanabira.Kage says:


      Nightlords are too overpowered at the moment, anyway. Nexon should either leave them out or just make minor changes to them.

    • Alilatias says:

      [WARNING – Massive amounts of rambling, I apologize if I end up confusing you guys instead]

      Archers have so many useless skills in general.

      To be fair, so do Warriors in 2nd and 3rd job (especially in 2nd job), but some of those are already being addressed (although so far, it’s not enough).

      I think that whole Warrior ‘splitting skills between two different weapon styles’ thing is quite stupid, especially considering the fact that Warriors don’t get any actual new attacking skills in 2nd job aside from Final Attack (if anyone even considers that to be a real attacking skill because of the random uncontrollable trigger).

      They do it again in 3rd job, which is probably why White Knights and Crusaders ended up being so weak for so long. (Dragon Knights only escaped this due to party skills and the fact that their split skills in 3rd job were actual attack skills that were quite powerful.)

      (Sure, one could argue that Heroes get Brandish, and that therefore they don’t need any changes. However, it’s just that. Brandish is the ONLY (unique) reason why Heroes aren’t seen as completely useless by everyone else in terms of damage.)

      Really, Warriors in general suffer from major skill design failure.

      On the subject of Archers…

      The main advantage of being an Archer is high accuracy. However, with the way that mobs (and the dodge/accuracy formula) are designed…
      – Archers/Gunslingers have more than enough accuracy to hit just about anything in the game after Level 50 or so,
      – Warriors/Infighters consistently have trouble hitting anything with 30-40+ avoid,
      – …And Thieves (who also get high avoid and mobility) and Mages (who also get high survivability and magic defense) get enough accuracy to hit just about anything in the game a short while later.

      So, really, the advantage of high accuracy for an Archer isn’t really much of a noticable and significant advantage in the later levels. Sure, Archers get decent avoid in the process. However, considering that Thieves and Mages can later hit anything as well as Archers can, and have other bonuses such as higher mobility/avoid/defense, something somewhere needs to be changed.

      (No, I am not saying nerf Thief and Mage accuracy. I am thinking more along the lines of: Stop giving Archers so much extra unnecessary accuracy – especially in the skills – and turn that extra accuracy gained through skills into something else that Archers actually need more of. Either that, or release mobs with like 150+ avoid so that high accuracy would mean something at a high level, but that’s a cheap solution that’s likely to tick off just about everyone.)

      With all that said, I had been thinking about a few changes to some of the Archer skills that would, in theory, make the skills more useful while not making Archers incredibly overpowered.

      Focus: Increase accuracy and avoid by a precentage amount. Since it’s by a precentage amount, it should stack with Bless (and the percentage bonus should be calculated after Bless). Probably make this a party skill too.

      Blessing of Amazon: I’m thinking passive version of Focus in precentage form. To be honest, I kind of want to see this merged with Eye of Amazon (with Eye’s 8 points to master), but everyone knows something like that can’t happen for obvious reasons.

      Bow/Crossbow Mastery: Change the Accuracy bonus to either Avoidability or Weapon Attack (+1 WA every 4 levels, meaning total of +5 WA).

      Thrust: The Speed bonus should remain the same, but this should probably increase Jump at the same time (+1 Jump every 2 levels, total of +10).

      Phoenix: There’s the obvious ‘allow this and all other summons to crit’ suggestion, but I’m also thinking of an alternate ‘nerf its damage but allow it to inflict a Disorder-type effect’ suggestion.

      Hamstring/Blind: Not sure what should be done with them. Anyone?

  20. Forte says:

    Shadower changes do nothing, except spring us to the middle of the bottom tier. GJ, Nexon, way to change stuff!

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  22. wawa2004 says:

    Do you have paladin video or img?

  23. AranStory says:

    So Spadow if i use now Thnuder Charge+Holy Charge+Blast
    its 125%X150%X580%=1080%?

  24. Immortal says:

    For the person talking about archers, all that I can think of with Blind, is for to it to be able to be usen on bosses. Don’t know about Hamstrong, also i agree on about making some skills more usefull than making them more powerful.

  25. NiNjAStRiKeG says:

    did my comment get deleted? KMS gets this update in Jan 7 2010, we get it in about a year?

    • Alilatias says:

      Skill updates tend to come to other versions faster than actual content updates. I think it only took about three months for the last skill update to reach GMS.

      However, considering that this update might as well be treated as an actual content update judging from how seriously they’re taking this (or hyping it up), it might go through the normal 5-6 months that it takes content updates to reach MSEA/GMS.

      Then again, you never know, for all we know, this year it might only take 3 months for content updates to reach MSEA/GMS. In 2008 and prior years, it took a whole year for content to reach MSEA/GMS. In 2009, it suddenly sped up to half a year, with all signs pointing to the patch routine speeding up even more.

      (MSEA already has Mushroom Castle and Monster Cleanup, and all signs are pointing to them either having crap patches for the next few months, and/or them getting Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist PQ this month, which was barely released in KMS about three months ago. After that would be Kerning Square/Neo City, and Evan would be up next after that…)

  26. Question says:

    So if i use now Thnuder Charge+Holy Charge+Blast
    its 125%X150%X580%=1080%?

  27. Question says:

    Question :So if i use now Thnuder Charge+Holy Charge+Blastits 125%X150%X580%=1080%? Answer Please

  28. charlie says:

    spadow, does this mean that archers get no love? i mean its cool that the other classes get some help but still, where do the bowmen get their shot?

  29. Ghost says:

    No Balance for Heroes? D:

  30. Chrisdawg says:

    umm can we get a poison brace buff for pizards??

  31. Michael says:

    So will shadowers be moved up the list after the balancing patch or will they stay the same?

  32. Pat says:

    Um glad to finally see pages, WK. and Palies finally get an upgrade. Because as most smart people have realized they are one of the weakest if not the weakest class in the entire game. They are the complete slowest to lvl not to mention almost no one wants to do a pq with you on their team because u have no party buffs and if ur not overwhelmingly strong you are almost shunned or pittied. Also any and everybody can KS you as they feel and u are not able to do anything to even stop them until ur 120 and eiven then if they’re a 4th job mage, theif, pirate, or archer you might as well leave the room. I mean to be honest I have been using the same power strike and slash blast for 70 lvls straight. Then come to findout that I get stuck using the same attack for 50 more lvls with a little ice, lightning, or fire graphic added on to my sword. Yea some people may say u get the hammer but even with the hammer maxed it is still like an entire 20-30 sec wait, if ur n the middle of a ks war then my friend in an entire 30 secs u would have lost. But I despite all that am still training to be a Pali once more and I hope that these changes will make a difference.

    ALso I would like to give a suggestion to gm’s if it wouldnt be so hard as to let warriors and all that carry weapons to be able to sheath our swords or put them on our backs, this could also apply to other classes such as bowmen, mages, etc. It has no signifigance to what i am talking about but it would just look cool.

    Last if anyone disagrees with me saying that the page,WK,Pali class isnt the worst please provide adaquet evidence to back up ur statement

    • Ormykka says:

      Since 2005 i’ve been playing page/WK/Paladin and im lvl 142 atm. I can only say that Paladins do need this patch. Atleast higher blast and charges and i was already happy just about those. Then dual charges were mainly bonus change for us. I don’t see why people say we train slow? Being able to 2-3hit 6 skeles at 14x is bad? This patch won’t make us overpowered like some people have been saying, it just makes us powerful in our own field, elemental weak monsters. I doubt we will hit higher than heroes on neutral monsters after this patch but the gap is not so huge anymore. Now it is like it should be. Elements: Paladin > other warriors, neutral we are just a bit below or almost equal.
      Spadow, can you upload other dual charge Paladin video from daum tv? I searched there yesterday with google translator and found 2 videos of Paladin with dual charge. Other one was already uploaded by aristosms but the other one not. Thanks!

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  35. techboy says:

    nice pages arent as weak anymore. also its sorta weird that they used pixels for the increase of range on rush.

  36. gmsPally says:

    I want to know if elemental advantage gets stacked as well.
    If the mob is weak to both lightning and fire/ice/holy does the elemental advantage stack?
    If one was training on fire+lightning weak, would the damage be..
    (blast)580% * (lightning)125% * (fire)140% = (neutral damage)1015%
    1015% * (advantage over lightning)150% * (advantage over fire)150% = 2284%

  37. Arowwolf94 says:

    Ploops :
    It is that it is just gonna Stun, it is now a Mob move thief didn’t have in 2nd job. 130% damage to 4 mobs (520% Total) + stun.

    Word Bandits didnt not have any mob atck witched sucked for us
    ~lev 64 Bandit lev12 Steal

  38. ooo says:

    is the balancing patch coming for gms and msea or is it only going to be restricted to kms? and if it does come out in gms and msea then when is it coming out?

  39. Guest says:

    Well, it’s rumored it’s coming out June 16th in GMS. Rumored not actual.

  40. Yoshiyahu says:

    ooo :
    is the balancing patch coming for gms and msea or is it only going to be restricted to kms? and if it does come out in gms and msea then when is it coming out?

    It HAS to come out in GMS. Othwerwise the Dual Bladers and Resistance classes will take over when they come out. Aran and Evan are already MUCH stronger than Adventurers.

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