Lv. 43 and still going strong

My Evan is slowly heading towards level 50. Today I leveled to 43 and a few Evan quests became available.

It’s so incredible easy to acquire SP from quests. There is a level 42 [Evan] quest where you need to visit chief Tatamo. Talk to the chief and you get 1 Fourth Master SP, then Mir wants to talk to you. After the short talk you will get 2 Fourth Master SP from Mir.

Hooray for free easy SP!
Three more levels for the next [Evan] quest and medal. A secret organization medal… hmm..

16 SP in Ice Breath and 0 in Elemental Reset and look I’m already doing great damage!
I hope the Cassandra event will give me a Lv. 64 Maple Wand/Staff. So far I got the crappy transformation candies… Damn you! orz

The poor slime in Ellinia and the silly Stumps in Perion.
Level 50.. soon!

I found another video of the new updated skills in Tespia.
This one is a Pirate demonstrating the no minimum range and the improved Double Fire.

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18 Responses to Lv. 43 and still going strong

  1. joey says:

    can you tell me whats your evan’s int and luk

  2. DragonTamer says:

    is there a monster riding for evan? can u show it to us once u get it?

  3. Pika6125 says:

    I like the Double Fire Update :)

  4. EXRPG says:

    Lv50.Zakum hat-_,-

  5. Someone says:

    Can you get the clean Dragon Glasses, train to lv50 and scroll the glasses. Cut it with Platinum Scissor and throw it into the bank. Delete and create a new Evan, train him to level 100 so you could get All + 5 glasses? =O

    Congrats on lv43 and 50 soon!

    • vin says:

      why.. attack is worth more than the int and anyway. It would also be cheaper to buy a character slot. His wand also requires a karma scissor if you didnt notice.

  6. BendyBread says:

    Evans are so going to make my I/L wizard useless. D:

  7. dknam11 says:

    저기 죄송한데요
    한국분이신것 같은데 한국말 하시나요?
    한국어 포스팅도 올리시면 좋을것 같은데…..

  8. Voltaire says:

    저기 죄송한데요
    한국분이신것 같은데 한국말 하시나요?
    한국어 포스팅도 올리시면 좋을것 같은데…..

    제 는 하극 사람 안 같은 데.

    hey spadow this korean wants to know if u can speak korean cuz he says it’ll be good if ur blogs were in korean.
    OT: From the evan box thing i got maple lama staff, maple wisdom staff, maple shine wand, spakling candy, and another candy. I’m lvl 35 right now and only do 1k dmg with lightning. TT.TT can u tell me a good build for 1-4th masterys? cuz im making an evan guide and i need a build since i cant remember wat i did

  9. brenda says:

    Hey Spadow. I’m just wondering how the economy in KMS is going right now, after Aran’s came to GMS pole arm prices have been sky rocketing. I don’t want to miss the opotunity of making a few extra mesos from Evans. Thanks!

  10. Alilatias says:

    Random question:

    When you get to Level 50, does Kenta still find a way to rip you off out of 10 million meso in order for you to ride Mir (like he does for everyone else’s mounts so far)?

  11. vincent says:

    are there any monster riding for evans??

  12. SLAYER says:

    is there an evan box event just like the aran paper box thing? Because im making a lukless and im wondering if there is 1.

  13. Jaxon says:

    It’s really great that people are sharing this ifnomatrion.

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