Lv. 30 Evan!

Today I leveled up to 30 on my Evan.
Level 30 means my dragon will evolve and I can get my Dragon Glasses~!

But before that I made a movie with my Lv. 26 Evan hunting in Ariant at Sand Rats.

I’m so glad I got rid of the 2nd stage Dragon, it looks so ugly.. T_T
This is the dragon I will have for Lv. 30 and 40. It’s better than the 2nd stage Dragon.


So as you already may know, the Dragon Glasses is an item that you can acquire during a certain period. For KMS this is 17.12.2009 ~ 31.05.2010.
Till May 31st 2010, you can acquire this item and the scrolls.

Dragon Glasses add 30 HP and MP. 5 Slots. Only tradeable if you use a Platinum Karma Scissor.

Lv. 30 : You acquire the Dragon Glasses.
Lv. 50 : Cassandra gives you AllStat +1 scroll.
Lv. 60 : Cassandra gives you AllStat +1 scroll.
Lv. 80 : Cassandra gives you a scroll. Adds 1 attack and 2 magic attack.
Lv. 100 : Cassandra gives you the last scroll. Adds 1 attack and 2 magic attack.

If you have all these scrolls and you are gonna use them on your glasses. Then you have 30 HP & MP, 2 STR/DEX/INT/LUK and 2 attack & 4 magic attack plus one slot left.
With the potential of a Chaos Scroll, the 2 attack could change to a 7 attack.

Anyway, now that I am level 30 I can start pumping Skill Points into Lightning Bolt and Magic Guard. Of course I am maxing Magic Guard first.

As you can see in the picture, I have a Zakum Tree Branch (scrolled).
It’s my superior weapon!

INT +6, 31 Attack and 69 Magic Attack.

I don’t have a lot of mesos so I cannot afford the expensive 30% and 70% scrolls. I just had to do it with 60%. Unfortunately one scroll failed and the rest was a success. ^ㅁ^!!!

I’m starting to like Evan more everyday. I’m only at Lv. 30 so I haven’t gotten to experience all the skills yet. But I’ll be there soon~

The current Evan who is ranked #1 is Slim who is in the same guild and server as Kara.
It is currently Lv. 125..’s so fast. I think he will be the first Lv. 200 Evan!

I’ll tell you when she is Lv. 200 ah~

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25 Responses to Lv. 30 Evan!

  1. MRMAGICAL says:

    Nice Spadow :D

  2. Tr4nce says:

    The scrolls work 100% of the time right?, btw gratz on lvl 30 =)

  3. spadow, there are no job quest? if there are none pls tell me where can i train from lvl20 to lvl30 so i can prepare to train when evan out in maplesea. Aran lvl20 to lvl30 for me is easy as got job quest so its hard if evan dosent have..

  4. Teehee says:

    Gratz spadow

  5. addictedtoms says:

    i see some1 doing camel cabs quests btw gratz on lvl 30 :D

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  7. 소녀시대 says:

    i see some1 doing camel cabs quests btw gratz on lvl 30 :D

  8. abandonas says:

    isn’t kara a guy?

  9. SpadowFan says:

    Kara is very slow compared to ComboM4ster.
    ComboM4ster is the first lvl 200 aran in Msea and he juz took 3 weeks.

    • Rai says:

      ‘ComboM4ster has 4 people playing his account. From about level 2x to 4x~, he used EXP gacha coupons to level up super fast. And he leeches at anego, samurai, etc. With ring, hs, and stuff..’

      This sentence was quoted from x3MANDO on the Asiasoft Forums.

      MSEA has certain benefits[Levelling much faster is one of them] which KMS doesn’t have.I will not mention all of the benefits and cons but hey,your answers are pretty much in that sentence above and the post from Spadow which stated that Kara became the first LV:200 Aran in KMS.

  10. addictedtoms says:

    “With the potential of a Chaos Scroll, the 2 attack could change to a 7 attack.”
    or u could make the one att 6 att and then rechaos it to 11 att

  11. kevintai1 says:

    Kara is such a bandwagoner, not that it’s a bad thing lol

  12. Boob says:

    How can you get a zakum tree branch?

  13. IastAran says:

    Im makin a Evan im gonna use my aran to fund him (LVL 77 GMS) i think imma try lukless should i ? o.O

  14. Seref says:

    Are the scrolls untradeable?
    (5 1atk scrolls plox?)

  15. Jae says:

    Hey Spadow ^^ I’m going to start playing KMS again on the server Culverin… I haven’t played KMS in such a long time, so can you help a little? I’d appreciate it very much. Not trying to beg for mesos and all… Just an update on everything new that’s not in GMS.

    I’ll be making a character on Culverin.

  16. question~~! says:

    hey spadow, short question! are the glasses hammerable ? from what i see from the glasses SS, there isnt a mention about hammer slots.. but the zk tree branch doesnt have it either, while in my server they would write below “number of vicious hammer applied: x ” seems to me there is no vicious hammer in kms.. @@ correct me if im wrong. merry christmas and a happy new year!

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  18. gneiman says:

    what happens if you get 5 evans to 80, and SoK’ed the glasses over to each and use the 100% attack scrolls?

  19. Eopz says:

    Wait couldn’t you just not use any scrolls get to lv 80, have 4 slots, and then chaos it all the way? O.o

  20. Lolololol says:

    gneiman :
    what happens if you get 5 evans to 80, and SoK’ed the glasses over to each and use the 100% attack scrolls?

    well you would only need 3

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