Platinum Karma Scissors

Platinum Karma Scissors

I’m kinda late with this because this cash item was already released in version 1.2.267.
Anyway, with this cash item, you can make certain items tradeable..

I don’t know which items it can make tradeable but..
It can make medals tradeable…

And.. Mounts & Saddles can be traded as well!..

Besides that, in version 1.2.265 (I know,  an old update…) new strings were found.

원킬의검 -> Sword of One Kill
기절의검 -> Sword of Stun
슬로우의검 -> Sword of Slow
독의검 -> Sword of Poison
암흑의검 -> Sword of Darkness
봉인의검 -> Sword of Seal
결빙의검 -> Sword of Frost

There are no pictures and stats available, only the strings.

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32 Responses to Platinum Karma Scissors

  1. Person says:

    This is crazy, this must be one of the stupidest ideas yet! This ruins the feel of individual classes now…

  2. Matt says:

    *Steals Shinjo from Percocet*

  3. Pantaloon says:


  4. vvcamrovv says:

    cant imagine medals can be sold without doing the quests==
    we can see it ltr in Megaphone
    xxxx : Yeah . Thanks to platinum karma scissors , i can get the medal without doing a single quest
    how unfair is it

  5. MRMAGICAL says:

    Very stupid indeed. For 1 the medals signify wut type u r like adventurer ck aran and evan. This just defeats the purpose of it. Why would a lvl 30 person want a lvl 70 medal? just dosnt make sense if u ask me

  6. katz says:

    I think the synthesis system in JMS data refer to this somehow (Mixing 3 +200 HP medal together would be livesaver). I wish Platinum scissors had the function like
    “permanently tradeable”. That would be much appreciated.

  7. hahahaha says:

    i don’t get what the “new strings” are…could someone explain?

  8. Rai says:

    This has got to be one of the worst ideas ever implemented in Maplestory.Literally.

  9. JoeFrankC says:

    Can this cut Lilin’s ring???

  10. TehFrancis says:

    Wow.. just wow. I can’t believe Nexon would break the game to THIS extent. >_>

  11. Salamander says:

    I wonder whats are those swords ;O

  12. addictedtoms says:

    i can see adventurers with shinsoo mounts if this ever came in scania

  13. Alilatias says:

    Spadow, isn’t the cutting of medals and mounts supposed to be some kind of glitch? At least, I recall seeing a KMSer or two at SouthPerry refer to it as some sort of glitch.

    If this is intended… Holy crap, way to [censored] up, Nexon.

  14. Rai says:

    Whatever those ‘Strings’ are,I bet they’re not related to the Evan at all,though the description of those sword ‘Strings’ actually match the status/immediate effect of the Evan’s skills.

    For example: Sword of Stun = The Evan’s dragon[Mir] Fire Breath skill that stuns.
    Or: Sword of Frost = The Dragon’s Freezing breath skill.

    Back on topic: I speculate that the ‘Strings’ of those swords are probably related to either new weapons or perhaps a new area or something else altogether.

  15. Zero says:

    HOLY CRAP!! if this karma will cut agent items, will be a madness…

  16. Ghost says:

    Image adventurers riding on wolves….

  17. coen says:

    this is still in tespia right? not in the actual KMS

  18. Foiled. says:

    You guys over react.
    -“Oh noes, Adventurer wearing a Cynugs medal! Now I don’t know what job he is! This is madness!!! That 1/1/1/1 is going to make him so much stronger than me since I don’t have that medal! It’s not fair!!”
    -“OMG He has a Cygnus mount, now he’s going to level faster than me! Nexon fails!”
    Seriously, people. 90% of you do nothing but bitch. Get over it or quit.

    • Rai says:

      What you have just said may be a follow-up to the ‘Nexon’s Witch’s Belt Debacle’ on BasilMarket.Why?

      Because in the Witch’s Belt Crisis in Halloween in GMS,a lot of the players there who were unable to get a ‘Witch’s Deep Purple Belt’ kept on complaining about how hard it is to get a sufficient number of tokens to get the belt and KS’ing was the norm.

      Now,with Nexon Korea implementing the idea of being able to not only trade Cash-Items in a certain patch[Can’t remember the patch name/number],but also trade Class builds exclusive items or mounts with other Class Builds,or like trading the LV200 Aran mount exclusive to Arans with the LV200 Adventurers mount exclusive to Adventurers if you don’t get what I mean.

      The rest is self-explanatory.

      • Rai says:

        In short: Nexon Korea is starting to be a bit like Nexon US,if Nexon US has the Witch’s Belt Crisis to cause hell among it’s community,I see this patch which Nexon Korea made which will eventually make it’s way to GMS someday,to cause even more than hell among GMS’s community.

        I don’t know about what this patch will do among KMS.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Karma’d Lunchboxes, Ice Chairs, Warrior Thrones…oh joy…

  20. Unknown says:

    hey spadow, what is the Dragon Rider Boss Quest? btw saw it at strategy wiki

  21. SomeoneYouDontKnow says:

    The most idiotic mistake nexon can ever make if it were to come out in gms -_-

  22. marcel says:

    MRMAGICAL :Very stupid indeed. For 1 the medals signify wut type u r like adventurer ck aran and evan. This just defeats the purpose of it. Why would a lvl 30 person want a lvl 70 medal? just dosnt make sense if u ask me

    A level 30 CANNOT wear a level 70 medal since it’s level required LOL

  23. Stevie says:

    How much do they cost?

  24. joyyy says:

    can you karma those “im back” rings?

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