KMST V269 ~ It was inevitable…

It is almost time for some Gstar 2009 action!
Two days left until the convention opens.

More information about Evan, the Dragon Master will be unveiled at Gstar 2009.
Will Nexon show teasers?  Evan’s own teaser website should be: (IE6+).

It’s not online at the moment, but I expect it would be up anytime soon.
It is almost December, time to release Evan.

Read more about the changes made in T1.2.269.

In today’s Tespia patch, a new Cash Shop was made for Evan.

I’m really wondering when Nexon Korea decides to unite all Cash Shop like JapanMS did with Knights of Cygnus.
All I can say is that people will pay Nexon Cash for an Evan character, but also for the new Platinum Karma Scissors, geez…

These scissors can make most of the stuff certain items in Maple tradeable and guess what?
There will be an event for the launch of Evan.

If you achieved Lv. 30 you obtain Dragon Glasses, if you get to Lv. 50 you will acquire a stat scroll and when you reached Lv. 80, you will get an attack scroll.

The good thing is that you can free glasses and free scrolls, but they’re not tradeable. If you want the Dragon Glasses and equip on your main character, you will have to buy the scissors.

Smart move Nexon.

2 out of 3 mounts were released in this patch, it wasn’t a surprise that Evan mounts would be dragons:

1단계 드래곤 (1st Stage Dragon)

Lv. 50
Speed: 180
Jump: 120

2단계 드래곤 (2nd Stage Dragon)

Lv. 80
Speed: 170 (must be a bug;;)
Jump: 120

3단계 드래곤 (3rd Stage Dragon)

??? (not available yet)

New maps were added, especially for Evan.

Talk to the NPC, and you can enter  five maps:

드래곤 VS 드래곤 : 첫 번째 대결 (Dragon VS Dragon : The first confrontation)

드래곤 VS 드래곤 : 두 번째 대결 (Dragon VS Dragon : The second confrontation)

드래곤 VS 드래곤 : 세 번째 대결 (Dragon VS Dragon : The third confrontation)

드래곤 VS 드래곤 : 네 번째 대결 (Dragon VS Dragon : The fourth confrontation)

드래곤 VS 드래곤 : 다섯 번째 대결 (Dragon VS Dragon : The fifth confrontation)

Leafre monsters appear  in the new maps, but these monsters are a bit changed.
I’m thinking  they’re only limited to Evan.

On a side note: I’m still wondering about when your Dragon grows…
I think these are the correct levels:

Lv. 10 (1st) → 20 (2nd) → 30 (3rd) → 40 (4th) → 50 (5th) → 60 (6th) → 80 (7th) → 100 (8th) → 120 (9th) → 160 (10th)
If you click on the picture beneath, you can see that this Lv. 150 Evan player only has 9 masters. That must mean you can acquire your last master at 160.

▶ However, I’m not sure. ◀

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18 Responses to KMST V269 ~ It was inevitable…

  1. asdf says:

    spadow what are those rings?

  2. Giraflare says:

    Thanks for the update spadow :D Anyone know anything about what the place that looks like Rien in the Ice cave with a Big dragon (In the same stance as the one in the tutorial) stuck behind the Ice Block with the dragon symbol on it is about o.O?

  3. Diego says:

    class premium?

  4. katz says:

    LOL if the glasses have only 3 slots, they’re some crappy prizes for every other version. This will be one more reason not to play Evan, although I do expect them to improve this job when it comes out officially.

  5. Rai says:

    The Evan class needs some more tweaking to make it more effective and efficient in terms of coping with different training areas since they’re able to utilize elemental charges.

  6. Alex says:

    did the lv masterys change? i thought it went 10,15,20,30,45,70,85,100,110,120.

  7. Spadow says:

    Alex :

    did the lv masterys change? i thought it went 10,15,20,30,45,70,85,100,110,120.

    It was incorrect.

  8. Ghost says:

    That sucks even though the person equiped the Dragon items, they don’t show up on the dragon

  9. Veldo says:

    does Evan’s get their own chair? If they do, do you have a picture of it?

  10. Brandon says:

    umm heyy anyone knoe when the evans will come out 4 GMS?

  11. Rumored says:

    The Evans are scheduled to come out on July 21 or 22 of 2010 in GMS or so this one website said. Its a coutdown to the GMS evan release date

  12. Exist says:

    i only see 6 forms of the dragon.

  13. Notifier says:

    Update: Evans are to be out in this month (March) for GMS.

  14. lolz says:

    asdf :
    spadow what are those rings?

    they are rings that you cant get because i dont know how too but cant w8 for evans and that imma lpq for the glasses take the arans ring

  15. Cygnusieo says:

    Dude you got some stuff wrong and plus I like how you look off at KMS and not like to guess. Your realistic i bet and should be a GM

  16. Cygnusieo says:

    Oh yeah Evans come out March 26, 2010. It is spring break and in the movie they said in March~Beggining of spring and this is when Spring break starts (The official)

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