MSEA ver 0.86 – Aran

MSEA is getting Aran on November 18th. I took a look at their patch note and I saw something familiar.
They used my skill descriptions in the patch note…
I don’t know if they will use my descriptions in their game.

Click on more to see the descriptions.

1. First Job Skills

imagePole Arm Combo: Enables the visibility of combo counts. After every 10 combo counts, your stats will increase by a certain amount up to a maximum of ten times. This buff disappears when you lose your combo count. Requires 10 SP in Double Swing.
Note: You can obtain this skill after completing a special quest at Level 13.
imageDouble Attack: Press the attack key twice to attack up to 12 surrounding monsters two times.
imageCombat Step: Press the arrow keys twice to move to a far distance at fast speed. Requires 5 SP in Double Swing.
imagePolearm Booster: By using HP and MP, the attack speed of the polearm temporarily increases. Can only be used when having a polearm equipped. Requires 5 SP in Combat Step.
Note: You can obtain this skill after completing a special quest at Level 22.

2. Second Job Skills

imagePolearm Mastery: Increases the mastery as well as accuracy. Only applied with a polearm equipped. Requires 3 SP in Triple Swing.
Note: You can obtain this skill after completing a special quest at Level 31.
imageTriple Attack: Press the attack key three times to attack up to 12 surrounding monsters thrice. Requires 20 SP in Double Swing.
imagePole Arm Push: Push monsters in front of you. You have to use Triple Swing first before using this skill. Requires 20 SP in Triple Swing.
imageCombo Drain: For a certain amount of time, you will absorb some HP of the damage dealt to the monster. Requires 1 SP in Combo Ability.
imageCombo Smash: Throw a polearm that penetrates a certain amount of monsters in the direction you are facing. Requires 1 SP in Combo Ability.
imageBody Pressure: For a short period of time, you can attack monsters with your own body. The attacked monster has a small probability to get stunned for 5 seconds.

3. Third Job Skills

imageFull Swing: Increases the damage of Double Swing and Triple Swing. Requires 20 SP in Triple Swing.
imageCritical Combo: Allows you to perform a critical attack with a certain success rate. For every 10 combos, your critical damage and the chance of a critical attack goes up from a default of 100% damage and 10% chance of performing a critical attack. Requires 10 SP in Combo Ability.
imageFinal Toss: Toss up to 12 monsters in the air. If you attack monsters in the air, they will receive additional damage. You have to use Triple Swing first before using this skill. Requires 20 SP in Triple Swing.
imageFenrir Phantom: The soul of the wolf is summoned and merged into the sword to attack monsters twice in a wide range. Requires 10 SP in Combo Smash.
imageSnow Charge: Adds an ice element to the polearm for a short period of time. The monster’s speed will decrease after being attacked.
imageSmart Knock-back: Lower the damage required to knockback a monster.
imageWhirlwind: Push monsters away to the left and right side with a powerful wind.

4. Fourth Job Skills

imageMaple Warrior: Increase all players’ stats within a party by certain percentage.
imageAggression: Increases the polearm mastery as well as weapon attack. Requires 20 SP in Polearm Mastery.
imageOver Swing: Increases the damage of Double Swing and Triple Swing to the extreme. Requires 20 SP in Full Swing.
imageHigh Class Defense: Permanently increases the weapon defense of one’s armor.
imageFinal Blow: Swing your polearm widely to deliver a fierce attack to a maximum of 12 monsters. You have to use Triple Swing first before using this skill. Requires 20 SP in Triple Swing.
imageComboTempest: Freezes the surrounding monsters. If a monster is frozen using this skill it will die instantly upon attack. If used against a boss monster, it deals four consecutive hits of powerful damage. Requires 10 SP in Combo Peril.
imageCombo Barrier: Grants a buff that makes party members to receive less damage for a limited time. Requires 10 SP in Combo Drain.
image Freezing Posture: Infusing the weight of a frozen glacier, prevent you from being pushed back by a monster’s attack.


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12 Responses to MSEA ver 0.86 – Aran

  1. Tech says:

    If they do use the descriptions made by you on Strategywiki,you,Spadow,should really be honoured as your work of words has made the jump to making you an important informatist of KMS content for the international audience who plays Maplestory.So much so that perhaps even the authorities which managed the different MS versions around the globe will look up to you.

    Or if the descriptions which you made on Strategywiki is actually used as the official skill information for the Arans at MSEA,at least someone from MSEA who reads your blog will notify you.

    I’m not really interested in making an Aran though.

  2. Anonymouse says:

    They should start paying you.

  3. MRMAGICAL says:

    Hell they should pay him 500$ every blog on here because most of them are insightful about whats up incomin in maplestory

  4. Alilatias says:

    It’s not that surprising. The Prediction crew has been watching your blog, and I’m pretty sure at this point that there are people (working for AsiaSoft/Nexon that are in a position to actually do something) watching the info that has been passing through the Prediction threads as well.

    I think the main reason though… Do you remember when you did a patch extraction and then posted a topic about their own translations on their forums about a month or two ago? The MSEA community took notice pretty fast. I recall seeing a thread that showed up soon afterwards where there was some sort of debate about the usage of English in MSEA.

  5. VeryMast says:

    THANK YOU SPADOW for making our translations better.

    Its an honour to see your translations going official for MSEA ^^

  6. Kriteer says:

    WHOA!! Spadow you’re even more awesome~!! orz

  7. styxpoe says:

    Keep up the updates, Spadow.

    Most serious forumers/ MSEA players usually look up blog for the lastest news and discusss it on the forum. I find your blog to be insightful and informative on what is to come for MSEA (which is where i play) in the future.

    And if they did take the skill descriptions from you, kudos. :) And grats. Haha. You have been noticed. :P

  8. batman88 says:

    in 1st job combat step should say double attack not swing o.0. unless the attacks name is double swing then double attack should be double swing o.0. same thing for polearm mastery o.0. and triple attack and polearm push o.0. combo smash should require Pole Arm Combo not combo ability o.0…. and it repeats in pretty much every skill that has a skill requirement o.0.

  9. Squall says:

    erm…here hav a question,i hav a aran lvl 26, i didnt accept the quest of polearm booster at lvl 21, it is possible to get back the skill after lvl 21??

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  11. rhy says:

    u’re wrong!! MSEA last year gt aran ady.. the patch note u read is last year =.=lll

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