In the Kerning Square patch (test server) of last month, a couple of new mounts were added. Including Aran mounts.
The Aran taming mob is called Ryuho. Only three Aran mounts were added (Lv 50, 100, 200) with a different name.

1단계 드래곤 (1st Stage Dragon)

2단계 드래곤 (2nd Stage Dragon)

3단계 드래곤 (3rd Stage Dragon)

Aran mounts are exclusive to Aran only.
Dragon?? Might this be related to the new job coming out soon?

Rumors are saying the new job is going to be thief related. (dagger)

We’ll see in December.

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17 Responses to Dragon?

  1. Shinx1-5 says:

    Yay! Finally bandits get some attention!
    Also, a dragon bandit?
    Best. Combination. ever.
    These are some very exiting rumours!

  2. MRMAGICAL says:

    awh why not make a class that uses scythes we got one that uses daggers already =(

  3. inika41 says:

    Why are those mounts called Dragons, they look like wolves.

    Ohh, Thief Summoner…. thats a stretch.

  4. Tech says:

    I speculate that this new job will be a summoner class which emphasizes on magic[since majority of MS’s classes use W.ATT].

    Either what I said mentioned above or something else like what Spadow mentioned in this post.

    Speaking of which…This reminds me of the ‘Beastmaster-Mage’ build from AdventureQuest/Battleon.

  5. Ghost says:

    Where’s the proof that it will be a bandit?

  6. Ben says:

    This seems eerily similar to the GMS NLC Dragon Ninja Clan, in the same sense that the KoC opposites are all in CWK.

    Hmm, maybe it all adds together.

  7. DotDot says:

    Hmmm if Birds=Cygnus Penguins=Aran Dragons= then that would be summed up as…..they are making animals in Maple more important?

  8. Diego says:

    AEW! A class that flies finally:) / brinks

  9. valvalz says:

    Whats the new boss nao?

  10. Luis says:

    Hey spadow, im thinking the next class is going to be mage related, because i mean dragons have always been related to magicians,i hope its some kind of necromancer or summoner or something like that, but i dont want a bandit class, its just not my style

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  12. Esspienoido says:

    daggers………………………………OMG YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. doom7 says:

    i think the next legend class is going to be a crossbowman: Izan. not sure wat special power its going to have.


  14. lolz says:

    Lol that wont work we know that in a few months new dits or warriors or both togher as one set of skills or as a thief that steals skill sets from other jobs. Lol would be funny and that nexon fail because every1 ganna make new ppl like basic job then dexless night walkers then arans then evans then the new dits and when they finally make a new job they ganna do a balance patch and every1 ganna go to gunslingers because they ganna get stronger.

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