Aran Lv. 70 !

After a long break, I logged on my Aran and decided to train.
Today I achieved level 70 and 3rd job. ^_^
Check out the 3rd Job video at the end of this post~

I don’t know if I am going to train my Aran past 70. Because of the new job that might come out soon.. I want to try it..
I will be very busy the next couple weeks, so I have no idea if I have enough time for my Aran and MapleStory.

Anyway, I got Lilin’s Ring, thankfully I made it before the ring event ends.
You can only wear one ring on one character, and you cannot use Scissors of Karma or trade it with others.
Luckily, you are able to share this ring with your other characters on your ID.

After you advanced, the only skill missing in your skillbook is Full Swing, you will need to complete a quest to obtain this skill.
When you talked to Maha, Nineheart will notify you that he wants to speak to you. So, you go to Nineheart and talk to him and he will give you Full Swing.



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13 Responses to Aran Lv. 70 !

  1. Animaniatico says:

    Grtz!! ^^

  2. DarkDonut says:

    Hey I saw one of your video and you are a level 146 Aran?!
    Is that a private server? F3

    • Alilatias says:

      It’s highly likely that the footage was either from someone else’s Aran or the footage was from Spadow in the test server.

  3. stOrmy says:

    Hey Spadow. I like you blog. I cant wait to try Aran myself when it come out in Maplesea soon. Mind if i ask you what software you use to take a HD video.

  4. Terry says:

    @darkdonut, that was probably KMST. and grats kyo! I hope the new class in december will keep you from quitting!

  5. katz says:

    If you make another Aran, do you get to do the Ring quest again?

  6. 路人甲 says:


  7. Tech says:

    Congratulations Spadow on getting your Aran to LV.70.

  8. koreazzang says:

    oh cool!

  9. AllTimeHigh says:

    heyy i got a question. When you need to make the jewel that the yeti eats (wtf?), does the maker skill have to be on your Aran, or could it be on another character that has a maker skill?

    thanks ! :D

  10. NarutoMyth says:

    gratz on 3rd job~

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