What’s next for Nexon?

Later this month, the upcoming Gstar 2009 game convention event will feature new Korean games.
The Gstar 2009 will be held at BEXCO in Busan and will last four days from November 26th to November 29th.

Companies like NHN, Nexon, Neowiz Games will attend this expo. Blizzard will be joining for the first time this year.
Since I only care about Nexon games, I will only publish information about Nexon.

So, during this convention, Nexon will unveil a new game. Nothing is known yet about this game, so we don’t know until November 26th.
Last year at Gstar 2008, Nexon unveiled Kavatina Story. What is next?

Nexon is probably going to present new games such as Dragon NestEverplanet and maybe Mabinogi: Heroes. All three are currently in closed beta and seem to be good quality games.

As for MapleStory, it is like I predicted, a major update is coming soon.
MapleStory receives big updates every five or six months. After getting some lousy content, I think we will see something big coming during winter break.

Today an article was released on several media websites about Nexon & Gstar 2009.

It seems that Nexon is going to prepare another new job.
A fourth new job will be revealed in December, following Pirate, Knights of Cygnus and Aran.

I guess this new job will be released in the test server in December. It took Knights of Cygnus and Aran a few months until their debut in the official server.

Who knows? Maybe Nexon will show more… Like MapleStory DS.
In about 2 weeks, more information will be available. ^^

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15 Responses to What’s next for Nexon?

  1. Animaniatico says:

    Wow, i can’t wait!

  2. Terry says:


  3. Mangina says:

    Mazefind has posted some new videos on YouTube about this new(?) game called NexonStar.
    It’s also known as NexonByul.

    The game looks really kiddy and innocent.

    Anyways, thanks for the info. =)

    • Spadow says:

      Nexon Star is new, but Nexon is going to unveil another game.
      Nobody except Nexon knows the title and content about this game.

      It is a secret ..for now.

  4. DarkDonut says:

    WOW Maple is gonna have a new job.
    I hope it’s a job where you work for the dark magician!
    Like Shadow Warrior Dark mage etc
    But i think Maple would soon close down because they release too many new stuff and that will cause them to lack their ideas for the future updates

  5. 두근두근 심장병 넥슨
    고혈압으로 언제 망할 지 보죠

    to…4차원 메작….

  6. Derioan says:

    ANOTHER Job?
    Wow, I can’t wait to see what this one will be like. :D

  7. Tech says:

    Didn’t Spadow say he was sick of all these new classes coming out for MS in one of his posts about the Aran?

    Let’s hope that this new job will be a mage with both offense and defense skills.

  8. Derioan says:

    I’m hoping that it will be some sort of Battle Mage.

  9. Ghost says:

    I bet GMS will get the new class in the summer 2010

  10. Anon says:

    LOL A new job already? Aran hasn’t even come out for GMS and KMS gets a new job in the same month.

  11. thatwasmykil says:

    i like the new skin spad’s :)

  12. David says:

    GMS is getting Aran on December 9th.

  13. MRMAGICAL says:

    I hope its a Warlock/Necromancer cuz we dont have any dark magic or mabey a class that uses Scythes like the Dervish from Guildwars

    • DotDot says:

      No if you listen closely to the storyline of Maple most people who did Dark Magic got sort of messed up.For example Hobi and Shammos.Plus a whole new type of ksing.

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