Finishing all the Neo City quests gets you …

… A new cap.

There are a few quests for Neo City that you will have to complete. The quests aren’t hard at all, most of them requires you to defeat monsters, collect ETC items or defeat the boss monsters.

To get to the next area in Neo City, you have to kill the Keeper of Time (Nex). This monster is so terribly easy.. I honestly was expecting something stronger.

There is one annoying quest though, you have to find 20 pieces of crumpled paper, but the drop rate is so terrible, it took me at least an hour to find them all.
I beat Neo City in maybe.. 4 hours?

So most of the time, you are just killing monsters. In Neo City there are five bosses you have to defeat: Bergamot, Dunas, Aufheben, Oberon and Nibelung.

Oberon was the only boss that I had trouble with. Its Damage Reflect made me die a couple of times. T_T;;
All the other bosses were a piece of cake for me. They should’ve replaced Oberon with Nibelung in my opinion, because Nibelung doesn’t move and is even easier to kill than Oberon.

The reward from finishing the last quest in Neo City gets you a new circlet:

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17 Responses to Finishing all the Neo City quests gets you …

  1. asdf says:

    good HP hat replacement

  2. Kriteer says:

    Whoa! Nice work!

  3. Tech says:

    I expected something better than the cap,it’s a good thing MSEA did not get Neo City but instead,Neo Tokyo with all of the original features from JMS.

    I wonder what Nexon Korea has in store for the next KMST update in game content.

  4. ur mama says:

    님아 한국인이신가여?
    저 kms 아디 z살인표도 카디아섭입니다.

  5. ur mama says:

    and if ur not korean y r u playing kms?

  6. mario13537 says:

    lmao in the video with oberon 1:46~1:47 was too funny

  7. addictedtoms says:

    Lol u can get 20slot hat from real neo tokio
    atleast thats wath i heard
    if im mistaken forget wath i said

    • katz says:

      You’re exactly right. However, no one in JMS had defeated the real boss(es) in NeoTokyo.

      • Alilatias says:

        No one? For a few months, there have been videos circulating of Aufheben already being defeated in JMS. It didn’t take MSEA very long to reach and defeat her as well.

        It only took about three days before screenshots of her defeat and people wearing her circlet showed up in MSEA’s forums.

  8. Anon says:

    LOL…That hat looks bad on you.

  9. Ghost says:

    I hope GMS gets Neo Tokyo and not this weak stuff.

  10. iangelial says:

    Do those circlets also have special scrolls for them?
    If no, the only good thing about it is the HP it gives.

    • Spadow says:

      No special scrolls.

    • ltzrex says:

      in Neo City there are special scrolls such as 5% scroll that gives all stats, that means you can get the hat to 89 all plus, the circlet is 1 all in Tokyo, theres another scroll that can only be used by auf haven helmet 60% for ATT, 22 attack? thats awesome. Neo tokyo has quests that are annoying that could take hours, the monster has 3 forms aswell as having 1 form in The Monster Park, only EMS and another MS has Tokyo, EMS got neo city before BB so then after BB we got Neo Tokyo. So…. yeah. This hat is awesome, EMS has neo city and tokyo =)

  11. Zero says:

    the cap originaly in JMS has 20 slots….

  12. koreazzang says:

    부러워요.. 바이퍼라니!!

  13. Gimpy says:

    I would play kms except korean is to hard for me

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