October and Rainbow Week event

I only need one more chair from the ”What does the moon look like?” quest. I love collecting chairs~

Aside from this quest, everything else is boring.  So far nothing new in the test server, I believe there two more weeks until a new patch for KMS.. But seeing it is October this month, I guess the test server will receive another lame game update.

The month October means Halloween, which means the Haunted Mansion is going open its doors.  Last year was fun, a new medal was available, the Curse Breaker medal and new quests.

+4 AllStat / +2 Hands / +10 Speed / +5 Jump

My expectations aren’t very high for this month, MapleStory gets big updates every six months, so my guess that something big is coming in Winter 2009, or at least I hope so. >.<
I don’t know what the Haunted Mansion has in store for us in 2009…
A new event is going to start on October 17th till November 1st: Rainbow Week.

What is Rainbow Week? It’s an event, every day from Monday till Sunday there will be a new event for 1 day:

Monday:  <Designated Monster Hunt Day>

Cassandra gives you the option to pick a monster of your choice to get 10% more EXP from the monster that you have chosen.
*Boss monsters are excluded from the list.

Tuesday: <Monster Survival Day>

You gain 10% more EXP when you complete one of the two available areas of Monster Survival.
*Closed Section in Kerning City for Lv. 25~30.
*Pyramid’s Net in Ariant for Lv. 1~200.

:  <Scroll Exchange Day>

On this day, you can gain an extra 5%  probability to a 10% or 60% scroll.
You need to give Cassandra your 10% or 60% to add extra 5% probability.
ex. 10% → 15%  / 60% → 65%

Thursday: <Monster Carnival & Dual Race Day>

You gain 10% more EXP when you complete Monster Carnival 1,2 and the new Dual Race.

Friday:  <Special Day>

A day full with surprises.. I think this is Goldrich’s Golden Compass event.

Saturday: <Party Quest Day>

You gain 10% more EXP if you complete Party Quests.

Sunday: <Boss&Master Monster Day>

Boss & Master Monsters give you 10% extra EXP when defeated.
*Master Monsters is also known as Area Bosses.

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11 Responses to October and Rainbow Week event

  1. HighOnMushrooms says:

    Darn you, I need 2 more :(

    Hopefully you can post a guide to the Halloween quests for us noobs that don’t know Korean ~

  2. Steve says:

    i fap to these kind of updates. my record is 13 on one day.

  3. Taka says:


  4. BandanaBoy says:

    Ah, I would love them chairs too <3
    Though, I've still got a few missing in my Collection

    Wells, Nice update dude =D

  5. MRMAGICAL says:

    Seems like it would be better than some of these dumb events in GMS

  6. Moomoocows says:

    The rainbow week seem a lot like spirit week in GMS…

  7. d4rkm4gex says:

    You have the moon star chair F5!!!!
    i failed the event to get it -_-

  8. Taka says:

    d4rkm4gex :
    You have the moon star chair F5!!!!
    i failed the event to get it -_-

    Guess what,the Moon-Star chair costs more than 300M+ in MSEA.
    Getting that chair says a lot about your social status in MSEA,it means your filthy rich.

  9. asdf says:

    lol social status in MSEA

  10. Taka says:

    asdf :
    lol social status in MSEA

    Yea,I know.

  11. LynjanDakari says:

    Hey you use the letters to spell “news” like I do!

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