HQ or HD videos?

I was viewing some of my videos on YouTube and thought if I should continue uploading HQ videos instead of widescreen HD videos.
Uploading 16:9 videos in HD are:

  • Larger in size,
  • Cannot see everything on a video
  • Pain in the ass to upload due to big size.

I always disliked the thick black border, but I’ve watched some HQ videos and I prefer HQ over HD.
I always think people don’t click the full-screen button, but viewing a HQ video in full-screen is very clear and good.

In HQ, you can see everything what happens, you can see your LV/HP/MP etc. In HD, you can’t because of the resolution.
My HD quality is pretty good, though. I mean, look at this video:

What do you think? Should I continue uploading my videos in HD  (High Definition) or HQ (High Quality)?

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11 Responses to HQ or HD videos?

  1. Shadoo says:

    HQ plz

  2. katz says:

    Yeah, HQ is not bad.
    We can always watch in HD when we’re playing anyway.XP

  3. Anonymouse says:

    In HQ, you can see everything what happens, you can see your LV/HP/MP etc.

    This is why I want so see them in HQ.

  4. Shroum says:

    HD isn’t bad but when I look at it it hurts my eyes because it looks like its going slower ;.;

  5. ShiKage says:

    Wide-screen HD isn’t bad when you do it like this :

    It doesn’t need to be zoomed in to be HD.

    You can clearly see 100% of everything without having to go full screen or anything.

  6. asdf says:

    why put a ‘i dont care’ option? if people dont care they wont participate right?

  7. maplefreak26 says:

    HD ALWAYS lags for me

  8. 초록버섯냠냠 says:

    HQ는 큰 화면이지만 전체를 볼 수 없고 HD는 화질이 전자보다 떨어지지만 전체가 보인다는 말씀이시죠?

  9. Derioan says:

    I personally like HQ better. =]

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