Monster Carnival 1 bug

After one day there is already a Lv. 60 Fighter in the new server Ryuho. The top ten is at least Lv. +50.
Probably so fast because there is a bug in Monster Carnival 1.

I believe it does not matter which ranks you get or if the other party goes out after two minutes, you would get 70,000 EXP.
70k EXP every 2 minutes.. Amazing EXP for Lv. 35~50.

There is a patch (2) going on right now, probably fixing this issue.

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9 Responses to Monster Carnival 1 bug

  1. MRMAGICAL says:

    Wow if we had this glitch in GMS alot of ppl would abuse it to death it wouldnt be funny

    • Alilatias says:

      So, SO true.

      And then about 90% of them would be [censored] and demand compensation if a rollback was involved. And everyone who didn’t abuse it would demand a rollback.

      Heck, about half of them who are in the process of abusing something like this when it is fixed would probably still [censored] and demand compensation anyways despite not losing anything. >_<

  2. Taka says:

    With great experience comes great responsibility.
    Don’t abuse the EXP.

  3. DarkraiYoshi says:

    J>CPQ lol, I wish they didn’t fix this.

  4. Zero says:

    XD XD XD XD XD incredible… many cygnus will be pleased XD

  5. Abady says:

    XD thats AWESOME =P

  6. Hanabira.Kage says:

    MapleSEA’s Monster Carnival 1 also has a glitch, but it’s a different one. I think it’s an exploitation of the lag from changing channels to bypass the level limit “check”, allowing players above lv50 to participate in MC1.

  7. But says:

    The Monster Carnival in MapleSEA Episode 2 also has the same glitch that allows players above lv50 to bypass the level limit “check”.I once saw a level 51 player in Monster Carnival 2.

  8. opo says:

    um, the lvl limit for CPQ2 is 51-70, so its not aglitch for that lvl 51.

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