KMST V259 ~ Current events

There are a few new events currently taking place in KMST that I want to share with you. This info also might be useful for other KMS players. ^^

1.  Gaga’s Crayons

You have to find Gaga and accept his quest. He gives you a flowerpot and you need to keep it for 30 minutes.
After the 30 minutes, go back to Gaga and you see a list of seven crayons, all in different colors.
You can only choose 1 crayon. If you want another crayon, you will have to redo the quest.

In the beginning, I got a piece of blank paper with a rainbow on it but without colors.
So you already can guess what you have to do.. You have to get all the seven crayons and draw a rainbow. ^_^

After your rainbow drawing is done, you head over to Cassandra and she’ll award you with EXP and an overall.

2. What does the moon look like?

This little fellow wants to see how the moon looks like. He doesn’t have to worry because I am going to show him the full moon.
When you accept his quest, he’ll give you a Polaroid camera.

He asks you to take a photograph of the full moon. You can find the moon in every town, I assume.
You open up your inventory, click on the Polaroid camera when you are near the full moon and then you head back to the NPC and he gives you a reward.

Now the reward is not always the same, it varies. You can obtain 5 different chairs, completed Golden Compass (Goldrich event), Flower Hairpin (adds +3 W.ATK/ +3 M.ATK/+5 SPEED/+3 JUMP) and Flower Rice Cakes.


All these chairs do not recover HP or MP.

3.  Level up Event

This is a new NPC, as far as I know he is located in Henesys and in the Free Market next to Goldrich.
Whenever you level up, you get a music note (), you can exchange music notes for items with this NPC.

The items in KMST he’s selling are worthless. I believe the items will be replaced with better items next week once KMS gets this patch.

4. Rainbow Week event

Currently KMST is going through a Rainbow Week, where each day there is a different event.
In a week, Cassandra is hosting events such as:

  • Extra EXP for a specific normal monster (Cassandra provides you a list of all monsters)
  • Extra EXP in Monster Carnival
  • 5% extra probability to a 10% or 60% scroll. ex. 10% → 15%  / 60% → 65%
  • Extra EXP for boss monsters
  • Goldrich event
  • Extra EXP when a Party Quest is completed

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17 Responses to KMST V259 ~ Current events

  1. Matt says:

    These events look decent.

  2. Pantaloon says:


  3. MRMAGICAL says:

    Spadow all i can say is Dam. This is very straight up good info

  4. Mysteriously says:

    You cropped me out of all your pictures ):

  5. Shawneh says:

    Just wondering if you could get the suit. I talked to Cassandra but the chat didn’t come up. ._.

  6. Taka says:

    I wonder what the stats on the rainbow event overall are…

  7. Ben says:

    Awesome, by the way, what are the stats on those overalls?

  8. hahahaha says:

    Awesome blog, but I got a few Qs:
    1. When does this event start in the normal KMS servers and when does it end??
    2. Is this going to be in the same updte as the ‘Misty Sea Pirate PQ’?
    3. Can you repeat the above quests (if not which can/cannot be repeated)?
    4. Is it possible to get more than 1 chair for the ‘What does the moon look like?’ quest, and can you get all the chairs and hairpin and golden compass if you redo the quest? And are the items given on random?

    • Spadow says:

      1. September 29
      2. Yes
      3. Not sure about Gaga’s Crayons, you can repeat the moon quest and the other events are repeatable as well.
      4. Yes you can get all five chairs and all the items. The items are given randomly.

      Why don’t you stick to one name? I know who you are.

  9. Alilatias says:

    Flower Hairpin (adds +3 W.ATK/ +3 M.ATK/+5 SPEED/+3 JUMP)

    …This expires, right?

    What does it look like, anyways?

  10. 路人甲 says:


  11. Ben says:

    Uh…if this update is coming in two days, anyone wanna tell me what time it would be in Pacific time?

  12. LightOcygnus says:

  13. Veldo says:

    Lol, Rainbow week is already in GMS everyday. Pretty good IMO

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