Dual Race: Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist

A new competitive party quest where you have two teams (Red & Blue) fighting their way through 5 stages + boss stage.
One team will win if they kill the boss faster than the other team.

If you go to 0:22, you see a white scroll dropped from an enemy. It’s not a White Scroll from GMS, but in KMST V256 new scrolls were added.
Accessory for STR/DEX/INT/LUK 30% and 70% were added. It will be an easy catch if the enemies inside the dual race drop these scrolls…

This party quest looks a lot like Monster Survival. Sigh.. I know I will like this more than Pyramid’s Net. Pyramid’s Net is only good for the one attack belt, the EXP is crap for a Lv. 61+.

KMS will patch this ‘Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist’ on the 29th of this month.
I hope they will not create new PQs in the future with similar styles as this one…
I think they should focus on more high-leveled game content.

The boss of the Ghost Ship looks awesome. ^^

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6 Responses to Dual Race: Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist

  1. asdf says:

    i like the idea of launching yourself off the platforms and not being able to come back, would get useful in some JQs

  2. Alilatias says:

    I will never stop laughing at the boss’ trigger happy animation. XD

  3. katz says:

    Any idea what the new status effect are (gray-colored flame on top of the character)?

  4. d4rkm4gex says:

    eee, how did you extract the monster animation…

    Tell me pls =D

  5. Zero says:

    they modified the prizes now of the Piramid monster cleanup??? and there still chaos scrolls???

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