Coming Soon…

Finally, something new…
New pet (Golden Pig), Transparent Shield,  50 Days & 100 Days Hourglass cash item and more~

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10 Responses to Coming Soon…

  1. HighOnMushrooms says:

    So its not in yet, right?

    • Alilatias says:

      If it was already in, everyone would have already extracted the patch to hell and back. It’s been almost a month since we’ve seen anything from KMST, I think everyone’s just about eager to jump on this thing right about now. :p

  2. Canro says:

    why it looks like my idea posting in asiasoft forum
    The Past and the future
    i said i made an idea about past of captain
    Singapore mob copied
    wad is their purpose ?

  3. asdf says:

    competitive PQ? whoever kills the boss and its spawns fastest?

  4. Taka says:

    As a player from MSEA,I think that they should implement the Singapore maps first,as the mobs shown in the picture is actually from the Singapore maps.

    I hope that if any other version[EG:GMS,KMS,JMS] were to get MSEA’s exclusive map which is the Malaysia map and the Fantasy theme park,I am sure to be on the fence when people protest about the helmet that is stronger than the Zakum Helmet.
    The Scarlion/Targa Helm.

  5. Chuey says:

    Yet it looks like an event map since you seem to get to it from Henesys. Oh joy! C’mon Nexon Korea, make this a high-level PQ and put it somewhere… FITTING .-.

  6. Terry says:

    There was a screenshot of this PQ, and it was filled with 4 jobbers only. So im guessing its high level content. Plus the end boss has 4million HP, i don think any low levels could handle that. OMG First time posting on kyos blog!

  7. but_why? says:

    Transparent shield!!! Just what I’ve ben waiting for…!!
    A NEW SERVER?!! Also been waiting, now I can make a new character and lvl like hell!!
    Now all I want is transparent shirt and pants ^.^ that would be epic, hunting in the semi-nude !!

  8. hahahaha says:

    when’s the update for all this on the KMS server gonna be??

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