1st Anniversary for Spadow’s Blog~

Hello. I’m Spadow.

Today, 22 September, marks the day that my blog is one year old.
Congratulations to me~ ^^

This might come off as a surprise but I never liked blogs. I don’t know why, but I just didn’t like it.
Some of you may know blitzkrieg, he started a blog about his HP washing guide for his Captain on KMS.
I followed his blog and I liked it. So I went ahead and created my blog, but in my case it was not about HP washing.
I wanted to do something to tell the international audience about my adventures in KMS and KMST.

I got inspired by IAngelial. I always like reading on her blog about MSEA updates and her videos.
Unfortunately, she isn’t that active in the blogging community as of now.

Another person who gave me inspiration was mazefind. Some of you may know mazefind, he is also a Korean providing updates from the MapleStory test server.
You know, I wanted to do the same thing!
My motivation in 2008 was to create a blog that allows me to offer you rich information about MapleStory.

I hope I will be able to post more information in the future, but it is not guaranteed.
This post might be short, but my words are powerful.

I will try to put more effort and do my best to keep up this blog in the future.

~ Spadow

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

30 Responses to 1st Anniversary for Spadow’s Blog~

  1. Leafboy102 says:

    HOORAY :D. Congratz for keeping up with the blog for 12 human months :3. You deserve to be proud! :D

  2. Animaniatico says:

    I believe you have the best MS blog :)
    And i know that this blog will exist for many years more.
    (Except if disney buys NexonKR ㄱㄱ)
    Gratz!! ;)

  3. Claudius says:

    Ty for your hardwork and being one of the best MS resources. Gratz

  4. Felvo says:

    축하 Spadow! :]

  5. Alilatias says:

    Hi, hi, Spadow. Look at how much your blog has grown since you first started it. Amazing, isn’t it? You even managed to get people from MSEA and GMS to start paying attention to your blog!

  6. Aslemn says:

    Congrats Kyo,long time no see you.
    Keep up your good work!

  7. Artboy says:

    Gratz ^^, gives gift the blog

  8. Canro says:

    Grats Spadow
    I wish my blog also can be as succussful as yours

  9. Anonymouse says:


    Only 1 year?! I’d swear I’ve been coming here for longer than 1 year! lol

  10. Taka says:

    Go IAngelial of the Delphinus server of MSEA!
    You’re an inspiration to all of us Bowmen!

    Sorry,but I had to do it.

  11. TheMagdiel says:

    coolio gratz =D

  12. Angel Tears says:

    GZ Spadow. Your blog is great! Keep it up :)

  13. Lumancer says:

    Thank you for everything you do, Spadow. We really do appreciate the information you make available to us. Congratulations on your first anniversary- here’s hoping for many more!

  14. IAngelial says:

    I’m glad I inspired u to blog.
    If not we won’t be seeing new updates from KMs all the time =3
    Keep up the good work with many more infos to come. ^^

  15. spadowFAN says:

    thanks for the hard work for the past year! been looking forward to your updates! especially those new TESPIA server updates are GREAT! look forward to more of them.

    never heard of this angelia b4 but her blog is kinda more.. commercialised? i mean, sure she provides info, but its kinda the more outdated news.. well that cant be helped since sea doesnt seem to have tespia. but anyway, she blatantly puts buying / selling mesos in real view. wonder what those maplesea GMs are doing.. either they havent known this, or they closed one eye on this issue. your pick haha. anyway putting other stuff aside… SPADOW CONTINUE YOUR GOOD WORK!

    • Alilatias says:

      My guess is that the MSEA GMs don’t care at all, especially considering that her blog won one of their contests last year. MSEA’s been plauged by more major issues such as hackers (such as lots of KoC characters using their summon hack to hit everything on the map) and scammers/meso sellers/keyloggers for the past two years. Again, Spadow did mention that she does not blog or make videos anywhere near as much as they used to.

      • Taka says:

        The security system of MSEA is just bullsh*t.
        I mean really,does Asiasoft find it necessary to remove the PIN function?That makes it easier for hackers to locate our game account information.If I were the CEO of Asiasoft,I would go practical on them and demand that they strengthen the security system of games and hack-preventing software.


        • iangelial says:

          What could the GMs do? Close the website? There’s so many mesos selling websites and none of them are gone.

          I have to agree that the security system is very terrible now. The community isn’t as good as before. In FM there are tons of meso sellers and now hackers are roaming freely everywhere hacking in Dungeons.

          These are some of the reasons tat I stopped blogging n vlogging. I hope it will improve someday or I myself will quit soon.

          • Taka says:

            According to a certain fan of your Youtube Channel[I can’t remember the name],he said that you’re going to be active and train your future Aran.He also stated that leeching just ruins the fun of MS and complete drowns out all the hard-workers.

            I’m siting on the fence when people say that the hard-workers have no life and the leechers are just freaking lazy.

          • Taka says:

            Oh,and something which is not related to the ‘security system of MSEA’ topic.

            How long was it when you first saw Spadow’s blog?

            If I can recall correctly,I first saw his blog in mid October – late October.

            Taka of MSEAD.

  16. Erik says:

    Happy Birthday Blog!

    ‘Grats Spadow, I can’t believe this place has only been around for one year, it seems like I have been using it forever xD

  17. Dracthief says:


  18. Eva says:

    Happy First Anniversary Kyo!

    I’m glad to see that you’ve still diligently uploaded new content from KMST and KMS. Although many of the veteran members may not be with us anymore, keep up the good work!


  19. Shrapnel says:

    late response as I’m one of the many who has moved on from maple, but congrats kyo! I’m glad to see your blog has been such a success. I hope it continues to be just as successful in the future! good luck!

  20. anton says:

    Congrats! Keep up the good work =)

  21. Steelytron of Bera says:

    spadow is my hero

  22. mazefind says:

    1주년 축하드립니다. (영어로 적기 귀찮아서orz 한글로 쓸께요)

  23. bandanaboy says:

    A Very Late Congrats, =]

  24. Taka says:

    Taka :
    Oh,and something which is not related to the ’security system of MSEA’ topic.
    How long was it when you first saw Spadow’s blog?
    If I can recall correctly,I first saw his blog in mid October – late October.
    Taka of MSEAD.

    Mid October 08 – Late October 08 I mean.

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