The first Lv. 200 Aran in KMS ~ Kara

The Aran class was released on July 9th this year in Korea. Since then there is a lot of Arans currently playing in the world of Maple.
Some do it for Lilin’s Ring, some do it for just to try it out and some make Aran as their main character.

It only took Kara 9 weeks and 5 days to reach Lv. 1~200.
9 weeks is really fast, but I think he/she probably shared the ID and not to mention that he/she got 2x EXP all the time + 2x EXP cards. (event)
Currently, the 2nd highest Aran is 191 as of this post.


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20 Responses to The first Lv. 200 Aran in KMS ~ Kara

  1. Shikto says:

    Congratulation for her ^.^

  2. katz says:

    Considering how strict KMS is (with their gaming laws), getting to 200 is a great kudos lol Maybe she leeched, but still.

  3. Pika6125 says:

    No KMS is strict with leeching so they changed it a bit so you can’t really leech anymore

    • S1lverWind says:

      Well, you CAN leech, it’s just that the exp sucks.
      They purposely nerfed the exp given to the leecher, so unless EVERYBODY participates, then one person will be getting like 80% of it

  4. DoNotComplain says:

    Dayum,that’s one fiesty looking Aran mount there.

  5. Pantaloon says:

    I was the one who was online when she got to 200 and posted about it.


  6. 路人甲 says:


  7. GoodByeToday says:

    Can someone Translate what her Pet Panda’s name is? xD

  8. Profugus says:

    Grats to her!

    Now let’s hope she makes some videos showing how awesome Aran are!

  9. Esspienoido says:

    all i can say is get out i swear get out she has bicthed of on enought nx?

  10. Taka says:

    Hmm…What’s next,an elemental mage?
    Spadow,you might be sick of all these classes,but I find that these classes enhance your gaming experience.

    Other than that

  11. Taka says:

    Continuing from ‘Other than that’.

    I find that Nexon should create more better maps for higher levels[150+] to train in.
    Plus new LVL140+ equipment.Provided that Pink Been is defeated so Nexon will create new MS patches for higher levels.[To enhance their gaming experience.]

    PS.Kara has an Okami.

    • but_why? says:

      Pink Been has been defeated????
      When did this happen??

      • Taka says:

        I meant that ‘If Pink Been were to be defeated’,not that it has already been defeated.

        In short,if Pink Been has been defeated legitimately.I think that Nexon should create something that’s not so hard,but more fun to kill.
        Just like Razing storm,in order to kill the Stage 3 boss,the protagonists used a Satellite lazer cannon.

        Currently think about opinions to a better MS.

  12. Taka says:

    Hmm…If there were 5th job class builds coming out soon,they should make the Marksmen kinda like the Ikaruga[Google please] and Gunslingers using like different types of guns[EG:Sniper Rifle].

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  14. NarutoMyth says:

    taka pink bean has already been defeated by mapleSEA so i dunno wat u r on about

  15. tilly01 says:

    thats a damn sexy mount!!

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