Is MSEA prepared for Aran?

On MSEA’s official facebook page, it says the following:

We’re sure many of you have already seen this, but doesn’t the Official Aran Promotion Movie from Nexon get you all excited? =) Maple has launched so many classes since it started, some of the more memorable ones being the Pirate class and the recent Knights of Cygnus – is Aran going to be your new favourite class when it hits MapleSEA? The cold winds have started blowing… Who knows when the snow storm will hit? =)

Not only this, but they added the official Korean promotion video as well:

‘o’… MSEA is releasing a  new patch tomorow but it does not contain Aran.
Will MSEA be the first version to get Aran outside Korea?

I’m surprised that MSEA is releasing huge updates. First Knights of Cygnus then the Balrog boss and tomorrow it’s going to release Ninja Castle. (Kaede Castle in JMS)
For those who not know Aran:

Aran is a new race based of the Warrior class, its primary weapon is a polearm. They can level up to 200 (unlike Knights of Cygnus) and their strength at Lv. 200 is equal as a Lv. 220~230. (It has been said in an interview)

Their hometown is called Rien, an icy snow covered area with very low temperatures located in a warm place due to the Black Magician’s curse. And yeah, the Black Magician is playing a big role in this story.

They also make use of a Combo system. It’s only available for Aran. (for now.. ;-) )

Aran was released on July 9th, 2009 in Korea and MSEA will get it this year. I can’t really remember, but I read in an interview that Aran was ready to be released to other versions in about 6+ months.

I created an Aran playlist on my YouTube channel for those who are interested in my videos.

Playlist -> Aran

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21 Responses to Is MSEA prepared for Aran?

  1. ShiKage says:


    MapleSEA is going to out-patch TMS… lol

    Seriously, wtf? How did MSEA get ahold of all of this crap all of a sudden? Did they hit some sort of jackpot in real life or some crap? Or maybe they’re getting all that money from selling those GM scrolled weapons to Singaporeans for $2,000 or more…

  2. Alilatias says:

    MSEA has beastly patches all of a sudden. I wonder why. I’ve been at their AsiaSoft forum for almost a full year now.

    Last year, they barely had any notable patches, and they were plagued by a massive hacking spree that lasted through their Summer and Fall. And then Episode 2 came out and they’ve had ridiculously huge content patches ever since.

    Either way, congrats to them, I’ve been expecting them to get it this Winter, but I never expected an announcement this soon.

  3. katz says:

    Does Aran have high HP like other warriors? Or are they on par with ranged classes?

    • Spadow says:

      No, when Aran was available in the test server, my Lv. 12X Aran only had 5k HP. But it is a very strong job.
      In my server there is a 193 Aran, he/she has very good gear but I don’t know the damage range.

  4. Lumancer says:

    What… the hell is going on >.>

    For three, three and a half years, the patching schedule for MSEA and (by route) GMS was fairly predictable. Now, in the past six months, every precedent we’ve ever seen set has gone out the window- and to top it all off, now MSEA is hinting none-too-subtly at Aran? What, exactly, is going on over there?

    I don’t understand what’s happening anymore x.x

    • Alilatias says:

      My guess is that pretty much every version is suddenly raking in tons of cash, and are now more or less competing with each other in terms of content.

      Sites such as Spadow’s blog, SouthPerry, and forum threads like Pegakok’s ‘Predict Highlight’ over at the AsiasoftSEA forum also collect info from many MS versions. As more and more people become aware of their existence and see what is going on in other versions, there will be more and more demand for new content to be released earlier.

  5. Shawneh says:

    Grats MapleSEA! Aran is fun. (:

  6. Esspienoido says:


  7. HomoSapiens says:

    Besides of ACash sales, MSEA is getting worse with hackers all around, wich make old and new people quit the game faster than before, it is one of lots reasons why AsiaSoft is trying to get those stuff desperately. o ya new games too.

  8. HomoSapiens says:

    Hacking Saga keep going on, glitches, windows bugs, so on …

  9. EvanB says:

    “They also make use of a Combo system. It’s only available for Aran. (for now.. ;-) )” is this a fore-shadow/hint? i hope so

  10. Esspienoido says:

    overall i also hope that the combo comes for all classes but for Shads NLs and bucs thatd be messed especially in a boss run

  11. kewl says:

    singaporeans handle things better (although i am not singaporean) that makes MSEA best and the players in MSEA like knew aran since it was out the 1st time so if MSEA does’nt make a move faster its $$$$$$$$$$$$$ will drop like hell in days =D~

  12. EvanB says:

    Hey spadow can you do me a favor and do this for gms too? It would be really helpful ty in advance.

  13. FiveIron says:

    I’m frustrated that a version created ~3 months after GMS is what we Americans have to look up to for our future patches. They may have it hard with hackers, but GMS is going through just as much crap as they are, and most of the times more, and all we get is… events.

    AsiaSoft mismanages MapleStory like OGPlanet mismanages LaTale, I don’t understand why suddenly they’re the uncle with the bag of candy that visits every week. And based on past experience, patch developers on our side don’t pay attention to/learn anything from the glitches MSEA goes through, and so our content is generally as screwed up as theirs is, if not more.

    I know it’s greedy for GMSers like myself to want want want everything right now, but what this feels like to me is the younger kid getting the brand new car and the older kid getting a beat-up 80’s motorscooter.

  14. KuRoMaRu says:

    Suck it GMSer, though im not looking foward for ARAN, but i’m still proud that MapleSea got it after KMS! So u guys can jus suck it all up, and just be patience till it comes out to GMS.

  15. dennyvuquach says:

    It’s really lame on how new classes get to take the items like Cygnus classes and Aran. At least pirate classes use their own weapons like Knuckles and Guns.

    Still however, Aran is a very powerful class, even more powerful than Cygnus classes!

  16. sasabubu says:

    MSea is finally having Aran job, i was surprise at first when there are voting
    cos i recently saw a video and learnt about the aran job from kms and i was
    hoping there was aran job in Msea.And now it is about to have it!And secondly,
    i REALLY HATE THOSE HACKERS!!all of them duwan hard work wanna cheat, go
    waste the gm time when all the time wasted can be used to create more exciting
    things. And That goes for all the maplestory in the world

  17. Aran Rocks says:

    Spadow, how do u get the pencil polearm ???

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