KMST ~ Monster Survival

Two new videos about Monster Cleanup is available.
Click on ‘read more’ for more information about Monster Cleanup.

Update: Added new changes due patch 1.2.253.
New information marked in green.
Monster Cleanup got renamed to Monster Survival

1. ‘Monster Cleanup: Closed Section’ was added in Kerning City.

  • You can participate in this (party) quest at Lv. 25 till Lv. 30.
    Note: You can go in with a party or you can go alone.

  • The Act gauge bar will decrease as time goes by.
  • If you kill many monsters in the given time, at the end you will get a good result.
  • The Act gauge bar can be increased by killing monsters.
  • While doing certain damage on monsters, you can obtain cool damage, the more cool counts you get, the better the results you will get.
  • If you miss a lot on monsters, the amount of miss counts will increase and the more miss counts you get, the worse the results will be.
  • If you get a lot of miss counts, the Act gauge bar will decrease.
  • If the Act gauge bar disappears, you fail.

There are 3 stages with each stage lasting 5 minutes.

STAGE 1: Slime, Orange Mushroom
STAGE 2: Orange Mushroom, Ribbon Pig
STAGE 3: Ribbon Pig, Horny Mushroom

At the end you get a ticket.

With this ticket, you can enter the bonus map. The bonus map is filled with Bubblings.
I believe the Bubblings drop boxes which give you rewards.

Click here to see it in full size and high definition~

2. ‘Monster Cleanup: Nett’s Pyramid’ was added in Ariant.

  • You can participate in this (party) quest at Lv. 40 and above.
    Note: You can go in with a party or you can go alone.

In patch 1.2.252, the chatballoon said 40~60, but now it says 40 and up.

There are four modes: Easy, Normal, Hard and Hell.

In patch 1.2.252, there were only 3 modes available.  Hell is a new mode.

To enter Hell mode, you need to be at least Lv. 61. So Nett’s Pyramid is not limited to 60 anymore.

There are 5 stages with each stage lasting 3 minutes.

STAGE 1: Pyramid Mummy Dog, Pyramid Skeleton
STAGE 2: Pyramid Mummy Dog, Pyramid Skeleton, Mummy
STAGE 3: Pyramid Mummy Dog, Pyramid Skeleton, Mummy,
STAGE 4: Pyramid Skeleton, Mummy, Pharoah Snake, Pharaoh Junior Yeti (2x)
STAGE 5: Mummy, Pharaoh Snake, Anubis, Pharaoh Junior Yeti (2x)

For more information about these monsters, click here.

  • The rules are the same as ‘Monster Cleanup: Closed Section’
  • When your kill count reaches a certain number, a special skill (Pharaoh’s Rage) will be available to use.

파라오의 분노
Pharaoh’s Rage
[마스터 레벨 : 1] 파라오의 분노를 이용한 공격을 한다.
[Master Lv. : 1] Attack with the Pharaoh’s Rage.
Lv. 1 : 피라미드 내부의 모든 몬스터를 일격에 없앰
Lv. 1 : Blow every monster in the pyramid away.

So what is the skill used for? Mainly to defeat the Pharaoh Junior Yeti with the exclamation mark.

What does it do?
If you hit it, you will 100% miss. If you keep hitting it, it will keep adding miss counts thus your results at the end might be worse.

Here you see the Pharaoh Junior Yeti with the exclamation mark, to obtain Pharaoh’s Rage, you need to get 500 kill (+ cool) counts. (not 500 kill counts and 500 cool countsYou have the skill available per 500 kill (+ cool) counts.
You can only get a maximum of 5 Pharaoh’s Rage.

Once the skill is available, you have to press: ↓ + ↑ + Attack Key

Pharaoh’s Rage will eliminate all the monsters in the map, including the Pharaoh Junior Yeti.

Also, during the (party) quest, if you reach a certain number of cool counts + kill counts, you can get the Pharaoh’s Blessing.
Pharaoh’s Blessing increases your damage and speed.

1st Phase: 100% more damage, attack speed increased by 1.
2nd Phase: 200% more damage, attack speed increased by 2.
3rd Phase: 300% more damage, attack speed increased by 3.
4th Phase: 400% more damage, attack speed increased by 4.

I participated in this map with my Lv. 54 Fighter, Normal Mode and I got this as result:

I participated in the Nett’s Pyramid map with my Lv. 60 Fighter, Hard Mode and I got this as result:

The amount of cool counts, miss counts and kill counts determine your score.

When you see your result, and you go out, you get a jewel.
There are 4 kinds of jewelry that you can obtain once you finished the (party) quest:

In patch 1.2.252, there were only 3 jewels available.  Another jewel was added, Yeti Pharaoh’s Topaz.
The graphics of the jewels were also improved.

Once you have a:

  • sapphire () – Only obtainable in Easy Mode
  • ruby () – Only obtainable in Normal Mode
  • emerald () – Only obtainable in Hard Mode
  • topaz () – Only obtainable in Hell Mode

    Note: the topaz jewel gives more jewel boxes than the sapphire jewel.

You talk to the gatekeeper NPC, and you give him the jewel you have.
You will then lose your jewel, and sent to a bonus map where you can kill Pharaoh Junior Yetis.

If you kill a Pharaoh Junior Yeti, it will drop a Pharaoh’s Jewel Box.

If you double-click the Jewel Box in your inventory, it will give you a reward.
Rewards vary from Blue Pills till Chaos Scrolls, or even the new belts:

파라오의 벨트
Pharaoh’s Belt
REQ LV: 40
M.DEF: 25
W.DEF: 25
HP: +100
MP: +100

불멸의 파라오의 벨트
Immortal Pharaoh’s Belt
Untradeable (You can use Karma’s Scissors to make it tradeable)
REQ LV: 80
W.ATK: +1
M.ATK: +2
M.DEF: 55
W.DEF: 55

Click here to see it in full size and high definition~

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34 Responses to KMST ~ Monster Survival

  1. Gath says:

    Oh god, I can’t wait for that!

  2. Bownissley says:

    that will be pretty fun!

  3. Abdul says:

    This seems like it will suck for ranged classes…
    Is there a place for them to attack from?

  4. Zero says:

    can enter the Knights of Cygnus?=?? if is my dawn warrior will be pleased

  5. JoJo says:

    wow.. this rocks better then mc.. 5minutes only! summore good exp. but it sucks for ranged classes hahahahaha

  6. JoJo says:

    Oh yea! Aran can hit up to 12 mobs T_T and the monsters hp are 1 onli.. wow..aran’s gonna own !

  7. Wow says:

    Windbreakers might be OK if they have their close range mob attack.

  8. Vader says:

    Can ultimates be used? Though it would be really stupid to use them on mosnters with only 1 HP >_>

  9. highonmushrooms says:

    So how do you get that new attack belt?

  10. Esspienoido says:

    that is crazy is that dmg from the multipliers or is that just you 0.0

  11. katz says:

    Ranged Adventurers(2nd Job)solutions:
    Bow/Xbow: PKB(lv20)
    Gunslinger: Somersault Kick
    FP and thieves will have a hard time here..

  12. DarkraiYoshi says:

    The next patch on KMS looks like it’s going to include this, I can’t wait to try it out on my Striker! (espacially with the 400% dmg bonus hehe =3)

  13. JoJo says:

    ZZZZZZZZ where is it i cant find it

  14. JoJo says: guys, i cant find kerning monster cleanup in kerning

  15. Atreyu says:

    Ummm why is your slash blast pink and way more awesome than other countries/territories?

    • highonmushrooms says:

      In KMS, adventurer skills were upgraded, Every 5 levels from 10 ~ 30, the colour changes for the main skills of a job.

  16. Atreyu says:

    Wowza~ if only there was a video on that…..*hint*

  17. Avatar says:

    Can Cygnus Knights enter this?

  18. Killerkirb says:

    You mean, it’ll be hard for Assassins, because Hunters and X-bowman has access to Power Knockback, which acts like a Slash Blast. :P

  19. Moonfirestar says:

    For Rangers you can always use arrow rain :D

  20. Spencer102 says:

    Will these ever come to GMS?

  21. A Human says:

    Will these come out in Maplesea?

  22. blowfly says:

    how come after i try to activate the pharoah rage it didnt activate? im sure i pressed the key correctly. any thoughts?

  23. Dracthief says:

    spadow how would poison mist work?

  24. HyperRyan says:

    Dang I really want to play this and wouldn’t AE and AR help?

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