Secret of the Pyramids?

A new banner was found on the official website of KMS.
On 27th of August, the pyramid’s secret will be revealed.

This might be just another dungeon theme like Mushroom Castle. Mushroom Castle is a new dungeon theme for low-leveled players (between Lv. 30~38 I think), and there’s also an event where if you marry during the event time, you will marry in the Mushroom Castle. (different wedding map).

Mushroom Castle is all about mushrooms, so is Henesys and that’s why it is located in Henesys.
So I have a feeling that this pyramid’s secret thing will be a new dungeon theme accessible in the Nihal Desert.

Since the official release will be in 13 days, this update will be happening next week in KMST. People have 1 week to report bugs..

Here’s an edited picture of the original:

A new boss.. If this is indeed a new dungeon theme, then what will be the level requirement? …

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19 Responses to Secret of the Pyramids?

  1. Alilatias says:

    Welcome back, Spadow! :D

    And woah, finally, something new! After all, it does not look like there were any new KMST patches (or none that SouthPerry took notice of) while you were on vacation. These past few weeks have been boring.

  2. HighOnMushrooms says:

    Whoo! Something I can actually test <3

  3. ShiKage says:

    Looks nice!!!! I hope it’s a good place for level 45 ~ 80 or higher. KMS and JMS need more training grounds/level specific places for those levels. :(

  4. xMike On Fire says:

    maybe it will be inside the sphinx in nlc

  5. :O says:

    OMG, the sphynx on nlc, wow that is awesome!

  6. Spadow says:

    KMS does not have New Leaf City, so that’s a no-no.

  7. Sinnuendo says:

    They don’t necessarily need NLC to have the Yetinx. KMS could adapt it to be an extension of the Nihal Desert.

    It really looks like the new boss is a yeti; notice how in the shopped pic, it’s forehead is whitish. Also notice the fur on its arms.

  8. Lumancer says:

    Well this is extremely strange >.>

    Whatever that pharaoh thing is, it LOOKS like it might be a Yetti.. which, in turn, really does remind one of the Sphinx in NLC.

    I know KMS doesn’t have NLC… but we know that GMS was talking with the KMS dev team when the plans for NLC were being drawn up…


  9. UNI says:

    I can’t wait!!
    By the way, on Maple’s 6th Anniversary, please tell me which monsters drop each maple weapon..:<

  10. Lucas says:

    Looks interesting. And yes, I do belive it might be an extension to the Nihal Desert.
    Get your weapons ready guys, lets raid it :D

  11. Pantaloon says:

    It BETTER be a good map.

  12. addictedtoms says:

    Wow it really looks like the yetinx in nlc but i wouldnt get my hopes up
    Wonder when gms will add new stuff to nlc its been so long they did
    Ps.Welcome back Spadow :)

  13. TheMagdiel says:

    It looks a lot like the Yeti Spinx in New Leaf City.

    So my guess, is that it’s related to that.

  14. HighOnMushrooms says:

    So when does it come out in KMSt?

  15. 路人甲 says:


    • Spadow says:

      Sorry, I cannot read Chinese. ‘o’ So I will answer in English. ^^

      1. No idea.
      2. I do not know.
      3. I think it is the boss monster of this new map.
      4. Again, I don’t know. No data available yet.
      5. I don’t know.

      KMST V252 is still not up. ㅠ.ㅠ

  16. Heath says:

    Pantaloon :
    Did you get into KMST this term?

    No, hes using my account :D.

  17. HighOnMushrooms says:

    I’m patching right now, so, is this the Pyramid patch?

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