Castle of Mushrooms ~ New wedding map

A new bulletin was posted with event information, 2x EXP & Drop but also a wedding event.

Castle of Mushrooms will not be a new area, as some of you thought it would be.
It’s a new wedding map, and it looks like this:

02. Very Special Wedding
When you marry during the event time, you will have the benefit to marry in the Castle of Mushroom.

Event date: 30 July ~ 27 August

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7 Responses to Castle of Mushrooms ~ New wedding map

  1. Frankie says:

    Wow; no mario, no peach, no luigi, not even yoshi!

  2. HighOnMushrooms says:


  3. WTF?? says:

    Well that kinda ruined everything…
    Hey any tips on how to keep focussed on Aran? It gets boring, but I NEED that ring!!

  4. Aslemn says:

    This is what pisses me off…
    KMS just makes some cool scenarios,but release them as event maps…what a waste.
    and lol at the background…that forest between lith harbor and henesys.

  5. Gagation says:

    How do you Apply to KMST? Please answer

  6. imbzppl says:

    off topic but for the job advancement medals for hitting lvl 120, 70, 30 can we still get them after we surpass the level?

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