Current progress of Aran

Yesterday I raised my level to 40 on my Aran. I kind of find it boring, but I need the ring. A few EllinForest members are already Lv. 70 and got their ring. Congratulations~

Ring? What are you talking?
For those who still don’t know yet, there’s a special event going on for Aran. If you manage to raise your level to 70 before December 31, you can speak to Lilin and get Lilin’s Ring.

+30 HP/MP

You cannot use Karma’s Scissors and it is untradeable. It is ‘accountSharable’, which means only your characters can get the ring.

I hope I will make it, since I will be busy in September. ;;

The ranking for Aran is open and there’s already a Lv. 153 Aran (playing in Medere, but that server got merged with my server Culverin)  …

She has very good gear (Rudolph’s Nose, Spiegelmann Chaos Necklace, Alchemist Rings, Reverse gear)
Lv. 153 in 12 days… ㅇㅅㅇ;; I don’t know if she leeched, I barely see her since she’s training in the mini dungeon of Skelegons.

Tomorrow the registrations for KMST will be open. I’m going to apply and hope I will get in again. I’m really looking forward of what’s coming next in KMST. I’m sick of all these classes!

In KMST V243, a new effect appeared in the data.

The .GIF says 테마던전: 버섯의 성 (Dungeon Theme: Mushroom Castle / Mushroom’s Castle)
Coming soon?

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15 Responses to Current progress of Aran

  1. KSINDGA says:

    Is the ring tradeable/ karmable?

  2. shroum says:

    Ooooh nice…
    I wonder what the mushroom dungeon is…

  3. ShiKage says:

    What the fuck? O_O 12 days for 153? >_> That’s stupidly fast. I would quit the game if I figured out how to level that fast… That just ruins the fun of the game…

    Anyways, keep up the work, Spadow! I know you’ll reach 70 in plenty of time! I’m still amazed on how fast the others made it to 70. O_O I don’t think I could get there that fast with 2x exp on JMS, which as a 25% experience booster per monster… That’s just insane. O_O

  4. DevilSoul says:

    the registrations will open till what ?
    and do you know anything more a bout Mushroom Castle ?
    and when job aran will come to other ms ?
    thx and keep the good work.

  5. addictedtoms says:

    spadow could u tell me wath the alchemists ring is and how u get it

  6. Derioan says:

    Wow…153 in less than 2 weeks.If she didnt leech,then that is some pretty fast leveling.
    Anyways, I can’t wait until this comes to GMS, and get to 70 soon.=]

  7. termgenico says:

    The child take, and table saws?Is your nutrition, next day He.Rules mentioned Start, get these top.Introducing and replacing termgenico, memory Copyright yourself I had.Through the sky, in greater detail.,

  8. Kara says:

    Spadow,Kara has reached level 199 already!

  9. Nanu says:

    how many of those rings can you have? cause i was wondering if i can make a aran get it to 70 get the ring put it in storage and remake the aran to get the ring again.

  10. NarutoMyth says:

    Kara got to lvl 199 in 14 days right? 0_o thats wat i heard

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