Kavatina Story OBT in 2 days

2 more days until the Open Beta of Wizet’s new creation: Kavatina Story. I played during CBT and Pre-OBT, and I enjoyed it.
In the 2nd CBT session the game has gone through a lot of major changes.

In the Pre-OBT everyone who had a NexonKR ID could play the game from June 19 till June 21, players who were Lv. 16 or higher can use their character names in the OBT.
Not only was it open for all people, but they added new content for everyone:

  • PvP system
  • Dungeon modes
  • Potion system changes
  • Auction house system

As usual you have to grind your way to get to high-leveled places, you can buy armor and potions, although there is one disadvantage about the potion usage. There’s a cool down time on it and it’s really annoying.

There are 6 worlds in the Kavatina World, I only got to the 2nd world in the Pre-OBT.

Most of the quests in this game are easy to complete, they involve killing X amount of monsters or collect X amount of drops.
The quests were boring, I really liked the animation of the skills, especially the skills from the Ghost character. Each character has a lot of skills, I don’t even know if there’s something as 2nd job and 3rd job.  Each level up gives you 1 Skill Point.

During the 1st CBT session (2008)

During Pre-OBT (2009)

So far I only tried the Ghost character since this is my favorite. There are three playable characters: Ghost, Fighter and Psychic.
You cannot customize your character, which is too bad, but there is a Cash Shop.
The Cash Shop was not open during CBT and Pre-OBT, it might be open in OBT. I assume you can buy virtual clothes but what else?

Psychic is a class similar to the Cleric in MapleStory, I assume you can cast magic skills and heal everyone in your party.
Fighter is the strong warrior, I tried this class in Pre-OBT but it’s slow. I can’t handle its slowness.
Ghost is like the assassin, high damage, fast and fancy animations.

In the future they might add more classes, but I don’t know. The future will tell.

I’m prepared for the Open Beta~

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7 Responses to Kavatina Story OBT in 2 days

  1. sylphior says:

    from the very announcement of it, it’s looked fun. any idea of a US release?

    i just can’t stand Japanese rapping though. -__-

  2. Chz says:

    hmm, Nexon’s version ovf Dragonica, seems interesting.

  3. Bownissley says:

    it will be released in the US though right? cuz it looks like a really sweet game and i would love to play it!

  4. Shoren says:

    nice, can’t wait for the eng version seems fun,thx for the updates/vids ^^

  5. kawa says:

    Any idea of the purpose of gathering the feathers in the game ?

  6. NarutoMyth says:

    kinda looks like WoW to me somehow 0_o

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